March 13, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 51 - THE BACK UP PLAN (‘Unable to tell him clearly’ plan)]

Narration: Because of her negligence, Red Riding Hood is filled with remorse that she left the city all by herself.. She doesn’t know whether it is fate or not but she encountered a hunter whom she doesn’t have a very good impression of, and he likes to tease people. The hunter invited her by saying, ‘I’ll provide you with work and lodging, come to my place.’

But, the so-called lodging is the hunter’s room. The hunter’s true face is a big grey wolf. ‘I’ll give you work and lodging, come to my room tonight.. ..Red Riding Hood won’t let him have his way.” Looking aghast, Junko turns around and says that if it is that kind of thing then please let her decline. “If it is because of this, and I won’t be able to go to the head office, then please let me decline.”

Hunter Makoto asks ha, is the ‘that kind of thing’ she is saying that kind of thing. “Could it be that you think that I’ll sleep with you? You really think of yourself too highly for I have no interest in women who are above 25 years old. You shouldn’t think that all the guys have that kind of intention towards you, right?”

Junko exclaims of course not..but 60% would. “..this isn’t the important point. Normally, it is also impossible to live together with you. *Takane gesturing ‘No’* (I won’t do something that would make that person misunderstand again.)” Makoto says that actually, his house is nearby and what he basically wants to say is, she stay here and he’ll go to his home to sleep.
Junko says that there is no reason for him to treat her that well. Makoto says that he is simply want her to stay here as a worker. Junko says that she doesn’t want to disappoint this expectation but living alone in some guy’s house, it is still a bit.. Arthur interrupts and asks if the two of them are going to stay together, then he’ll free up his room so that she and Miss Momoe can live together..what is that?

Arthur asks Momoe if that is okay for she wanted to be of help to Miss Junko so she’ll live together with her. “For the time being, I’ll first go and stay at Makoto’s place.” Momoe looks surprised and says, “I..? Me, too!?” Arthur tells Makoto that isn’t it very good to occasionally experience dorm life. “Right, Makoto ‘senpai’.” 

Makoto tells him not to say things that will make him feel ill and he hasn’t live together with him in a room. Arthur asks if they are going to sleep together in one bed. Makoto says that it is bedding then, they can use the futon. Momoe is very amused over this since it will be a fujoshi [BL otaku girl] independent life.

Arthur asks Lance if it is okay to borrow some bedding. Lance says to please go ahead, there’s no problem with him since Toby is on a business trip and in a while, he’ll go meet up with Eric. Momoe is thinking that’s right, there is another CP [coupling] at this side. Arthur asks Momoe how about it, is this okay?

With a bleeding nose, Momoe says that if it is just for 2-3 days, and this is of special help.. Arthur happily says, “SHE AGREED! So, please you must stay here, Miss Junko.” Junko apologizes for giving Momoe and Arthur such trouble. In angel mode, Arthur says that it is alright, when a lady is in a state of predicament, this is what a gentleman ought to do on her behalf.”
Shielding her eyes from sparkling Arthur, Junko thanks him but.. Makoto says that she’s quite stubborn. Holding out a tablet computer, he tells her to look at this, at least before attending the meeting, he hopes that she would go through these materials once. Looking at the tablet, Junko thinks that right now, he’ll only make her see three [<- as written in the tablet].

She decides that at the moment, she’ll just first avoid that thing, and just think of it later on. Makoto tells her to open that so that she can more or less see the contents inside. Junko says okay. After clicking it, she is shock that those ‘3’ meant three groups of data and there are so many pages that she has to read per group of data.

 She exclaims in surprise over how many they are. Makoto says that these data cannot be read outside the company so after she went to the head office, he’ll give to her the other sealed materials. “So go to sleep early today and go to the office early in the morning tomorrow, how about that? With just these much, you already find it difficult, huh.. How can I give this kind of work to you.. If you cannot do it, then refuse it without delay, okay.”

Irked Junko says that she’ll do it, she’ll try to do it! And when she is used to this work, then, she’ll let him take care of her! [/yoroshiku] Junko bows to Momoe and says that she’ll be troubling her. While saying ‘no, it is nothing’, Momoe thinks that she feels guilty.

“Junko-sensei.. unexpectedly would be this vulnerable. No, I should say that she is totally led by the nose. It is like a strict coach and an important new athlete who is being groomed. That person is really amazing. [<- hm..prince of tennis? Since there is a tennis racket in the picture.]
As Junko thanks Lance for having her, Arthur says that it is very suspicious for Makoto to be this strict when he would only do that to people whom he has taken a fancy on. Momoe says that she thought that he is very terrible but she didn’t think that he is quite amiable. Arthur mutters,..amiable. “Miss Momoe, just now that action. For me to particularly exchange rooms, that kind of thing, you also consider that is because of being amiable?”

Momoe is puzzled and asks isn’t it because after he considered that if Junko has someone she knows around here, then she will be at ease in staying here. “And is because you guys are English you are quite I mistaken?” 

Arthur shrugs and says that it is because he doesn’t like her to stay at some other guy’s room. “I’m going to punish you. Tonight, you are going to sleep on my bed. Too bad that it isn’t a difficult ‘two people’s first’ yet they cannot sleep together.” [<- something like, about to do it but get interrupted type of scene?]

Momoe wonders what he said just now..there is really someone who’ll say that kind of words..there is really a girl who’ll listen to those kind of words and besides, she didn’t think that she would be among those girls. She felt that her heart is going to quickly jump out!! Later on, Makoto and Arthur are carrying Arthur’s things to Makoto’s room.

Arthur happily says that Makoto owes him one. Makoto asks what he owes him for Arthur is the one who owed him since he took advantage of things to get that Momoe to come here. “I’m just doing it as a headhunter.” [<- hunting for talented people to fit in suitable job positions.] This surprises Arthur. Arthur says is that so..Makoto is still not aware of it..that’s right, he heard that Junko’s boyfriend is a beautiful-type monk.
Angrily wondering if Arthur is really like an angel, Makoto says that he saw him once and he just knows that person has the ability to tie up Junko. Arthur says besides that, it seems that that guy is exceptionally skillful. At a temple, Takane goes with the other monks to do some cleansing [purifying] of the body by washing near a well and praying. He puts on his robe and looks far away.

Then, he starts chanting with the others in a room. The older monks talk about how Takane is becoming a more and more dedicated successor that during the cleansing, he didn’t even blink. [<-while splashing water on himself] And, even if it is just a short month, he is really concentrating as if it is the so-called ‘selfless realm’.

One of them wants their successor to properly learn from Takane. Actually, Takane didn’t blink because once he closed his eyes, Junko’s face will appear in his mind. “How can I not concentrate!! Quite distant and not yet enough.. my training is still quite far off. *quite perplexed* ..but..her smooth skin.. her well-developed chest...

...Training is not yet enough, I cannot always think of this kind of things. I have to seriously train for three months. I have to strengthen the abbot’s trust in me. It is good if I can go back one day earlier to hold her.” At some study area type of place, Junko thinks that she should at least tell Takane about her moving out of the good, she cannot say it out and she has no way of telling him the reason for it.

Holding Takane’s letter, Junko thinks of work and she must quickly sleep for tomorrow early in the morning, she’ll.. She goes to the bedroom and calls out to Momoe to help her lay out the futon. She is surprised to see Momoe in the process of doing that.
Junko asks why she isn’t going to sleep on the bed, why is she on the floor. Blushing really red, Momoe says no..that is..she doesn’t like sleeping on the bed!! The real reason is because Arthur’s scent is on the bed so.. Spreading out the futon, Momoe claims that she likes sleeping on the tatami~ Junko says then they’ll switch, she’ll sleep on the bed.

After looking surprised by that, Momoe says..ah..about is also..okay. Junko laughs and says that she’s deceiving her for how can she sleep on the bed of someone else’s boyfriend. Momoe goes into shock over Junko saying boy.. Junko apologizes for the two of them [Momoe and Arthur] should be alone together in the room so she is going to sleep first.

In her shock, Momoe faints on the bed. Junko slightly smiles and is envious of them for being honest. She looks at Takane’s letter and starts writing a letter to him. She thinks that in short, in the end, she has to mention it..and afterwards, she can only resign herself to her fate even if she cannot see him again.

The next day, Junko mails the letter. At ELA head office, Makoto gestures to Junko the pile of reading materials. Junko decides to take some of them. Makoto tells someone to come over here. He introduces group leader, Agnes who’ll teach Junko the rest. Agnes greets Junko. Makoto bids them goodbye and says that he’ll leave the rest to her until the meeting. Junko says okay.

Holding out her hand, Agnes says, please to meet you [/yoroshiku]. Since Junko looks distracted, Agnes asks if she isn’t happy that the instructor isn’t Makoto. Junko says no, how can that be? She shakes Agnes’ hand and greets her back. Junko thinks that she is just startled, that’s all, since she didn’t think that he can order others around and she thought that she’ll work with him.
Agnes tells her to first glance over those materials then on Thursday, there is a meeting so as much as possible, read those at least once. Going to a table to read through the materials, Junko tells herself not to think of things and just concentrate. At 4pm, Junko thinks that her three courses will start at 5pm so after going back, she’ll continue to read the materials.

After teaching, in the faculty room, Junko checks out what is the next subject.. Then, sleepy Momoe greets Junko, good work [otsukaresama]. Just when she greets her back, Junko exclaims in surprise over the dark circles on Momoe’s eyes and could it be that she didn’t sleep. Thinking how she can possibly sleep, Momoe says that she is alright.

Panicking and at a loss, Junko says that she thought that Momoe and Arthur are lovey-dovey together at work. Momoe says no, it seems that person doesn’t have energy this morning and that is better.. She thinks that compared to Arthur, she wants to see more of that CP..really want to see [<- Lance and Eric]

Junko asks if Momoe is free tonight and if they can eat dinner together on the way home. Momoe apologizes for she wants to go to her house first for a change of clothes since her mother is being pesky about it for half of the day. Junko says ah, indeed, she should go home and inform her mother. She apologizes that it is because of her...

Momoe tells her that it is okay. She actually wanted to go eat with Junko but it is better to go home and think of a way to appease her mother. Later on, Junko goes to Lloyd house with all the materials in bags. Lance says that she’s back. Seeing her carrying heavy things, he asks if those are the reading materials.

He exclaims that those are a lot and He cannot believe that Makoto would unexpectedly make a girl carry so many things..that’s too cruel!! Junko says no, it is okay for her to carry her own things. Lance tells her to use the shared living room to read them and he offers to make her some coffee. Junko thanks him and says that he’s a good person.
Later on, Junko continues to read the materials. Makoto has arrived. He sees her at the living room. Junko is dozing off. She is startled when Makoto calls out to her and says that people come in and out of this shared area yet she would still doze off here. Junko calls out to him and says that he’s back. She informs him that these are the materials that can be taken outside. 

Makoto says that he knows. He wonders if she is being stubborn or being rigid. Then, Junko tells him that in the C10 of these materials, there is a couple of written error so tomorrow, can she ask Agnes about it. This surprises Makoto. Junko says that she already read up to this part the whole day and she just look at these once. “I still want to read it again in detail. It is good that I can ask questions to Agnes-sensei.” 

Makoto slightly smiles and says, “...making you like this..” Junko asks what. He says that it is nothing. Makoto finds Junko interesting that he wonders what kind of guy would just leave her at the side without a care. Back at Kyoto, a monk gives flustered Takane a letter from Junko. As Takane quickly keeps the letter, the monk tells him that it is sent this morning and he can read that after the lesson.

Thinking that this is bad and he has to calm down, Takane says, of course..he knows that. Then, the monk tells him to first give this person a tour. Takane looks at the side to see Amane waving at him. Takane asks Amane what is this about study tour that he would specially come here for. “What’s up? Weren’t you also trained here? I’m still in training so what’s going on?”

Amane says that he deceived grandmother for him to come here so don’t be that cold towards him. Putting his hands together, Amane says, “I’m really very sorry, brother. I and your Junko-san went to bed together.” Takane looks stunned.
Comment: Wow, Amane is really cheeky to tell that in Takane’s face. Well, he did mention about wanting to know Takane’s reaction to it. It makes me wonder if what Junko has written on the letter is the truth or some other alibi. I guess since she is leaving things to fate, she has told him the truth. The important thing would be, will Takane become too emotional and break up with her without investigating the facts of what happened?

Currently, he cannot barely concentrate on his training so I’m sure with this news, he totally can no longer keep this up. As for Makoto, based on what the others are saying, it seems that he is clueless over his attraction towards Junko. Well, he’ll most probably just another guy with a broken heart courtesy of Junko.

For now, Arthur manages to get Momoe to stay under the same roof. It does seem that some scenes are abrupt for I wonder if she borrowed Junko’s clothes, or she brought some night clothes with her. ^^; Too bad for Arthur, Momoe’s reason for staying there lies with his roommates rather than for him or even Junko. =P Hehe, it is after all, live action BL. Scans by 深雪

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  1. Hello Kat,

    Thank you for your summary ╰(*´︶`*)╯
    A cliffhanger huh? And I think that the next chapters will be dedicated to the other couple (with Junko's "viper" friend, I forgot her name), the one which I like the least. I feel sorry for Takane though it is good that Junko has decided to come forward with what she thinks she has done with his brother (but how will Takane react to that?)
    About the BL part, it is a contagious phenomenon ... not that I dislike this manga genre but I wish if I hadn't gotten curious about it and didn't know what fujoshi meant. What was that proverb? "Curiosity killed the cat" (=①ω①=) ... and it has gotten Momoe bad! Did she bring a camera with her or what? Amusing ♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪

    1. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

      Ah, that would be Masako.. That is the question, I wonder how he would react to it.

      Opps...sorry, I didn't put the meaning. fujoshi is a female otaku who is into BL.

      Lol...maybe she will get one from her house. =P

    2. Oh, but I know what that word means actually (I meant I wished if I hadn't known hhhhh), you see the reaction of Momoe isn't unusual among real hardcore fans. BL could be really addictive and I am lucky to have escaped by the skin of my teeth. That is why, I am a little shy to ask, is it possible that you give us a heads-up beforehand, like mentioning that there would be some reference to BL in the summary? It helps when a person is determined to keep his reading intake limited to specific plots and settings. Thank you (⌒▽⌒)

    3. Ah, so you knew, RoseFleur. ^^;

      I are usually present only in Momoe-Arthur scenarios. I'll put a notice next time for you. On top of the summary or just before the scene?

    4. Well yeah, I actually liked in the past all that fujoshi's pure enthusiasm for BL (most of the yaoi and shounen ai tend to have more diverse plots and are in so many cases, artistically more appealing than shoujo or josei [that is just my opinion]).

      However, it has also its problematic side ... That being said, I think that my suggestion is a little bit selfish because Momoe-Arthur is the favorite couple of so many fans of this series and maybe momoe's BL fetishism seems cute to other people, so I take my request back. Sorry for troubling you with this (◕‿◕).

    5. Hehe, is that so. Well, there was a time when I also read it since the plot is interesting though..I would prefer not to see how they do it...ah, innocence is lost there. ^^;

      No problem. ^^

    6. hhhhhh it is not my innocence that I am worried about because it will never be lost however it is my mental peace which troubles me.

      The problem lies in the questions which formed in my head after I became familiar with the online fujoshi world (for instance to what extent BL is mimicking real life cultural, social and sexual trends? Has BL led to the development of some new forms in those mentioned trends? Is there some form of unintentional misogyny in it? Are MM couples happier than MF couples?)

      This was the problematic aspect, and more questions led to more questions especially under the influence of reading other fans' comments. However, and like I said there is no need to be selfish, some people like BL while others don't and one needs to respect other people's opinions (but mine kind of slipped here but for the last time I assure you because it is off-topic LOL, though it is entirely Momoe's fault (︶︹︺) hhhh)

    7. Oh...that's quite in depth. Hehe, makes a good thesis/study ^^

      Don't problem ^^

  2. I hope Takane gets really mad and almost hits is brother. I think his brother is a slime ball, and the grandmother isn't much better.
    It would make me so happy if he left and when to see Junko I think it would do her a lot of good to. Haven't made up my mind about Makoto yet but I very wary of him he could be trouble for them. Kat you have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

    1. Ya, bibby... though I wonder if he would actually do that since he is always kind of 'restrained'.

      True, things are not okay while he was away.

      Indeed, possible..

      Thanks and same to you ^^

  3. amazing summary as always Kat!

    I really want to know Takane's reaction about the thing his brother just told him but too bad chap 52 isn't about Junko & Takane. Arthur & Momoe's fan would be happy but the fact that I have to wait for chap53 to find out what will happen next with Junko makes me sad :(

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so... the plot seems to be jumping from one couple to another lately. ^^;

  4. Hello Kat,

    You don't do summary for this manga anymore? I saw the chapter 54 is out already and I'm hopelessly waiting for the translation but seems like I have to wait a bit longer. Could you please let me know if you still got plan for this manga? cos I'm really curious about the upcoming stories.
    Thanks Kat

    1. see, the problem is with the Chinese scanlators. There was no update since the last summary. ^^;

      So, I cannot really do anything about it but well, wait, too...

      You're welcome ^^

  5. ah now i know, thanks Kat. I do look forward to reading the summary once Chinese version is out :)

  6. You've done such an excellent job on this translation and summary I really just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I'm a speed reader (and I just stumbled across the site a day ago) but it is a site made just for me!!! (Or my kind) Please keep up the great work - you've been summarizing all my faves and I would really love to have such talents as yours! I'll support you & your site in any way I can. Thank you, again! tofu.chan@outlook dot com

    1. Thank you for reading and the comment ^-^

      Thanks for the support, tofu.chan ^-^

  7. Thanks for the summaries. I'm dying to know what happens next

  8. Hello Kat,
    Thank you for the summary..
    wanted to know, did you stop updating this manga ?

    1. Thanks for reading, Archita ^-^

      Ah..that is because the Chinese scanlator stopped working on it for some reason. I cannot read Japanese so there is nothing I can do about it. =(