August 8, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 37]

While holding an umbrella, Makoto comments that it is raining hard. Walking with Nanami, Makoto cheerfully says that it is great that PE class’ marathon will be cancelled since that is quite tiring. Nanami lamely agrees. Makoto thinks that in the end, Nanami is still depressed. She decides that it is inevitable because that kind of thing happened. Makoto observes that Nanami usually curls her hair inward but now, it is more flat than usual. Bunny asks if it isn’t because of the humidity. Makoto mentions to Nanami that there is a new café that opened in front of the station and she heard that the pancakes are very delicious. She tells Nanami that they call everyone to go together and try the place out, or.. Then, they see Iriya. Makoto calls out to him. After they greet each other good morning, Iriya asks if they came together this morning. Makoto says yes, they met up at the station. Looking at his cellphone, Iriya says is that so. Noticing this, Makoto asks him, what’s up. Iriya says that this morning he texted Yusa to bring along a notebook that he had lent him. He tells them that Yusa would usually reply back in the speed of light but today, he still hasn’t replied back. Makoto says that is indeed quite rare, and maybe he carelessly left his cellphone at home. Iriya agrees over that possibility.
At school, some fangirls greet Yusa but he ignored them and walked upstairs. They wonder if he didn’t hear them or he isn’t in a good mood. At the biology prep room, Yusa opens the door and calls out, “Hey.” Holding a watering can, Yoshiaki asks if he’s talking to him. Yusa says that except for him*, then who else it would be. [*the word used by Yusa is ‘that guy’ which is kind of rude instead of saying ‘sensei’] With a thinking gesture, Yoshiaki says that he shouldn’t be saying, ‘hey’ to a teacher and also, ‘that guy’.. Grabbing Yoshiaki’s collar, Yusa shouts what he is planning to do. Yoshiaki is puzzled. Yusa shouts that he dares to do that to Uki. Yoshiaki asks what he is talking about. Yusa tells him to quit playing dumb for he saw it yesterday. Slightly turning away, Yoshiaki laments about it being seen. He laughs and mutters that is such a failure. “You’re asking what I’m planning to do. It is like- what you saw.” Letting go of him, Yusa exclaims jerk, he’s a teacher and how can he make a move on a student. While fixing his necktie, Yoshiaki says that for someone who had dyed his hair red and have multiple ear piercing, to argue about a common sense [<- doing the right/normal thing] issue, his persuasiveness is pretty much zero. This really infuriates Yusa.
Yoshiaki correct him that first of all, it was ‘before’ he became a teacher so they’ve started a long time ago but then, Uki is still very popular. Yusa calls him stupid for he wasn’t talking to him about that. Yoshiaki says that he knows that Uki is a very good girl. “Because I understand her the most.” Then, there is a loud thud sound. This surprised the students outside. While walking upstairs, Makoto and others wonder what happened for it is so noisy. Makoto and Iriya is shock when someone told them that Yusa is fighting with a teacher. Another teacher is asking Yoshiaki if he is okay and what is Yusa doing. Holding his bleeding nose, Yoshiaki is sitting on the floor. Another teacher is holding Yusa back and shouting for him to calm down. While the teacher tells Yoshiaki to go to the clinic because of his bleeding nose, Yusa shouts for them to shut up and let him go. Iriya goes to Yusa and tells him to stop. While the teacher tells Yusa to go to the office, he notices surprised Nanami. Yusa mutters to her, “ is that guy.” Nanami is stunned. Iriya tells Makoto that he’ll go check on Yusa. Just when Makoto is asking Nanami what’s up with Yusa, Uki arrives and happily greets the two. She notices the ruckus that she asks them what happened.
Makoto tells her that Yusa and Yoshiaki quarreled and it seems that Yoshiaki was hurt. This surprises Uki. Makoto says that they also don’t know clearly as to what had happened. Uki asks afterwards, is that guy okay. Makoto says that if it is Yusa, he is currently at the office.. Uki looks sideways and says, ah--.. Nanami tells Uki that if it is Yoshiaki, he is in the clinic. “..Your lover is Kudou-sensei, right..?” Uki looks surprised. Makoto looks at Uki in disbelief. Nanami asks why, for that is not allowed [/cannot be]. “What are you thinking!? If it is found out, do you know what will happen!? The serious consequence is that you’ll be suspended.. and it is possible that you’ll be expelled. That kind of thing is absolutely not allowed..!!” Makoto overhears a couple of guys asking if there is also a quarrel there and they mention about being expelled. Makoto nervously whispers to Nanami to keep it down. Uki scratches her head and sighs. She tells Nanami that it is really unexpected that she would suddenly say those words. This surprises Nanami that she quickly runs off. While Makoto looks stunned, Iriya arrives and says that it is bad, Yusa won’t say anything so the teacher is going to bring him to the principal’s office.
Then, he asks where Nanami is. Makoto’s brain is still dead. So, Iriya asks Uki who quietly stares off. Later on, Uki tells them that even if she doesn’t want to hide it from them but rather, it is more like she wasn’t able to find a suitable opportunity. While Makoto is still in shock, Iriya asks if Uki is going steady with Yoshiaki. Uki says that he can say that they are, but it always feels that there is some ill feeling.. Narration: “It has been a very long- time when we first met. I was 7 years old at that time.” Flashback: Young Uki called out to her mother. Holding a cicada, Uki happily told her to quickly look at it, Chiryo [<- invented name from 知了]. Her mother screamed in fright and told her to stop and quickly let it go. This surprised Uki. Her mother exclaimed that didn’t she tell her that she hates insects. Putting it back into the plastic container, Uki clicked her tongue and muttered that Chiryo is obviously very cool but then, why does her mother always say that. Her mother exclaimed for Uki to play what girls play and how come she isn’t wearing the skirt that she bought. A boy leaned down to her and says that it is a bear cicada [<- literally in Chinese or Cryptotympana fascialis] which is rarely seen in Kanto region.
Yoshiaki asked Ritsuka, Uki’s brother, if this is his younger sister, and she’s so cute. He also asked if she is in elementary. Ritsuka said that right now, she still cannot get married and she’s in grade one. Yoshiaki said that isn’t what he meant. Putting his arm around Yoshiaki, Ritsuka introduces him to Uki by saying that this guy is his friend, Yoshi..Kudou Yoshi-what again. Yoshiaki said that it is Yoshiaki and he is really too easygoing. Ritsuka laughed and said that it is almost correct. Narration: “Yoshi- Since he was young, he is always sick so he stayed in the hospital. Always until lately, it seems that he got discharged from the hospital and started to go to school.” Looking at the insect in a container, Yoshiaki says that it is because he is very idle that he can only go read books or maybe go to the hospital’s courtyard and catch insects. He told Uki that even if others find him very hateful [/repulsive] but Ritsuka is really a good guy. Ritsuka had asked him to come over his house. Yoshiaki informed Uki that the insect is a glass-winged butterfly. Uki exclaimed that he isn’t hateful for he knows so many, many things like the names of insects and flowers. This surprised Yoshiaki. He smiled and thanked her.
Narration: “Yoshi- He isn’t like the others who would make unnecessary racket about her and he also won’t lecture her about this and that.” Scene 1: While her mother is freaking out, Uki told Yoshiaki that after kicking the soccer ball, she fell into a puddle. Yoshiaki laughed and said that she is totally covered in mud. Scene 2: Uki showed off her new short haircut. Yoshiaki said that it suits her. Ritsuka[?] laughed that she is like a monkey. Scene 3: Uki showed Yoshiaki her uniform and said that she joined the basketball club. Yoshiaki said that is quite nice. Later on, at her house, Uki told Yoshiaki that her brother isn’t home yet. He said that it is okay for he only came to return this book. She told him that she is going to buy ice cream so they headed out together. After buying her ice cream from a convenient store, Uki told Yoshiaki that ever since her brother got a girlfriend, he no longer accompanies her. She asked Yoshiaki if her brother is being restricted by his girlfriend. Yoshiaki tells her that Ritsuka’s girlfriend is known in their university as a very headstrong [/willful] girl and it seems to be very troublesome.
She asked him if Yoshiaki had a girlfriend. He told her that girls are quite troublesome. Uki agreed with him by saying that she can really understand that for she doesn’t know why they are quarrelling [/arguing] over something everyday and the girls in her school are like that. Yoshiaki said that’s right. “But, right- if it is someone like Uki, taking her for a bride is really not bad at all.” After looking surprised, Uki said that becoming his bride is perhaps, really not bad at all. Yoshiaki said then, that’s that. She exclaimed yes. And, they bid each other goodbye. End flashback. Scratching her head, Uki sheepishly says that it is that kind of feeling so it can be said to be..lovers-something or there are some ill feelings or perhaps, type of existence. Iriya and Makoto are surprised when Uki mentioned that Makoto had seen him a number of times when she went to her house to play. Makoto nervously thinks that the friends of Uki’s brother are so many that she never specially paid attention to them and she isn’t good at remembering people’s faces. Uki apologizes and says that she didn’t intent to deceive and hide it from them. Makoto says is that so. Makoto thinks that she’s quite startled but to be able to realize [/understand] these feelings of Uki.. She recalls Nanami telling her that Uki is like a prince. Makoto tells Uki that what she is going to tell her might be very strange but perhaps, the way she said that to Nanami a while ago isn’t quite good.
Meanwhile, Nanami is moping behind the wall of the outdoor corridor. She thinks that Uki will thoroughly hate her. Then, she overhears a teacher asking if it is really okay. Yoshiaki says yes, and it isn’t an important thing so please don’t reprimand him excessively. Holding his bleeding nose with a handkerchief, Yoshiaki says that he’ll go to the principal office after changing his clothes and thanks. [<-for treating him] After biding the teacher goodbye, Yoshiaki mentally curses. He angrily thinks that his white lab coat is dirtied and that stinky brat would unexpectedly head-butt him [on the face]. Then, he notices Nanami looking at him. He says that she is from his class.. She says that she is Shiroyuki. He says yes, yes, Shiroyuki, what is it, her clothes will get wet if she stays here and class has already started.. Nanami says that she doesn’t want to talk with him. Frowning, Yoshiaki thinks that he is always encountering this kind of thing today. He tells her that if she is feeling okay, then quickly go to the classroom. Slightly scowling, Nanami thinks that it is because of this person, if this person doesn’t exist. She recalls herself telling Yusa that ‘isn’t this very good?’ and ‘wholeheartedly hope that he can attain happiness’. [<- about Iriya] She tells Yoshiaki, “About you going steady with Morinaga-chan, in case, it is exposed, you’ll be expelled, right?”
Comment: Ah, isn’t it a change for ‘good guys’ to act like ‘bad guys’? It turns out that Yoshiaki is kind of childhood friend turned lover but kind of family, kind of complicated thing though they really have a deep relationship. I cannot say that if Uki really loves him romantically but I guess, for him to kiss her, he is serious with her but at times, kind of not really a lover. Well, perhaps, it is because of how their relationship started. Maybe they have more lovey-dovey behind the scenes and Uki whacked him because he kissed her in school? And, Uki isn’t exactly a girly-girly type of girl so I’m assuming that how she reacts is different from ordinary girls. And, it wasn’t exactly an official confession or something but more like an indirect wedding proposal. Very casual, actually. Though for them, that is enough for them to go steady until now. And, this must be the first series wherein the friends with ulterior motives get angry over a teacher-student relationship. Usually, it is accepted. Actually, in this case, can it be called that when they were going steady even before he became a teacher? I’m not totally sure over what made Yusa that angry but maybe Yoshiaki said it in a taunting tone that he knows Uki than anyone else and Yusa got jealous. It was mentioned that Yoshiaki isn’t quite likeable though I don’t know if it is because if his attitude or because he used to like playing with insects. Since he was always in the hospital as a kid, he might lack some social skills. ^^; In a way, he does suit Uki from what they were talking about like disliking people who make unnecessary racket which is Yusa, and disagreeable girls like Nanami. So, basically, Yoshiaki wins based on that. =P

As for Nanami, at first, I’m really thinking that she likes Uki since she lectures Uki about having a relationship with a teacher is bad. She seems to also fear that Uki might get punished for it. Like doing all that because she actually doesn’t want Uki to have a boyfriend. But from what Makoto recalling her saying that Uki is like a prince, I wondered if it is more like fangirling about Uki. It is like Uki is an idol so she must be ‘perfect’ like ‘no bad record’. I’m not sure if there is a double standard for it seems that Yusa is okay but Yoshiaki is not. But then, maybe because Uki isn’t that ‘serious’ with Yusa but not Yoshiaki so Nanami is acting this way. Anyway, like any jealous fangirl, Nanami wants to remove the ‘problem’. I guess her emotions have taken over her because she would have thought of the consequences if Uki learns of this. I’m not sure she will really expose it because she will have to tell the teachers and Uki will get involved. And, it will be known in some way through gossips. Maybe she is expecting Yoshiaki to break up with Nanami because of that threat? You know, ‘to protect you, I’ll sacrifice our relationship-thing’. I kind of feel sorry for clueless Yoshiaki to have a bad morning because of Uki’s jealous admirers. ^^; Maybe, he'll restrain himself next time from showing any sorts of affection to Uki. And, it turns out that Yoshiaki do know Makoto when they first met but she just forgot who he is. Anyway, according to the Chinese scanlator, this arc will conclude in the next chapter. Can you guess how it will be resolved? I’m thinking maybe Uki will talk with Nanami about this and that’s that, though hopefully, a more interesting/different resolution ^^ Scans by allwink

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  1. To me, I think Uki is just confused about her feelings. I feel like Yoshiaki is more like an older brother to her than a lover o.o;; I think she just sees him as a lover, but in reality, her feelings towards him is that of a brother. But I somewhat feel like they have some sort of romantic interest, but it also isn't as strong. Thank you for your summaries Kat! (:

    1. Just to add this, I don't really know why, but to me, it's starting to seem like Yusa and Nanami might end up together, just because they both seem to understand each other really well. I mean, if you sorta think about it, Nanami is a female Yusa. She doesn't want Uki to be with Yoshiaki, just like how Yusa didn't want Iriya with Makoto. Now she also seems to want to be controlling and manipulative by sorta threatening Yoshiaki at the end of this chapter.

    2. Hehe, is that so. True, it seems like that yet, it seems not. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True, when they talked with each other, it gave me that kind of impression. Of course, in this chapter, the common thing between them currently is Uki. So, they are kind of comrades against Yoshiaki. =P

      That's right. It is like that. Though for Nanami, it does seem like bordering to GL/yuri. ^^;;

  2. I get the feeling the relationship between Uki and Yoshiaki isn't all that romantic. They do have deep connection with each other since they know each other from a long time but I don't feel the romantic vibe between them and I really can't tell their feelings because they hardly show what they really feel to other people. Uki is so popular, it's like she's the heroine and not mako to XD I miss seeing Makoto and Iriya, I hope we get to see more of them again in the future chapters. Thank you kat for the summary :)

    1. Is that so ^^ Well, it doesn't seem that way..though I wonder if it is because they are a 'different type' of couple or there really isn't any deep romantic stuff between them. ^^;

      Hehe, well, not really. There are heroines that are the 'not popular ones' who fell in love with the 'popular guy'. Ya, maybe in the coming chapters...or after this arc?

      Thanks for reading ^-^