October 18, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 36 - How to Marry a Millionaire]

Renji comes out of the elevator and sees Satoshi walking towards him. Satoshi sees him and says out loud where he has seen him before. “Ah yes, you are Mouri-san’s younger brother, right?” [<- Masako’s lie and Renji went along with it before] Thinking that he really isn’t, Renji casually says ya, hello- 

Renji is surprised when Satoshi tells him that he wasn’t able to formally give his greetings but it seems that there is no opportunity for them to become brothers. Then, Satoshi excuses himself and leaves. Renji finds Junko and asks her if Masako is still here and did she leave yet. Junko says that she might still be in the locker[/changing] room. Renji thanks her. 

Junko asks him if he is alone, and where is Yuki for lately, he is always.. Renji tells her that it seems that he is busy with things at home and he’ll also be absent today. Rushing off, Renji tells her that he’s going ahead and goodbye. Junko looks flustered.

Then, Renji stops to wonder why he is in a hurry, does it have something to do with him and it will only be noisy if she comes to him to tearfully complain. “Generally, it is because of that night and THAT, and more or less, she won’t come to sleep at my house again..” He is surprised to see Masako coming out of the locker room. 

Renji quickly faces the bookcase that Masako asks what he is doing. While he sweatdrops, Masako tells him to quickly go to class and she’s going ahead. Renji follows her and says that he heard that she got dumped and that guy really thought he’s her younger brother. Masako tells him that she’s the one who dumped him even if it’s such a waste. 

Masako starts to rant over Satoshi being a super ideal wedding partner that it is infuriating for she even confidently told her mother and say, ‘see I found a very good one’. Her mother obviously kept on nagging the whole day about not becoming like her and she also wanted other stuff like a Cartier ring, Van Cleef & Arpels, garden wedding, etc.. 

Renji lamely comments that is indeed a waste. Masako says that’s right, it’s a waste and she’s an idiot. She presses the down button of the elevator. Renji notices Masako starting to lament that guy didn’t like her at all, TOTALLY don’t like.. The elevator door opens, Renji asks if she’s crying. She denies it saying that it is pollen [allergy].

Walking in the elevator, Masako asks why he is also coming in. He claims that he is going to the convenient store. Inside, Renji comments that she could still lie. He says that didn’t he tell her that Satoshi didn’t like her and she told him something like she only wanted to marry that guy. He tells her that she isn’t being honest.

Wiping her tears, Masako says that she heard a lot from Yuki and it is absolutely not like that, it isn’t his fault, and he just so happen to have a lot of bad luck. “It isn’t your fault. It is alright so afterwards, it is better to sleep together with the girl you like, okay? The next time you wake up, that person would properly [deal with it], most likely.”
Renji sighs and says that she says it so easily but don’t look down on his shinigami ability. “Ah, that’s right. How about this, it will do if it’s me. *Masako rubs her eyes and asks what* And, next, next month, I’ll be 18 years old. *Masako asks if it is about severing his ties with his older brother* Not that, marriage.”

While Masako is puzzled, Renji kisses her and says, “It is a bit salty. I’m saying, get married to me.” Masako looks stunned. In a class, flustered Junko shouts what did Takane just said. Takane asks if it is okay to speak Japanese during class. “Regarding marrying you, I already told it clearly to everyone.”

Flashback: At the temple, Takane told everyone that he wanted to marry Sakuraba Junko as early as possible, it is best if it is within this year and if it is possible, he wants to give the betrothal gift within three months. “These few days, I’m preparing to ask for the consent of the elders of the Sakuraba family. Please allow me to do these, abbot.” End flashback 

Junko exclaims that situation, he really said it in front of that grandma. Takane smiles and says, yes, he said it. Junko tells him to wait, going steady is okay but didn’t she tell him that they’ll talk about marriage later on for she doesn’t want to marry into the temple. Takane says that if he didn’t say it, the introduction of miai [arranged marriage] partners would continue on and it troubles him. 

Junko is speechless when he asks her if she knew how many are introduced to him per day and his grandmother would gather a number of girls together after the ceremony. Junko uneasily says that is indeed a bit troublesome. Takane agrees that it is troublesome and it must be causing trouble for the abbot. Junko asks if that abbot isn’t angry. Takane says no, for he is his grandma’s old friend.

Flashback: The abbot commented over how clear Takane’s eyes are when confusion is gone. He apologized to Takane for not properly giving his greetings to Junko and told him to please bring her to the temple after a few days. Takane bowed and thanked him. Takane’s grandmother protested that she doesn’t agree to this for that girl is still not the official bride and this doesn’t make sense.

She said that there’s no need to burden the temple mistress and not matter what the abbot said, it is no and impossible. “I absolutely won’t acknowledge it, Takane.” End flashback. Takane wonders if he should have omitted that. He becomes nervous upon seeing Junko in deep thought. He thinks that Junko is quite clever and like this, she is the type who would say again that she doesn’t want to marry.

He tells her that it is truly alright, and she’s [grandmother] being a bit stubborn and he’ll go convince her again. Takane is surprised when Junko mutters Yuki..after a lot of things had happened in her house that day, she is a bit worried since he always doesn’t come to class and he’s procrastinating about not going to the TOICE class.
Takane angrily asks if what she’s currently talking about, has anything to do with the topic about THEM. Junko says that it is because for things to progress like this, and not mentioning it to that kid, she cannot help but worry. She apologizes for it is kind of important because it is thanks to Yuki that she has resolved to..

While Junko recalls the kiss. Takane scowls and says is that so. He asks if something happened between her and that cross-dresser. Junko turns away and says that it is nothing. She apologizes and says that they continue to study. Takane is irked when Junko continues to read the lesson in English. He closes the book and tells her to continue the book in the house and he’ll drive her.

Junko is surprised. Already standing up, he asks her if it is okay to stay here. Junko refuses for 15 minutes hasn’t passed and tells him to sit. She thinks that if they go home, they would absolutely do something else other than study. Takane protests that the luggages are going to be brought tonight so it is better if she comes home early.

Since she is puzzled, Takane tells her that rather than the moving company, he got his family to bring her things from the temple to the apartment flat. Junko says no, when he said family, is it Amane. Takane says that it is Amane and Narita. Junko is very embarrassed about this. Takane asks why Amane is no good.

Junko says that it is because she’ll be teased about it, is he a friend or a foe. She is surprised when Takane slightly corners her on the wall while she is still sitting. [I’ll be revising the English a bit from the original text based on the Chinese text ->] Junko says in English, “Mr. Hoshikawa, don’t you know that you are in school and in the middle of my lesson right now..

Takane replies in English that of course, he does. “That’s why, I’m speaking in English. May I ask you a question?” Junko answers, “You’re too close.. Don’t you mind being seen from outside?” Speaking in Japanese again, Takane leans closer to her and asks why she directly calls Amane’s name. [<- means that they are close using first name basis]

Junko says that it is because she knows his name and calling him ‘younger brother’ is a bit.. and there is an important attachment to ‘Hoshikawa-san’. Takane tells her to call his name and call Amane as ‘Hoshikawa-san’. Junko refuses for she is already used to it and it’s embarrassing. Takane urges her to call his name for it will be a headache if she doesn’t immediately get used to it. 

Junko tells him alright already, she’ll do it when they are at home so let go of her right now or else, they might be seen by others. Takane says that they are in class and it is important to learn this. “Sensei, my name is Takane. Come and read it out loud.” Junko continues to protest what does he mean read aloud with him and he’s too close. In the staff room, some women are telling Arthur that they are going ahead. Arthur greets back, “Take care. See you tomorrow.”
While the women are talking about how amazing and intoxicating his smile is, Arthur looks at his cellphone. There’s a message from Lance saying, “Be sure to invite ‘her’ to the weekend party, okay?” Arthur sighs and looks towards the door of a room. Inside the room, aghast Momoe is wishing to please, even if it is a minute early, she wants to quickly go home.

The timid manager apologizes for making her stay for a while. Momoe politely says that it is nothing. Actually, Momoe really wants to go home because a high class/rare-type character model is being sold today and while she’s staying there, the models are slowly being sold out. [<- it looks like Giant Killing chibi character models] She thinks but then, she also doesn’t want to compete with others for it. 

Momoe asks the manager about what he wants to say, just MAKE THE LONG STORY SHORT. The manager timidly says about that, actually..in the end, he feels that it is quite hard to say it. Momoe changes her mind for right now, that is the last big prize and she wants to collect the models and line them all up.

Wanting to quickly go home again, Momoe exclaims for the manager to please go straight to the topic. The timid manager tells her that it is regarding the rumor that she is going steady with Arthur, and is that true. The manager nervously says that it isn’t about sexual harassment or something and even if he doesn’t personally know of this rumor within the school but a group of students had file a complaint. 

Momoe goes ‘ugh’ so this is what he wanted to talk about. The manager nervously says that there are no rules against love among co-workers but at least, he wants to confirm it from her. Momoe momentarily imagines herself as some character being warned of love within the society[/group] and it is like some working girl experience. [<- I don’t quite get this but I’m guessing that she’s imagining herself as some samurai who got caught having a relationship with another one within their group.]

Then, she is surprised to see that Arthur is standing behind the distressed manager. Arthur smiles. Momoe tensely thinks that he’s here. He gestures to her to say that they are going steady. The really nervous manager asks Momoe what it is, and if it is convenient to her, please honestly tell him.. Flustered Momoe decides to do what Arthur wants. She summons up her courage for after all they are in a fake ‘going steady’ relationship. Momoe says, “We--.. We.. we”

While Arthur is puzzled, Momoe is tongue-tied for she couldn’t say it and is that guy making her cover it up or just making them become not suspicious. She felt that she couldn’t say it because she isn’t used to this. She feels like a samurai being forced to commit seppuku [suicide by disembowelment]. 

Momoe glances at Arthur who firmly gestures for her to ‘GO’. Momoe continues to say, “We..we are.. we are..” The manager apologizes for it is quite hard to say but for him, for it seems the school itself has rumors like saying that they are going steady because it just so happen that they are in the same school and it just so happen that during this period, there’ll be a [job] transfer..
Arthur looks surprised and Momoe is already relieved that she doesn’t have to say it. The manager nervously says that even if there would be a transfer but it would just be nearby in the city. “It will be in Ikebukuro’s school district wherein the percentage of the male teachers is comparatively high and they are probably thinking of the balancing the proportion so they want to make you transfer..” 

Momoe is all sparkling for Otome Road, the holy ground is there [<- it is where the otaku stuff aimed at women are sold and usually BL stuff; something like the opposite of Akihabara which is aimed at men. Source: Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otome_Road] and there would be a lot of men there. Giggling and blushing, Momoe mutters transfer huh..

The manager is saying that in the end, she won’t agree to it and saying that they really treasure talented people.. Arthur is startled when Momoe is already saying that transferring is a good idea. The manager says that he’s glad to hear that and he’ll tell his superiors about her intention. Arthur interrupts by exclaiming that there’s no need for that since they aren’t going steady.

While Momoe is stunned, the manager comments that it turns out that he’s there. Arthur tells the manager that it is all his fault for being carelessly too dependent on his close[/intimate] senpai that such an unnecessary misunderstanding emerged from it. In angel mode, Arthur tells the manager, “Please tell those above that we are not going steady. And say, I swear to God.”

Nervous manager says that he understands, he’ll convey this to his superiors and that transfer is just a hypothesis[/what if]. While Momoe tries to call him back, the manager leaves and says ‘good job’ to both. Arthur notices Momoe giving him a sour expression. Arthur asks what’s with that, as if she isn’t very satisfied. 

Momoe gloomily says that it is nothing, she isn’t satisfied or anything but just now, he was giving him this and that signal so why did he suddenly change. Momoe asks if it is okay not to pretend anymore. Arthur asks her instead if it isn’t troublesome to transfer so quickly thank him. He also says that it must be hard to transfer from a place where she is already familiar with and she’ll have to part from Junko-sensei and Jackie-sensei [guesswork from 傑克西] whom she is close with. 

Momoe says no, actually, she’s more scared of the students..but then, her relationship with the others are just ordinary texting, seeing each other and going to the temple.. Looking away with folded arms, Arthur asks, “..and me?” Momoe asks, “Huh?” She is surprised when Arthur asks why she’s so indifferent that it really infuriates him. “I won’t want to be separated from you. I want to stay at your side.”
Comment: And this series seems to be about guys who are so in love with the women who aren’t that into them. ^^; So, Satoshi is moving on and I guess he’s totally out of the series until he has gone abroad. Masako doesn’t deserve it but lucky her, if she wants, she’ll end up marring  a young millionaire.

I’m not sure if Masako really did love Satoshi but since I view her in a bad light, I think she’s crying over the material things that she cannot get since she dumped Satoshi and a bit of her pride since she failed to make Satoshi head-over-heels in love with her. Well, she won’t be crying anymore since Renji is interested in her, she also kind of like him, he can satisfy her materialistic wants and a great sex life =P

And, it seems that we might have a double wedding within the year since Takane plans to immediately marry Junko. I’m not sure if it is okay to immediately marry when Junko doesn’t seem to be ready yet and this is kind of like they are ‘forced’ to because of circumstances but then, of course, Takane wants to do it asap before she changes her mind.

It must be irritating for him that here he is, talking about marriage and the thing between them, and she goes thinking about Yuki and the lesson. ^^; Well, their main problem is Takane’s grandmother. If Junko does go to live and work in the temple, the grandmother would most probably make life hell for Junko.

That is the usual problem if the future in-laws disapprove of the relationship and marriage especially if they have to live under one roof. And finally, it is amusing how Arthur change his stance about Momoe telling the manager about their ‘relationship’. He needs to work harder to make Momoe fall for him since she is more interested in BL manga/anime stuff than real men.

Actually, Momoe isn’t interested in real people relationships since her relationship with the other teachers are also casual so Arthur wasn’t able to use that as an excuse for her to stay and he ended up saying that. Hehe, Arthur is quite cute in pretty much confessing to Momoe that he wants to be with her and how he was doing those gestures. ^^ Unlike the other women whom he can easily ‘play around’ and the woman who ‘used him’, Momoe is in a different class on her own. Scans by 深雪

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