August 10, 2014

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 72]

Sports festival and exams have ended. And, Suzume’s feelings are still not sorted out yet. And, before she knew it, summer vacation has started. Holding up a flyer about a 4 days and 3 nights school excursion to Okinawa, Nana happily tells everyone that they all go to this place. Looking at a different flyer, Yuyuka asks if this is the school excursion that will be held during summer vacation. Nana exclaims yes, and if summer is mentioned, it definitely means the sea and if sea is mentioned, it definitely means Okinawa! Sata An~da~gi! [<-sweet deep fried buns of dough similar to doughnuts (or the Portuguese malasada, or the Dutch oliebollen), native to the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. Source: wiki] Someone asks isn’t that a snack. The others pessimistically respond to the invitation. Monika says that no one wants to sign up for it. Suzume is very scared of airplanes. Yuyuka doesn’t want to be sunburned. Nana scoffs them off as naïve children. She explains that it is because there are few people joining, there would be more mood for those who go with their lovers and added to that, there are so many delicious things in Okinawa. “Those are Okinawa’s selling point!”
Totally convinced, the three girls agree to the trip. While saying that it is decided, Nana is relieved that these people are idiots who can easily be stirred up. Totally forgetting about her fear of airplanes, Suzume starts to imagine about Okinawa. Nana interrupts by saying that it is a good opportunity so how about inviting Mamura because anyway, Monika will invite Manabu. Monika is surprised by this and says, okay, she’ll go for it. Suzume says okay, she’ll go and ask. So, Nana is very excited over the sea and Okinawa. Yuyuka says that it is suddenly decided so she has to buy some skirts. She orders Suzume to go with her since she looks free[/idle]. At a café in Shibuya, Yuyuka laments over carelessly buying a lot and those sales [marked down priced goods] can drive one crazy. Drinking her ice cream soda, Suzume agrees. She thinks that Yuyuka is simply like a devil. There is a scene of Yuyuka grabbing the items tightly and telling others not to touch it, for they are hers. Suzume curiously says that Yuyuka won’t be buying a lot if they are only going to Okinawa. Yuyuka blushes for Suzume is right. She tells Suzume that summer vacation is coming and aside from Okinawa, there are other times when she’ll go out. Suzume asks, other?
Blushing Yuyuka says date-type ones. Suzume asks if that means..! Yuyuka admits it that they have started going steady. Crying Suzume congratulates her. Yuyuka tells her not to cry like that. Suzume mutters, but~~ Yuyuka is embarrassed over how Suzume is crying. While recalling the times when they fought, cried and talked about unrequited love, Suzume is relieved for Yuyuka and thought that it is really great. Yuyuka changes the topic and asks how things with her, did Shishio mention anything after that. She casually reminds Suzume that wasn’t her foot injured and Shishio was the one who helped her treat it. Wiping her nose, Suzume says yes, nothing happened, and he only helped her treat the injury. While Suzume thinks that actually that isn’t the ‘truth’, Yuyuka just says, okay, then isn’t that good. She tells Suzume that in short, the dispute has settled down [/calmed down] so then, her and Mamura’s feelings are going smoothly. Suzume exclaims yes. While walking home, Suzume informs Mamura about the 4 days and 3 nights Okinawa trip with the third day being a free day. She mentions that Monika will ask Manabu to come along. Then, she invites Mamura to come.
While he looks at her, Suzume exclaims that it was Nana who said that, for look, it is quite rare to go to Okinawa and with everyone together, it will be more fun. Mamura declines the offer and just tell her to have fun. Suzume says ah, okay. She thinks that since the sports festival, Mamura is acting a bit strange. Then, they are going to part ways. She bids him see you tomorrow. He bids her goodbye. Watching him leave, Suzume recalls before someone saying ‘could it be that you don’t want to stay longer with me’ [<- not sure which chapter and when it was mentioned ^^;] Suzume wonders if she is only mistaken but why does her heart feel quite disturbed. She turns away and goes on her way. Mamura turns around and quietly watches her. He recalls seeing her with Shishio in the clinic. At home, Suzume looks at a list and thinks that she has almost finished packing and it is more leisurely to prepare things early. She looks at a shopping bag by the wall. She recalls buying it before when Yuyuka told her to buy a couple of things and don’t object to it. Holding the bag, she thinks that it is okay not to bring this. She recalls Mamura’s expression when he declined to go with them. She thinks that this kind of feeling also happened when she was getting along with Shishio.
It was when she wondered if she was the only one who felt that the distance is closer. She thinks that unknowingly, she felt scared and uneasy then it became into not hearing anything. And then, it suddenly ended like that. She thinks that Mamura didn’t flick her forehead, didn’t hold hands, and didn’t call her when it is time to go. Obviously, there are ‘hints’, and would she just be stagnant like this again? In his bedroom, Mamura is lost in thought while reading. Then, Daichi calls out to him that he has a visitor. While walking downstairs, he wonders who it is because it is quite late. He thinks that it is Kotetsu until he opens the door and sees Suzume. Suzume apologizes for it is quite late. After exclaiming in surprise, Mamura shouts what she is doing, and how come she is perspiring a lot. She tells him that she ran all the way there. He tells her to text before coming. Suzume says that’s right, she just thought of that. He invites her inside but she says that it is alright, she’ll quickly leave. She tells him that if he has something that he wants to say or perhaps, thinking of other things, she hopes that he can bluntly say it out. While Mamura looks surprised, Suzume says, “I want to properly talk with you. I am.. your girlfriend. Even if I’m quite useless..”
Looking at the side, Mamura says, he understands, he’ll properly say it out. Feeling relieved and a bit at ease, she says okay. She says that she’ll go to the main topic. “Let’s go to Okinawa together, okay? If you’re around, I think I’ll feel happier [/have more fun]. This isn’t using Kameyoshi as an alibi, but rather, this is what I want. *Mamura looks surprised* And also.. there are a lot of delicious food in Okinawa. The sea is very beautiful. And also, it is summer. There are also so many other happy reasons. That- That- ” Mamura blushes a bit. While Suzume scratches her head for she has no other knowledge about Okinawa to convince Mamura, he says, “Okay. I’ll go. I’ll go, okay.” She exclaims if that is for real. He scolds her for shouting. [<- it is late so might disturb the neighbors] Blushing a bit, Suzume apologizes for being careless since she is too happy. Suzume thinks that just by doing her best and personally acting, it will definitely progress to a good direction and this is the first time she is moved like this. Suzume says that she’ll go ahead for her uncle will be worried. Mamura offers to bring her home but she declines since she is going to run back. He says that didn’t she just ran nonstop a while ago. She says, bye-bye. He tells her to be careful on her way. And, she runs off with the same speed as always. As Mamura watches her go, Suzume thinks that the Okinawa trip will absolutely be very happy[fun].
Comment: And, this chapter gives Mamura fans hope that things might progress between them during the trip. Well, some Chinese fans are already predicting that Shishio will definitely be in the trip. What’s a love triangle with the other one? ^^; Well, I cannot really say because during the Tsukiji market visit, Shishio didn’t show up at all. For now, it seems that issue with Shishio is slightly put aside since Suzume has not sorted things out. Yuyuka is sharp though I’m not sure if she just dropped the topic or believed Suzume that Shishio only treated her injury at that time. Even if Yuyuka has moved on and found a new love, she still hopes for Mamura’s happiness. Well, she even urged Suzume to buy some new clothes and that is definitely for Mamura’s eyes. =P As for Mamura, he is indeed distancing himself with Suzume. I’m not sure if it is deliberate or not but probably a self-defense thing for it not to hurt too much, in case the inevitable happened when she finally chooses Shishio and dumps him. It is obvious that he declined the invitation at first because of how Suzume phrased it. It was really like she is doing it because Nana told her to. Apparently, Suzume learned from her mistakes with Shishio and realized that she wasn’t mistaken over how Mamura is acting. I guess it is something for her to actually declare and remind him that she is his girlfriend. If things aren’t moving, do something yourself and in this case, it turned out well as she told him directly to speak his mind and re-phrased the invitation. Hehe, of course, it is now an invitation that Mamura cannot decline. Things might happen during this trip and, of course, I think we might have some funny or lovey-dovey scenes at the airport or the plane since it was mentioned that Suzume is scared of flying. Scans by allwink

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  1. KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Is there hope for them after all? I really, really, really hope the manga keeps it up this way. I hope they will always be together. I really hope so.

    Thank you so much for the summary, Kat. You are seriously wonderful. I read your comment below the summary and I think you might have a point. Maybe sensei will turn up there but I have faith in them that Mamura and Suzume will stay guarded together. Or it can be another lovey dovey moment. Ahhhhh..... I just can't wait.

    Thank you so much, by the way. =)


    1. Hehe, maybe...hopefully..

      Thanks for reading, Sara ^-^ Well, it is possible since it is a school excursion and they would need an adviser. Since there are only a few students going, they might just group together all year levels together.


  2. Haha I have a feeling Sensei might find a way to pop up there as well (I hope not he doesn't though >.<). Maybe he "randomly" ends up running into Suzume while they are on their vacation.

    Anyways, it does look like Mamura and Suzume are heading in the right direction so far. It's gonna be really interesting to see what Mamura has to tell her (I'm assuming it has something to do with her lingering feelings for Sensei). So this might be the calm before the storm lol, I'm bracing myself for impact.

    Hopefully this manga goes a different route Mamura and Suzume end up together, but we'll just have to see.

    1. I hope he doesn't*

    2. It is very possible...since it is a school excursion. might be. So, in the end, Suzume will have to face that issue.


  3. thank you kat for the hard work
    i think that sensei might show as well or is assigned to take care the group since it is a school trip.
    btw: on another site there was a post that the manga might end after 20-30 chapters
    just hoping that this one doesn't have a kinda rushed end

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      That's right, very possible.

      If it is that many, it won't end this year..which was what I've read.

      I don't know if it can be considered a 'rule' but in other series, usually, if the mangaka takes a break and the series is mentioned to be ending, after the break, it is usually the last arc. Of course, as I've mentioned, I'm not sure if it applies for this mangaka.

      Well, hopefully but I'm not too optimistic since love triangle series tend to have an abrupt ending = lead character choose the person, the end.

    2. Yeah if the series is ending then there are only 9 chapters left at most.

  4. OH-MY! I feel I want to cheer Mamura so much. Please don't let him give up on Suzume. Go MamuraXSuzume!

    Screw ShishioXSuzume! Hahaha. Kidding!

    But I really like the pairing of Mamura and Suzume.

  5. Oh God! Thank you very much for the summary!
    Mamura... I'm so in love with him! I hope they end up together!
    And please.... I WANT A FIRST KISS!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Shanny ^-^

      We can only wait and see.

      If he's the one, he'll get that kiss. =P

  6. I just want to say - thank you Kat for the summaries (in this blog), you're so hardworking & i love you ^^ ♡♡♡

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, aana ^-^

  7. (First of all I'm apology if there are some misspelled things)
    I would really love if Suzume ends up with Mamura, not because I don't like Shishio, I think he's a great character and, as every character (and person in real life) he has defects and fears, so I kind of understand why he did reject her, but as a boyfriend of Suzume I think that Mamura it's a better candidate than Shishio.
    Well however it happens and with whoever ends with Suzume, I really hope that the one that doesn't also finds happiness like Yuyuka did.
    Also I'm pretty grateful with you, Kat, for the summary and the hardwork. You're a sweet and wonderful human being.

    1. Is that so. ^^

      Well, hopefully though the chances of that happening might be a bit low for Mamura. Shishio has his ex. The series is supposedly ending soon and there is no new character in sight..yet..

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^_^