September 19, 2014

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 74]

Because Mamura seemed mature when he asked her out, Suzume couldn’t help but answer, ‘okay’. In the toilet, Mamura fixed his hair thrice but was interrupted by Kotetsu who wants to brush his teeth. Mamura tells him that he’ll be out in a while. Mamura sighs and rumples his hair back to its usual style. He blushes upon recalling how Suzume invited him to go to Okinawa. He thinks that if he doesn’t pull himself together... In the toilet, Suzume also fixes her hair thrice but isn’t satisfied with any since she finds them too casual. She finds it difficult to choose which hairstyle she’ll wear today. Yuyuka angrily asks if she isn’t finished yet and is she going to continue with that way of dressing up. Suzume gloomily says that she has a hard time choosing the hairstyle. Yuyuka angrily shouts in frustration and offers to do it for her. She also called Nana and Monika to help her out so that it would be settled within 10 minutes. At the hotel’s lounge, Mamura is waiting by the post when Suzume arrives while catching her breath. With her hair loosely braided, Suzume apologizes for being late and says that it is because she couldn’t fix her hair well.
Mamura stares at her that she asks what it is. He looks away and says that it is nothing. Going out the door, he tells her that they have to catch the bus. She just says okay. Because he didn’t comment on her hairstyle that Yuyuka helped her with, Suzume thinks that Mamura didn’t notice it. Actually, while walking ahead, Mamura is blushing. He curses and tells himself that now isn’t the time to be too nervous. And, they arrive at the aquarium. Suzume is super excited that Mamura tells her that her voice is too loud. She made a mistake about the aquarium’s name that Mamura had to correct her that it is ‘Churaumi’. Suzume excitedly calls out the right name and urges Mamura that they should hurry inside for right now, it is still early so it ought to be quite empty now. She happily asks him that there ought to be a lot of sharks there, right!? Mamura looks surprised but he let her be. While standing at the escalator ahead of Mamura, Suzume is jumping up and down on the spot. He warns her that for her to be quite excited, she should be careful and not trip. She turns around to him and asks what. The two blushes upon realizing how close their faces at each other’s. They quickly turn away.
Blushing Mamura thinks that Suzume really always tease [/entice] him unconsciously. Suzume thinks that she was startled to death and it felt quite strange when their eyes met. She glances back at Mamura who is still looking away. She looks at his hand on the escalator near hers. She thinks that the distance maintained by that hand will definitely be shortened today. And, they look at some fishes, lobster, jellyfishes, corals and seal. Mamura just quietly follows her behind. Then, she excitedly tells him to quickly look, it seems to be the whale shark on that side. Following her, Mamura wonders if Suzume doesn’t wear out since she is always in such a high mood. Then, he is puzzled when she stops walking and just looks at the side. He approaches her and asks why she suddenly.. Then, he looks at what she is looking at. It is the whale shark swimming majestically above them along with the other fishes and sea creatures. The two were mesmerized by it. Mamura mutters that it is quite awesome. Suzume glances at him and thanks him for being able to come with her to Okinawa.
Still looking at the aquarium, Suzume says that if, he refused her at that time, then, she definitely won’t be so happy [/having so much fun] today. She thinks that it started from first time she met Mamura, she unconsciously attained so many things from Mamura. Just to see him, she was worried about her hairstyle. Walking together, side by side. If the ‘former her’ had thought of it, she wouldn’t have thought of this thing [can actually happen]. Hitting her fist with her open palm, Suzume says that’s right, it seems that ever since they’ve gone steady, this is the first time they went out for some fun. She glances at him and says, isn’t it so.. She is surprised to see Mamura already leaning close to her to kiss her. Then, before his lips can touch anything, a kid shouts out loud that it is a whale shark. The mood is gone as the two are quite embarrassed to be surrounded by kids who are on a field trip. While the teacher is calling for the kids to line up, Suzume excuses herself that she has to go to the toilet. Blushing Mamura bends down and thinks that he wasn’t able to hold back. A boy asks him if he had a stomachache.
In the toilet, blushing Suzume thinks that she was really, really, really startled to death. Thinking over it, he was suddenly so near and his face is so big. She mentally screams and thinks that today, there are so many things that made her heart beat so fast. After washing her hand, she wipes it dry on a handkerchief. She thinks that it would definitely be a lie if she were to say that she had thoroughly and neatly forgotten about Shishio. But regarding this kind of thing, she is helpless because no matter how much she pondered on it or gone worrying about it, in the end, she still wasn’t able to find the answer. Furthermore, always like this right now, together with Mamura, she thinks that it definitely would be no problem at all. So, right now, she wants to properly cherish each moving [/make her heart beat] moment when she is with Mamura. Slapping her face, Suzume goes out of the toilet and wonders what she ought to with that kind of situation a while ago. Looking around, she notices that there are now a lot more people in the aquarium. She wonders where would be the whale shark be. Then, she looks at the side to notice someone familiar. And, she keeps on looking at the man who looks like Shishio.
Comment: It does seem that the two have some things in common like worrying about their hair and yet, some things are different like their reactions about the aquarium. Well, except for the whale shark. ^^ And, the date started well and the mood is set but unfortunately, some kids interrupted them. And since this is a love triangle series, it is ‘wavering time’ for the one caught between two ‘lovers’. =P If that keeps up, it is highly possible that Suzume would indeed fall for Mamura. Of course, with Shishio around and Suzume not totally severing things with him, Mamura’s chances are not that secure. In a way, I think Mamura still has some misgivings. Here, it seems that he is indeed holding himself back after seeing the two together at the clinic. Most probably, not wanting to fall deeper in love with her but she still unconsciously makes him so. In turn, that led to the almost kiss. And, if that is indeed Shishio, what are the chances that Suzume would be talking with Shishio, and Mamura seeing them together. Would Mamura react, the same as before? Interestingly, this is happening in an aquarium again where Suzume had a memorable date with Shishio. Is decision time coming soon? Scans by allwink

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