March 22, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 57]

Sitting on the bench, Azusa happily clings on to Mitsui’s arm and kept on giggling. Mitsuru is embarrassed when some passers-by ask if that is Tokugawa Azusa, the model. Didn’t she cease all her activities because of her parents’ extramarital affairs? How amazing! Unexpectedly dating without any apprehension but then, so cute Mitsuru thinks that she is totally unpredictable [/doesn’t play by the rules] for she unexpectedly came back which is enough to shock a person yet she would brazenly go near with him. “Short hair is also super cute. It’s so moe!!” Azusa asks him how is her new school uniform and isn’t the blouse cute. Mitsuru blushes as it makes his heart go dokidoki. She tells him that even if there is no way for her to continue wearing Toushou High’s sailor uniform but the new uniform is also not bad at all. Mitsuru recalls that after the scandal was made public, Azusa’s father had resigned from his post as director general. She also has no way of continuing to stay and study at Toushou High.
Azusa informs him that her mother also told her that she’ll strive hard since after staying idle at their home in Nagano for nine years, she’ll also become energetic. “I and mama are going to pull ourselves together and start anew in Tokyo. Tokyo that has you in it. *holds Mitsuru’s hands* You fully waited for me for nine long months. I’m really very thankful to you, Mitsuru.” This made him blush and become nervous. He looks away and asks, “Tokugawa, are you free on Golden Week? Mego and my parents are going to our home in Sendai so there is no one at home. How.. about coming over and staying at my house?” After looking surprised, Azusa blushes really red. She backs away to the fence and exclaims that everyone isn’t around so he is going to make her stay overnight. “I.. I’m not such a frivolous girl. Could it be that you suddenly started to plot of some lewd thing!? Pervert!! Hoodlum!!” This irks Mitsuru. He kicks the fence by putting his leg between her legs. While cornering her on the fence, he says, “I’m thinking of you everyday. I have been enduring by my lonesome for nine long months. Right now, it is far from enough just to see you. Because I didn’t think that you’ll become this cute when you come back here..!! Wanting to kiss you and touch you the whole day is also inevitable, right..!!” This made Azusa mentally scream, Eh eh eh!?
And, it is May 3rd, Golden Week. Mego’s heart is beating fast as the shinkansen announcement mentioned that it is about to arrive at Sendai station. Inside, fidgety Mego asks her parents if her clothes are really cute and it isn’t strange. Her father lamely says ya, cute, cute. Her mother sighs and asks how many times she wants to confirm it. Mego says that it is because it is already two months that she didn’t see Aoi and even for a little bit, she wants him to think that she had become cuter. Then, the door opens. To her mother’s surprise, Mego immediately rushes out to the station. After passing through the fare gate, she sees Aoi below the escalator. Narration: “I always wondered what would be nice words to tell you after I see you. ‘Are you still doing fine?’ ‘Did you think of me?’ Or perhaps--..” Mego sees Aoi smiling at her. As Mego’s mother tries to call out to Mego to wait.., she suddenly becomes speechless and blushes. She smiles and thinks that a while ago, Mego has a restless expression. “Really Mego, for you to have such a happy look, it really makes one become jealous.” Narration: “..there’s no need to say any words.” Mego has jumped into Aoi’s embrace and kisses him.
Comment: Hehe, and if things go smoothly, the twins might do it at the same time, too. =P That has been the theme before..though there are also two separate things that might cause trouble. Azusa’s fiancé courtesy of her father on one side, and there is Aoi’s mother on the other side. I can almost imagine the twins looking shock over a potential problem at the same time. =P It’s nice to hear that Azusa’s mother has changed for the better. I do wonder if the father will also use her as ‘harassment’ against Mitsuru and Azusa. I guess that would depend on how much influence he still has in society. I’m thinking of something like making it difficult for her or the two to start a new life in Tokyo which might force them to do what he wants. For a while there, I almost thought that Mitsuru is going to invite Azusa to Sendai, too. Well, that is out of curiosity, to see Azusa’s reaction upon seeing her father’s ex-lover, who un/intentionally made their lives miserable. Anyway, Mitsuru is showing a bit of manly stuff to get his way with Azusa. It is also nice how the girls aren’t shy or anything in displaying their love for their men in public. I recall that PDA beyond holding hands isn’t really encouraged in Japan so it goes to show that they really miss and love the other that they don’t mind about what others would think or say about it. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thank You for translations Kat :) They both are cute especially Mego and Aoi hug is soooooo cuuuuuuttteeeee.

  2. Thanks!! It's nice to see a really manly & bold side of Mitsuru. Just sucks Azusa's father is gonna break them up! What right does he have to do that after being so uninvolved with his daughter. He should at least want her to be happy with who she chooses! Ah, I'm scolding the wrong one aren't I? Anyways, thanks again for this translation & all the other ones!

    1. Indeed.

      Ah..because he is still her father? Well, a 'tool' to have a proper successor for their clan?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Thanks for the summary! Seems like a calm before the storm chapter to me.

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