September 21, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 47]

While the police car’s siren wails in the air, the policemen had arrested the stalkers. Mitsuru, together with Chiharu, is relieved that the police had arrived promptly. He turns to the side to see Aoi carrying unconscious Mego ala princess carry. Aoi had his right eye bandaged again. The two guys are surprised. Mitsuru exclaims if Aoi is okay for he’s touching Mego, and doesn’t he have a flare-up when he’s near a girl. Aoi mutters that he himself is also very astonished.. “It seems that I’ve obtained rebirth. My body felt very light. Mego, she caused this miracle..” Narration: “It is like waking up from an endless nightmare. Even if she saw my true appearance.. *Crying Mego saying that she likes him* The moment when she accepted me, it is like something in my heart had ruptured [/broken down].” In the hospital, while the three guys are watching over her, Mego opens her eyes. After Mitsuru exclaims that she woke up, puzzled Mego, who had her head bandaged, mutters out Mitsuru’s name. Mitsuru informs her that right now, she is being treated in a hospital and those guys are already caught by the police so she can relax. After muttering police, Mego quickly sits up and exclaims for Aoi. Mitsuru calls her stupid, for Aoi is standing in front of her.
Mego looks at blushing Aoi. In tears, relieved Mego says that’s great..for she thought that he had already gone far away and left her. Mitsuru tells his twin to be happy. “Aoi is super amazing!! It seems that he can already touch girls!!” Mego asks if it is for real. Aoi looks away and nods. Mego couldn’t believe it. Thinking that ‘if that is so’, Mego rushes to him and calls his name. She tries to hug him but he moves away. She is puzzled and thinking of that moving[/touching] hug. Sitting down on the chair, Aoi says that he wants to confirm something with her. Recalling her telling him to stay at her side, Aoi says, “I’m truly very happy over your way of thinking. (But) Along with, the closest people [to me], *recalls mother moving away from him* they would avoid and go far away from the scar. It is impossible that you don’t feel afraid. You are a kind-hearted girl. Can it be that you’re confusing love with sympathy? *Mego looks surprised at slightly flustered Aoi* If it is like that, I..” The two guys are surprised when Mego angrily tossed a pillow on Aoi’s face. She angrily says, “..So what are you saying? If it is sympathy, you’ll break up with me, right?”
While Aoi and Chiharu are surprised, Mitsuru tries to calm her down. Mego asks, “The way I conveyed my feelings to you, you still don’t get it? You still think that it is only sympathy!? Scarred Aoi-kun is petty and low whereas me who doesn’t have a scar is a noble [/refined] person!? Is there such a big difference between me and Aoi-kun!? *Aoi looks surprised* Indeed, I’m also very startled.. *crying* Because I never seen such a serious scar. (But, unexpectedly, I didn’t feel a single amount of fear. Only..only just by looking at that scar, I felt an incomparable heartache.) *recalls the leader delinquent calling Aoi a freak and Aoi looking flustered-sad* Compared to the scar on the body, the wound in the heart seems to be more serious. (Even if it is like that, from the time we knew each other, you always have that kind [/gentle] appearance.) Obviously, you’re bruised [/covered with scars] mentally and physically, but you still treat others so kindly. How is it possible that it won’t make me like you..!?” Aoi blushes a bit. Clenching her fist, Mego continues, “Aoi-kun.. *staring at Aoi* For you to say that kind of words, could it be that you basically wanted to break up with me..? *This surprises the three guys* Since you already can touch girls, I don’t have any value, right.”
Paranoid to the max, Mego angrily says, “For you to say those words, you *crying and angry* actually you want to break up with me, right-” Aoi and the other two are aghast and wonder how it became like that. Crying Mego runs off and shouts that she absolutely won’t break up with him. Aoi calls out for her to wait. While Mitsuru shouts for Aoi to charge, Aoi runs off to chase after Mego. After looking stunned, Chiharu recalls how Mego asked Aoi what the big difference between her and him is, and how she cannot like the kind him. Chiharu smiles and thinks that no wonder that it is the girl that he and Aoi had fallen for. Meanwhile, at the train station, there is an announcement line 3 train is about to depart so do not enter the train. Crying Mego calls Aoi an idiot and starts to get in the train’s closing door. Before the door closed, Aoi grabs and hugs her from behind. This surprised blushing Mego. Near her ear, he tells her that she’s not allowed to go.. Her heart is beating for it feels that his voice is so near and he’s exerting himself to hold on her. He tells her to let him finish talking. “Until now, the people I see[/met] are those who are disgusted with this scar. From today on, the you who stayed at my side, will also be viewed with that unavoidable worldly prejudice.”
Aoi continues, “I don’t want to force you to have that kind of awareness. The most important thing is, I don’t want to make the girl that I like to suffer that restricting sympathy..!! But, I love you..!! Someone like you, it is the first time for a girl who’ll think of [/consider] me. Obviously, I’m very happy but I don’t know what the best thing to do is [/how to react, I guess]. Sorry..” Narration: “Trembling. Seems like going to cry. It is the first time I’ve heard Aoi-kun’s voice this way.” Mego takes his breath away when she hugs him really tight. Feeling difficult by her tight hug, he mutters her name. Mego declares, “It is okay. I don’t care whatever it is that other people think. Even if in this world, it is only the two of us, whom we can rely on, for each other’s survival. With only Aoi-kun around, I’m not afraid.” Aoi looks surprised. Narration: “The love that started from a 50 cm radius love, can be proclaimed to have ended. About to start is a zero cm world. Ever since a long time ago, a black magic caused the prince to endure such pain. *young Aoi crying* And, the thing that undid the magic, from the prince, is the princess’ kiss. *Mego hugging young Aoi* A true love kiss. This is a miraculous love story.” And, the two hug each other tightly. Blurb: “Finally, Mego and Aoi prevail over all difficulties. Next, the two’s new love story is about to start!!” 
Comment: For a while there, it can indeed be mistaken that Aoi is thinking that Mego pities him, which naturally, frustrates and angers her. Actually, if that is so, it is also understandable. It might be because he might still be in self-denial that there is actually a person in this world who accepts him like that. And coincidentally, it is someone whom he loves very much. It does seem to be too good to be true that he wants to confirm things. Well, Mego gave him a piece of her mind. The scar didn’t deter her from looking down on him and despising him like the others. She pretty much knew that there is more to that physical scar, and that is within his heart. Since this is Mego, she also manages to twist things that he wants to break up with her. ^^; It turns out that Aoi is still so nice. Rather than about him, he doesn’t want Mego to be viewed negatively by others because of him nor force her to be in that situation. Even so, he cannot part with her. It is indeed kind of a conflicting feeling. Want her yet doesn’t want to hurt her because of the others.

In a way, the only problem with Aoi in terms of appearance is his eye. If it was an ugly person, people will indeed talk like how come such a nice cute girl, choose such an ugly person. Of course, in Aoi’s case, there is also his family background and being thought of as a ‘delinquent’. Hehe, well, family acceptance is no problem since the twins’ mother is a fan of any one-eyed guy who is like Masamune. =P It is already something that Aoi said that he ‘loves’ her. In Japan, unlike ‘like’, ‘love’ is, liking someone to want to marry her. ^^ Of course, Mego responds back to what he said and assured him of her love by saying that she’ll be with him no matter what others say. And finally, she got that moving hug that she earlier wanted ^^ So, that’s ends this phase of their love story and I guess, new problems or deeper bonds will happen later on. And, ya, because of that blurb, I’m not sure if Azusa will make an appearance in the next chapter. Maybe she’ll show up if there is a time skip like the transition from first year, they are already second year. Scans by 工作室

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Rewards motivate; joy strengthens; passion inspires; love achieves the impossible. ‘Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed only a few days to him because of the love he had for her. Genesis 29:20’ ~ 101 mottos for success by J. Richards and M.S. Fontaine.


  1. Thanks for the summary! However, the last blurb irritates me because i feel ikeyamada go has contributed enough chapters in mego and aoi arc for now that it's time she starts closing up mitsuru and azusa's. If next chapter focuses yet again in mego and aoi im going to be dissapointed, they are cute but these filler lovey dovey chapters seem so unnecessary since the direction of their relationship has been so obvious since chapter 1. I'm probably being a bitter mitsuru/azusa fan here but i've been hoping ikeyamada doesnt go through the suki desu suzuki kun path--when the more interesting developing couple is clearly overshadowed by the obvious in love couple.

    Sorry giving a little opinion of my own, I will still look forward to the upcoming chapters and of course your great summaries, thanks again kat!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ya, I thought that would be the common reaction of mitsuru x asuza fans. Hm..I almost write mxa and it turns out to be the same for the other couple, mego x aoi. Very interesting.

      True..I guess it depends on the readers. Some readers love lovey-dovey stuff even if they are fillers and unnecessary and even want more of it...rather than conflicts and drama. Hehe, but then, it depends, I guess, which couple, one is reading for, in a certain series ^^

      Ah..I have heard of that complaint with that series. Well, I can only say that it would most likely be like suki desu, if it is already the new arc in the next chapter and those two aren't in there yet. If it is more lovey-dovey..probably have to wait some more.

      No problem and thanks for the comment ^-^

  2. Oh my... They're so cute together. I can't get enough of them >/////<
    I loved the hug from behind ♥ Mego tossing a pillow on Aoi’s face and the breaking up thing xD so funny....
    I hope Azusa appears in the next chapter~

    As always, thanks for the summary.

    1. Yup, Shizuka ^^

      Hopefully and thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Thanks for the summary!!!!

    I love this chapter to bits!! The couple has finally have a zero cm contact/distance! I hope there won't be much trouble for the two of them.

    Now it's time for the MitsuruxAzusa pair, the mangaka can just skip the part about the blurb and just continue with Mitsuzu and Azusa. I'm also curious about their developement!!

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Lol, true..sometimes, what was mentioned in the blurb doesn't happen so I don't know if I should continue mentioning it or not. ^^;

  4. Thanks for the summary Kat ^^
    Yayy !! The problem between Aoi & Mego is clear!! So... it's time for Azusa & Mitsuru in next chapter ^_^
    Hope there is Azusa in next chapter ^^
    By the way, do you know when will KgKST ch 48 is out ??
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    1. Thanks for reading, valerie ^-^

      Yup..most likely.

      It is already out in Japan. Just waiting for the Chinese scanlation ^^

  5. thank you for the summary kat-sama

    like the other mitsuru x azusa fans i just hope to see them from the next chapters onwards^^


    1. Thanks for reading, Sebastian ^-^

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  6. I have saw KgKST ch 47 raw, and there is Azusa but just 1 scene --"
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