March 11, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 56]

Covering her naked chest with her arms, Mego tells Aoi that in accordance to their agreement, come, let’s do some..the things that one will do after kissing, right? Blushing red Aoi sits up from bed and exclaims, “(∙u∙) (><) @@⇧⇩⇦⇨!!! This is bad. I’ve had such a shameful dream again!! Could it be that I’m a person who has such an intense desire!? *covers blushing face* Even if it is very difficult to see Mego’s face, but I shouldn’t use this kind of excessive recharge!!” In April, Sanada Aoi (19) is currently having a long distance romance with Mego. After becoming a college student, he is now living by himself at Sendai. While he walks to school, some blushing girls wonder who is that guy wearing an eye patch. Someone says that she heard that he is a new student at engineering [industrial science] department. They says that he looks quite handsome but they feel a bit afraid of him since it seems that he is very difficult to approach. Looking up the trees, Aoi thinks that this is ‘City of Trees’ [Mori no Miyako] Sendai and it really overflows with greenery. “The air is fresh and clean compared to Tokyo. It is in this city where Mego is born. *smiles* Truly very beautiful--..” The bystanders think that he smiled and perhaps he isn’t scary, he’s cute and a handsome guy.
Then, a glasses guy calls out to Aoi and asks if he is a new student. He asks if Aoi would want to join their club. It is a Kendo club. While Aoi looks at the flyer, glasses say that it is alright even if he is a beginner. Aoi remembers when he is young, he asked Shino if she also want to try it. He told her to wait when she is older then he’ll teach her. End flashback. Aoi says no..when he was young, he learned it for some time so he isn’t a beginner but after injuring his right eye, he didn’t..” After looking surprised, glasses asks if right now, he doesn’t hate kendo at all. Aoi says yes. Glasses happily tells him that it doesn’t matter. “Did you know that there is an athlete who won the nationals even if he lost his right arm and just single-handedly depend on his left hand? If you like it then you shouldn’t have any misgivings. It is okay for you to just use your own style and become strong.” Later on, at a dojo, glasses exclaim that it really suits him. Aoi enters the dojo in a kendogi and holds a shinai. He introduces himself and greets everyone. While he trains swinging the shinai with the others, they wonder what’s with the eye patch but then, he is quite cool because he gives off a serious feeling while wearing the kendogi.
Slightly smiling, Aoi thinks that actually, he is really a bit envious of Mitsuru. He recalls when he watched Mitsuru practicing kendo. Aoi thinks that it has been a long time he didn’t have this feeling he had when he was a child. “That surging feeling. *scene of young Shino happily looked on while he practiced* So, happy--..” The other guys say that Aoi knows his stuff [/has great skill] and from the looks of it, he ought to have studied it a bit before. A girl tells a couple of girls that their club unexpectedly has such a cool guy. The other girl says that she heard that he has a girlfriend, younger than him by a year at Tokyo. The girl groans for there’s no hope. Shima Rimi [guesswork from 島里美], the club manager, licks her lips and mutters that it turns out that the new handsome guy has a girlfriend... “He’s Rimi’s, my type He is worthy of being attacked” At a restaurant, everyone have a toast to welcome Aoi to their club. Rimi goes near to Aoi and asks if he is from Tokyo and she heard that he has a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, is that true?
The others comment that Rimi is eyeing a new prey. “Flirting with someone else’s boyfriend and then, waiting for an opportunity to steal him away. It is such a bad habit.” With bright eyes, Rimi clings on to Aoi’s arm as she shows off her asset, soft and huge chest. She asks him if he isn’t lonely that he is separated from his girlfriend. Moving away from Rimi, Aoi says no..nope. <- Except for Mego, he is still very weak against women. Just then his cellphone rings so Aoi apologizes and says that he is going out to answer the phone. After Aoi went out, flustered Rimi clicks her tongue and mutters that he is quite difficult to deal with when in that kind of situation, a huge number of guys had already became crazy and infatuated with her. On the phone, Mego happily tells Aoi that this Golden Week, their family has decided to go together to Sendai!! Surprised Aoi says is that for real. Mego says yes, she is going back home [/native place] with her family. “I’m so happy so I couldn’t wait to call you.” Aoi says is that so, then, they’ll meet again after being separated for a month. “I also really anticipate it, Mego.”
Rimi overhears this and gets angry. She scolds Aoi over what to do if the main character of the newcomer’s welcome isn’t inside!! “Quickly go back!!” Aoi says, senpai. Overhearing this, Mego looks surprised for it is a woman’s voice. Rimi fakes a slip and hugs Aoi. She apologizes and says that it seems that she is a bit drunk. “Ah, Sanada, a younger girl is quite childish. Don’t tell me that you are not bored. Once more, a long distance relationship-whatever, how can it be possibly be happy, right? *with flirty eyes* Someone like me who is very close to you, a mature woman whom you can see at any time, am I not much better? *Mego looks tense* Like this, directly come to my room. You can do whatever you want with Rimi’s body, how about it? *crying aghast Mego goes !!? and mutters, wait..* Rimi, I had fallen for you at first sight” Aoi removes his eye bandage and says, “Okay, that is if you still like me after seeing this kind of scar.” After seeing the scar, Rimi is horrified that she backs away, screams and falls down.
While Rimi trembles, Aoi says that she cannot accept the him, who is like this. “It is because of this scar, I was conveniently rejected by my own mother when I was young. *Yuki backing away and shouted for young Aoi not to touch her* For me who dreads being touched by someone, I also have no expectation [/hope] towards the future. But, it is she who changed me. (actually, that girl really isn’t a bit scared) So, she isn’t some boring girl. And all the more, unlike you, she loves me dearly and the girl whom I love the most is only Mego, and no one else..!! No matter what happens, we only have each other. *Mego is moved by this and Rimi looks flustered* Earlier on, I’m already used to it. *puts on his eye patch* This scar will give people a dreadful feeling. *bows* I’m really very sorry for giving you a fright.” Aoi turns around and left. Still sitting down on the ground, trembling Rimi wonders who she is..that girl called ‘Mego’. “Seeing that kind of scar, yet she is aloof about it, right..? If it is like that, then I basically couldn’t win against her..!!” While walking at the streets, Aoi apologizes for the interruption of their conversation. Mego says that it is okay, about that..just now, she heard all of that.. Blushing Aoi calls her stupid..he said those stuff for her to hear.
Recalling him saying that it is only her and no one else, Mego starts trembling and says that it is good if it will be Golden Week soon. “Ah, I..will ride on the earliest Shinkansen. Sniff. I’ll dash away to see you.. wait for me..” Aoi smiles and says, ya. “Really want to see you soon. I’ll wait for you.” Narration: “Distance is quite far. My longing for you is very deep. Love is slowly maturing.” As Mego continues to cry, Aoi says that it is still two weeks before May 3rd. Then, he waits for the stop light to turn green. When it turned green, he passes by a long haired woman while still talking with Mego on the phone. Back in Tokyo, Kagetsuna nervously says on the phone, “What did you say.. My sister-in.. The residence of Aoi’s mother has been found..!? I truly couldn’t dare believe it. After she abandoned Aoi and Shino, she vanished from the face of the earth and obviously, there has always been no news.. Then, what’s the address..!? *after hearing it, looks surprised and hangs up the phone* What’s up with this.. should I tell Aoi or it is better that I don’t tell him. What is the best thing to do.. Aoi’s mother, Sanada Yuki is currently in the same place where you are, at Sendai..!!” The last scene is Aoi and Mego still talking on the phone, and a woman slightly smiling.
Comment: So, we are going to expect another ‘abused child meeting meet a previously missing abusive mother’ soon. ^^; This chance ‘passing by at the street’ scene is very similar with Sugar*Soldier’s. Anyway, this chapter pretty much secures the two against any third party from Aoi’s part. Thankfully, that kind of scenario isn’t going to be used to prolong the story ^^ Well, obviously it is very effective to show that scar to any flirty girl who is only after him just because he is handsome and cool. Aoi would be an idiot to let go of Mego or two-time her after everything that has happened especially in proving how much she loves him regardless of how he really looks like, among other things. I wonder if there will be some connection later on as to why Aoi is learning kendo again. 

Aside from being based on Masamune, maybe, it is showing how he is getting his life back after being ‘healed’ by Mego since he is doing again what he likes to do before. Regarding the flashback, I thought it would be cool if Shino actually did get to learn kendo. ^^ Anyway, I wonder if the H scene is going to happen soon or that will come after dealing with the mother. I do wonder if his mother still has the ‘power’ to make Aoi regress back to his old condition. After all, she is his trauma though we still don’t know if she is repentant over what she did or she couldn’t care less about it. Based on her outfit, she seems to be working and doing fine because all the while I thought she is in some asylum to be treated. ^^; I don’t know if I mentioned this before but her ‘Yuki’ name literally means, ‘snow princess’ so I wonder if her name reflects her personality. We’ll know soon enough as well as what his uncle will do with this news about finding his mother. ^^Scans by 工作室

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