November 28, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 26]

Page 26 – Puppy love. Yabe Kazuhiro, 16 years old has somewhat matured in terms of friendship but on the side of love, ... After the end of the opening ceremony, everyone is shock over Kira and Yabe becoming friends again and they seem to be closer. Yabe shows Kira a picture of Arashi the cat and Kira asks him to send that picture to him. Smiling Yabe thinks that he is in an unexceptionally good mood. While some guys call Yabe stupid and a traitor, Yabe thinks that one day, he can reconcile with them. Nino, together with Rei, calls out to Kira about her friends inviting her to take pictures at a photo sticker booth on the way home. She wants to go with Kira and Yabe. Yabe declines the invitation for he has something to do today. He excuses himself that he’ll go to the toilet. Rei quietly watches him. Sitting on the toilet seat, Yabe thinks that even if it is a great help that Nino is acting like nothing has happened but his feelings for her is still quite complicated. He looks at his cellphone of a picture of Kira and Nino at the shrine [for the hatsumode/first shrine visit]. He thinks, but, upon seeing the email that Kira sent him on January, he had realized that compared to anything else, in the end, he wants the two to be smiling. He is at a lost on the side of love for he felt hateful and jealous even if he was the one who asked Kira what he is doing on New Year’s Day. While walking in the streets, Nino asks Kira if he’s okay. Shivering, Kira says that he feels a bit feverish, that’s all. He apologizes for making her go back midway with him. Nino says that it is alright anyway, they already took pictures at the photo sticker and they can eat cake anytime. Kira tells her that lately, he easily gets tired. Nino glances at him. She wonders if it is okay that until now, she has not to tell him that she has seen that list [what he wants to do before he dies] even if she felt that it would better not to say it. Kira asks Nino where Rei went after they went to McDonald’s. Nino says that she said that there is a place where she wants to go. Ding dong. Yabe is surprised to see Rei standing in front of his house while eating taiyaki [fish shaped bun with filling]. Yabe looks nervous and Rei continues to munch her food. His mother calls out to him and asks who it is. Inside, Yabe’s mother and sister gush over how cute Rei is and she is like a doll. While Yabe’s mother gives Rei more food, Yabe’s sister says that Rei suits with cosplay that she wants her to wear some Christmas clothes in some change outfit game. While Rei is munching, Yabe is wondering how come squirrel girl came here suddenly. He recalls that even if Kira said that she wanted to properly get along with him but does she have to do it up to this degree. His thoughts are interrupted when his mother and sister are wondering out loud if Yabe is her boyfriend.
His sister says that Yabe definitely grabbed that girl and forcefully made her come. She claims that it is a VIRGIN  who bullies the girl he likes. Yabe’s mother says is that so, but she thought before that Yabe is GAY so like this, she can be a bit at ease. Yabe declares that he doesn’t like this girl even for a little bit and she isn’t even a little bit cute. Yabe’s mother says that he’s too frank, virgin. Yabe’s sister says gambatte [do your best], virgin. Yabe shouts for them to quit teasing him with that. He exclaims that the type of girl he likes has long flowing hair that is like a kitty girl, no, more like a soft bunny girl. This made Rei pout. She whispers to Yabe’s sister who says that she has that. She takes Rei to her room and says that she understands even if Yabe is a guy who has no good point, but for a girl’s pride, that isn’t allowed. Yabe and his mother wonder what happened. Yabe decides to let them be and he’ll go back to his room. He notices Rei’s bag. There is a photo sticker of Rei and a guy on Rei’s cellphone that is in the pocket of the bag. This made Yabe remember Kira saying that he recalls that Rei already has a boyfriend. In his bedroom, Yabe thinks that he is made a fool of, so did she come today just to see his sister. The door opens and Rei says that she found him. Yabe is shock to see Rei wearing a bunny outfit. As Rei bows to her, Yabe’s sister tells Rei that she’s going to work so just leave the clothes there. Rei looks at Yabe and asks if it is cute. Yabe is totally puzzled over this. Rei gives him pleading looks. Yabe nervously says no [not cute], isn’t it very cute. While Yabe is thinking that is very strange and what’s up with that, Rei smiles and says that’s great. Rei is getting ready to remove the clothes when Yabe asks in the end, what she intends to do, what does she think of him, and he isn’t her toy. He freaks out upon seeing Rei removing the bunny outfit and her underwear can be seen. Blushing Yabe jumps into bed, and shouts for her not to tease him. Stops dressing up, Rei says that Yabe makes people want to bully him, he’s also silly and stupid. Yabe exclaims hasn’t she had enough. Rei pinches his mouth and says he is also a cool person who is single-minded, and won’t easily give up. While Rei continues to dress up, she notices a box that says, ‘secret’. Yabe still doesn’t believe it for he thinks that he’s being deceived. He thinks that it is a game on ‘who will last’ so he won’t be tricked. He notices some noise and sees that Rei is looking at some things. Just when he is shouting for her not to look around his things, he realizes that she is looking at the manga he drew. Rei smiles and says, ha, it turns out that he’s an otaku. This made Yabe recall the taunts of his former classmates who called him disgusting upon finding that out. Taking the manga from Rei, he asks if it is fun treating someone for a fool and he hates people like her the most. There is no reaction so Yabe glances at Rei. He is shock to see her crying. Rei quickly stands up and left.
While walking at the school’s corridor, Yabe thinks that obviously it’s very relaxing [<- cool weather?] but he wasn’t able to sleep a wink. Then, he notices Nino and Rei walking towards him. Nino is asking Rei if she has a boyfriend because Kira told her about it, and yesterday, Rei went to see someone, is it her boyfriend. Rei asks her what she is talking about. Then, Rei sees Yabe. This made Rei turn around and leave. Nino chases after her. Yabe wonders why did Rei cry that time. In the classroom, Kira is reading a book and felt a bit tired today. He looks at the side to see depressed Yabe that he asks him what’s up and those dark eyebags are really heavy. Nino goes to them and tells Kira that he is mistaken. Kira asks if it is about yesterday. Nino says yes, Rei doesn’t have a boyfriend. This surprises Yabe and Kira. Nino tells Kira that the guy he saw in the street with Rei before is her older brother, and they are twins so their relationship is very good. Yabe nervously thinks wait, then those tears..but she laughed when she saw his drawings.. Then, he recalls her smiling when he said that she’s very cute. He realizes that he was mistaken for it turns out to be a smile, and this isn’t the time to be asking why. Kira and Nino are surprised when Yabe suddenly stands up. In her classroom, some guys are talking that Rei is also very beautiful today, that cold arrogance, a mysterious feeling that one couldn’t a 2D princess character. To Rei’s surprise, Yabe grabs her hand that is holding a taiyaki and tells her to come with him. Rei tells him to let her go. The fanboys tell Yabe to let go and he’s troubling Rei. Yabe tells them to shut up. Yabe carries Rei on his shoulder and tells them, “The person that this girl likes is me.” Rei is speechless as Yabe takes her away, leaving the dumbfounded fanboys. By the stairs, Yabe apologizes for saying mean things to her. He sweatdrops for Rei still bows her head and ignores him. Yabe bends down and tells her that actually, until now, he doesn’t quite understand her and felt that it is tiring to deal with her but possibly, her smile is quite his taste. Still no reaction that Yabe thinks that she’s ignoring him. He moves closer to her and tells her to say something. Rei pinches his cheeks. She smiles and says that he’s obviously just a Yabe. From the corner, Nino and Kira watch them. Nino says that it is quite an astonishing progress. Kira agrees. They have followed them because they’re worried. While Rei tells Yabe to help her buy some bread since she’s hungry, Nino wonders out loud to Kira when it became like that and she’ll properly ask Rei about it later on. Suddenly, Kira felt something. While thinking that it would be nice if it can progress smoothly, she is surprised to see Kira suddenly collapsing on the floor.
Comment: This is like a side story about Yabe’s love life. It turns out that because of Kira’s wrong assumption, there is some misunderstanding between Yabe and Rei. It doesn’t help that it is a bit hard to communicate with Rei that Yabe can mostly depend on what he thinks and what is told to him. Well, aside from the fact that Rei likes to bully him so it seems like she’s fooling around with him. Ironically, I think Rei would be somewhat like how Yabe’s sister treats him and that is, always orders him around and he couldn’t refuse. =P The bunny suit is cute yet weird which probably fits Rei’s personality. It is strange way of making Yabe to like her too. ^^; And, she would even dress up in front of him. ^^;; In the end, it is her smile that somewhat wins his heart. For the main couple, this is a set-up for the more heavy stuff later on. Kira is already mentioning of feeling tired. I guess he is belittling it because he was fine before even if he is tired and he didn’t mind it since he has been spending a lot of time with Nino. Somehow, I think that would have cause a fright for Nino and might cause a lot of regrets on her part like how come she didn’t get Kira to rest more, she didn’t notice he’s straining himself, why didn’t she say something about the list whatever was written in it, and if he’s unconscious, what if ‘that’s it for Kira’ and he didn’t reach the 1 year deadline. I wonder if this will make the others know about Kira’s true condition or it can still cover it up. It might be the end of Kira’s ‘going to school’ depending on how serious his current condition is. Anyway, New Year celebration is only shown in one page, so I guess whatever lovey-dovey we’ll get next would be on Valentines Day. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood. ~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. I am now really curious for what was written on his "What he wants to do list" cuz in the last chapter she was really surprised to see it and as far as I can remember it wasn't mentioned what was written there. I like that chapter for there is also a kinda happy ending for Yabe and Rei. However, somehow, I gotta feeling that it got solved way too smoothly like it was way too fast, still I'm happy about that. I'm really worried for how it will go on with the main couple and also curious about how serious his condition really is. Hope that there will still be some lovey-dovey moments and not everything getting dead serious in the next chapters.

    1. Ya..maybe it will be mentioned in the next chapter.

      True..I guess the mangaka doesn't want to spend too much time on the side characters. Hm..probably give a girl to Yabe then move on to the main couple.

      Whatever it will be, I hope it would be great ^^

  2. oh no! Kiraaaaa ! And Yabe and Rei's development was so fast but I guess it's fine since we could focus more on Kira and Nino :(

    1. Yup, it is quite fast like a side story.

      That's right.

  3. Yeah !! All was gud in dis chapter bt relly astonishing results in D end !