September 9, 2013

Free Talk: About The One 105 [Edit: Spoilers!]

Icy_Chrisy has already notified the readers in baidu that she is currently on a business trip so there’s no way for her to upload The One immediately. So be patient and it will be uploaded after a few days, maybe after Monday.

Edit: This is a short summary based on baidu’s 字丑又宅. The scans are not yet out. I usually don’t do this but rather wait for the full scans for the full summary but since this series is popular.. So, for those who cannot wait and wanted to know what’s going on, proceed to the cut. 
From the last chapter, Lele met up with Leo and Young and said what if she didn’t mention about saying the truth, would everything not happened. 

Three years ago, Angus learned of Eros’ extremely serious past and the truth of his mother’s death. He was quite disappointed with himself for unruly enjoying his brother’s love and destroying his brother’s happiness = hurting Lele. He felt that his brother can no longer love him again. So, he got depressed and went to bars/pubs. Then, Yang found him doing some drag racing. [Some parts are deliberately skipped but basically,] there was an accident so Yang lost his foot and Angus was in a comatose. 

During this time, An Bai [you know her, Angus’ manager/assistant who loves him] volunteered to take care of Angus full time. [Angus’ Lele? =P] In the end, Angus wakes up...ta da, with an amnesia. He has the mental age of 12 years old – before he was taken by his father. [Problem solved..and time to wrap up the series =P]