October 26, 2014

Shitsuren Chocolatier [Chapter 40]

[Free talk: I didn’t really read this series..only the first few chapters then skip to the recent ones since iirc, this series is ending. I’m only going to summarize this ONE chapter because I like the intense dialogue here, this is fairly easy to do and the one that I really understood even if I don’t know what happened in the main part of the story. ^^; The scene is some guy coming back to the girl after leaving her, I think. Sorry, I don’t know the exact nature of what he did to her to make her this angry. ^^; ]

Souta looks up a building. Then, the scene changes to Elena opening the door. With a slight smile, Souta says that it has been a long time. Also slightly smiling, Elena says, ya, it has been a long time. Pause. He tells her that she changed her hairstyle. Twirling her hair around, Elena says yes, because of work, she got it straightened. Souta replies, “Is that so.. It felt that you entirely changed into a new person. This is not bad. It really suits you.” Elena thanks him. Pause. Looking inside the room, Souta says that it seems that the plants [foliage] had become many. Elena says yes, lately, she had been re-arranging the room a bit. “I want to make it look completely like some type of healing room..” Smiling Souta says is that so, negative ion-type. Elena laughs and says yes. Awkward pause. Elena invites Souta inside. He says okay, he’ll be intruding. He takes off his shoe. When his foot is about to touch the floor inside, Elena remembers someone telling her on her birthday, “If there is something that causes you pain, you only need to fight bravely and that’s it.” Elena asks, “Why. *Souta looks surprised* Why are you coming in? Why did you come? *clenches fist* Why.. Why did you come here for?” Souta looks tense and puts his foot inside back into his shoe. He mutters, “sorry...”
Elena says, “I don’t want to hear you apologize. I’m asking you why did you come here for?” He mutters that he come to apologize [for an offense]. Elena asks, “Why? I don’t need you to come to apologize because I never told you, ‘Apologize to me’.” Souta says that is right but.. Still clenching her fist, Elena shouts, “Not even once have I thought ‘can you quickly apologize to me’! That thing basically doesn’t matter at all!! What ‘Sorry’? After making me listen to your ‘sorry’, what kind of answer do you want me to give you? If I say, ‘it’s alright’, then everything is okay? Then, what would our relationship turn into! If I were to say, ‘I absolutely won’t forgive you’, then because I couldn’t forgive you, you’ll cause our relationship to fall apart, right?” Souta repeats, “Sorry..” Elena replies, “..I..do not understand why you come here, Souta. But I didn’t simply believe ‘one day you’ll come back to my side’ and always wait for you. I’m feeling you out, Souta. If I didn’t contact you and just let it be, what would you do? What kind of person is Souta. I want to see the real you, because if I were to directly ask you, you’ll just say some kind words. I also understand the reason [why] you’ll only say such words. Even if I listened to them, it is also pointless so I let it be like that. And you didn’t say a single word and in the end, you’re that level of person, right...
...In my mind, I went on ahead to come up with a conclusion and plan to end it like that. I am a treacherous person for I pretend to be sensible yet at one side, I’m an observer. I also don’t like quarreling with others nor do I want to hear nice lies...” Also clenching his fist, Souta apologizes again. “I’m always very awful. From White Day, that day.. I always did scum-like things. It is my life’s most awful day. I did all sorts of things.. I also realize so many things.. The real me, huh? Yes, I also felt that I had seen all kinds of reality during this time. *pause* ..I..at that time..when you left..Saeko came..she temporarily stayed at the second floor of the store..” Elena remembers talking with Inoue at the store before. [<- didn’t pay attention to what she told Elena since I didn’t know who Elena was then ^^;] Flustered Elena says is that so, that’s very good, his wish came true. Souta mutters that it is already..over.. “Saeko, she returned home. I also have no way of making her stay. That’s how it is..” Somewhat in disbelief, Elena asks, “..‘that’s how it is’ is..” Souta says that it is over like that. Elena exclaims, “‘That’s how it is’? That’s wrong, right? How come at this time, you are using that way of speaking? The person you like for a long time now had burst into your life. All sorts of things happened and then she went back. And things had come to an end, is it just like that?...
...Isn’t there still a lot of important things? Did you come here to tell me about things [that happened] until now! How come right now you are still using that way of speaking, coming to deceive like before! Properly say it out! All of it!” Souta shouts, “I couldn’t say it..! If I were to say it then everything will be over, right..! If I were to say these words to you, Elena, then won’t all of it make you hate [me/it?], and it is such an awful thing, right..!” Elena shouts back, “Get lost! Then, get lost!! *teary-eyed* A relationship wherein you cannot say everything that is in your mind, is equal to not needing me!! If you won’t open your heart and tell me your thoughts, then we’ll only be just sex partners, and that’s it!! I don’t plan on maintaining that kind of relationship with you, Souta! If you won’t properly say it, don’t plan on saying it, then you quickly get lost and don’t appear again! Do not appear in front of me again!!” Pause. Crying Elena looks at flustered Souta. He finally says okay. “I’ll tell you everything.. I’ll say it.. but is it really okay to say all of it..” Wiping her tears, Elena tells him to feel out her tolerance and if she were to explode over it, sorry, don’t mind her. Teary-eyed Souta says, yes, yes. They look at each other. Clenching his fist, Souta says that he’ll tell her all of it.. “Before that, please let me hug you. ‘I want to protect you’ is a serious promise that I’ve gave you.” And, they hug each other.
Comment: So, if someone wants a second chance, give it to him/her if you still love him/her which seems to be the case here. But of course, demand what you want from that person and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. If not, kick him/her out and don’t see him/her again. Well, that’s what this chapter is implying ^^ Actually, perhaps, Elena might no longer want him after he spills the beans on everything since he seems to fear telling her about it. ^^; Well, he cannot actually be picky since she pretty much gave him an ultimatum. In short, he has no choice =P Scans by allwink

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    Like you, I just looked at this series occasionaly because I don't like Souta and Saeko and their relationship but I was curious how the his history was going to turn out.

    From the scans, I think Souta cheated on her with saeko (who is married) when he was still with Elena and didn't called Elena after that. When She went to visit him at the store, she met Inoue who told her about Saeko I presume. After that, I think she was depressed and meanwhile Souta continu his relationship with Saeko. Now that Saeko is gone, Souta returned seeing Elena because of a lot of reasons although I do not understand.

    Thank you for the translation. I was wondering if Elena forgave him because of the hug although if I was in her place, I will not do that. ^^

    1. Hehe, you, too huh. ^^

      Oh, I see..I thought that there was more to it than before Saeko re-appeared. The mention of White Day, I presumed as before Saeko showed up again. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe, don't know. It seems like she is just obliging his request. Forgiving might happen after he tells her the whole story.

    2. Thanks kat i really enjoy this manga

    3. Thanks for reading, ricardo ^-^

  2. I only watched the live action, so this post is quite interesting. :)

    1. Is that so, celyn-jo ^-^ I've read the ending of the live action, it seems to be open-ended.

  3. Ooooh could you please give us a quick summary of the last chapter in this manga?! The last scene shows him crying out loud and (i think) Saeko eating his chocolate.... Please could someone explain to me if he is happy with elena or does he still have an unrequited love for saeko (That B@#**h!... Lol sorry)

    1. This has been a long time. From what I can remember, he is happy with Elena. The ending narration is something like he is glad that he had fell in love with Saeko because after everything that had happened, this is the outcome = he had a chocolate store, etc.

    2. Thanks Kat!
      Weird though that the last scene is his tortured cry.....but oh well :D

    3. I've finished watching the live-action, and I wondering how the manga end..
      Fortunately, right now I found out you've posted 1 chptr of this,,, And your answer of the ending really made my day..
      Thank you so much,,, ����
      Btw, can you tell me,where I can read the raw? I haven't get raw with English translation yet...
      Thanks again Kat,, ����


    4. Whoa, I found at otakumole it has 43 chptr..
      And it ends in ninth volumes, but how many chapters..???
      Sorry for bothering again,,,


    5. You're welcome, Eri ^-^

      It ends at chapter 43.

  4. Sorry for late interrupted, but I just wonder....
    In the end of manga, is shouta really ended up with Elena?
    Pleasw reply this as soon as possible :')
    Thankyou before!