August 11, 2013

Kore kara Hajimaru Koi o Oshiete [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is Yamada Komomo’s new series for Petit. The story is a bit the usual – childhood friends, forced marriage, teacher-student but they are in college, and living together but kept it a secret. The names are guesswork based from the kanji. For now, this is just a preview, depending on circumstances.]
A woman tells the newlywed couple, Ryuutarou [颯太朗] and Aki [] to smile for they both look beautiful. Ryuutarou whispers to Aki to smile. And, Aki nervously smiles. Narration: “Even if it is so sudden, I, Sakurada [櫻田] Aki, had become a bride this way and got married into this guy’s family.” Cover page: “There are a lot of things that I don’t know, whether it is about myself or about yours. Even ‘love’ is no exception so please, can you teach me everything?”

Things started during Aki’s summer vacation. At that time, she learned that her grandmother living in the province has fallen ill that she and her mother hurry to visit her. The grandmother thanks Aki for coming to see her. She says that she’s going to die and she wants to see Aki one more time. Aki’s mother tells her what she is saying. Aki chimes in by cheering up her grandmother. It is a bit of a shock for Aki to see her once healthy and strong grandmother lying sick in bed.

Her grandmother says that she is going to be buried. Aki tearfully tells her to go her best[/gambatte] and didn’t she say that she wanted to see her wearing shiromuku [white kimono] on her wedding day. While Aki and her grandmother are talking about she’ll wear a shiromuku, her mother greets Ryuutarou and says that it has been a long time and thanks him for visiting. 

As they exchange greetings and Ryuutarou gives her mother some visiting presents, Aki wonders who he is and does she have a relative named Ryuutarou. Ryuutarou comments that grandmother is very important to him. Aki blushes when Ryuutarou looks at her. Then, to her shock, grandmother says that it will be great if Aki becomes Ryuutarou’s bride. Her mother is also excited over this and she’ll be relieved [with Aki] since they are childhood friends. 

While her mother and grandmother are happy about this and even start preparing for it, Aki is totally freaking out. She doesn’t know who this guy is but she couldn’t quite protest upon seeing her grandmother looking so happy. While Aki’s mother is calling for an official to hold the marriage and preparing the wedding clothes, Ryuutarou calls out to Aki to come out for a while. 

Aki is surprised that he knows her name. [<- he used her first name; not surname so that means they are familiar with each other] Aki wonders how come she’s the only one who doesn’t know him. Outside, Aki wants an explanation. He asks if she forgot who he is. Aki exclaims totally forgot. To her shock, Ryuutarou says that he knows her when she was born, he even helped change her diapers, they also take bath and sleep together. 

He says that he left home when she’s still young so it cannot be helped that she forgot. She asks if it was when her mother and grandmother still live in the province. He says yes so she realizes that it was when she’s three years old. 

Ryuutarou says that grandmother treated him well and at least, he wants to grant her LAST wish, even if it’s a lie and that is something only Aki can do. Aki decides to do it and her grandmother would be quite happy. He says yes. He pats her head and this made her remember young Ryuutarou patting her head as she cried for him not to leave.
And, so they acted in front of Aki’s grandmother as a newly married couple until Aki’s mother brought marriage contracts. Aki tries to delay it but her mother believes in hitting the iron while it is hot and they’ll use the nurses as witnesses. While everyone is excited, Ryuutarou whispers to Aki if she didn’t tell her mother that it will only be just a picture. 

Aki says that it is because her mother cannot lie so she planned to explain it to her later on. And, everyone took it seriously, the two cannot back out. To Aki’s shock and Ryuutarou’s aghast, Aki’s mother wants to go back to the province to take her of her mother so Aki will be living with Ryuutarou who is still staying in Tokyo so just start their married life there. 

While the two are still in shock, Aki tells Ryuutarou that her mother brought all her things in the luggage and she has to live with him. In a university, a guy calls out to gloomy Aki. Aki perks up to see Tsujidou [辻堂]-senpai. He apologizes for being late and it has been a long time since they’ve gone on a date. He asks her about her visit to the province to see her sick grandmother.

Thinking that she likes Tsujidou and he’s so nice, Aki can only timidly tell him vague things for.. Aki becomes very nervous upon seeing Ryuutarou. Flashback: Ryuutarou said that he has to go to work, and she can use the second floor. Aki apologized for even if she told her mother that it is just acting, she totally doesn’t believe it and, she won’t give him trouble. 

He told her to pay attention when calling him at school. Aki is puzzled. He explained that both he and she don’t want others to know of their relationship and they both should act as if nothing happened. After he tied up his hair and put on his glasses, he told her where he put the key and remember to lock up. Aki realized that he is their history teacher, Shimasaki[]-sensei. End flashback. 

Tsujidou asks if Aki knows Shimasaki, the archaeology teacher. Aki says that he’s her teacher in first year for the basic subject. Tsujijou tells Aki that he joined his discussion meeting and they call him ‘Pottery’. Aki nervously says that is a strange nickname, hahaha. She is more worried about letting Tsujidou know about them. 

At home, Aki confirms with Ryuutarou if Tsujidou joined his discussion. He asks if she’s going steady with him. Aki says yes, so please don’t tell him that they are living together for it will be troublesome if he misunderstands things. Munching on cabbage leaves, Ryuutarou says that is his line and Tsujidou huh.. 

At the start of their living together, they have set some rules. 1. Continue to deceive grandmother 2. Not to intervene in each other’s affairs 3. Not bring anyone home, 4. Do your own thing and 5. Before graduation, she doesn’t have to pay for living expense. Then, Ryuutarou says that is her cabbage. 

She is not allowed to drop out of school so as a rule, she has to eat dinner at home and her school expenses are paid by her mother. Aki thinks that yesterday it is tomatoes, the day before yesterday, it is cucumbers, and before that are lettuce, and then cabbage.
She wonders if this is her dinner and the place is a mess even before she got there. She thinks that he is lazier than her mother but don’t underestimate a single mother-daughter family. Soon, Ryuutarou is surprised to see Aki cleaning up the kitchen. She apologizes for the noise and tells him the things she did to clean up. He asks if he asked her to clean.

She shouts that he didn’t ask her to clean. She continues to tell him where to put things and there is a limit to not interfering [with each other] and they are not kids. He timidly says, ya. Then, he asks what that smell is. She happily tells him that she made some stew. At the table Ryuutarou starts to laugh for it is stewed vegetables with rice, like what he ate at her grandmother’s and he finds it nostalgic.

Then, he comments that it has been a long time since he ate what she made for she used to give him leaves, mudballs and flowers to eat. While shouting that it is way, way before, she suddenly recalls giving some ‘food’ to young Ryuutarou who smiled back at her. Ryuutarou snaps her out of it by calling her name. 

Surprised Aki says that it is nothing. He tells her that this is delicious and she can make it again next time. Aki says that is no problem at all for she always does the household chores at home. Ryuutarou says that her mother isn’t good at that, and Aki is a bit like a BRIDE. Aki exclaims that it is LIVING TOGETHER, and she has a boyfriend so don’t say bride. 

He tells her not to struggle for they used to play husband-wife. Aki insists that it was a long, long time ago. She blushes when he looks at her. He asks for more so she goes to get some more stew. She wonders if he is this kind of person. Then, her cellphone rings. She’s happy that she’ll have a date with Tsujidou tomorrow. 

Seeing her expression, Ryuutarou asks her if it is Tsujidou. She blushes and says yes, they have a date tomorrow after Ryuutarou’s discussion meeting and it has been a long time since they went on a date OUTSIDE since she is very busy during summer vacation and they weren’t able to see each other. And, right now, they are only free during lunch to see each other. She happily asks if she can sit in the discussion and she absolutely won’t say they are living together.

Ryuutarou refuses for that isn’t a playground. Aki says okay, she’ll wait outside. He tells her that she’s a hindrance and if she can think of such nonsense things, why not go study. Aki shouts that it isn’t nonsense and she’s studying. Aki immediately goes out the kitchen as Ryuutarou tries to call her. In her room, Aki exclaims about changing her view on stupid Ryuutarou. While Ryuutarou plays with his dog, he looks up to her room. 

Aki thinks that Tsujidou is her circle’s most longed-for partner, for he is nice towards everyone that she’s quite happy when he talked with her. Flashback: After saying that Aki’s face is red, he asked if she likes him and wants to go steady with him. And, she has fallen in love with him. End flashback. At the university, Aki cannot wait for Tsujidou any longer so she decides to go there since the discussion ought to be over.
At the discussion room, Ryuutarou is talking with a teacher regarding the evaluation form, observation pictures and putting the dug up relics in the research room. He glances at Tsujidou who is surrounded by girls. The girls ask him if he is still going with that Aki girl. Tsujidou says that she’s cute when she happily goes to him. 

Someone says that she likes that girl, for she would even get juice for her. Tsujidou says that is right, and she likes him, for she is like his pet dog before. They laugh over this and ask if Tsujidou is free tonight for they are going on a party at the bar. Tsujidou says that he’s going. They ask if the puppy is going, too. 

He says he won’t bring her along for he can only stroll her around during the day for at night, she looks over the house. Ryuutarou goes out of the room and is surprised to see Aki outside the door, crying. She tearfully apologize to Ryuutarou for he told her not to come. He pats her head and walks away. Aki just watches him leave. When Ryuutarou arrives home, Aki, who seems to be waiting for him, welcomes him home and asks if he knew about Tsujidou. 

Ryuutarou just pushes up his glasses. Aki tells him that during junior high, whether it is at home or school, she is a good girl even in college but in the end, she wanted to try wearing cute outfits, make-up and nice hairstyle to be fashionable as she walks down the street and have fun. The first time she removed her glasses, dyed her hair, wear cute outfit and her feelings are a mess, Tsujidou came over and talked with her. 

He even told her ‘very cute’ so she is truly happy that it made her feel that she truly changed. “..but..” Aki is crying again when Ryuutarou pats her head and says, “Kiki [<- I made that up since it is 晶晶], you’re very cute. *she looks up to smiling Ryuutarou* This words, ‘you’re very cute’, I’ve already told you many times when you’re young. Come and remember it.” She recalls calling him Ryu-chan. She mutters this to him that he asks if she remembered more or less.

She remembers Ryuutarou patting her head while she’s holding some flowers. Young Ryuutarou smiled and said, “Kiki, you’re very cute.” End flashback. Then, he teases her that it is great that she knows the five sounds of ‘sa’. Aki exclaims of course, she knows it, she’s an adult, sa, shi, su, se, so. He says she hasn’t changed but she insists that she did and don’t compare her, a college student, with a three year old kid. Ryuutarou laughs. Narration: “This had happened during my second year in college’s summer vacation. Generally..a very huge thing happened in my life.”
Comment: As mentioned above, the elements of the story is typical but it has its charm. If the lead guy is like the one in the mangaka’s previous series, he would be unrealistically ‘perfect’ which would make this a feel good series. Somehow, I feel that they got ‘tricked’ by both Aki’s mother and grandmother. ^^;

And, like her previous series, the lead girl just had a bad previous relationship so this time around, it is the ‘good one’. ^^ On a side note, I wonder if Ryuutarou should have told her about Tsujidou though it seems that telling someone that your lover is ‘not serious with you’ is a delicate thing and Aki might not believe him. Anyway, I’m curious how things will turn out later on and hopefully, it’s quite romantic ^^ Scans by 深雪

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