October 21, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 96]

[Free talk:sofia, I’m sure you won’t mind that I didn’t put the names of the village, the father of baby Haku and certain areas of Kai. I didn’t bother since I’ll get them wrong anyway if I just base it on the Chinese. Ah..for the comments, I'm still trying to catch up to answering them ^^;]

Jeha and Yona check on Kija who collapsed. Yun asks what happened. Kija says that he doesn’t know but Kija suddenly collapsed and he has a high fever. Yun says that they have to quickly find a place for him to rest. Kilgan [formerly Keigen; courtesy of Na-chan] tells them to go to his house for it is nearby. He says that his father and the others will definitely welcome them, after all, they helped him a lot. In the village, Kilgan’s parents are delighted that he is back. Just when his father asks where he went, Kilgan apologizes but he brought some guests, friends from Kouka. His parents are shock for they told him not to go there. Kilgan tells them to talk about that later on but one of them collapsed with high fever so can he bring them home to rest. His father says that they are suspicious so how can they bring them home, don’t joke around. Kilgan insists to his father that these people helped him and they are good people. Kilgan’s father sees sick Kija and the gossiping neighbors about the guests from Kouka. The father relents and tells the guests to come with him and he’ll prepare some bed for them.
In the house, Yun treats feverish Kija. Kilgan apologizes for his parents but Yona says it is okay for they let them stay for a while and gave them food. Seeing the people looking at them, Jeha says that the people are bothered that they are from Kouka. Haku tells him that it is because this place used to be Kouka’s territory. Looking at Kilgan, Haku says that is pretty much the reason. Kilgan says yes, right now, due to the war, this place is Kai’s possession but his parents and the people, who stay there, are from Kouka. Even if everyone do not say it but they extremely reminisce the land of Kouka and their friends. So, he always wanted to see his father’s homeland. Yona says is that so. Then, Kilgan’s father tells his son not to recklessly say things because for them, it doesn’t matter which country their place belongs to. From Kouka to Kai, obviously the position of the village doesn’t change but because both countries are fighting and grabbing it, they know that even if they resist, it would be useless. Kilgan says that they always longed for Kouka, by the river bank. His father insists that they have neatly forgotten about Kouka. He urges Yona and others to leave the place as soon as possible.
Outside, K’s father is met with a villager who mention about his son taking in those people from Kouka. He asks if it is alright since they are dressed weird. ^^; He also asked K’s father about seeing soldiers by the riverside and is something going to happen. Walking away, K’s father says that he doesn’t know for no matter how worried they are, if a country had decided on it, they don’t have the slightest amount of ability to disobey that huge power [/situation]. At Hiryuu palace, Suwon got a letter from some place [which I think is part of Kai], regarding returning Kilgan’s village back to Kouka. The messenger reads about that poisoning incident at water tribe, that is just some merchants and nobles reckless action and they categorically do not know about it. They totally do not want to cause internal disorder within Kouka nor infringing on things related to Kouka. Then, they apologize in sincerity for the trouble. Suwon comments that is one type of extreme benevolent formality. Someone asks for the confirmation of positions of the armies of the tribes’ generals. Judo, sky general, reports that Water general will restore law and order within its territory as a priority and it is in charge of the southwest defense.
With Wind tribe’s adaptability, they are in charge of south defense and provide support for the Fire tribe at the northeast. A small group from Fire tribe led by Tejun, fire dude, will strengthen the northeast. The rest of the troops led by Earth, Fire, and Sky will head towards Kilgan’s village and attack. Keishuku, adviser, says that everything is going according to what Suwon ordered but is Kyouga, fire dude’s bro, really okay. Suwon says that Kyouga’s personality is totally sincere and he is always doing his best in studies. Suwon believes that he knows the difference between ruling a tribe and national policy. Keishuku asks if it is okay for Kyouga to be the vanguard [leading the force] for shouldn’t it be Gunte, earth general. Suwon assures him that it is alright because he thinks that Kyouga wants to wash the dirt on their name and compared to their anticipation, he is quite active [in doing it?]. Suwon says that before Iru became king, those lands were ruled by his father so no matter what others say, they are going to take back what belongs to them.
Back at Kilgan’s village, Yona asks if Kija is okay. Kija apologizes for delaying their journey. She tells him not to mind that. Yona asks Yun about the situation. Yun doesn’t know the cause of the disease so he first gave Kija medicine to remove the fever but it appears not to be a simple cold. Jaeha tells Yona that Kija is fine for his life is like a certain Kyou? [; not sure if it is the squirrel. The Japanese name is Aoki, right?] and better not get infected. Kija is angry that he is being compared to a cockroach. Jaeha suggests that Yona walk around since she is curious about the village’s situation. Haku goes with Yona. Yun goes to get some water. After they left, Jaeha asks if Kija can still use his dragon hand. Kija says that it isn’t the same as before. Jaeha asks if there is a new dragon born in white dragon village. This surprises everyone. Kija says no, for it isn’t that kind of feeling. Jaeha says that’s good. Kija asks why he suddenly mentioned that. Jaeha tells him that his predecessor died at age 27 and he will soon be at that age. It is almost time for a new dragon so their powers will be used up and they’ll die so it isn’t strange, right? Sitting up, Kija comments that it is rare for him to talk about that topic but it isn’t bad for him to talk about such an important topic. Jaeha says that it is because he will say that so it is troublesome.
Kija says that is right, the four dragons cannot live a long life but he already made himself aware of it so anytime he’ll offer up his life to his master. Jaeha says that it is so like him to not relate it with their lifespan. They were interrupted by a splashing sound. Yun has dropped the water he is carrying. He apologizes then asks if what they were talking about is true. Jaeha tells him that it is nothing for anyway, everyone dies someday. Yun is still depressed that Kija tells him not to worry for even if a new dragon is born, it isn’t like they are doing to immediately die. Jaeha says that’s right, the previous one lived until he was 12 years old. Punching Jaeha, Kija tells Yun that his power didn’t decline even if he has a fever. Teary-eyed Yun says that even so, he asks them to tenaciously live on. Jaeha asks him to keep this a secret from Yona. Outside, Yona is still worried about Kija. Then, she notices some ominous dark clouds as if it is the sound of a tempest from a far away place. She wants Kija to quickly become better so that they can return to Kouka. She sees Jaeha coming out of the house. She asks him about Kija. To her surprise, Jaeha hugs her tightly. Haku arrives and sees them. Yona asks Jaeha what the matter is. Jaeha apologizes to Yona and promptly collapses.
Comment: Ugh, so what they are talking in baidu turned out to be true about ‘do not die’. ^^;; I do wonder if their lives will somehow be extended since they are with Yona unlike the previous ones. I would want to think that they are getting sick because they are outside the kingdom or better yet, they are in the process of powering up. Lol. You know Yona feeling bad about things and so the dragons will somehow power up in accordance to how she would need them. If they will die early, so much for thinking that Yona would rule the kingdom with them. ^^; Also, there is that theory that Yona might get the sword and shield soon if she is forced not to rely on her sick dragons. Somehow, this makes me thankful that Haku isn’t a dragon. And I hope the reason why Jaeha collapse is related to Kija and not related to a new dragon. It is really nice that Kilgan knows how to be grateful to those who helped him out and insisted on it when his father isn’t inclined to help them. It seems that his father has resided to the fact that they cannot go back to belonging to Kouka. But since there is a war to get them back, would they side with them? Somehow, I think people will die in that village since that is where they are going to fight to take it back. Kilgan’s father kept on mentioning how powerless they are, and I was about to mention that they have the dragons but then..two are sick now. ^^;

That also means, they are also going to get caught in the war since they will not be able to move around anytime soon. I also think that Yona will act depending on the village’s decision to let it be taken back or not. I guess it is awful to live in a village that is bordering to warring countries. So far, Suwon’s tactic is sound. While they are going to take back a territory from Kai, they are also defending themselves from other countries that might take advantage of the situation. Of course, I’m not sure if he is belittling Kai since he just split up his army. Are three main armies enough? It is interesting to know that those lands used to belong to his father. That might be another reason to hate Iru, either by his father or by Suwon. It seems like an insult that their territories were the ones ‘sacrificed’ so that no blood is shed. Of course, it cannot be helped if it is the territory closest to Kai. Wasn’t Yuhon compensated for it? Anyway, the clouds, war and two sick dragons mean bad news for Yona and the others. I wonder if there will be more sick dragons in the next chapter. If there is, my guess would be Shina. By the way, I wonder if Yona’s power is to predict things. Lol, somewhat like in Dawn of Arcana but hers is vague and perhaps not awakened yet. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Here, it is about the clouds. Then, before, when that scar guy is going to attack her, she sensed it but then, didn’t do much about it. Something like Spiderman’s spidey sense. =P

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  1. Oh kat again saying that you are great doesn't do you justice two summaries in one night i really appreciate the efforts and of course i really don't mind about the names just thank you ^^

    About the dragons i really don't think they are dying or a new dragon is born because like you said they are with yona so what's the point if it happens it means that yona isn't the real king since the people with dragon powers are born for the sake of the red king .In fact i think that once yona and co restore peace there will be no need for new dragons right ? the reincarnation should stop with those current dragons .

    I don't think they are powering up they are already beasts but i do think that whatever is happening to them has to be related to the sword and shield it has to be because there is no other logical reason since the priest said once the shield and sword awaken you will know it .If it isn't that maybe it is a border thing like you said but it seems kind of unfair because not only don't they have a will of their own and short lives but they also have to stick to one place their whole life . If it isn't for the reasons stated above no idea what it maybe ? By the way i'm also glad that Hak isn't a dragon and who knows maybe he will be the one to power up do you think this will push YD to spill his beans .

    About baby's Hak turns out he isn't related to Hak that's a shame it is just the drawing damn it .It is indeed nice that he is grateful to those who helped him out .His parents and the other people reaction are quite natural since their country was just tossed around during the war .It kinds of remind me of naruto where pain 's village was just there for the big countries to clash and it is people were left to die .

    About Suwon he made quite a good plan defending and attacking at the same time but like you said he is pretty confident and it seems like he is looking down on the kai empire but he won't lose the war that's obvious and kat you know i get this feeling for quite sometimes and it was kind of proved in this chapter don't you think that suwon is doing all this for the sake of his dad that in a nutshell he is just a daddy boy .It seems he want to take back what his dad lost the throne the lands ...etc that's freaking lame .

    About the war ,so what earth fire and sky are gonna attack the village and kill everybody is that what's gonna happen ? and So Yona and gang may meet one of those three generals ?

    Now the big question what will Yona do ? Will she help out the village since her dragons are sick and can't move (you said it last chapter she may side with the village for the dragons sake) but on the other hand it seems like she want to quickly go back to Kouka and like i said before i doubt she has it in her to stand against suwon even if it is for the sake of her dragons and as you have mentioned before they maybe branded as traitors though they are already rogues so what's gonna change ?

    By the way there is one part that actually pisssed me off ,it is the part with the adviser and suwon how dare those guys question the brother of the fire tribe dude after the stuff they pulled damn hypocrites

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Hehe, the other one was already in the making =P Thanks for the comment ^^

      Ah..after they fulfill their duty, they keep on reincarnating? Just like the red dragon when the time is needed? Ah, that's the impression I got rather than just peace for their time to be restored since ever lasting peace is really impossible..in a way. Hm..well, so does, the reincarnating always. *confused with myself* ^^;; Maybe it will end with this is the story for now, for the next, next, nth generation, it will be a different story = use your imagination.

      Lol, well, powering up is good so that they can beat up more enemies than they are currently able to though ya, it is kind of far-fetched. Ah..maybe it would be the sword and shield especially since they are already at this point. She got the dragons, and he got the generals. Ya..that is quite an awful fate that it is nice that Kija can still view it positively. Maybe..he'll spill the beans..well, maybe if all dragons are down.

      That's right. And of course, they just have to fight in that village since that is the 'border', right?

      Ah, yes...now that you mentioned it, it does seem to boil down to 'for dad'. Killing Iru is indeed one of the reasons though it didn't occur to me that it includes these lands, too, rather than say, he wants a better country type of thing. Ah, wishful thinking, maybe it is both? Okay, even the throne, he might say that it is 'rightfully' his father's. ^^;;

      Yup, Yona and gang are going to meet those three generals. First thing in mind was, woohoo, Haku, you'll get another crack at sky general =P Then, Earth general might also want to fight Haku. Hm..2 vs 1? I'm not too sure of Fire's fighting capability. You know when they mention about making fire lead, I thought of a bible story and wondered is he sent on the front lines so that there are higher chances that he'll get killed?

      I think she will most likely side with the village for the sick dragons. The question is how is she going to do it without them. She cannot rely just on Haku. I know he's powerful and everything but like what happened at the cliff, there is a limit to what one person can do against three armies which is suppose to be strong enough to take back a territory from Kai. Of course, it turns out that the village also wants to go back to Kouka so, they might actually help Suwon. Ya, you won't like that. In most cases, it does seem that they are always helping Suwon one way or another.

      Ya..that is quite irritating but I guess they doubt/suspicious since they also did that before. And they even have to say that when they are..well, I'm sure the adviser is just sitting pretty, safe and sound in the palace.

    2. You do have a point so i guess it is like you said once yona restore peace they won't reincarnate but if later on troubles arise again other dragons will appear but as of now what's the point .

      Ya not only do they have short spans but they have no wills on their own and will gladly die for someone they just met because their blood said so that sucks . Well they are already super humans so no even though it will better if their power increased but i just don't see it the only one i see getting a power up is Yona and you if she gets too powerful and she can fight on par with the likes of hak or the generals it will be like what the hell !!! i mean the dragons are strong because of their blood hak because he is a genius and he trained a lot when he was younger , yona on the other hand isn't noted to be a genius or a person with super human skills so in my opinion it will be a mess up from the author's part if she gets some op skills at the end .

      Exactly ,he does care for the country but i think deep down he is doing it all for his dad to take back what belonged to his father

      Oh that would be epic if we see sky get another beating ^^ Ya he might want to but he won't win because there is a side story on how hak came to be known as the thunder beast it happened during a festival when he beat up earth he was 12 or 13 and even earth admits that hak is stronger and earth is stronger than sky so even with both of them i don't think they stand a chance .I think he is a capable dude but again against hak i doubt he will put up a fight .No i doubt they are planning something like that it doesn't seem like they want to get rid of him

      She can't that very simple no matter how brave she is she can hold her own against three armies no even against the soldiers let alone the generals do you remember how she struggled against that junky /lackey during the water tribe arc
      does the village want to go back to kouka ? so what are they gonna do when the generals come in to slaughter them they are gonna tell them please wait we want to go back home !!! Yup at one point i won't be suprised if we see suwon and co plus yona and her gang minus hak team up and do what yona and her group usually do .Suwon and the dragons may even become good friends and i wouldn't be shocked since it seems he gets along well with GD and the other don't think bad of him of course they will have to knock hak out or they may lose some scales .About hak i agree but keep in my mind that the reason why he got injured is because he wasn't completely focused but he was worried about yona without her i'm sure it would be ok .

      Ya maybe they smell their own kind (manipulative ,lying bastards ,hypocrites) on the fire dude but that guy even though he is very strict he is quite nice .It's quite ironic to see that himself and his bro who were portrayed as bad guys are in fact good guys while the good guys are "villains " i hope this arc will be better than the water tribe arc which i found boring

    3. True, sofia, for now, why do new ones have to appear when Yona already has them. In short, why would the mangaka kill off the ones we already knew and re-introduce us to new ones. =P

      Well, aside from that, if they don't meet the person whom they are going to sacrifice their lives, they'll live meaningless lives and treated as outsiders/bad people by their villagers. No, not that too much power up. Powerful enough to at least kill Suwon? =P I think she will get some skills later on...sword skills. If she were to become like this later on:

      And, the original red dragon is suppose to be like this, also with a sword:

      Hehe..someone in baidu was comparing the swords on that post..swords of people who have swords like Suwon.

      Ya, I know Earth was defeated before but then, maybe two vs one might be a bit more of a challenge for Haku though those two do not have proven team work. Haku and others might go easy on the fire general since he is still the brother of fire dude.

      Actually, I'm not sure they are going to slaughter the villagers since technically, they are still from Kouka. They'll probably plan to occupy it then Kai would probably go and defend. Of course, there will be casualties like Kai would burn the village so that Kouka won't get them or vice-versa. Frustrated that they'll losing, start killing the villagers. That kind of scenario is what I had in mind.

      Ah, true..and if he went berserk + weapon...that will be a lot of carnage there.

      Indeed..don't judge people from appearances ^^ Of course, in some cases, it's okay since they are what they seem. =P I think this arc would be important since both sides already got their respective 'guys' and dragons suddenly getting sick..something big should happen.

      By the way, I'll reply to your tags when the tagboard is up. It is down on my side again =(

    4. That's very stupid so i doubt it will happen and if new dragons do appear they will be babies so what the manga will follow the adventure of babies !!!! but if all of them collapse then it does have something to do wtih their powers or like we said the shiled and sword prophecy i really hope it is that .

      Ya in both cases they are on the losing end .Lol whenever i read Yona Suwon and kill in the same sentence it makes me laugh cause i know it won't happen if yona was replaced with hak then we will talk ^^ she should at least be able to engage in combat with fodder and not get her back sliced but for her to take on the likes of suwon or his generals even though compared to the dragons and hak they aren't that strong i think it will be too much cause dont forget that the generals are grown men who experienced wars and fought a lot suwon also trained since his childhood and yona with a few months of training will be able to fight with those guys that shouldn't happen .She looked nice in that pannel but she already got pannels where she looked cool /almost badass but it doesn't mean that she actually is so i don't know maybe but i really hope that the sword she is holding is the SWORD

      Well i don't think that has anything to do with yona being red dragon 2.0 everybody had during feudal times .I also don't think it has anything to do with suwon 's sword if they look alike it must be the desgin and nothing more .

      Even with them teaming i doubt they will be able to do anything against him don't forget that him a normal human was said to be on par with people who have god like powers so i don't see those two being able to anything . I think they will go easy on all the soldiers and the generals since they are from their country they will try to hold them down without doing too much damage well that's if no one piss off Hak like in the water tribe arc^^

      I hope so because if they slaughtering them and yona decide to do nothing because they are her country men moving under suwon's orders it will be LAME .

      Ya it will be a blood bath and yona would turn from a shoujo to a seinen ;)

      I hope so because the water tribe arc was very meh except for the ending which was epic

      Okay ^^

    5. Hehe, sofia, true. Anyway, whatever the cause is, hopefully the reason isn't lame ^^

      By the way, how good is Suwon in fighting? About the sword, it might be corny if it is like 'He-man' wherein she grabs the sword and powers up. =P

      True..again, depends if they will hold them off or fight against them since the village would lean more towards Kouka.

      Ya..though she cannot exactly kill her countrymen, right? If she still wants the throne, she might have to do it in a way that it won't be too obvious that she is a traitor or something like that if she has to do it. Again, I'm starting to doubt that she'll go against them if the village wants to be with Kouka. It would be more interesting what she will do if the village wants to be with Kai.

    6. Ya and let's hope it is related to the story and not something random and lame as you have said .

      He is good i mean you could say he is on sky and earth level but he is below hak ^^ when him and yona were chased out of the castle he clashed with suwon a little bit and he was struggling . Ya ,i know this is supposed to be fantasy but i would rather see her train and improve rather than get the sword of the red dragon and power up because it means the power isn't really hers .

      Ya and a nice outcome would be if this village became neutral not with kouka or kai .

      Ya but like i said before yona has shown zero intent of going back to the castle or fighting suwon for the crown yet i don't see her killing her country men .That's what i was thinking about if the village doesn't want to be part of kouka will she stand by and let the soldiers slaughter them? or risk it all for people who aren't even her people no idea i just hope it turn out well

      by the way i don't think i asked you before but do you think suwon will join the war on the front or he will stay in the castle and drink tea with the adviser i hope we won't see him ,having to look at his face once every arc is more than enough .

    7. Hehe, I see, of course, it would be nice if that happens ^^ Though technically, wasn't the power of the dragons from the past dragons and not theirs?

      Actually, I'm thinking, won't it be amusing if Yona 'set up shop' and make her own place in that village just to spite Suwon who wanted it because of his daddy? Hence, kind of neutral like you said/or her own =P

      I got the impression that Suwon will be staying in the palace. This time, it is a grand war wherein they have to defend and attack on different directions. It would be difficult if Suwon, their strategist, is attacking and stuff = difficult to find him to ask him if something goes wrong, what do they do.

    8. Good point indeed the dragons strength is their own that's the reason why for me the strongest among the dragons is the blue one because at least he got skills with a sword and don't rely on his dragon powers while others without their powers they would be fodder .What i mean is that at least the dragons power is part of their bodies and they don't have to rely on an object like a sword .

      That would be fantastic but she does have this type of thinking i will do this to anger him that's sort of lame but it seems like she never went against suwon's plans but like you said end up helping him .

      I hope so cross fingers i so don't want to see him

    9. Ah..okay. ^^

      True..and in a way, I'm thinking if Yona is badly traumatized by what happened to her father..would she want to return to the palace where he was killed? Would she want to live in that place again?

      Lol...hehe..let's see ^^ Even if he isn't at the battle field, he might still be shown. ^^;

    10. I mean isn't their own not is ^^

      I don't think she is traumatized i think she just don't want to face reality that her dad was killed by the guy she love to me if she goes back to the castle it means facing suwon and thus her own feelings that she can't do because even though she claim that she want to change things and she can't do it in a castle to me that's just an excuse because if you want to bring long term solutions power and position is what you need we already talked about it ^^

      i'm crossing my fingers that the times he will appear will be very few .

    11. Hehe, I actually simply mean, if she wants to go back and stay in the palace if all of this is over. ^^; Hehe, of course, assuming that Suwon is already dealt with.

      I get your point. Long term solutions are needed and to do it, one usually has to be in power and position. It can be limited on what she can do without it..but then, she got dragon power, and we already discussed that she has zero experience in ruling a country. Red dragon is suppose to be just there for have or keep peace, right? Not really ruling? By the way, since I only breezed through it but was the red dragon persecuted, then become king to defeat enemies then died or was it, he saved them then he was persecuted since he has done his job?


    12. Opps..I mean zero training in ruling a country. ^^;;

    13. I doubt she want that but it would make perfect sense if the story ended where it began . As for suwon being dealt with i doubt that will happen .

      Ya and i told you that one of the main reason why she wasn't fit to rule was taking AOT as an example those who can't give up something important can't change things and that's yona problem and of course the points you stated as well make her unfit while suwon is fit to be king he is manipulative and ruthless when time call for it .Well at first he was loved and then persecuted because i think people feared his powers but he still loved the humans that's what the priest told yona that she couldn't kill suwon when she saw him and she can't hate him .

    14. Is that so, sofia.

      So, the red dragon was persecuted after he saved them and caused peace in the land? I'm just wondering if that is also Yona's mission as red dragon, just keep the peace and not rule. ^^;; But if it is loved, persecuted yet still help out the humans with dragon friends then die...maybe that is Yona's fate? She is loved then now persecuted/on the run, yet still helping the people who caused her much pain = suwon with her dragon friends. Of course, the sword and shield wasn't mentioned as to what their role is.

    15. Ya ,well they persecuted him because they feared his power since at the beginning he wasn't human .Exacty it seems like she will share the same fate as the red dragon and somehow the priest said it "if you live it won't be a happy life but a life of bloodshed" and about suwon he said it is the same as what happened to red dragon , she loved him ,he betrayed her yet she still love him and want to help him . The role of the sword and shield is to protect the king .That's why people were saying it is hak and suwon i hope if they refer to people sword=hak and shield = YD since he is supposed to have a strong body .

    16. Is that so... True, regarding her treatment with Suwon after what happened. Ah, so that is the reason for that. When we say 'king' that is the 'position' or the 'title being red dragon'? ^^; As we've been discussing, Yona doesn't seem interested in the throne yet.

      Actually, sword and shield can mean only Haku since he fulfills both roles =P

    17. ya it is she isn't interested and isn't fit for it ^^ yup he is that's why at some point i thought he may get a power up but he won't fulfill both .

    18. Hehe, why not? He can be the shield when she is fighting and when she isn't, he can be the sword. Yes, I'm hoping for a combo fight - power couple-type of thing. =P

    19. That would be cool but i don't want to get my hopes ,it isn't SB where you can hope for epic stuff .I f they form a couple combo like usui and misaki it would be awsome^^

    20. True...though I would think more of Heel siblings ^^ Sorry, I know you like KwMS but that part wherein Usui seems like a 'damsel in distress', it is hard for me to imagine them as couple combo..and he seems to be always on the background. Even in the end, they aren't exactly 'together'.

    21. True i would love to see that but kat let's face reality can anyone compete with the heel siblings the answer is HELL NO ^^
      i agree at the end he was the damsel in distress but at the start of the series i thought they made a rather good combo though she was more on the front than he was .

    22. Hehe..ya...though would want it to be like that. ^^

      Is that so. For me, I find it hard to read because I tend to think of it very seriously instead of it being for entertainment/comedy. You know about a strong girl in a maid uniform = as if wanting to harass her, subdue her, tame her, humiliate her. I don't like it. Not sure if it is this series, I think there is that 'be my maid' thing..somehow I find it demeaning. When that is toned down and a love rival was introduced, I find it somewhat tolerable. ^^

    23. Ya but this isn't SB where you can hope for badass stuff to happen with AnY i don't want to have hope since all what i wished for didn't happen yet and we will soon reach chapter 100 .

      I do agree with you the whole maid concept is very annoying to say the least mainly the part where she call him and they call men in general "master" like he /they own them . I found the main girl fierce and independent and even as she fell in love and became soft it didn't bother me cause i thought her character developed rather well .

    24. You said that you tend of it seriously so do i at least with manga in which i see a certain depth like one piece /AOT/ skip beat in manga where i see nice themes ,good characterization and i think it is kind of obvious from all the talks we had but there are manga that i can't take seriously like beelzbub ^^

    25. Lol..maybe it has to reach chapter 500 for it to happen =P Of course in Naruto, even 700 chapters, it didn't happen.

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      Ya like with bleach and naruto where it feels like the author has no plan the morining before going to work he think about what to write and may change his mind before reach the office .I like stories that are like puzzles where each piece has it 's place and when you finish it the image is pretty cool .Ya something that has all of these elements .

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