March 18, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapter 72]

Fuyu had told Mairu to go confirm whether her and Tenyuu’s bonds had been severed by it or not. While Fuyu is walking ahead, Mairu calls out to him. Thinking that they are going to see Tenyuu right now, Mairu tells him to wait, she still hasn’t prepared her heart for this. She doesn’t know what to do and how to face him after she confessed and was rejected by him.

Fuyu says that he doesn’t know [what she should do] for how can he know that kind of thing since he has not confessed to someone before. Mairu says that’s true. Fuyu casually says that he also hasn’t been rejected. He tells her that kind of thing, being rejected by someone is quite humiliating and it is simply a life’s stain. “No, no- I couldn’t imagine it-” Mairu is just speechless.

Then, Tenyuu says that it’s there. While in front of a building, Fuyu says that guy is working there today and it seems to be a Taisho era church. Mairu looks at it and thinks that Tenyuu is there. Fuyu tells her that she doesn’t want things between her and Tenyuu to become awkward due to the rejection, right?

“Since it is like that, if you first meet up with him and casually say something. Perhaps, you can go back to your original relationship with him, right?” Mairu sweatdrops and tells him that from his external appearance, he seems quite delicate that she didn’t imagine he’s quite reckless inside. He asks her to say that he is being manly and possibly, he is very wild [/unruly].

 Mairu thinks that is right, they [she and Tenyuu] have to meet first then perhaps, later on, they can email each other just like before. Fuyu asks her if she wants to go or not. Mairu exclaims that she’ll go!! She cheers herself up. In the church where everyone is busy, Mairu is looking for Tenyuu. Fuyu calls out to Maehara and greets him. Maehara greets them back and asks what’s up. 

Fuyu says that it is because they are nearby so they went here to hang out. Mairu apologizes for suddenly coming and disturbing them. Maehara says that it is alright for work is finished and right now, they are slowly finishing up their work. He asks if they are looking for Tenyuu.

Mairu says yes. Maehara says that Tenyuu is still at that side a while ago.  Maehara starts calling out for Tenyuu but Mairu tells him that it is okay, she’ll look for him herself. Saying that he’s going for a smoke, Maehara tells them that if she finds Tenyuu, it is alright for them to go home together. Mairu nods and thanks him.
While they walk around, Mairu wonders where Tenyuu is. Mairu thinks that she always felt that after being rejected by Tenyuu, it would be quite terrifying to see him again but just thinking of seeing him, she felt quite happy. Then, Mairu overhears Maehara, standing downstairs, exclaiming about being startled and what he is doing.

Mairu wonders whom he is talking with. When Maehara asks, “..could it be that you’re avoiding her?” Mairu looks surprised. Then from the corner, Tenyuu replies, “..yes.” Mairu realizes that it is Tenyuu. Maehara asks Tenyuu why, did something happened sad happened between him and Mairu. Fuyu mutters, “-that guy.. stupid.” He is about to go to them but Mairu stops him by pulling his coat. 

Mairu is depressed for Tenyuu doesn’t want to see her. Mairu turns around. While pulling Fuyu, she walks away. Outside, while Fuyu calls out to her to wait, Mairu kept on walking and thinking what to do. She finally stops walking when Fuyu shouts for her to stop. While breathing hard, Mairu thinks that within her heart, she obviously knew that things will turn out like this. If she hot-headedly confessed to him, he would avoid her and she would be hated by him.

“Obviously, I’m very satisfied just by having him at my side. *wipes her tears with her sleeve* I’m the one who destroyed everything. For me to suddenly confess to him that everything until now has been ruined by me.” Fuyu tells her that if later on, she wants to see Tenyuu, just call him. Mairu looks at Fuyu.

Fuyu continues to say, “If you want to find Tenyuu for a heart-to-heart talk, call me. ..from today on, *looks at her* I’ll replace Tenyuu in standing beside you! *Mairu looks surprised* ..that type [of words] I ABSOLUTELY- WON’T SAY IT--!! I don’t want to be Tenyuu’s replacement-! I’m me!! Stop joking around, idi-ot. *Mairu wonders what’s going on* I won’t become someone else’s replacement. I want you to say that ‘I like you because you are Fuyu!’.”  

Mairu is stunned as she looks at slightly flustered Fuyu. Fuyu says, “..starting here and now, I’m going to make my life’s first confession to you. Listen well. I like you, Mairu. Super- like. Please, choose me!” Back in the church, Maehara lights up his cigarette and asks Tenyuu why. Tenyuu says that perhaps Mairu would be hurt again upon seeing his face after all, up to this time now, Mairu had been hurt so many times until she arrived to this present..

“I don’t want her to experience more pain because of me.” Maehara says that it is impossible for him to keep on avoiding her. Tenyuu looks at Maehara and says, “I’ll disappear. Mairu and I will not see each other again..” Final scene: Mairu looking surprised after Fuyu asked her to choose him. Blurb: “Four more chapters to the finale!!”
Comment: Since I like Fuyu, I’m crossing my fingers that it would be Fuyu. Well, I’ll be happy if it is him but then, he is introduced late in the series, so chances seem slim. With only four chapters to go, there are only three possibilities that I can think of how this will end: 1. Mairu x Fuyu, 2. suddenly, it is Mairu x Tenyuu and 3. 
Mairu ends up with no one and as I mentioned before, this series could about Mairu’s failed loves and with case of third scenario, she never found the one for her. ^^; Okay, I’m not sure if the readers who were following this series since the first chapter would be happy about ending 3. ^^;; Of course, there is a possibility of ending with one of her ex-es..^^; In this chapter, Fuyu pretty much did really well that is worthy of being a ‘lead guy’. It was a pretty nice confession. ^^

As for Tenyuu, I don’t quite know what he is thinking when it is Mairu who wanted to meet him. Maybe they do need a heart-to-heart chat for him to know that Mairu wants their relationship to be back as it was before. That is more important than being sad about the rejection that she no longer feels hurt but rather happy just to be able to see him again.

I guess Tenyuu is being protective of Mairu that she doesn’t want to experience being hurt again upon seeing him that he would even make himself disappear from his life. Well, since the series is ending, this won’t be dragged on and maybe Mairu can move on from here..with Tenyuu, or Fuyu, or all alone. Scans by 工作室 PS. As a precaution, please do not spoil me on what happens later on since the Chinese scanlations doesn’t come out immediately after the Japanese raws. Thank you.

Quote of the day:
“Now-people” are winners; they say “now” and they do it now! That’s the spirit we need, my friends. If you have the goals and the environment is clear enough, go ahead and do it now! ~ Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes


  1. I don't like Fuyu, it would be a real disappointment if she end up with him.

    1. I agree with you. Fuyu from the start came off as a slightly sleazy, unethical character to me. In many ways, Mairu's relationship with Fuyu mirrors the one she had earlier with Mirai except for the fact that Mirai was a vastly better person than Fuyu. It just doesn't make much sense to end it with Fuyu when it could have ended with a similar but far better route 20 or so chapters earlier. From the start this series has been one of those maddening, face palm worthy stories where you want to kill everybody for their stupidity, so who knows how it will end.

    2. "From the start this series has been one of those maddening, face palm worthy stories where you want to kill everybody for their stupidity"
      Lol I'm so agreed with you imo this manga is kinda messed up (I'm looking at you Mairu) it's such a shame that the main idea was not bad and the art is pretty good but the plot is...ugh...what can I say T^T
      btw I like Fuyu or Mirai for her :p

  2. oh god!!!!!!!!! please please please let it be tenyuu

  3. I hope it's Fuyu. Tenyuu doesn't love her. If he does, then why disappear from her life?

    1. Is that so. Yes, as he rejected what he's saying, it is to spare her from more pain.

    2. I don't even understand why he doesn't want to see her anymore. He really thinks that she loves him so much that she will only get hurt if she goes on seeing him, and knowing he can't be with her. Why would he think that ? People move on.

    3. True..I don't quite get it either especially since she's the one who wanted to see him again. Maybe he got that impression from her past loves?

    4. I guess that's the reason. When the girl he loves rejected him, he was so hurt that he didn't want to see her anymore.... or , he felt pain everytime he saw her, and therefore, Mairu must feel the same way.

      Well, that also implies that he really loves that other girl, and has totally no feelings for the heroine. He's even pushing another guy to her ( Fuyu ) hoping she'll turn her attention to Fuyu instead of him, because there's now way in hell he can be with her. Just my opinion.

    5. True..but then, this is shoujo/fiction so it can suddenly be, 'it turns out that I actually love you' kind of stuff. ^^;

    6. Since there are 4 chapters left, I can say with great ccertainty it would be tenyuu. there's just not enough time to develop Fuyu';s character, much less develop their relationship.

      But I'm sure I would not be satisfied with Tenyuu as ending guy. It was just so recent that he was about to follow that other girl to the ends of the earth, no matter what the situation was. Let's see how the mangaka will make us believe it's Mairu he loves all along.

    7. I agree for the reason why it cannot be Fuyu..too sudden unless there is a time skip in the last chapter.

      Indeed..if that is how it is, I wonder who she'll pull it off.

  4. Tenyuu seems to be half; not wanting to hurt our girl while trying to spare himselfl. Sometimes people express their concerns and love in such a twisted (blind) fashion making it seem like all is decided half-heartedly when really that person is truly trying their best in the only manner that they know how to. If i had to choose, one of the hypothesized endings, i'd pick 3.

  5. Thank you, Kat. I appreciate your comments for each of your summaries; the daily quotes, as well.

    For me, it would still be a nice story if your scenario 3 played out because Mairu is young and doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship to validate her worth. Although, the fact that she is now getting all of this attention after her makeover may be an indication that this isn't where the story will go. If had to choose one of the guys for Mairu to end up with, I'd choose Tenyuu. We shall see in the final chapters.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True and it would be like a story about 'her failed relationships'. ^^;

      Indeed..we'll just see how it goes.

  6. Oh my god I feel like I'll have a heart attack :(!! Its scary how someone who doesnt even exist can do this to your heart TnT..anyway thank you as always for summarizing it ^u^