January 21, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 40 - the ugly truth (The truth about the wrong timing between men and women.)]

While Renji kisses Masako, she thinks that she hates his kisses which are soft-long and lingering, cautious and she felt like melting. After the kiss, she thinks that it’s sweet. While catching her breath, she wonders what she was just thinking now, she must recall it. Renji asks her to marry him for whatever her wish is, he’s going to fulfill it.

“Whether the ring is Cartier, Van Cleef or even Harry Winston. You can also choose whichever brand of wedding dress you like and you can do whatever style you like for the engagement. Furthermore, after the wedding, I totally won’t restrict your freedom. You can go out with how many boyfriends you want to You just have to sleep together with me at night..” 

Masako snaps out of it and pinches his cheek really hard. Glad that she has calmed down, Masako tells him not to be indifferent that he would unexpectedly be totally not jealous and to have such a lenient heart. While saying that it hurts, Renji asks isn’t freedom good and he hasn’t been jealous before. Unhappy that she is being treated like a fool, Masako says that a guy who likes freedom shouldn’t be mentioning about not wanting to sleep alone at night.

“Are you listening? I’m teaching you out of kindness. *stops pinching his cheek* Even if you use freedom or perhaps loneliness in exchange, one would also promise to definitely be always be together with the other person and that is marriage. Understand?” Renji says that is quite like the feelings of a young lady.

Blushing red, Masako says that just now, she read those lines in a book and it isn’t at all her true way of thinking. Just then, someone exclaims that the person he is talking about is Masako-san. Arthur has arrived with smitten Tobey who thinks that Masako is so hot. Arthur says that he heard that there is a cute girl near the counter so they have been looking for her for a long time and it turns out to be Masako. He thanks her for coming to the party.

Pushing Renji to the side, smiling Masako greets him a good evening and mentions that it is the first time that he praised her for being cute. Arthur is asking who is the one with her, but Masako says that it is nothing, just some stranger who is looking for someone lost and she’s just helping him a bit. Arthur says is that so.

Arthur introduces Tobey, his roommate to her and if she has time, can she have a drink with them at that side where there is a sofa. He mentions that Momoe is also there. Masako quickly appraises Tobey to be good looking and his suit is of high quality. With hearts, Masako exclaims that it is an honor and his [Tobey] Japanese is quite good.

While Renji sighs, Tobey says that he has been working at a bank here for around three years. Masako says that it turns out that he is a bank worker She tells them that she’ll go to the powder room first before going to meet up with them. Renji mutters that he’ll go ahead and would she come over later on.
Masako exclaims that she won’t go. Renji asks if it is okay for him to bring some other girl home. Masako tells him to do whatever makes him happy and quickly go home while the other teachers have not noticed him. As Renji quietly watches her, Masako frowns and thinks, geez, she already doesn’t want to be the one doing the one-sided chasing again.

Flustered, she curses for being careless in saying those shameful words and it is all because of that kiss. As she heads to the powder room, Lance and Eric have a toast for Momoe to congratulatw her for becoming lovers with Arthur. Blushing Momoe holds her drink and thanks them. Lance says that he find it quite weird when Arthur talked about the fake girlfriend.

Eric tells Momoe ‘good luck’[/gambatte] for Arthur is the type who’ll bully his sweetheart. Momoe nervously says, is..is that soo. She thinks, “By the way, what is.. this kind of happiness.. I’m surrounded by beautiful gay lovers talking about my romance(?)..” She is startled when Arthur calls out to her and tells her that the one whom Tobey is talking about turns out to be Masako.

He says that he just invited her there and he thinks that it is possible that she’ll come over so please help out in creating an opportunity for those two to be alone together because it seems that Tobey has taken a fancy on Misako. Arthur also asks if she wants another drink or maybe, she wants to eat something. Momoe thinks that lastly, what’s the most baffling of all is Prince Arthur is so nice..

Arthur takes her [half-empty] drink and offers to take it aside for her. [<- I don’t know if it is a drawing mistake or translation because he mentioned that it is an empty glass but obviously, it isn’t empty in the drawing.] Momoe tells him that there’s no need and she can do it herself but Arthur insists and there’s no need for her to be shy.

While Arthur smiles at her, Momoe recalls Junko telling her that she felt like melting when [Takane] really pampers her. This made Momoe blush and think that this is THAT kind of feeling that Junko is talking about and she felt really embarrassed. Standing up, Momoe apologizes and says that she’s going to the toilet..no, to the powder room.

Just when Arthur is going to tell her that right now.., Momoe had already ran off. Arthur turns around upon hearing his friends snickering. Lance tells Arthur not to be like that for he’s sticking too close when obviously, they have just started going steady and that kind of action would trouble the other. He says that if he doesn’t treat her like before, it would be more stable. Eric says, but afterwards, it will be very hard because women seem to be creatures who would become more and more greedy.
Arthur says that it is because they don’t know her and she is actually a quite thorny [problem], very far from how one imagined. “If I don’t make her more infatuated with me, I cannot be at ease.” Just when Tobey is calling to Arthur, he had already turned around and left. Eric says that for Arthur to say it like that, he felt embarrassed.

Surprised Lance says that it is quite amazing..for it felt that the degree of seriousness is quite high. He says that this is the first time Arthur has that kind of expression since that person. Someone says ya, that exchange student..was it Ruka or Runa. Near the powder room, Momoe is startled that Arthur came after her and told her that someone is currently using the washroom since Masako just came in. He tells her that this store’s washroom can only used by one person. 

Momoe says that she knows that and she’ll just wait before going in. Momeo thinks that actually, she doesn’t want to go to the toilet but she is only quite embarrassed that she ran away. Arthur says, “Actually, you can go upstairs, and use the washroom in my room.” Momoe says, “Ya, okay, my room. *looks at him* My..?”

Arthur says that’s right, they are co-renting the second floor apartment here. Blushing Momoe repeats, “My room.” Arthur says that’s right, my room. Masako comes out of the washroom and thinks that it took some time to re-touch her make-up. She wonders where that sofa that Tobey-san mention. She glances at the other tables then at the exit.

She sadly thinks that in the end, he isn’t around. She is startled when Tobey calls out to her and tells her that he’s there. Masako apologizes for making him wait a long time. Tobey says that it is okay. Gesturing to Renji at the bar, Tobey says that while waiting for her, he and this guy were chatting and they got along really well.

Tobey tells shocked Masako that Renji is Arthur’s student and they are drinking together. Renji greets her and asks her to let him join. Tobey asks Masako if they know each other. Masako sweetly says no, it is because she is responsible for the reception and she *glancing at Renji* has various impressions of the students. Tobey says that it’s quite gorgeous that it turns out that she’s a front desk girl. 

Masako gloomily thinks that Renji obviously doesn’t like her yet he even told her ‘want to marry you’ so he came over to hinder her, and this really angers her. Renji urges her to sit and what does she want to drink. Putting on a smile, Masako says that Tobey can really compliment.

Sitting at the right side of Tobey, Masako says that she’ll sit there so that she can chat with him. To her and Tobey’s surprise, Renji wants to sit at Tobey’s other side since he wants to continue the topic that they are talking about earlier. Masako tells Renji not to say foolish things for it is already time for the kid to come home.
To her aghast, Renji holds flustered Tobey’s arm and says but in any case, it is his goal to study abroad. He urges Tobey to tell him more about Eton School since he really wants to know. Putting on his charms, Renji tells him that it is also okay to talk to him in English for it’s more relaxing even if he [Renji] couldn’t speak quite fluently.

Moved Tobey exclaims no, he can already speak quite well. Masako whines that that she totally doesn’t understand what they are saying. Tobey is more than happy to tell Renji more about his alma mater which he is immensely proud of. Renji thanks him and calls him senpai. Tobey says that he’ll call his other roommates for they are all from Eton so please wait for a while.

While Masako calls him to wait in futile, Renji says okay, next, they’re going. He grabs her hand and leads her out of the bar. Renji says that he is trying a bit, even if it is just for a little bit, to feel this kind of feeling and it isn’t a bit fun at all. Masako asks if it is the so-called jealousy. Renji says ya, generally, it is like that. “Sorry, I’ll retract what I said. In the end, I still want to restrict you.”

This surprises Masako. Renji says that this is a bit troublesome because like this, he couldn’t marry her since it won’t do if it is mutual feelings. Masako exclaims that she still hasn’t said that she likes him. Renji says that ya, he knows that she still couldn’t forget glasses. They pass by Junko and Makoto that Renji asks if that is Junko. 

Masako says that it is and who is that guy she talking with. Masako starts saying that what Junko is doing and is she getting involved with a new one, she’ll go and talk to her.. Renji urges her to leave and what is she doing, is it alright to expose their relationship. Masako exclaims absolutely not. Masako glances at Junko as she leaves with Renji. 

Makoto tells frowning Junko that in short, if she is interested in this work, he will once again endorse her within the school. He tells her to give him a formal answer within the week. Junko says that it is quite rushed. Masako says that it is because, they would soon release[/recommend] next term’s plan and isn’t she a bit interested in it. Junko says that of course she’s interested.

She thinks about Takane because she couldn’t quit within three years [if she takes the job] and if she tells him that she wants to do this, Takane would act difficult. Then, she suddenly remembered that he told her to come back home before 8pm. Realizing that there is only 30 minutes left, Junko stands up and apologizes that she has something to do so she’ll contact him again later on. 

Makoto also stands up and says that he’ll drive her home. Junko tries to say that it is alright, there’s no need. Grabbing her bag, Makoto tells her there’s no need to be shy and he’ll take her bag. While driving her home, Makoto says that conveniently, he’ll tell her the situation in detail in order to make her want to come over to his side.
Comment: So, the two women left the party and Momoe is the only one left. Hehe, she most probably went to Arthur’s room. I’m not sure if she knows what it implies but then, Arthur did tell her that he’ll go by her pacing. Somehow, I think Momoe just wants to see what the room is like, where there are two gay lovers living there for her BL fantasies. =P

It is nice how his friends mentioned that Arthur is ‘back to how he used to be’ with Momoe after that traumatic incident with Nina. Arthur is really smitten by Momoe ^^ Of course, he is uneasy since he loves her more than she does. Well, Momoe is getting there though she cannot exactly ‘handle the heat’ yet =P

As for Junko, it seems that she is going to take the ‘bait’ but Takane is still a priority given how she quickly left the party just because of Takane’s curfew. I wonder if Takane would see them together since he seems to want to go over to her place as soon as possible. As for Masako and Renji, I think those two are not quite sincere with their feelings for each other due to their personal point of views.

He fears the ‘curse’ and she is concerned about ‘appearances’..actually, it seems like she wants to marry for love and sometimes, it seems that she is just a gold digger. ^^; Tobey is pretty much like a copy of Satoshi – easily tricked by the more cunning characters like these two. =P I guess Tobey ought to thank Renji for taking Masako away to spare him a broken heart. Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
Timing is everything with relationships. ~ Rashida Jones


  1. Thanks for the summary Kat!

    Arthur can't quite pin Momoe down can he? This cat and mouse game is fun to read because of their huge gap of experience. They are easily the best couple of the series.

    Renji and Masako are almost a match made in hell. I can give Renji a pass because he's really just a broken kid. Masako, on the other hand, I just can't like her. Their mutual fear of love is going to be a huge hurdle. Tobey is a really lucky man. He dodged a huge bullet here.

    For someone supposedly strong and smart, Junko sure falls into traps easily doesn't she? I've been thinking that Makoto's appearance and proposal is strangely convenient at this point, almost as if it was planned. Could Takane's grandmother be scheming something in the background?


    1. Thanks for reading, RC ^-^

      Yup, I agree ^^

      True ^^

      Ya..it is something she couldn't resist especially since she really loves her work. Oh..a good one. That is possible since their family seems to have connections..after all, Takane managed to stop Junko from getting that job abroad.

  2. Thank u Kat for always posting your summaries, you do such an amazing work and i've been following your blog since 5 yrs already, but never had the opportunity to thank you... :)

    Anyways i love to see ArthurXMomoe bits :) and Arthur struggling to make Momoe helplessly in love with him hehehe that is so cuteee!!!!

    Thank you again Kat, keep up the good work.
    Besos from México :*

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, alita8205 ^-^

      Yup ^^

  3. Thank you for your summary =) !!
    Arthur's behavior toward Momoe is quite cute XD. It's rather refreshing to see the experienced and "prince-like" guy be more insecure about a relationship than the "maiden". I like the fact that he got serious about her pretty fast (and genuinely). And I enjoy seeing Momoe's feelings develop ^^.

    Renji and Masako's relationship might become interesting depending on how the mangaka will handle it. I used to dislike both of them, but I'm slowly starting to understand those characters a little better and appreciate their part of the story a bit more. I still don't like them, but it's definitely improving.

    On the other hand, Junko increasingly exasperates me -__-. Just as RC said, "For someone supposedly strong and smart, Junko sure falls into traps easily doesn't she?". From the start, she was supposed to be an awesome character, and she's never lived up to my expectation. She was supposed to be strong, independent, intelligent ... Well, I do not see her that way at all. Generally speaking, she's more annoying than impressive. It's just my opinion, but I really think it'a shame that she's the main character instead of Momoe.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^

      True..same here.

      I agree.

  4. awwwww....another cute moment ArthurXMomoe :D
    thanks for the summary, Kat!

  5. I see trouble coming for Junko, Makoto is going to cause it Takane will either see them together are will here it from someone before Junko can talk to him about it. You can see it is already starting some will tell him that Junko left with some man and they will not make it home by 8. Maybe some thing will happen and Makoto will have to stay the night at Junko place who knows but something will go down!!!!!

    1. Ya..most probably gossipy Masako.

      True..it's possible, bibby.

  6. Thank you so much for translating! XD I can sort of read chinese (less proficiently than you unfortunately) so I was confused about the cup of beer thing too. I sort of assumed since they were going to get up to get food that Arthur was taking the beer away in politeness? Or just holding it for her so that she could get food perhaps. Argh, the next chapter is all about junko, hopefully chapter 42 is going to be about Arthur and Momoe again.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so..indeed, it seems to be a typo or the mangaka made a mistake..will just correct in the volume?

      Ya..hopefully so. Usually, it is about them after the mangaka takes a break..there is no chapter this month in Cheese! according to the official webpage.

  7. Thanks Kat. :)
    Arthur and Momoe are so cute!!!!!!
    Happy 11yr anniversary you are so awesome and very dedicated!

    1. You're welcome, Steph ^-^

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  8. Makoto's offer is too good to be true. . . . . . if things like that came so easily. . . . I wonder hoe life then would be!!!
    Junko is most likely to fall for the trap with Takane saving her in the nick of time. . . . .