July 25, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 37-38]

Himari thinks that obviously her feelings for Keita and the memories she had together with him increases, but their time together is getting shorter. Holding tight her new shark strap, Himari tells herself to absolutely not lose it again. And, they go to the next place. Himari sees a Ferris Wheel and wants to ride it. Himari is puzzled when Keita seems reluctant to ride it and even asks if they are really going to ride it. In the Ferris Wheel, Keita looks unwell that Himari realizes that he isn’t good in riding it or maybe, of high places. She is delighted to find his weakness. Keita is irked that Himari is somewhat giggling. She denies that she is laughing but rather, she is just happy to find out that he isn’t good at riding this kind of thing. She apologizes for making him accompany her. He denies it. Looking at grumpy Keita, Himari thinks that obviously he can honestly tell her. She suddenly goes to the window and exclaims that they can see Mouse Paradise [theme park] from here. She urges him to look. Her sudden movement is making the carriage sway. He shouts for her not to suddenly move for it is swaying.
To his shock, she tells him that it is alright that she can even stand. She happily thinks that this is payback for he always teased her before. Keita shouts for her not to sway it. Irked, he mutters for her to stop while she’s ahead. Himari is surprised when he hugs her to him. While blushing Himari is sitting on his lap, Keita tells her not to look down on him. She denies it but he hugs her tight and says that just now, he is in a super bad mood and if she wants him to change his mood to become better then, bring it up with an approach. She nervously asks what he wants her to do. He tells her that it is so simple, like taking the initiative to kiss him. He starts saying that it is also okay if she couldn’t do it, but relatively, he will always have a bad mood for the rest of the date. Himari is flustered for it wasn’t easy for her to discover his weak point. Himari finally agrees and tells him to close his eyes. He peeks with one eye that she scolds him about it. In the end, he agrees. He closes his eyes and wonders why he suddenly feels nervous. She holds his shoulder and tells him not to move. He says okay, okay. And, she kisses his right cheek.
Keita complains that it isn’t on the lips, quit kidding around. Himari says that just now, it is gave it her all. Keita sighs and says forget it. He leans to her and gives her a kiss on the lips. After breaking it up, she wonders if this will be the last one. Then, he kisses her again. She thinks that up to this point, it is the warmest yet saddest kiss. Himari felt like crying that she turns to say that they have already passed the topmost part. Slightly flustered Keita suggests that they take a picture together. Holding her close to him, Keita takes a picture of them together on his phone. While they look at picture, Himari thinks that obviously, it ought to be very fun and very happy, and even if this moment will pass like this, the picture of them together will always be smiling. Later on, they are walking by a wooded area. Himari thinks that today will soon end so the time she can stay at his side is also decreasing. She likes him so much that he fills her mind. He looks at her and asks what it is, is she tired. She didn’t reply.
She continues to wonder if she is really going to give it up and would her feelings can be eliminated like this. He tells her that they are going to ride that next. She exclaims that it is a water bus and it is the same as their excursion before [during elementary]. He looks away and says, she can say that. Himari is excited for this is the first time she rode on it since then but she didn’t imagine that the wind to be quite strong for the water bus is so fast. Keita lamely says ya. Watching happy Himari, Keita tells her that at this last [date], he wants to properly talk with her about the reason why he brought her here and also the issue about his mother later on. She repeats the reason why he brought her here. He says yes and didn’t he mention it when they’ve arrive at the park. She recalls about him wanting to start again for this is the place where she told him the first time that she ‘hates him the most’. He tells her that at that time, he is still too young so he wasn’t aware that he already really cares about her. Flashback: After laughing at her, young Keita is flustered when Himari kept on crying. End flashback.
While Himari stares at him, Keita admitting that liking her took him a long time. He tells her that from that day, everything in his heart had quietly started from this place. He says that he specially chose this place today is because he wants to erase everything that has started on that day. Himari looks stunned over the word ‘everything’. He tells her that actually, from the start until lately, he felt that as long as only the two of them thinks that it is okay then everything else doesn’t matter. They don’t have any blood relation so fundamentally, there is no problem. ..but, he had thought about her mother whom his father re-married and how meticulous she is with him. He wondered whether or not, this will worry her, will it be like before when she will be informed by other people about this and that.. He tells Himari that she obviously already understood and accepted these but because of his own feelings, he got everyone involved. After he thought about these things, he simply cannot imagine that he had the heart to destroy Himari’s valuable ‘family’.
Keita admits that he cannot immediately do it, treat it as if nothing had happened between them, and even if it is very hard but he thinks that maybe if he leaves the house and stay at his mother’s, he can slowly forget these feelings. Himari looks surprised and flustered. She agrees with him and says that their parents might be lonely but perhaps, this is the best way. Soon, they are riding the train back. After the train announcement, Himari thinks that it will be their stop next. Himari puts on a smile and tells him that she had fun today. She thanks him for inviting her. She recaps over her horror of losing the lovers’ strap but when they went back to the station, they found it and also, she got another new matching strap. She gushes that it is a super good memory. She stops over that and tightly holds on his hand. Keita asks her why she suddenly stopped talking. He tells her not to have that kind of expression because if she goes home with that, her mother will become worried. Forcing a smile, she asks what expression, isn’t it the same as before.
The train arrives at their station. Holding her hand tightly, Keita says that when they go down the train, they will become family. He adds that even if it is so late when he was aware of his feelings, but he truly liked her. The door opens. He lets go of her hand and walks out. Flustered Himari tries to call out to him but stops herself for this is something they’ve decided together. She wondered why Keita is the son of the one whom her mother re-married. Why it feels so sad, and hurts so much to just like him. Keita slightly looks flustered but kept on walking. And, Himari starts crying and hoping that time will quickly pass for she wants to quickly accept this fact. Soon, while having dinner together, Keiko says that in the end, it is quite lonely without Keita around. Himari looks sad at Keita’s empty seat. Later on, she goes to his room. She thinks that it is like what Keita said, he only took the barest essential things and left.
Comment: And finally, Keita left the house. That was dragged on for a long time. Well, this date also seems to have dragged on. ^^; There is really a lot of focus on the ‘last date’, ‘last time together’, etc but as I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t seem the last to me so I’m not quite moved by the scenes and the dialogue. ^^; Well, even if Himari found out his weakness, she is still years behind in trying to bully him because he easily turned the tables on her. ^^;; So, it seems that they are going to ‘kill their feelings’ for each other and of course, we know that isn’t going to happen. Maybe this is a case of ‘let go temporarily, and we will be together again later on if we are meant to be’. And, well, their separation is pretty much based on assumption that their parents will not approve of the relationship and will cause trouble to Keiko. ^^; That issue will probably be saved later on. And, they might laugh over their troubles if it turns out that their parents are understanding and approve of the relationship. ^^;; And, as this issue continues, the title of the series really has no relationship to the story. The ‘beast’ isn’t really a ‘beast’..or rather, she seems to have already tamed it. And, he isn’t even a ‘boyfriend’. ^^;;; Scans by allwink

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  1. I cried during reading your summary. It wrecked my heart! Poor both of them. Step-siblings be damned! :( They will get back together in later chapters! I know they will! <3 Tika

    1. You did..I'm glad that it moved you ^^ It makes me happy that the mangaka's intent has been conveyed in my summary ^^

      Yup, Tika they definitely will ^^

  2. Pffft.

    I hope Keita gets a girlfriend, a schoolmate, and that means Himari will see them together. I really hope. She really pisses me off.

    1. Hehe..megaworthit..

      Ya, and she'll probably think, it's okay, this is our decision..I'll also find one, too. Then..hm..probably realize they don't feel that kind of love as they did with each other..break up..and end up together again. And, the parents approve of the relationship..the end?

      For me, I really hope something not cliche happens. ^^

    2. Kat, her romantic thoughts are pointless, almost hypocrital. Actually, pretty pointless. Her initial reason was family unity. Is she stupid ? Hasn't she even realized yet that she just broke a family , keita's and his dad's ? and she doesn't even feel guilty about it. That house is keita's and his dad's , she and her mother are the newcomers. She just let him leave his home. that's his home, not hers, nor her mother's.

      Well, I know my thoughts are unreasonable, but if she really loves keita very much, it can still be solved so easily. Sheesh, she hasn't even tried talking to her mother.

    3. Hm..very good point, megaworthit. But then, doesn't it also mean that Keita is stupid not to mention that and agreed with her? =P And, he also easily gave 'his father' up. In this case, I think it is a plot flaw on the mangaka's part.

      Though, we would generally assume that she meant her mother and his father as the 'family unit' since that is what's left and she's fine with it. ^^;

      I agree with not talking about it with her mother and assumes that she objects to it based on how she reacted with the neighbors. Oh well..I guess it only meant that the mangaka plans to drag this issue on and on...