December 5, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 45]

At Hakuyou’s harem, sparkling Kouju tells smiling uneasy Yuulin of how she can still remember that day when the two people caused her soul to tremble. [<- referring to the kissing scene] “Among hundreds of thousands flowers, the king only sees one person.. It is as if [his] heart was snatched away by Her Highness and even if it is like that, His Majesty’s eyes are quite sharp. Afterwards, it is a kiss with totally unrestrained thoughts and unlimit kindness. *moved to tears* Ah ah, this kind of feeling, I want to convey it to so many people for them to know [about it]..!!” Aghast smiling Yuulin is mentally screaming for if she [Yuulin] keeps this up, she’ll perish sooner or later. [<- target of assassins/embarrassed to death?] As Kouji keeps on talking, Yuulin continues her frozen smile. So, after Ruka had returned to her country, Yuulin is back doing her usual job as princess consort. With only a shocking ‘evade the marriage’ action [<- kiss], that kind of situation made people not want to dwell with it for too long. While waving goodbye to Kouju, tearful Yuulin can only mentally apologize to Kouju since she did that for money [/wages] and His Majesty also said that is the ‘quickest and most effective’ method.

Sparkling Kouju tells her that she’ll come back again. Yuulin feels tired doing this but then, she cannot stand it. Then, she notices something. Upon going to her room, Reishou says that there is a flower fragrance. Yuulin asks if it is a very fragrant smell. “Today, when I was walking at the harem’s courtyard, I’ve notice these blooming sweet olive tree [osmanthus fragrans].. It is already that it is somewhat pleasantly cool. [<- blooms in late summer and autumn] So, I took some flowers to make a sachet [/pouch of potpourri]--” She is surprised when Reishou suddenly hugs her. While the court ladies are happily watching on, Reishou apologizes for startling her but it is because the fragrance is quite strong. Blushing Yuulin says that if he likes it, then, please carry this at his side. Holding her hand that holds a small heart-shaped sachet, he asks if she made it herself. Putting it near his lips, he smiles and says that if it is possible, he wants to carry her around like this. “The flowers’s fragrance can make one intoxicated.” Blushing Yuulin just smiles and tells herself to endure this degree [of flirting], for what he said is already making her intoxicated.
After the court ladies are dismissed, puppy Reishou happily mentions about being tired today. Yuulin agrees with him. While preparing some tea, Yuulin thinks that she is thinking too much, at this time, touching her skin-whatever, and even the face, it is too near, but then, she mustn’t mind it. “Get a hold of yourself!!” Reishou looks at the flowers when Yuulin asks what about them. Putting them behind him, he says that it is nothing, he felt that it is a nostalgic scent. She happily tells him that she saw them at west side of the Aster Palace near the blooming flowers. “The weather is also very nice so if it is possible, together, we can--” She notices that Reishou is lost in thought so she calls out to him. Reishou smiles and says yes, then, they plan it on his next resting time. Yuulin says okay. At night while sewing another sachet, she thinks that when Ruka needs her, she would always do things in a flapping [<- flap of wing; frantic?] how can she say it, a feeling that things returned ‘to normal’? And even His Majesty also returned to the harem. After various things, Reishou’s attitude is very normal, and she is also normal.
After reflecting on that, she wonders if she can do it. “Right now, can I do the job of a working consort normally? --..‘Like’ huh. Is it or isn’t it filled with mistakes?” [<- her acting] At the government office, Jun says that it is a flower scent which is rare for Reishou because he doesn’t quite like that kind of scent.. Startled, he darkly asks if Yuulin did something. Aghast Reishou says she didn’t. Reishou sighs and says that he made a mistake. “You personally haven’t seen that suspicious look on her..” <- she looks at him with that ‘His Majesty is truly awful. Using acting to deceive a girl’. Jun says that Reishou just hates his attitude towards Yuulin. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says about that thing a few days ago, they did right in order to avoid that marriage thing. “Your Majesty, I ask you many times to please do not forget that she is only working. Even if I’m annoying but I will still always remind you!! She is only a..kind-hearted young lady who doesn’t have anything. Do you understand that?” This made Reishou frown, thinking that here it is again, one after another.
At the harem’s forbidden entry area, sparkling Gen, the harem’s supervisor, happily says, “AND∙THEN∙WHAT. Afterwards, what else did His Majesty do! That shocking romantic chu [/kiss], stuck together like glue!? Quickly say it! Teach me, this and that.” Annoyed cleaning lady Yuulin tells him that is work, that’s all. Happily dancing around, Gen howls like a wolf and says that before, he took the place of His Majesty in preparing an arranged marriage banquet and he didn’t even appear! He is even quite angry! This time around, he chose someone and this is what is called as a big, big progress! *wink and thumbs up* Finally, this harem has seen the light of hope.” Yuulin repeats that it isn’t at all like that, it is only work. Gen says that after a long painful era..before the country’s situation had become stable. *in tears* the consorts made the harem into a mess. *Yuulin thinks that Gen isn’t listening to what she say* His majesty ignores the harem too much! Finally--” Yuulin thinks that before this vast harem perhaps had a lot of consorts. Right now, the genuine [/main?] palace is forbidden to enter. Using only the deepest corner, at the side the royal palace, His majesty uses his area to work.
The number of court ladies is at its lowest limited amount. And, there is only one consort whose identity is unknown. This is the ‘Wolf King’s harem. The main reason is ‘to hide his true nature’ and also to economize. The harem that Ruka and Gen has seen a long time and the current is definitely more, a lot more than she can imagine. Gen is shouting for her to quickly give birth to a successor. At Han residence, Shisei tells Kouju that lately, she has been going to see Her Highness. Kouju says that is right. Her father says that is really good, if her relationship with the princess consort is favorable, then that Majesty would also treat her in a special way. “..when you go to the harem, always maintain a beautiful attitude. ..if there is anything you want, tell me. Because you are also a blooming flower.” Later on, while playing the koto, Kouju asks her brother if their father is still considering making her go into the harem. Playing the pipa, Suigetsu smiles and says that definitely is a limitless possibility. Flustered Kouju says that His Majesty true love is only Her Highness, just her. “Are the other girls still a necessity?”
Suigetsu replies, “That is that. This is this. Didn’t father-sama mention it? Until now, there is no king who has only one consort. time goes by, people’s heart changes. There is also a possibility later on that His Majesty and Her Highness will also not be like how they are now.” Teary-eyed Kouju protests that their love is forever. Smiling Suigetsu says yes, that’s right, sorry. “Even if it is me, I also cannot prevent father-sama from meddling in other people’s business. I also hope that I can stop this steadily increasing fear when I face His Majesty. *aghast* I don’t want to go to work..” Kouju says that he had totally changed..really pitiful.. Right now, His Majesty and Her Highness’ progress is.. While walking at the courtyard, Yuulin tells Reishou that it is here, as mentioned, from this trail, can he smell the fragrant smell. Reishou smiles and says that she knows this part of the harem in detail. Yuulin happily smiles and exclaims of course, upon coming here, she wants to find out this place’s layout. Then, Reishou looks glum upon recalling his aunt telling him that he also knows that it is impossible to always keep continuing this. He thinks that there no need for a souvenir at all. [<- referring to his aunt’s warning]
Looking at the blooming sweet olive tree, Reishou says that about this area, he often come here when he was young so no wonder he felt that the scent is a bit nostalgic. Wondering if she can ask, Yuulin asks if he came here alone, to the edge of the courtyard. “What about the person beside you?” [<- guard or caretaker] He tells her that his mother was sick but basically, he was just set at the side. “I like to take a walk as I please, *cute puppy young Reishou walking around* But right now, thinking about it, I actually managed to live up to now. Haha, even if my bad luck is very strong.” Aghast Yuulin thinks that here is it again, he would be quite relaxed about his own serious matter. Reishou says that he hates places where there are people so he always searched for a quiet place. Flashback: Young Reishou crawled underneath some bushes and heard people gossiping. “His Majesty went to see ‘Maihime[dancer]-sama’?” “The queen is seriously unhappy about it.” “For [thinking of] themselves..the other consorts do not care too much about that matter..” End flashback. Yuulin thinks that all alone, the flowers’ fragrance mix with the past sporadic story, in the end, it is very sad. She holds his sleeve and asks if right now, isn’t he lonely?
Slightly smiling, Reishou asks why does she think that he’s lonely? Yuulin blushes and mentally calls him stupid for this isn’t because of work. She tells him that there are flower petals on his head, can she help him remove them. Reishou smiles and says, please go ahead. While removing the flowers from his hair, she tells him, “..Quietly going to a faraway place by yourself is no good. I’ll be very worried. *blushing since she touched him* No, possibly, saying it right now is already too late. *whispers* I’m only very worried about you, that’s all..” Touching her chin, Reishou asks, “Yuulin, can I also touch you?” Yuulin is surprised by that. She says, “Ah. Yes. Okay. Go ahead.” And she closes her eyes which surprises Reishou. Looking a bit tense, he blushes and mutters that he always felt quite apologetic. He lightly pats her head. Yuulin opens her eyes and asks if he is removing the flowers. While they continue to chat, Gen and Dai are secretly watching them. Holding some twigs, Gen complains, “Why.. Why is it like that.. How come that guy on that side didn’t subdue her--!! He suddenly become warm..” Dai says no, Reishou probably had noticed that Gen has been tailing them and next time, he might get angry so if they are found out, he [Dai] won’t care and just say that it was vague [/he didn’t see it clearly]. Gen continues to angrily complain that what those two are doing is wrong--!! Later at the gazebo, Yuulin gives Kouju a heart-shaped sachet. She timidly tells Kouju that even if she herself made it, but the smell is quite fragrant, that even the court ladies have a good comment about it. Blushing Kouju says that she has perfume but..
Teary-eyed, she says that it is made by Her Highness for her, she is so happy that right now, she is very moved. “The king has been seduced by the sweet flowers’ fragrance. As if a flower fairy-type, a lady is lost in the depths of the forest. Then, in a moment, the two are engulfed by a flower field.. *teary-eyed and blushing* –this is the new setting that is encircling on my mind..!! *Yuulin thinks that Kouju is so amazing.* In the end, it is very beautiful, Your Highness..! His Majesty and Her Highness’ love, *emitting hearts and flowers* even beyond time and space, it also won’t disappear..!!” Aghast Yuulin thinks that it is getting more and more far-flung. Narration: “The Wolf King’s shiny and sparkling harem’s love story is already considerably far-flung. It is already not the same with the past gorgeous harem. For it has a kind king and just one person, a fake consort. Enveloped by the sweet fragrance, the king and the working consort, mutually scorching, prying into each other as such.. It is good if there is a day they can continue on like this. Until that time..” From the king’s perspective, wavering Reishou tells Dai not to say it that way. “It is like the rabbit itself laid down on the plate and said, cut me up.. *imagines a rabbit jumping into the plate and saying how about this!!* What kind of trap is that?” Chuckling Dai says, in short, how about trying to take a bite first. Reishou protests that it/she will absolutely get angry!!
Comment: And that is the reason, when Yuulin is closing her eyes, probably expecting a kiss, Reishou didn’t do anything but pat her head. =P Hehe, having trouble with just one girl, how can he handle a harem. ^^; I think based on the past stories, it is no wonder Reishou isn’t keen on having a harem. Jealous consorts can be vicious especially if they are not favored by the king. It seems that Kouju and the other young generation is more into monogamy and aren’t too keen on fulfilling the past generation’s expectations and traditions. Kouju obviously support their love so it is impossible for her to want to get in between that. Just like her brother, it seems that the siblings are more into arts than politics. But then, it seems that wants and ‘have to/responsibilities as the children of high ranking officials’ do not match.

Even if he is having lovey-dovey with her while he can, Reishou is also being reminded that it won’t last for tradition dictates that there has to be more than one consort. It is interesting that one of the reason mentioned here is the fear that the king would get tired of just one consort. I always thought that a harem is needed to secure a heir especially if the queen has problems on that area. But then, if there is no love, it won’t happen either so that is probably what Shisei also meant. That is one problem but then, there is also the problem of Yuulin’s identity. She is just a commoner and supposedly not that beautiful compared to the others. In a way, it does seem to be forming up as a forbidden love. Even if there are those who object, there are supporters like Kouju, Gen and Dai ^-^ Scans by BaRaMei私人汉化

Quote of the day:
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