December 6, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapters 28-29]

Cover page: “Spending the winter season together with you. That is definitely, definitely, the most warmest--”
While walking with everyone, Uki complains that it’s so cold. Nanami says that lately, the sun is setting early. Yusa suggests that they eat udon. Iriya refuses since he’ll just steal what others are eating. Uki points to a store window and exclaims that Christmas decorations are already on display. Makoto and Nanami look at the beautiful Christmas tree. Iriya mentions that it is already that time and he really likes Christmas. While Uki talks with Iriya about excited over Christmas, Makoto is tensely wondering what to do for it is their first grand occasion since they went steady. Who will invite who? Uki asks the two how they are going to celebrate it. Iriya says that it hasn’t been decided yet. He asks Makoto if she wants to celebrate it with him. Makoto exclaims that she wants to. While Makoto is gloomy over biting her tongue after saying that, Yusa grabs on to Iriya complaining no, what about him and the cake. Makoto is quite happy for she’ll have a Christmas date. Uki whispers to Makoto that this is great. She thanks Uki. Uki tells her to seriously choose a gift. Recalling that he gave her a birthday gift, Makoto wants to give him something, too. Nanami whispers to Makoto that she also has to beautifully dress up for the Christmas date. Makoto gloomily thinks that is right, date, gift and outfit..costs money and her wallet will die. Uki says that she remembers that Makoto’s pocket money every month is 5, 000 yen. She suggests to Makoto to work parttime temporarily until the date. While the others walk on with Yusa bugging to eat udon, Makoto spots a help wanted poster on the convenient store. In the kitchen that night, Mrs. Kisaragi calls out to Makoto to help out with the shrimps that she’s cooking. While peeling the shrimps, Makoto tells her mother that she wants to work. Her mother asks why and just save money if she wants something. Makoto tries to tell her that it isn’t like that. Her mother refuses to let Makoto work because she is clumsy and impulsive[/reckless] that she’ll only trouble others. Makoto tries to protest but her mother tells her to just wait for the New Year gift money from her grandmother then just wait until New Year to buy what she wants. She tosses some potatoes at Makoto and tells her to peel them.
At the school gym, Makoto sits while watching the others in PE class. She wonders what to do for she doesn’t have much money but she wants to have a special memory. She wonders about making a homemade gift. She thinks about making a scarf, snack or drawing but she isn’t talented enough nor had money to keep on practicing. While she lies on the floor to groan, some of her classmates tell her to come over so that they can talk together about their boyfriends. Her classmates are asking about each other’s plans for Christmas. Makoto thinks that maybe she can consult them about choosing the gift. Saya who is going steady with Adachi [in volume 5/chapter 20] is talking about celebrating their three month anniversary at the Dream Paradise [probably an amusement park]. Misa [guesswork from 美咲] asks Saya if they already kissed since they are going steady for three months. While Makoto is !?, Saya says that it naturally went smoothly like that. Misa says that she’s quite capable and maybe they’ll go a step further during Christmas. Saya says no way, and how about her. Misa says more or less they are there but isn’t it quite late that they haven’t kissed yet. While keep on talking about this, Makoto couldn’t join in for they are an open sharing. She nervously asks them about the gift. One of the girls says that of course, ‘she’s the gift’. To Makoto’s surprise, they ask her if she and Iriya already kissed. Makoto says no, for they only started going steady. Her classmates say that there are many people who kiss after the confession and everyone is curious since Iriya seems like an expert. This made Makoto blush really red and nervously say, expert.. Misa laughingly asks if she wants to exchange boyfriends [since her boyfriend is slow]. From behind her, Iriya asks, ‘horse?’ that surprises Makoto. [Scanlator’s note: Expert and Horse sounds similar in Japanese.] She nervously asks him what’s up. Wondering why she looks scared, Iriya says that it is nothing, he just wants to ask if she wants to eat lunch together. Her classmates tease her good, go eat together. Embarrassed Makoto pushes him away and says, ‘let’s go’ after changing clothes first. Outside the school, by the bench, Iriya asks what they are talking about since they look quite happy. Makoto nervously says that it is about Christmas. Iriya tells her not to be shy and just tell him where she would want to go. Since she is staring at his lips, Iriya becomes conscious and asks if something is sticking on his mouth. Makoto says that it is nothing. She blames the others for talking about it that she is having strange thoughts. Iriya asks her if it is really okay on Christmas because it won’t be good to date on Christmas if she usually eats cake together with her family.
Makoto says no, even if someone does buy cake but they don’t gather together to eat. Also, her family’s Santa Claus chooses weird gifts because when she was young, she never got a gift that she is excited about. There is a scene of Rika getting a beautiful doll and Makoto gets some silly rabbit toy. She asks what about him. Iriya says that their family doesn’t really celebrate and he celebrates it with his friends and classmates when he started going to junior high. He informs her that his first Christmas is his happiest. Makoto is puzzled by this. He tells her that until he was 7 years old, he doesn’t know of Christmas and it is the first time he has seen a Christmas tree and ate cake when he was at Yusa’s house. He didn’t do anything yet he got a toy. There are a lot of sparking decorations. It has this ‘this is dreamland’ kind of feeling. And, then.. He notices Makoto looking serious that he apologizes for saying such a serious thing. Makoto shakes her head. Iriya tells her that he is very happy every year after that time, so there’s no need for her.. Makoto says no, it is totally not because of what he said, she.. To Iriya’s surprise, she exclaims that her mind is filled with evil desire [/thoughts] and right now, she’s quite ashamed. While Iriya is puzzled over this evil desire, Makoto stands up and exclaims that she has decided. About the cake, for the current her it is a bit too difficult but she wants to have fun with him and exchange gift with him. “And about the other stuff, whatever you want to do, let’s make it happen!!” Makoto thinks that it is not bad to spend Christmas with her and if he really wants [it], she’ll be very happy and satisfied. After being surprised by what she said, Iriya looks thoughtful and asks if this ‘want to do’, would any do? Realizing what he’s implying, Makoto blushes really red and says that isn’t what she meant but if that is what he wishes, she would give it her all.. Iriya smiles and tells her to come, a promise [/agreement]. He holds up his pinkie finger. She locks hers with his and says yes, a promise. At home, Makoto begs her mother to let her go to work but her mother still refuses. Rika helps her out by telling their mother to let Makoto since she’s quite enthusiastic about it. Their mother says that since Rika said so, okay. Makoto is delighted to hear this. So, on this Christmas, it is her first time to work and the two of them will be spending it together. Holding her job application form, Makoto tells hersef not to carelessly think of that evil desire = lovey-dovey with Iriya. The stuff toys are not too optimistic about her parttime job.
Makoto has started to work at a karaoke bar. She has to accept customers, clean the rooms after use, and be ordered around by the customers. Her work started a week early than she anticipated and because of the many things she has to do, she’s super tired. After getting off work, she looks at her organizer book and anticipates December 24, her date with Iriya. It gives her inspiration to strive hard. During lunch time, Makoto sleeps midway eating. While Iriya is surprised by that, Yusa comments that it is a special skill to do that. Iriya asks if Makoto isn’t feeling well. Uki starts telling him that she isn’t unwell, but she’s tired because of.. Nanami immediately covers her mouth and darkly tells Uki that didn’t Makoto ask them to keep this a secret from Iriya. The two girls whisper about being worried about Makoto since she’s really tired so next time, they should secretly watch her. Then, Makoto starts talking in her sleep. She is welcoming customers. Iriya looks surprised by this. He takes off his coat and puts it on Makoto. Then, he pats her head and smiles. Then, they were startled when Makoto starts shouting an apology for breaking the drinking glass and she’ll pay for it. Later on, Uki and Yusa went to the karaoke bar to check on Makoto. Uki claims that she heard that she’s working here and Yusa here wants to challenge her to a singing contest when obviously, he’ll lose. This irks Yusa who tells Uki not to be too happy about that and lose her senses. Uki shouts back for him not to sing strange things or the machine will be broken. They continue to argue who is better and name-calling each other stupid that they ignore Makoto asking if they have a membership card. Makoto smiles and thinks that they are definitely worried about her so they came. She feels that Iriya would know about this sooner or later and she cannot secretly prepare. Bunny says that it is 80% exposed thanks to Makoto herself. Watching from their room, Uki watches Makoto serve drinks to another room. Uki says that Makoto is working hard and it is the power of love. Yusa angrily clicks his tongue that Uki tells him to say it out if he got any objections when she didn’t ask him to come. Yusa says that he just sang so the loser will be the one who’ll treat. While Uki is choosing a song, Yusa looks at her and says, “ the way, are you free during Christmas?” Uki looks at him in surprise.
That night, while eating dinner, Rika is telling her mother about the shooting wherein the stylist made a mistake. Then, she notices Makoto sleeping while holding her bowl of soup. Rika wakes her up and says that the soup is spilling. This made Makoto stand up and wipe the spill. Their mother scolds Makoto to go to her room if she wants to sleep. Makoto apologizes to her. Their mother rants that for Makoto to do this kind work, she must be also drowsy at school. While Makoto timidly tells her that she’s properly listening at school, her mother says that this is the reason why she objects to her working. “You’re not like Rika, you’re not shrewd nor clever yet you still want to try things out. Aren’t you too delusional!” This made Makoto sad. Rika tells their mother how she could say that. Makoto tells her sister that it is okay. She apologizes to their mother and says that she’s finished eating so she’s going to bed. Rika worriedly glances at Makoto who goes to her room. Inside her room, Makoto’s cellphone is ringing. It is an email from Iriya saying that it’s nothing special, he just want to say good night, and see you tomorrow. This made Makoto smile and decides to continue on striving hard tomorrow. Then, she immediately fell asleep. And so, Makoto continues to be busy at work – serving drinks, cleaning dishes, sweeping outside the store, and warding off male customers who want to sing with her. Then, the manager tells her to deliver some drinks to room 305. She arrives and sees Maria with a couple of guys. Makoto is shock for it is that girl at Iriya’s workplace before. One of the guys asks Maria if she knows that girl. While Makoto puts the drinks on the table, Maria asks if she works here. Somewhat scared, Makoto says yes. Maria asks how is her boyfriend, and they should be going steady. Makoto timidly says that they are. This irks Maria. To Makoto’s surprise, Maria takes the glass and pours the drink on Makoto’s head. She sarcastically apologizes to Makoto for her hand slipped. While Makoto is stunned, one of the guys is asking what Maria is doing. Ignoring them, Maria warns Makoto that it is better for her to be careful because Iriya really doesn’t have any defense. “I also kissed him.”
Makoto is stunned and mutters that is a lie. Maria asks if she hasn’t heard it from Iriya. She tells Makoto that she isn’t quite feminine. “No matter what, Iriya-kun seems like a guardian. Hahaha. You better properly seduce him or else, he’ll two-time you, okay? What, are you angry-? No way. Have you already done it with him?” This surprises Makoto that she says, how could.. Maria says what so in the end, he is like her guardian. Freckle guy says that guy is also a good-for-nothing and what’s up with her boyfriend. The other guy says that not only he was seduced, he is also not doing anything [/laying a hand on her] so he’s simply just trash. They laugh over how lousy that guy is. Makoto tells them to shut up. Teary-eyed Makoto shouts that it is okay for them to say whatever they want to her but they are not allowed to say bad things about Iriya. Then, she excuses herself and left. The other guy says that doesn’t that seem quite cute. Maria angrily shouts, hey. While Makoto is all confused, a co-worker asks her what happened to her, she is all wet. Makoto says that she got carless and her hand slipped so she’s going to change her clothes. In the locker room, Makoto is thinking about Iriya and Maria kissing but no, what’s really bothering now is how shock she is for that guy to say that Iriya is a good-for-nothing. Until now, she is obviously the only one being said bad [/malicious] words to, but if he’s together with her, he’ll also get involve. At the school roof, Iriya calls out to Makoto and says that Uki and others are looking for her to eat lunch together. Makoto looks at Iriya who is talking about the nice weather. She asks him if it is really okay. Surprised, Iriya asks what she is referring to. She asks if it is okay to go steady with her for it is possible that people would say bad things about him. Iriya asks how could that be when there’s no reason for them to say those bad things. Makoto says that they will say things like they are not compatible. “I’m already used to people saying bad things about me but I never thought that you’ll get involved. *Iriya calls her name* so..” She stops when Iriya calls her name again. She looks at him and Iriya says, “What I say and what others say, which side do you believe?” Makoto is stunned. Looking serious Iriya says that he’ll go to the classroom first. He leaves still stunned Makoto.
Comment: And, this couple is going on a Christmas date with a little thanks to Uki. ^^ From what they are talking about and being hinted on, I guess we might have a kiss during their Christmas date ^^ I’m sure he’ll like whatever she gives him and whatever cute outfit she’ll wear. But before that, there will be some problems to address which stems from Makoto’s own past issues. I guess in a way her mother is probably being overprotective yet she is really belittling Makoto. No wonder Makoto has such an inferiority complex. Her mother is practically telling her not to try to improve herself because she’s like that and in no way like her sister, Rika. It makes me think that even if Rika is somewhat helping her and really adores her, Makoto still sees her as a rival whom her mother would always compare her with. Even the gifts that are given to them shows favoritism..whether it is her father or mother who pretends to be Santa Claus, they don’t know what Makoto likes. Thankfully, she has Iriya and her friends who encourage her. Just when I’m wondering if Maria is just a one-time antagonist, she’s back to cause trouble. I guess Maria can pull that off on Makoto because she is quite timid and nice. If she tries to do that to Rika or the Makoto’s female friends, she’ll be very sorry. I hope someone teaches Maria a lesson..well, it would be great if Makoto will..aside from her getting Iriya ^^ Makoto means well in not wanting to ruin Iriya’s reputation because of his association/going steady with her. Also, she probably doesn’t want him to suffer like how she did when a lot of people including her mother tend to belittle and bad mouth her. I assume that it rubbed Iriya the wrong way because it seems like she doesn’t trust him, what others say is more important than him, and because of her concern over that, she is almost willing to break up with him. Makoto will have to reflect on those things and hopefully improve herself especially on her self-esteem. Maybe, her friends would also help her out and if Iriya’s head cools down, he’ll help her too. Again, maybe get Maria what she deserves because I think she got off easily before when she falsely accuse Iriya of stealing. Lastly, I wonder though why Yusa is asking Uki if she is free during Christmas. Is it to spy on Iriya’s date, they are going on a date, or something like he’ll have a concert and he wants her to join him? =P Scans by allwink

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  2. Thank you so much kat for the summary of Sugar Soldier :) I would really like to see how Makoto would overcome her inferiority complex. I also agree and REALLY hope someone teaches Maria a lesson for her own good >_>

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