October 11, 2013

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 39]

From the classroom window, Suiren looks out the snowing sky. The day before yesterday was Christmas..when both of them look at the Christmas tree together. And they went home like that. Roughly around 3 hours, although even if she isn’t together with him but it still echoes within her mind. She lovingly looks at the math reference book. Yuri asks why she looks quite happy at that reference book. With sparkling eyes, Suiren says that it is her Christmas gift from Kawasumi. Sweatdropping Yuri says that’s nice. Suiren thinks that she feels like she is always showing to Kawasumi her shortcomings[/weak points]. Also having cram class for English, Yuri stretches and says that today is the last day for cram class and if Suiren doesn’t invite Kawasumi today, she won’t have another chance. Yuri informs Suiren that they won’t be together on New Year’s Eve but she would want to be together with him on New Year’s Day. Yuri reminds Suiren that Kawasumi doesn’t have a cellphone so if she doesn’t invite him today, they won’t see each other through the rest of the winter vacation. Suiren thinks that’s right, she wants to see him on New Year’s Day. At the field where the karate guys are, Kawasumi seems to be playfully tossing cold water at Ryosuke from the faucet. Suiren peeks out from the corner of the building. Karate guys blush in surprised then curses when Kawasumi goes towards Suiren. Suiren apologizes for interrupting his practice. Kawasumi says that it is totally okay since they are on a break. Trembling because of shyness, Suiren timidly asks if he has club activity on New Year ’s Day. Kawasumi says that he doesn’t. She asks him if he wants to go together for the hatsumode [first shrine visit]. After looking surprised, Kawasumi tells her that on New Year’s day, starting from the morning, he has winter practice though it isn’t club activity, it is his former dojo, and afterwards, there is some other scheduled..sorry. Suiren tells him ‘good luck’/gambatte. Kawasumi nervously says yes. Just when Suiren is leaving, Kawasumi calls out to her and asks if she can tell him her phone number. “If you tell me..then I can contact you.”
Holding her cellphone, Suiren worriedly asks where he’ll write it. Kawasumi exclaims that he’ll remember it. Suiren tells him her number and Kawasumi repeats it out loud. Suiren is quite happy that he is repeating her number that she felt quite shy that she doesn’t know what to do. Kawasumi bids her goodbye and have a Happy New Year. Suiren nervously thinks that for him to say that much, he’ll forget her phone number. “..have a Happy New Year huh..” Soon, it is New Year’s Eve. Suiren looks at her cellphone and it isn’t broken. Her friends send her instant messaging [like LINE] about staying over at her place [I presume since it is in Japanese]. After that time, there was no phone call. “It’s New Year’s Eve, Kawasumi-kun.” Suiren with her friends and family are having dinner. Yuri praises Suiren’s father for being good-looking. Then it is already 11pm. Yuri exclaims that the year will be over soon. Aya lamely comments that there is actually a person who would say that. Suiren thinks that in the end, Kawasumi has forgotten about her phone number. In Suiren’s bedroom, Aya has fallen asleep while sitting. Suiren keeps on thinking that Kawasumi didn’t call. After yawning, Yuri tells Suiren that this year is quite fun. Blushing Suiren says it is the same for her, knowing her for a year. Yuri giggles and has fallen asleep. Suiren thinks that it is a beautiful year. Then, Suiren puts a blanket on her sleeping friends and says, “Thank you..Yuri-chan.. Aya-chan..” She is surprised when a phone is ringing. She looks at the table and it is Yuri’s. She is surprised when her phone starts ringing. Trembling Suiren takes the cellphone. It is an unknown number. She says, “Hello..” She blushes when the other party says, “..ah, Happy New Year.” It is already 12 midnight. Suiren greets back, “Happy New Year, Kawasumi-kun..” Kawasumi suddenly exclaims that her voice sounds different on the phone. Hugging a pillow, Suiren thinks that she also thinks that way. “He didn’t forget.. After hearing Kawasumi’s..voice..”
After a pause, Suiren tells him, that this year she’ll also be under his care[/yoroshiku]. Slighly blushing Kawasumi pauses before greeting her back. Suiren thinks, “After hearing his voice, *lies down on bed* I really want to see him.” Just when Kawasumi is saying ‘that’s it’, Suiren mutters, “I really want to see you.” To her surprise, Kawasumi replies, “I’ll go see you right now. *busy signal*” She sits up and looks at the time. It is around 12:08am. “Right now? He’ll absolutely come. *looks out the window and it is snowing* if it’s Kawasumi.” Suiren opens the house door to see Kawasumi breathing hard while standing outside the gate. He greets out, “I’ll be under your care this year”[/yoroshiku]. All dressed up, Suiren greets him back. After a pause, Kawasumi says that it really feels amazing..that’s it[/like this]... Suiren thinks that he’s the one who’s amazing. Kawasumi bids her goodbye and turns to leave. Suiren wonders if he’ll just leave like this, but yes, there is a scheduled trip today but for this kind of thing, he run all the way, run to see her. Suiren runs after him and holds his hand. She tells him, “Thank you..” Kawasumi tells her that this morning, there is a karate assembly. “Although I cannot go with you to the hatsumode, but want to go right now?” Back in Suiren’s room, Yuri wakes up and is startled since she has fallen asleep and the toshikoshi[year-end] soba is all eaten up. She asks what time it is. Burping Aya says that it is around 1am, and Suiren’s mother said that if Suiren and Yuri are awake, she’ll make soba for them. Looking at the bed with a figure inside a blanket, Yuri asks if Suiren is still sleeping. Aya didn’t answer. Suiren’s mother comes in and gives Yuri her bowl of soba. She asks if Suiren is still sleeping. Aya comments that Suiren is prepared to sleep until morning. [I think after Suiren’s mother had left] Yuri prepares to eat her soba and asks when Suiren slept. Aya pulls down the covers to reveal a dummy inside. Aya tells her that if it is Suiren, she isn’t sleeping yet. “She went to the hatsumode with Kawasumi-kun.” There is a scene of Kawasumi and Suiren together, and a shrine.
Comment: This chapter is nice, and cute. ^^ I like how their relationship is slowly and smoothly progressing. Wanting to spend time together on a special occasion, both would take initiative in asking while the other reciprocates it. And, even if he is busy, he still gives some time to be with her. ^^ It makes me wonder though if Kawasumi is really good in memorizing numbers or it is because it is Suiren’s phone number. I wonder if there will be trouble after this because Suiren went out without permission, and Kawasumi might be sleepy for karate practice in the next morning. Hm..I guess the next chapter would be on their hatsumode date ^^ Is it too much to wish for a kiss? Scans by allwink

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  1. Just want to let you know that I always follow your blog everyday and I'm so excited every time you have updates. Thank you for your dedication and your passion. I love this couple. Ryu-hi

  2. Even a hug will do! Thanks for the summary !

    1. That's right and thanks for reading ^-^

  3. My favourite shoujo:
    - Hibi chouchou
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama
    - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
    Do you suggest some interesting shoujo?
    Thank you so much.

    1. From that, I guess you like 'high school series' so maybe try Akai Ito, Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi, Hirunaka No Ryuusei, Kyou no Kira-kun, Last Game, Otome Holic, Seishun Otome Banchou! and Suki-tte Ii na yo

      For slightly high school but kind of different focus: 17-sai, Kiss to Dilemma, Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!!, Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai, ReRe Hello, Kedamono Kareshi,

  4. I want a kiss , more and more romantic scene .. :3