December 1, 2013

Mairunovich [Chapter 66]

A night has passed since Fuyu told Mairu to leave it up to him to think of something. Hiding in the sports storage room, gloomy Mairu feels uneasy. She decides to consult Ayano about it since her way of thinking is mature and she’s experience in love so she ought to be able to give her some opinion. She goes to 2-1 class but she couldn’t find Ayano.

She overhears some girls talking about Ayano being absent again and she’s on nonnon [a Japanese] magazine. She’ll be on television and how popular is her youtube video about makeover using makeup. Mairu is shock that Ayano had become popular. Ayano won’t answer her phone, it seems that she will be in ‘Good Friend’ noon program and her magazine is selling well.

And, it is four days left before Tenyuu and Momo go steady again. Mairu decides to consult Fuwari about it since he is an adult. After some greetings on the phone, Mairu tells him that there is something that she wants to ask him. Fuwari is scolding Alex not to eat food dropped on the floor, and he’s well-dressed. Then, where is he going looking well-dressed, is he planning to get some other girl and not come back after 2-3 days. 

Fuwari apologizes to Mairu since he has to hang up the phone to chase after Alex. Mairu wonders if he started rising some dog or cat. [<- To those who read this series before, does Mairu address Fuwari as ‘her’ as a transvestite? It is ‘her’ in Chinese so I’m not too sure if it is the correct character I’m writing. ^^;] Three days left before Tenyuu and Momo go steady again.

At home, Mairu is really nervous for she wasn’t able to find someone to consult this with and time is passing by. Airu calls out to her to give her another bowl of rice. Mairu wonders about asking her brother. After giving him another bowl of rice, Mairu tells him that about his friend’s love life, would he listen out to her. Airu refuses because that thing is like Greek to him. It turns out that Airu’s love experience is at infant stage.

While Mairu just says ya, Airu says that if it is studying, he can teach her. Two days left before Tenyuu and Momo go steady again. Pulling the weeds, Mairu is getting more nervous and frantic for today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday. Three days after the aquarium date (Sunday -> Tuesday) she didn’t do anything yet.

Third day, Ayano isn’t around. Fourth day, Fuwari is busy with some cat or dog. Fifth day, her brother’s love experience is like an infant’s. Sixth day is already today Saturday. And, Sunday, tomorrow, will be the day when Tenyuu and Momo would go steady again. Pulling weeds again, she mutters if it is okay for her not to do anything. Mirai calls out to her and tells her to say out what she wants to say. 

Mairu apologize to him about that. She asks if he is going to his club, good job [<- being polite] even if it is Saturday, good luck and she supports him. Mirai comments that she talks too much because she’s panicking. Mairu is nervous because it is the first time they properly talked after breaking up with him. And, because she had casually caused them to break up, she felt that it is quite rude to just inconsiderately talk with him. So, as much as she could, she carefully avoided meeting him.
Mirai tells her that it appears that she is still cautious towards him but there’s no need to worry, he already has someone he likes. This perks Mairu up that she asks who it is. Mirai says that he won’t tell her. Mairu laughs and says that’s right. This somewhat relieves Mairu. Mirai says that compared to him, what is troubling her.

Just when Mairu is going to tell him, Mirai tells her that even if he doesn’t know the source of her trouble but isn’t it better for her to make a move about it herself. “Compared to being alone and stressing over it non-stop, and finding someone to consult with, I think that going straight to the person and say things clearly is much better in resolving the issue.” 

Mairu says that he’s right so she’s going ahead. She starts running off and turns back to thank Mirai. Watching her run off, Mirai mutters, “Actually, the ‘person I like’ has always not changed..stupid.” Deciding to tell the person herself, Mairu calls Fuyu on her cellphone since there’s something that she wants to ask him. 

Mairu thinks that she doesn’t want to see Tenyuu like that, a smile as if he had abandoned something, she doesn’t want to see that kind of Tenyuu again. Ding Dong. Mairu decides to go to the source of the issue. The door opens and Momo greets Mairu. Mairu says that she has something to tell her so can she come in. Momo says okay.

While pouring some drink, Momo asks if she is Kinoshita Mairu. Mairu says yes. Momo says that she must be Tenyuu’s friend at the photo shoot before, ‘good job’ [<- polite greeting]. Momo says that it’s quite scary for what does Mairu want to tell her. After a pause, Mairu says that it might be rude for her to say this but.. Momo interrupts and asks her if it is about not making things difficult for Tenyuu.

Holding a drink to Mairu, Momo tells her, “Something like, it’s quite despicable that you’re using divorce as a weapon to start all over again with Tenyuu, isn’t that it?” Mairu takes the mug and thinks that Momo reprimanded her. Somewhat smiling, Momo takes a sip from the hot drink. She enters her ‘dark room’ [where pictures are developed] and tells her that she’s developing pictures, does she want to take a look.

Entering inside, Mairu thinks that Momo just said what she wanted to say. Momo says that an aunt [older lady] like her, is quite outrageous [/shameless] to unexpectedly do things at all costs towards a younger man. “About that kind of thing, I myself clearly know that. I know that it is a kind of despicable method to seduce Tenyuu using divorce and using tears.

...*developing pictures of Tenyuu* ..but, despite the start being like that, isn’t it okay if I’ll put my all-out effort to make Tenyuu happy afterwards? *looks at Mairu* I swear that I’ll definitely make Tenyuu happy. I’m swearing it to you right now, Mairu.” Mairu looks stunned and thinks that she couldn’t refute her on that she went home humiliated. Night becomes day and it is 0 days until Tenyuu and Momo go steady again.
Comment: So, all the others including Mairu herself are of little to no help at all in advising her or doing something to make sure that Tenyuu doesn’t get hurt again by Momo. Of course, Mairu also has some feelings towards Tenyuu so it has some ulterior motive that she hopes that they don’t end up together.

I get a feeling that Fuyu will probably do something on the day itself since he did tell her that he will, and he would really want to ‘show off’ to Mairu. For Mairu to ask where Momo lives, I think Fuyu ought to have guessed what Mairu planned to do. I wonder if he is understanding that Mairu couldn’t sit still and has to do something or he be hurt that she isn’t waiting for him..well, he didn’t contact her again about it so Mairu is forced to do that. ^^

Anyway, it turns out that Mirai is still in the running for Mairu’s heart since he is still harboring an unrequited love for her. I give the guy a thumbs up for helping out an ex-girlfriend whom he still loves. As for Momo, as an adult, she is good in how she ‘turned away’ Mairu. Since Momo promised her, it is really hard to say anything else after that.

Since Momo is drawn that way, somewhat emotionless, I wonder if she’s sincere about it or she finds Mairu a threat, or irritated that Mairu would suddenly barge in there when she’s developing pictures of Tenyuu. Actually, I don’t know how to interpret that..somehow it feels kind of creepy that she got those pictures like some sort of stalker, or she loves him very much that she has those pictures.

Some of them seem to be stolen shots. ^^; Lastly, if you are also reading Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai, what Mairu is doing somewhat reminds me of Isuzu. It makes me think how far one should you meddle in your friend’s love life. Your friend and the other like/love each other, or seemed to be, even if there might be some issues like the other party is manipulating/deceiving your friend.

So, should one step in and break them up or just let them be even if the possibility of the friend getting hurt is high? It is also a bit bias that you somewhat like your friend. I think those who really meddle are those who really care for their friend to the point of knowing what’s good for them and do something about it.

Well, that is a bit excessive though the other way of doing it is just let the friend do whatever he/she wants with the other person since it is his/her life..and you’ll just comfort him/her if one’s worst scenario comes true. Actually, perhaps, the least one can do is tell the friend about one’s misgivings about the other then, it will be up to the friend if he/she would listen to one’s worries about him/her.

If things work out, that’s great, if it doesn’t, I told you so? Just comfort him/her and hope the best for the two of you =P Well, Mairu didn’t seem to do that and my guess is it is because Tenyuu has already decided what he’ll do so she cannot exactly change his mind about it. And, it is THE DAY in the next chapter. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thank you for summarizing this series!!!!

  2. so..mairu and mirai was once dating? since i dont read the previous chapter i dont know that thing happened,but im just guessing that she date mirai to get over narutarou? if its like that then she's kinda meanie since mirai likes her eversince they were kid if im not mistaken.
    anywayyy thanks for ur summaries. i dont read the latest eng chp of this manga since its still around chpt 25-26. but i think its alright cuz i still somehow caught the stories^_^

    1. Apparently, yes. I also didn't read the past chapters [it takes time to read all those chapters online] but browsing around in mangafox forum, it seems that they did go steady for a while but she ends up rejecting him and Naru. I'm not sure about the reason..maybe it isn't mutual or something.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. mirai is mairu's childhood friend, and mirai been secretly loving her for a very long time. There were many instances of 'miss' chances for him to get his 'cares' across to mairu.
      Before the school festival, Mirai started to change, and be more approaching toward Mairu, expresses his love. During the school festival, Mairu finally asked Mairu to be her boyfriend. But their boyfriend/girlfriend only last 1 day. Because Naru whisked her into a room and asked to be accepted again, and they somewhat kiss. And Mirai entered the room at the precise moment.
      Mairu rejected them both later that night, although Mirai clearly still loving her. ( so sad )

  3. Thank you for the summary!!

  4. aww! thanks for the decision to summarize this manga, I love this series and Zakuri sensei work in general!!
    I'm sorry that the relationship with his childhood friend mirai was so short! I also love tenyuu but I think Mairu is too immature for him and his relationship is based/mistake more of admiration that real love...

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so. Hehe, I skipped that part ^^; So who do you think suits her?

  5. I loved Mirai (tsundere type are my favorite XD) but end quickly, so... Fuyu seems interesting, I hope the mangaka develope his character, before the Mairu/Tenyuu love :3

    1. Yup..well, I haven't read any of the other chapters so I'm just rooting for Fuyu =P

  6. Hello!! I love your summaries! I just found a chapter 69 raw of this manga and it makes me wonder what tenyuu said to mairu after her cpnfession. I just hope you could make a summary of that chapter. I found that raw at
    I thank you in advance if could do its summary!! Sayonara ^^

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I'll do the summary when the Chinese scanlation is out. I cannot read Japanese..I only translate from Chinese.

  7. Thanku so very much.......u r the best....this wrd 'thanks' is not enough.....u r just amazing....thanku thanku thanku so so much......

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment ^-^