March 12, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 32]

Cover page: “There is no so-called reason, because like is like♪ Don’t care the surrounding voices, forward on, forward on~~” Flashback: At the shoe lockers, Rika’s classmates told her that from today on, they do not want to go home together with her. Surprised Rika asked why. The girls said that it is because they are at a disadvantage when they are with Rika. “The guys would totally praise Rika so we already do not want to go together with you again. Anyway, you still have others you can go home with, right? By the way, won’t it be good for you to just go home together with a guy. Ya, that’s right, do that. Let’s go~” And, they left Rika by herself. End flashback. Rika is sleeping while sitting on the chair when a guy with a drink is calling out to her. Rika wakes up. The guy asks her if she had just fallen asleep and here’s her drink. Rika says ya, she dozed off for a bit. The guy asks if she also had a photo shoot yesterday and it is quite awful that she also has a shoot on New Year’s Eve. “By the way, is your boyfriend, Senda-san, [guesswork from 仙田] still okay?” While drinking, Rika says that she doesn’t know because she couldn’t contact him. “He ought to have suddenly died on the street, right?” The guy says that luckily she has always been able to endure until now since she wasn’t able to contact her boyfriend whom she’s going out with, during Christmas and New Year. “If you choose me, this kind of thing won’t happen- I’m quite serious when I say that.” Rika looks thoughtful and her cellphone rings. It is a message from Makoto. Makoto wrote: “Emergency! Sis, do you know this guy *sweatdrop*” There is a picture of passed out Shouki <- looks like he just died on the street. Pause. Rika suddenly stands up and shouts, “Geez, this guy..” The guy asks if Rika is leaving. A female model grabs on to the guy’s arm and says, “Junya- [guesswork from 淳矢] come over and chat with us-” Then, she jealously looks at leaving Rika. At a Go Go’Z family restaurant, Makoto and Iriya watch Shouki quickly gobble up the food. Iriya mutters if it is alright for him to suddenly just devour the food wildly like that. Makoto mutters, ya..even if he did tell her that ‘there’s no need to pay for the camera, just give me something to eat’..
Iriya asks if her sister replied back. Makoto says yes, her sister said that she’ll quickly come over. They were interrupted by Shouki who is holding the menu. He asks if he can order a parfait. Makoto tells him okay. While Shouki happily eats his parfait, Makoto wonders if this guy is her sister’s boyfriend for it isn’t like how she imagined it = guy in suit with bouquet and a car. After finishing his parfait, Shouki says that it is quite a coincidence that he didn’t imagine she’ll bump into Rika’s younger sister. A bit happy, Makoto asks if she looks like her sister. They were speechless when Shouki laughs and says no, even if for a second, they seem similar. “But, when I look in detail, the face’s measurement, the length of the arms and legs, the skin and hair, it isn’t the same. It is totally a different person! I’m truly sorry!” [<- naturally just said some rude things] While Iriya is angry about that, Makoto nervously tells him that it is alright, she doesn’t mind. Makoto asks Shouki if he is a photographer, and that’s truly amazing. Shaking his hand, Shouki denies it for he is an egg within an egg within an egg..that type of level that as an assistant, he would carry luggages and today, he is working as a substitute for a cheap magazine. Makoto wonders if that is like a matryoshka doll. Shouki says, “So.. actually, I’m that kind of person who is totally incompatible with Rika. At work, I’m only being scolded and I couldn’t do any big thing. *his boss is scolding him to hurry up as Shouki carries the equipment* But, because of various reasons, there is basically not much time for us to see each other. I don’t even understand a bit as to why she would go steady with a person like me.” While drinking his tea[/coffee], Iriya thinks that it seems that he has heard of those words before. He realizes who it is when sparkling Makoto totally understands Shouki. Shouki sadly wonders out loud, “How come.. there are so many things that cannot be resolved with only just like [/love]..”
While breathing hard from running, Rika arrives and calls out to them. Makoto is surprised that she arrived fast. Rika scolds Shouki over what he is doing and don’t make her worried. The other customers start to talk about Rika herself being there and she’s cute, etc. Shouki tells her not to be so eye-catching since she is famous. Rika says not to mind that. She mentions that his face looked pale. Taking out her wallet, Rika apologizes to Makoto and Iriya that their date got interrupted. She asks how much does it cost. Makoto tells her that there’s no need for that and it is a compensation. This puzzles Rika. Makoto explains that she carelessly destroyed his camera lens and she said that she’ll pay for it but he said something like ‘forget the lens, it is okay to just treat me out.’ This surprises Rika. Rika says that without the lens, isn’t it very troublesome so if it is about the compensation, let her.. Shouki sadly tells her that there’s no need for anyway, it isn’t needed anymore because he already doesn’t want to take pictures. Rika asks if he is saying that kind of thing again. Shouki said that he told her that he’s serious, right? Rika asks so what, resign from his job and break up with her. “Whether it is about me or photography, do you plan on treating things as if they didn’t happen and just forget it like that?” After a pause, Shouki says, “Rika, you’re very strong and I cannot quite understand that.” This made Rika snap. Rika slams the 10000 bill on the table and angrily says, “Love is just like that, huh?” Everyone is nervous as Rika leaves the place. Makoto urges Shouki to quickly run after Rika. To the couple’s surprise, Shouki is crying. They try to comfort him and tell him not to cry. Flashback: Scene 1 – Guy with a girl said, “You’re like that or I should say, your nature is quite strong. Or I ought to say, not cute? Anyway, you can live on all by yourself.” Scene 2 – Rich looking guy said, “No matter where I go, everyone is praising you. So, do not thinking of any troublesome things and it is fine for you to just smile.”
Scene 3 – In the toilet, some girls do not want to invite Rika to the group blind date [goukon] because she will steal all of the guys and with Rika around, the guys’ level [for the girls] would obvious go quite high. Scene 4 – girls are saying that Rika is on the magazine cover again, and could it be that she’s having an affair with the editor-in-chief. Scene 5 – At the roof, grumpy Rika is irritated over how noisy everyone is. She is surprised that someone took her picture. Rika exclaimed who he is. The guy, Shouki, laughed and said that her eyebrows are all knitted. This made her asked what he took a picture of. Shouki said that it is nothing, he finally got a new camera and he is testing it out. Rika angrily said that isn’t what she’s asking. She told him to delete that picture of hers. Then, she sweatdrops upon seeing her picture for her eyebrows are really knitted. Shouki said that next time, he wants to take a picture of her smiling. Rika asked if he is a photographer. Shouki said he is still in the ‘an egg within an egg within an egg’ kind of level. He happily asked if she is a model. End flashback. That night, Makoto knocks on Rika’s door and asks if she can come in. Holding an envelope, Makoto tells her sister that this is the money for.. Lying on the bed and hugging a stuffed toy, Rika tells her that she’s giving it to her. While wondering why her bunny doll is here, Makoto refuses to accept it. Makoto asks if she’s going to break up with Shouki. After a pause, Rika says that she doesn’t know, and what should she do. Makoto nervously wonders if her sister is asking her. She thinks that no matter what, her sister’s experience is quite more than hers, and she isn’t an expert on this kind of thing.. “But, at this kind of time, I must say something, right..!?” Makoto says that she thinks that there is no guy who truly hates her. “Ah! Before Uki also told me that people don’t think of others as badly as one thinks so you only have to try talking things out and perhaps, it would clear up the misunderstanding. So, cheer up!” Rika lets out a laugh and says that she’s quite envious of Makoto for she has friends who are worthy of being trusted and a boyfriend who loves her dearly. Narration: “Even until now, there are always people at my side so from today on, I also definitely won’t become all alone by myself. But right now, I’m very lonely.”
Soon, Rika is having a photo shoot in a tall glass windowed building. While the photographer and assistant are discussing about taking pictures by the stairs next, the female model before, tells Rika that about Junya, please don’t do things to make him have any delusions [with Rika]. “Don’t you already have that lifeless photographer? Even if I don’t know what’s good about him. Haha.” Rika seriously tells her that she doesn’t need to know what’s good about him. This irritated the female model that she exclaims, what, thinking as if you’re somebody. She bumps Rika hard which made Rika step backward. She lost her footing by the stairs. To everyone’s shock, Rika fall head first down the stairs. Later on, her manager[?] is shock that Rika fell down the stairs and is she alright, her face!! Rika says yes, her face is okay but then, it seems that she sprained her foot so right now, she’s at the hospital. Rika informs her that she would have to be observed for a day since she seems to have hit her head, and her mother would quickly come over. Her manager says is that so, then she’ll go back to the company. Rika emails Shouki that she carelessly got hurt and right now, she’ll be hospitalized for a day. Then, Rika lies down on the bed. She hears of someone running towards her room. She looks at the door and sees that it is Junya. While Rika is surprised to see him, the nurse scolds Junya for it is forbidden to run within the hospital. Junya apologizes. While breathing hard, Junya says that he couldn’t sit still after he heard from the editor of HEAVEN TEEN what happened. He asks where Shouki is for his photo shoot ought to be already over because today, they are in the same set. “Isn’t he here yet?” While wondering ‘why’, tears start to fall from Rika’s eyes. Junya is surprised then his expression softened. He touches her face and kisses her. “Rika, ..I’m serious, go steady with me.” Meanwhile, a guy asks Shouki if he is still here. Shouki said yes, for he was asked to tidy up the photographs a bit. Then, he notices Rika’s email.
Comment: This is an insightful view about the dilemma of strong natured and beautiful girls. Rika’s good points became a disadvantage when she’s surrounded by jealous and insecure people. The girls do not want to be with her because even if it isn’t deliberate, she’ll take the guys from them or at least, take the guys’ attention away from them. For the guys, they are insecure over Rika being strong as if she doesn’t need them or they are probably looking for dumb and fangirl type of lovers..well from scene 2, that guy seems to be looking for a trophy girlfriend ^^; In a way, Rika has what Makoto doesn’t have and vice-versa. Of course, it is friends and/or lover that make a person happy rather than just beauty and fame. Indeed, it can be quite lonely at the top. It doesn’t help that her boyfriend also has insecurity and self-inferiority complex. That made me think, if this is a different version of Makoto-Iriya with the gender reversed and what it is like if they are older with Makoto still having those insecurities. It can be exasperating if the other kept on having ‘self-pity and I’m giving up’ dramas. Unfortunately for Shouki, he just stepped on Rika’s land mine = you’re too strong. Also, most of the time, he cannot be with her even if they are in the same industry. In situations like this, one would think, is love really enough for a relationship to last? There is no question that Rika and Shouki love each other but Shouki wasn’t able to fulfill/satisfy Rika’s needs or at least be there when she really needs him since there are times when she is down. Her vulnerable side is shown when she is hugging the bunny stuffed toy. Shouki also easily gives up on her. Whereas, Junya, he seems, in this case, willing to be with her when he needs her though of course, she currently isn’t interested in him. So, who will Rika choose? And, would Shouki win her back or give her to Junya on a silver platter? Regarding Makoto/Uki’s advice about resolving misunderstandings through conversation, that is do-able with Shouki which was the intention of the advice. Hehe, I don’t think that it is applicable with the jealous girls whom Rika is having the most problems with. Just like Maria, I don’t think that female model would be remorseful over what she did and she can just claim it is an accident. At most, she’ll just lose the guy she is interested in. Anyway, I’m surprised that the mangaka mentioned this kind of slightly mature theme a bit since I’m not expecting it in this kind of manga. ^^; Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it. ~ Dale Carnegie


  1. I like that the mangaka gave us the point of view of Rika. It looks like that her looks and fame only resulted being burdensome for her. I guess she's just looking for someone who will look at her as who she really is and be treated not as a model but as normal person and it doesn't help that Shouki have insecurities too since he thinks he's not worthy being the boyfriend of someone like Rika. It can be painful when it seems your boyfriend easily gives up because it will lead you to think he doesn't care for you enough to fight for you.

    I love that Iriya is ready to defend Makoto when Shouki said Makoto and Rika are different in somewhat of a rude way (although unintentionally).

    Thank you Kat for the summary! :)

    1. Yup, and thanks for reading ^-^

  2. This manga is really goodd ><
    I like when it show the other side of makoto and rika. i think this story is so truee!
    People always want things that they don't have and sometime thing that people think it's good to be like this isn't always good. ^^
    I like the different between those two. for me i think rika'story seems to be more poor than mako's. Because right now makoto still have friends or someone by her side. Even if she haven't got enough attention from her mom for a long time.
    So that when iriyann understood her and protected her i really feel thar he is the best guy to go out with <3. Lol XD
    And for rika's problem i think shouki maybe say something like he will let her go umm maybe ifvhe see that picture that she were kissed by junya. But finally i hope it will end up like Rika still choose shouki >< even if he can't protect her that much :) if it isn't end up like this it might be a little sad story. >_<

    1. Oh i forgot to say this. THANK YOU FOR YOU SUMMARIESSS!! XD

    2. Yup, Samila ^^ It is like one doesn't have everything that is why one needs others.

      Hehe, is that so. Love conquers all-type of thing?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. I feel sorry for Rika because I had a similar situation. It is not that easy. I finally found my true friends when I was in high school whom didn't judge me by my appearance. People like Shouki annoys me! UGH! I think Makato will probably help him to change his self pity thoughts. I think he will snap when he finds out that Rika is going to be snatch by Jungo. :D thanks for the summary! <3 Tika

    1. Is that so..though I can also relate to her in some ways. ^^

      True..Makoto might. Indeed, in that kind of scenario, they usually do.

      Thanks for reading, Tika ^-^