May 16, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 34]

After eating dinner, the girls are saying that they are so full and it is really delicious! Right. The guys just quietly look at them. The girls widen their eyes and exclaim, “Right!!” The guys lamely agree. After they paid the cashier who thanked them for their patronage, the four are all quiet. Then, Shou asks what they’ll do next. Would they go take a stroll outside or have a chat-type of thing at either their room or the girls’ room. Just when Chihiro is saying ah--..ya.., Rino claps her hand and exclaims ah, that’s right, souvenir. “I want to buy some souvenirs! How about I go and look at some? Ah..about that..there’s no need to have any worries about me, okay? You guys can sleep ahead! Because I’ll absolutely, absolutely won’t disturb you guys! *smiles and thumbs up* Gambatte.” Sho and Chihiro look surprised. Just when Ren is telling Rino that she isn’t going towards the direction where the souvenirs are being sold, surprised Rino still goes to the opposite way and says that it is also okay if she is mistaken. After sweatdropping, Sho says that it feels that they are troubling Rino. Chihiro says ya..
She is startled when Sho tells her to look over there, they have table tennis which is a must play item in an onsen inn so how about they play it later on. While Chihiro is puzzled, Sho continues to say that there is also a claw crane over there. Chihiro starts thinking if they don’t have to go straight to their room when she thought that.. She starts to wonder if she is mistaken and Sho doesn’t have that kind of feeling. “Is that how it is? Wrong, if it is like that, then, he basically won’t go to the trip, right.. *Sho says that they also go look at some souvenirs* Ugh, could I have made Hinase worried? Did I once again went into my ‘causing others trouble’ mode!? No way, but then, it is impossible for me to say, ‘Let’s go it!’..! Besides if I did, it feels like he would think that I really want to do it. If Hinase thinks that I’m a totally lewd girl who has an intense desire [for it], I would have no face to look at others. Even if I also want to do it but I don’t want to become a lewd girl who’ll go into the room.. no! *aghast and tense* I should appear as if I have no intention but actually, I’m deliberately inviting him..!? We have already come here.. I won’t want him to think that I’m such a ‘what the heck’ person who’ll come all the way here and say let’s delay it next time.”
Looking at the brochure, Sho says that nearby, there is a bowling place and it seems that it is open until very late. “How about..” He is surprised when aghast with blank eyes Chihiro grabs the hem of his shirt and creepily says that she wants to see Hinase and Ren’s room.. Inside the room, Chihiro says ah, it is really very spacious and more spacious than theirs. Sho says is that so. She says yes. Pause. Chihiro mentally thinks that she messed up again when obviously, she isn’t mentally prepared and just now, isn’t she still reflecting on things. Throwing that tactless [/impulsiveness] straight ball, what am I doing~~ Is it a psychological effect? A while ago, since the start, Hinase said very few words.. Could it be that he feels disappointed..” She glances at Sho who is looking at her. After blushing, Chihiro timidly says that she’ll go have a soak in the onsen again. And it seems that the one that she went with Rino and the onsen here have different water quality..
Sho says that there is one here. He points to the side and says that there is an indoor onsen here. Chihiro is shock to see it at the porch. Chihiro thinks that no matter how she looks at it, it’s quite lewd. To her shock, Sho casually asks if she wants to soak together. Rushing out, she exclaims that she..she..she..wants to go to a more spacious place, whe wants to go to a super spacious place where she can swim breaststroke so she’ll go ahead and soak first!! After she left, Sho says that geez, and in the end, it is hopeless tonight and besides, forcing her like this, it seems that girl will be ruined. He feels that he have to use a more amazing stunt compared to the dogeza [kneeling down on the ground]. He sighs and says that it is inevitable. “Since you’re so cute, I’ll forgive you. *walking with a smile* Then, I’ll also go have a soak at the onsen to make my skin all smooth.” Inside the onsen, Chihiro groans out loud over what was that take a bath together. “ startled me to death! I thought my heart is going to jump out! *covers blushing face* My chin is going to fall down from fright...
...Geez, before my chin fell down, I have incurably deserted him. It is really no good for me to escape to this place when it is already at a crucial moment.. Obviously I have decided to do it.. Even if it is Hinase, he would also be speechless towards me.. How come it is alright at that unsuccessful attempt before.. At that time, it was obviously progressing naturally to the point of doing it.. *clings on the side of the onsen* I obviously think that doing it is also okay but my mental preparedness always couldn’t do it..” After coming out of the female’s onsen, Chihiro feels a bit dizzy since she soaked for too long. Then, she sees Sho sitting down at the side. She sits beside him and asks why he is here. Reddish Sho says that he soaked in the onsen a bit too long..quite a long time. Thinking that he looks like he soaked for a long time, Chihiro touches his back and asks if he is still okay. He says ya. In the room, Sho happily lies down on the futon and says that it’s so hot. Chihiro puts a wet towel on his forehead. He apologizes and thanks her for it is comfortable. Chihiro asks him how come he over soaked?
Then, she notices that he is sound asleep. She asks him if he is sleeping. “Geez~ I know! You’re pretending to sleep again, right? Hey, Hinase, *pinches sleeping Sho’s smiling face* come on. *No reaction from Sho* Is he really asleep.. *holds blushing face* Is this good? Is this bad? I feel a bit dismayed..” Looking at Sho, she thinks that he is so cute.. Then, she lies down beside him. She thinks that thinking of it, he seems to be always waiting for her and just now, that thing about him who’ll specially wait for her, it has happened so many times.. “Also when I’m worried [/distressed], he won’t force me to say it but rather, he’ll wait until I would agree.. About H, he would also consider my feelings. He never did anything that I hate.. Today, after eating, he invited me to go play. Is it also because I appear to be at my wits’ end? *touches Sho’s chest* So warm.. *closes eyes* What am I worrying too much about. And, what am I scared of. Actually, it is like staying at his side, that’s all, and it can make me quite at ease.. Hinase.. I like you the most..”
Later on, the two suddenly wakes up and sits up. Chihiro exclaims how she could have fallen asleep!? Sho exclaims this is bad, he fell asleep!? Looking at her cellphone, Chihiro says that she unexpectedly slept but it seems that it is only just for an hour.. The two happily exclaims, “That’s great- Didn’t sleep until morning! I thought that I overslept-” Then, they look surprised at each other. Sho clarifies that the ‘that’s great’ that he just said doesn’t contain any vulgar meaning to it. Chihiro says that she also didn’t say it with a lewd meaning to it. After pouting at each other, they laugh and say, what- Both agree that they feel quite refreshed after having a nap. Sho suggests that they watch television. Chihiro says okay and asks if he wants to drink some tea. He says okay, he wants to drink. While watching the television, Sho casually puts his arm around Chihiro. Chihiro snuggles close to him. He holds her hand and says that it is so cold, super cold, is she cold. Chihiro seems surprised by this. Sho asks her to also give him her other hand. While holding both hands, Sho says that this hand is also cold and is it because she caught a cold after soaking in the onsen.
Chihiro says that his hands are so warm. Gripping her hand, Sho suggests that he hold her hands like this [to warm them]. Intertwining her hands into his, Chihiro asks if she can also hold him like this. They look at each other. Sho hugs her and kisses her. He unloosens her hair and let it fall down. Then, he kisses her. He gently lies her down on the futon. While on top of her, he asks if the color of the underwear is okay today. After looking surprised by his question, Chihiro looks away and says that she also doesn’t always wear that kind of elegant type.. Sho happily asks if he can look at it. She says no. Sho urges her to let him. Chihiro says that she won’t let him. He asks why. She says, “Because.. right now, I’m not wearing any..” This surprises Sho and he blushes. Chihiro holds his face and happily says that he’s embarrassed, and he would also get embarrassed at this kind of time. Sho happily asks if it is that legendary ‘going all out’ [/go into battle bare-breasted/going into battle empty-handed]. Veering away from him, Chihiro scowls and says so she is telling him not to say it again. He happily hugs her and says that she’s so cute.
Blushing Chihiro mutters what is he saying about cute.. Then, he kisses the back of her neck. He whispers to her ear, “Tachibana, that kind of shyness, doing things so seriously that you’ll carry anything on your shoulder.. You’ll suddenly become deadly earnest to the point of anger. There are times when she is at her wits’ end and yet, you really have a righteous feeling. *touching a small mark behind her neck* Even this very small mole and also a scar.. *pushes her down on the futon* For me, all of you is so cute that words cannot basically totally convey it.. I like you, Chihiro..” As he kisses her, Chihiro thinks, “Ah ah, it is this.. I finally understand. It is because of like [/love].. I like Hinase.. Hinase likes me.. So.. simply using words aren’t enough to convey it. It is because using words to convey it would only make one anxious. It is only like [/love], that’s all.. that one would go and do it.. [I] like Hinase.. I really like Hinase’s everything. No matter how one uses words to express, it cannot fully convey one’s feelings to the other. Like. Really like you..” Chihiro mutters, “Sho..”
Later on, after the H, Chihiro wakes up as the light shines into the room. She sits up and wonders if it is morning. She holds her arms and says that it’s so cold. Then, she is startled to see Sho sound asleep beside her. Slightly hiding her face in the blanket, Chihiro thinks, “That’s..right, last night.. I and Hinase.. Really..” She smiles and someone touches her back and calls her, “Chihiro..” Sho calls her name. She blushes. He suddenly hugs her and calls her Chihiro again. She asks what it is. He says that he just suddenly want to call her that way. She blushes and starts to call him, Sho..Sho? Then, she groans and says that it is still no good, she felt so embarrassed. Sho laughs and says that it is not that bad. They kiss each other. She tells him that then, from today on, she’ll also be in his care. [/yoroshiku] He says then from his side, he’ll also be in her care. Narration: “Definitely.. from today on, I’ll like you more.. Always like you the most..” Then, the two become startled and aghast. Chihiro exclaims, “That’s right, Rino and Kiritani?” Sho exclaims, “This is bad!” At the other room, gloomy Ren says that they played games the whole night and it is really quite amazing.. With wide blank eyes, aghast Rino gloomily says, “ is your turn, Kiritani-kun~~~ *holding some playing cards* Quick, quick~~~”
Comment: And, after all the overthinking, analyzing and hindrances, etc, they finally did it. The mangaka did it in such a nice way without it being lewd and leave the rest to imagination. It ended up naturally and thanks to the mood of recalling how and what they like about each other ^^ With someone like Chihiro, a guy really needs patience and understanding which Sho did thus making her fall deeper in love with him ^^ And, they are now on a first name basis. And, the other couple spend the night playing games. ^^; They must be tired and sleepy the next day. I wonder if or how will Sho and Chihiro will make it up to those two =P Scans by 红线漫画貼吧

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