September 8, 2013

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 2]

[Notice: This chapter has some mature content that might not be appropriate for young readers.]

Cover page: “In the end, who is the true me.. Please, tell me..” Yuki returns home and asks why her brother is home, didn’t he have a night shift. Shiki, her brother, says that he had asked someone to exchange shifts with him. He asks how come she came home early for didn’t she have a dinner. Removing the jacket, Yuki says that the dinner isn’t over yet, and she just went home early because of a little incident. Shiki grabs her injured hand and asks if that LITTLE incident involved this wound. Yuki sheepishly apologizes. She thinks that her brother is a surgeon so he would easily see through this knife wound. Sitting on the sofa, Shiki asks what kind of friends are those and he doesn’t approve of her associating with that kind of people. Holding her injured hand, Yuki apologizes and says that she had dirtied the jacket of a guy called Tachibana [Yuuya] so she plans to give it back. Shiki tells her not to meet again after that. Yuki thinks that it is baffling that she feels unwell when talking about them. She isn’t used to that kind of hostile ambiance and.. Yuki tells her brother that there is also an infuriating guy whom she doesn’t want to see again. Yuki thinks that her brother is very nice for after their parents died, the two of them depended on each other. Their family ran the hospital so even if there’s no need to worry about money. It must have been hard on him to be studying medicine [in college] at one side and taking care of his younger sister at the other side. Seeing her looking down, Shiki tells her to let him hear about it. Yuki tells him instead that she remembered some fragments of her memory. It is a girl whom they don’t have a picture of at home but she suddenly floated out from her brain. Yuki wishes that she can remember everything, regarding him, and her parents.. Shiki pats her head and says that whether she has no memories, she is still his younger sister and it is enough for her to be healthy. He kisses her forehead and tells her not to get involved in dangerous things. He stands up and says that he’ll warm the bath water. Looking at him, Yuki thinks that her brother really values her that she doesn’t want him to worry too much about her. She decides to go with Maiko to O University to return Yuuya’s jacket. At the dining hall of O University, Maiko tells Yuki that according to Keita, everyone will eat here at noon. Yuki thanks her for accompanying her. Maiko tells her that it is okay for it also enables her to see Keita. Then, Maiko informs her about that guy arriving, after Yuki left, and like Yuuya he has a totally different aura and very handsome. Maiko says that it would be nice if that Eiji would also come today. Yuki hopes he doesn’t for he already has some girl he likes but would even go to bed with some other girl, that Kase Eiji is a two-timer, and no matter what his inner feelings are, he’s really awful. And it puts her in a bad mood just thinking of it. Yuki decides that this is the last time she’ll see them. Then, Maiko says that they’ve come. The other girls are blushing as Yuuya and friends minus Eiji arrive. Maiko says that they really stand out and quite an eye-candy. Yuki thinks that handsome guys are mostly used to being looked at by others but Yuuya is definitely not the same.
Soon, they are sitting in two tables. Yuki sits with Yuuya, Yoshiharu and Kousuke. Maiko sits with Keita and Soichirou. Yuki thanks Yuuya for finding some free time. Yuuya says that it is okay, and he should be apologizing that she has to specially come here. He asks if she is feeling well today. She says that she’s quite well today and she’s sorry for leaving half-way the party, and also his jacket, she has already cleaned the stain for him. Yuuya tells her that the stain doesn’t matter, he only wanted to see her again. This surprises Yuki. Kousuke interrupts by saying that it is forbidden to talk about love. Yoshiharu teases for Yuuya, the shiny prince to take it easy for he’s too dazzling. Yuuya smiles and says that he’s serious. Keita exposes Yuuya by telling Yuki that Yuuya got a cold after lending his jacket so forgive him if he’s doing it at all costs. Yuuya tells him not to say that for it is too embarrassing. Keita asks what Yuuya is saying for he’s praising his kindness so there’s no need to hide it. Yuki apologizes that he got a cold. She asks how much is the pudding and water. Yuuya tells her not to mind that for it isn’t expensive and there’s no need for her to feel responsible that he caught a cold. Maiko suggests that they exchange emails before eating together and this would make things even. Yuuya is delighted over this. Yuki is hesitant that Yuuya tells her that if she isn’t interested, there’s no need to force herself into it. Yuki explains that she is only not used to this kind of speed communication but if it is okay, please exchange emails with her. Yuuya smiles and says of course, he’s honored to. Yuki thinks that Yuuya is truly nice and so what if he is good friends with that awful guy. Yuuya can take into account her feelings and not forcing herself, someone like him..maybe one day, she can tell him about the accident before and that she lost her memories. Kousuke says that’s great. Yoshiharu says that he wants it too and it is okay even if it is LONE [/pun for LINE]. As they exchanged contact information, the television broadcasts some news. “Three years ago, a 17 year old high school girl named Mori Erika [guesswork name from 森惠梨香] went missing. Today, the things that she was carrying has been found. According to the one who had found it, it was verified to be the things that Miss Mori had with her when she disappeared.” Keita is surprised when Yoshiharu and Kousuke suddenly stand up nervously upon hearing the news. Yuki notices Yuuya’s stunned reaction over the news report which continues, “There has been no news of Miss Mori on the day she went missing after school dismissal. The police consider this as a very important clue in investigating the possible place where Miss Mori could have gone to. The things were found along the national highway near M City.” Yuuya grips his knee tight. As Souichirou quietly watches, the report says that upon attaining her belongings, they would commence the investigation.
Looking aghast, Kousuke says no way. Frightened Yoshiharu asks if that is for real. Souichirou tells the two to calm down for they are troubling the others. The two nervously apologize and leave by saying that they’ll go and calm themselves down. Keita and Maiko ask what’s going on. Souichirou looks thoughtful. Yuuya apologizes to Yuki since it is rare for her to come here but he’ll contact her again later on because he has to call his father right away. As he leaves, he tells Souichirou to take care of the rest. Keita asks what’s going on with everyone. Souichirou says that it is something. Keita is apologetic for Yuki and Maiko even went all the way there. He tells them that everyone has to be present as they plan to invite the girls for some fun like barbecue by the seaside or perhaps camping. Maiko wants to go and asks Yuki. Yuki is hesitant for it is so sudden. Souichirou tells her to go if it is convenient since it will make Yuuya, Yoshiharu and Kousuke happy. Yuki tells him not to mind that first, but what’s the relation with that news report with everyone because if it is 17 years old 3 years ago, that person should be more or less the same age as them. Maiko tells Yuki that there are some things that shouldn’t be asked. Souichirou stands up and says that it is okay, but there are a lot of people here so let’s go somewhere else. Keita offers to stay and watch over their belongings, also it will be quite lonely if those guys return and no one is around. He tells Yuki and Maiko to go with Souichirou. Maiko wants to stay with Keita and she’ll just ask Yuki about it later on. So, Souichirou and Yuki go to some isolated courtyard. Souichirou tells Yuki that missing girl studies in the same high school as they did. Keita didn’t know because they became friends only at college. Mori Erika is Yuuya’s ex-girlfriend. Even if at that time, they’ve already broken up but it is worrisome that she suddenly went missing. Erika’s best friend is also missing, her name is Matsushima Saki [guesswork from 松嶋咲]. She is Eiji’s girlfriend. Yuki suddenly remembers Eiji saying before that he likes some other girl whom he couldn’t forget. Souichirou continues to say that Yuuya’s father is a big shot at the police department and he is generally calling to hear some news from his father. Those two girls aren’t the type who’ll run away from home and there is also no reason [to do so]. Even if the incident is well-known, they couldn’t find even a small clue. When the two were missing, Eiji and Yuuya were at a complete loss that until now, they don’t know for sure if the girls are still alive or not. Yuuya has finally pulled himself together from what happened to Erika and seems to have an interest in her [Yuki]. But, Eiji always until now firmly believes that Saki is still living in this world that he is always searching for her. In order to get news, he isn’t picky with the methods. He doesn’t care about chatting[/having relationship] with the underworld that he would go in and out of brothels.
Originally, he is quite outstanding whether it is grades or sports and he won’t associate with those kinds of people. He had become like this because of his deep love for Saki until now. Since Eiji would abandon everything to find Saki, Yuuya who doesn’t want Eiji to lose himself so he dragged Eiji to go to that dinner on that day. Eiji would only listen to Yuuya’s advice. Only the two of them would understand each other’s pain regarding the disappearance of Erika and Saki. Yuki mutters that such a thing had happened..and she apologizes for making him tell her such a sad tale. Holding a leaf that he picked from a tree, Souichirou tells her that it is normal to be curious after seeing them frantic like that. And, Yuuya won’t be angry that she knows or rather, he would want her to know. Even if Yuuya is worried about Erika, but they’ve already broken up and he [Souichirou] hopes that she [Yuki] can support him. She ought to know now why he doesn’t have a girlfriend even if he has good grades, handsome and pretty much perfect nature. It is only with her [Yuki] that hurt Yuuya had opened up his heart to. It is inevitable if she hates this, but if she finds Yuuya not bad at all, then properly get along with him. Yuki says ya. Yuki thinks that Souichirou is really kind-hearted to think of his friend and even if he treats himself as humble[/low profile], but he is quite calm in protecting everyone and this must be his role. Then, they notice Eiji going down the stairs. Teary-eyed Yuuya calls out to Eiji and tells him that just now, they got news about finding Erika’s belongings. He had called his father and they have found her school ID. They’ve started to search around the vicinity. Eiji looks surprised by the news. Yuki thinks that she didn’t hear what they are saying but even if that is so, there is a strong bond between those two. Yuuya hugs Eiji and tearfully tells him that it is possible that she’s still alive. Eiji tearfully hugs him back and exclaims that it is great that the search hasn’t been abandoned. Teary-eyed Yuki is moved for until now, these two have that sadness and loneliness that she forever cannot imagine as to what that pain is like. Wiping her tears, Yuki thinks that only the two of them can mutual understand that feeling and right now, all of it flows out because that pain has become hope. And she who doesn’t know anything felt happy for them that her heart kept on wavering. She thinks that even if she previously really hates Eiji, but she probably misunderstood him. She is really concerned of those two.. Looking thoughtful, Souchirou mutters, “ come it is at that place..” Yuki asks huh? Souichirou says that it is nothing. That night, Yuuya emailed her. He apologized for what happened when they went to their school and she already knew what happened to his ex-girlfriend who went missing three years ago from Souichirou. As a friend, he is very worried about her. He apologizes for being frantic and it might give her a bad impression on him that she knows of such a serious thing when they haven’t known each other well.
He also wrote that if she hasn’t given up, he would want to meet her again because he feels quite calm when he’s with her. It is okay even if it is for a while and he would be happier if she can wish him luck[/gambatte]. Yuki thinks that these past three years, she doesn’t have any interest with others and she always thought that it is because she lost her memories. But it wasn’t like that, because right now, her heart is quite moved. Yuki replies that if he hasn’t given up, call her again and she would be very happy if she can be his support. Lying down the sofa, Yuki wonders if she can become that person who’ll support Yuuya. She is quite embarrassed for sending that kind of message. The scene changes to the red light district. It is night and Yuki sees Eiji sweeping the floor outside a bar called DRAMA. Eiji notices her and asks why she is at this place at this time, it is very dangerous. Yuki says that the shooting has just ended and she is on her way home. She asks why he is at this place. Eiji says that he’s working and the pay here isn’t bad, and what does she mean by ‘this’ [place] when it is a decent store. She apologizes. Eiji asks if her hand has healed. Holding up her hand, Yuki says that it is healing and it won’t leave a scar. Eiji happily says that’s great. This made Yuki blush for he smiles like a child and it turns out that he has that kind of expression. Eiji tells her to be careful on her way. Yuki thanks him and leaves. Then, a creepy guy calls out to Yuki and asks if she is a hostess from DRAMA since he saw her coming out from there. He didn’t know that there is such a beautiful girl at that place so please come and eat with him. Yuki nervously tells him that he’s mistaken. The man tells her not to deceive him and how much pay does she want for her to take him seriously. How about this? He gestures ‘two’ with his fingers. Yuki shouts for him to stop while he’s ahead or she’ll call someone. She quickly walks away. The man looks angry. Then, he covers her mouth and pulls her aside. Just then, Eiji notices a flower [alligator] hairclip by the street. He picks it up and wonders if Yuki has dropped it. He plans to give it back through Yuuya. At an alley, the man is beating up Yuki to shut up when she shouts for him to stop. The man starts to pull down his pants. He tells her that she’s just a small time prostitute yet she pretends to have a lot of dignity so she has fallen here. If she doesn’t want to be beaten again, why doesn’t she be honest with herself by giving him first a blow job. After being badly beaten, scared Yuki couldn’t budge a finger.. Blurb: ‘Who’ will save Yuki from this dangerous situation..!?
Comment: So, beautiful or not, girls should NOT walk around at the red district alone at night for there are perverts who would mistake them for prostitutes. Even if Yuki seems to be a strong girl, but maybe strong perverts can overpower her and well, she did have a bad beating. My point here is she’s a ‘damsel in distress’ here and luckily, there’s a prince nearby to save her if he somehow finds out what is happening to her. We now have a reason for the bromance between Eiji and Yuuya. Their ex/lovers went missing and they cannot get over it. Yuuya tries to move on and Eiji is still fixated with the past. Actually, in a way, it proves that Eiji really loves Saki that he won’t move on until he finally knows what happened to her. The sex thing with Reika, does that count as two-timing? Still, there is a big risk for him that all that searching and waiting will all be in vain. And, after three years, they finally have hope of knowing what could have happen to the girls. Now, which one is the ‘normal’ reaction? The ones who got all flustered and frantic upon hearing the news or the one who is unusually calm about it. Souichirou seems to be analyzing something and what he muttered seem to hint why Erika’s things are in that place. And, because of this among other things, it seems that Yuki cannot sever her relationship with the guys yet. As for the brother, his hairstyle looks like the one who is spying and calling someone when Yuki has confronted Reika and Eiji. He doesn’t have an alibi on working his shift since he did mention that he asked someone else to do it. Suspicious.. Scans by 深雪

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  1. ex-girlfriends who went missing 3 years ago and main character who got into an accident 3 years ago and cannot remember anything...mmmh..connection? can't wait to know! thanks for the summary!

  2. I agree with the anonymous above me. Maybe there is a connection. Thanks for the summary! <3 Tika

  3. Yeah. And who could be the girl she recalled... And couldn't save. Or the will to try saving her. Something in these lines.

    1. Yup, lots of mysteries..slowly unfolding ^^

  4. Wow! I like this story. I'm speechless!
    I know Doumoto Nao's works before but it didn't catch me unlike this one! I feel so sad and nervous on what happened to the missing exes and what will be happening in the future.

    1. Yup, it's quite good..I haven't read her previous works before. ^^;