November 11, 2013

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 41]

Kawasumi wakes up before his alarm clock rings at 5 o’clock. He turns it off. After getting ready, he goes out the house and Ryosuke greets him a Happy New Year. Kawasumi greets back. Ryosuke asks if he got something else to say. Silence. Then, Kawasumi greets him a happy birthday, and gives him a chewing gum. Ryousuke complains about this when he gave Kawasumi an umaibo [is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack Source: Wiki] on his birthday. Ryosuke advises him not to give a chewing gum on Suiren’s birthday and what did he give her on Christmas. Kawasumi just keeps on saying ‘ha’ that Ryousuke teasingly says that since it is him, he definitely gave a stationery [type of item]. Kawasumi angrily apologizes that it is a reference book. Ryousuke exclaims in surprise. By the beach in their karate uniform, most of them are freezing cold and Kawasumi looks stoic. As Kawasumi quickly goes into the water, Ryosuke is shouting that he doesn’t want to. In the water, Kawasumi splashes some water at Ryousuke who screams for him not to play around. Then, Kawasumi got splashed by water from behind. While Kawasumi looks surprised, Ryousuke exclaims that it is Atohira. Someone shouts for them to quit playing around and practice is about to start. The two exclaims yes and Ryosuke shouts that they aren’t playing around. While they are doing their standard practice and standing in the cold sea water that is up to their thighs, Ryosuke wonders why Atohira wasn’t wearing his karate uniform at that time when they went to the dojo before. There was a scene of Atohira drinking hot red bean soup while someone is shouting for him to get into the sea. This time around, Atohira is practicing with them. While they are warming themselves up with hot red bean soup, Ryousuke asks Atohira what’s up with him today. He asks what day is it today. Atohira says that it is New Year’s Day, the day when he trains in karate again. Then, Atohira asks Kawasumi to come with him for a while. Kawasumi with Ryosuke goes in the dojo where Atohira went in ahead. Atohira says that when he said that his high school didn’t have a karate club, he [Kawasumi] felt that it is quite unfortunate but he [Atohira] didn’t choose that school because he already gave up during junior high, giving up when he is at his peak.
He knows that the day when he’ll absolutely be overtaken by Kawasumi will arrive and this is a case of the one chasing, striving more than, the one being chased after. Kawasumi exclaims that even if he wins, he will still continue in his wish to surpass him. Atohira says good, and he won’t admit defeat. This surprises Kawasumi then he smiles. He takes off his jacket and glasses, and tosses them to Ryosuke. Kawasumi says, me, too. Meanwhile, at the shrine, Suiren’s friends are happily eating some roasted corn. It is already 12:04pm and there is no message from Kawasumi on Suiren’s cellphone. Yuri calls out to Suiren that they are going to queue, and what would she wish for. While praying at the main shrine, Suiren wonders if it is okay to wish twice. Yuri says out loud that she wants to lose weight, wants to have a higher salary [probably from her parttime job?], and get a boyfriend. Aya tells her not to say that out loud. Suiren thinks that it is really great, totally different from last night, she wishes everyone to have a beautiful year. Then, her friends check their fortune through omikuji [random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. Source: wiki] Aya got ‘great blessing’ while Yuri got ‘middle blessing’. Yuri complains over this and Suiren is aghast over that [probably because her fortune is worse than theirs]. Aya seems to ask what happened about the guy whom Yuri wanted to go with and she would only help out other people’s love life as if her life depended on it. Yuri happily says that it is quite fun to talk about other people’s love life and would Suiren meet with Kawasumi again this winter break. Aya tells them that they’re leaving. Suiren wonders if they will meet or not, he didn’t call her. At night, while lying in bed, she thinks that he didn’t call today and maybe she should call..but it is his house’s number so what if it is his family who answered, and won’t this make him embarrassed. But then, totally not calling, and by the way, what time does he arrive back..she’ll ask this when he calls again. Soon, the girls had fun at the drums arcade with Aya being very good at it, Aya makes some melonpan [melon bread] for them, they buy some books at the bookstore, Suiren putting nail polish on Yuri while Aya is munching on some rice crackers, and Suiren sleeps.
There was no phone call and soon, it is time to go back to school. Suiren thinks that it has been a long time since she has seen him, would she see him. And, she sees Kawasumi drinking water by the sink. She goes to him and thinking that no wonder it is him, he is morning practice today.. She is surprised to see Kawasumi’s left arm in a cast and sling, when he stands up to wipe his mouth. As Kawasumi sees her, Suiren thinks, bandage..injury..could it be a bone fracture. This made Kawasumi exclaim that he is alright. While Suiren is puzzled over what he said being alright, her friends notice Kawasumi’s injury. The school bell is already ringing so Aya says that they have to go to class. In the café, Aya is worried over aghast Suiren who wonders where would she start asking.. The door’s bell rings and Kawasumi goes to their table. Aya quickly gets ready to leave. Before leaving, Aya scolds Kawasumi not to make Suiren very worried. Kawasumi sheepishly tells Suiren that after the winter training, during practice, he had a bone fracture. This made Suiren tremble for it is indeed a fracture. He tries to assure her that it isn’t that serious, and while practicing karate, there are definitely injuries..occasionally. Aghast Suiren says, but..he still jogged [training] this morning. Kawasumi admits that is true. She asks if it doesn’t hurt. Kawasumi also admits that it is a bit painful, but it is just only a teeny-tiny bit, ah, no, totally none at all. She asks him if he cannot take a break. Determined Kawasumi says yes, for now [cannot take a break]. It turns out that Atohira has also entered the café and has overheard that. Suiren thinks that he immediately answered and it is because right now, all the more, he couldn’t take a break but then, how come he looks quite elated. Kawasumi is slightly smiling. Then, Kawasumi stiffens when Atohira calls out to him. He reprimands Kawasumi for training when he got a bone fracture. He tells Kawasumi to properly rest right now, idiot, for his girlfriend is quite worried. Kawasumi replies that he hates it more if right now, he doesn’t do anything. While Kawasumi is surprised that Atohira sits beside him, Suiren sadly thinks that during winter break, she only waited for a telephone call and with her like this, the only thing she can say is.... She timidly tells Kawasumi to do his best [/gambatte] in karate.
Comment: As I’ve mentioned, Kawasumi is more of a sports jock and in this case, it is all about karate as a priority and it is above anything else, including himself/his health. I guess he didn’t call because he got a ‘high’ in wanting to do better after being defeated by Atohira hence he mentioned that he cannot just sit still and rest. Of course, as the girlfriend, Suiren is worried about him. Since she is timid and everything, she cannot really forcefully stop him and make him rest but then, I’m not sure if Kawasumi is okay about that – being stopped from doing what he wants to do even if it is for his own good. Maybe Atohira can do something about it and teach him a few things..if the next chapter will continue from this point. In a way, it seems that there is some sort of superiority rivalry in karate between Atohira and Kawasumi. I wonder if this will make Suiren somewhat jealous since she is somewhat competing with ‘karate’, which is related to Atohira, for Kawasumi’s time. Of course, Aya, who is very protective of Suiren, would probably advise and do something about it if things are somewhat problematic for Suiren. So, as a boyfriend, Kawasumi has a long way to go..but then, he is probably typically like that since he only gave Ryousuke a chewing gum for his birthday. ^^; Though Ryousuke only gave him a snack, too. ^^;; And, maybe Suiren would be more proactive later on..rather than just keep on waiting for him, in this case, waiting for him to call for the rest of the winter break. Scans by allwink

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  1. Thank you so much for the summary! I'd been waiting for it and I really hope you are doing well :)

    About this chapter... I really don't know what to think of Atohira senpai... Is he good or a bad guy? does he has a hiding agenda? he seems really interested in Kawasumi's love life... And now he broke Kawasumi's arm... I honeslty don't know what to think. I was wondering if he was a bit jealous or what. Atohira isn't a character that it's easy to figure out.

    Poor Suiren having inner conflicts of what to do... I'm sure she'll figure it out hehe It will take her some time, but when I remember how pro-active she was in the past chapters, I have confidence in her. What I also love from this manga, are Suiren's friends. Aya and Yuri are soooo amazing :) I love how protective Aya is.

    1. Thanks for reading and the concern ^_^ I'm going well.

      Well, he does seem like an 'older senpai-brother' whom Kawasumi seems to look up to and yet..something else for interfering with his love life? - -; Well, breaking his arm is probably an accident and goes to show that Atohira is still at the top of his game which fires up Kawasumi even more = training even when injured. It doesn't seem to be romantically jealous or something. I get the impression that it is basically all about concentrating on karate.

      Yup. And, that's least, that is a safeguard that Suiren won't be bullied or put in a 'disadvantage situation'. ^^

  2. Now that I think about it, I may sound a little far but what if Kawasumi had to choose between Karate and Suiren. I'd be scared to know what the answer would be since both are really important to him. Gah!! Maybe I should not thinking about it too much.. Thank you for the summary!!^_^

    1. Hm..hopefully, it won't reach that point though I get a feeling that he might choose karate especially since he is quite into it for a long time already. From that, I wonder if in Kawasumi's would be balancing his time between the two. Something like balance between hobby/job and love life.

      Thanks for reading ^-^