August 29, 2013

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 31]

Koharu wonders if Touya is alright and she’s really worried about him because he is absent due to a cold. Touya is surprised upon seeing smiling Koharu at the door. He asks why she is here. Koharu is relieved since Touya looks fine compared to what she imagined. Holding up a paper, Koharu happily says that it is Shiina express delivery to give him this data sheet-♪ Touya immediately slams the door at her. This surprises her. She calls out to him and asks why he closed the door, the data sheet. Blushing, Touya mutters why, when obviously, it isn’t easy and there’s no need to see her face.. Then, Touya starts coughing. He becomes dizzy. Outside, Koharu is surprised to hear a ‘thud’ sound and wonders what that is. Koharu opens the door and asks that just now, that is.. She is surprised to see Touya sitting on the floor and holding his head. Later on, Koharu checks his temperature and it is 38.3C Koharu says that he totally has a cold/flu. Touya says that is why he’s absent and by the way, don’t just casually come in, quickly leav.. He is surprised when Koharu angrily looks at him. She asks him if he went to the hospital[for check up]. He says no. She asks how about medicine. He says that he didn’t drink any. She asks if he has eaten. He says no. As Touya continues to cough, Koharu is angry. She suddenly pushes surprised Touya into the bed and shouts for him to sleep. Then, she goes out of the house. After a while, Touya mutters that it is great, she finally left. Recalling how she just pushed him down earlier, blushing Touya mutters that if she comes near him now, he doesn’t know what he might do while he is feverish. Later on, Koharu comes back with some groceries. Quietly walking in, she thinks that she might be giving Touya trouble but she cannot just leave him be.
She is relieved that the door isn’t locked. She checks on him. Touya is in deep sleep. Koharu is glad that he is sleeping. She quietly sticks a cool gel pad on his forehead to reduce his fever. Touya goes on a chill then to Koharu’s delight, he stabilizes because he looks comfortable. She decides to go cook some congee. Looking at his house [looks like a studio-type apartment], Koharu wonders if Touya lives all by himself. She thinks that it is because his [main] house is far away and for a high schooler, this is quite rare. She hears a chirp. She looks at the side to see a cute parrot. She finds it surprising that Touya has a pet. She wonders if it talks. She calls out good morning to it but it only response with a chirp. Koharu mutters that it doesn’t talk and is it because Touya doesn’t talk with it. Looking at the house interior again, she wonders if she is mistaken for it faintly feels that this house is somewhat cold. Faintly have this very lonely feeling. Meanwhile, at school, Natsuki arrives at the committee room and is surprised that only Nishina and Aki are there. The two greet him and asks if soccer club activity is over. Natsuki teases them being alone doing some lovey-dovey but he didn’t finish because he notices that the two looks proud over the pile of paperwork that they’ve finished. Muttering that they are such a serious couple, Natsuki takes his seat and asks if Koharu is in the toilet. Aki tells him that Koharu delivered the data sheet to sick Touya who is resting at home. Natsuki is surprised by this. Just as Natsuki’s face sours, Aki tells him that a while ago, Touya contacted him to say that Koharu has delivered the data sheet and has left.
Nishina asks how Touya is. Natsuki grumpily says that it’s just a cold so he only have to eat and sleep then it is okay. Aki tells him that Touya lives alone. This surprises Natsuki that he asks if it is because his house is far away. Aki says no, his mother re-married and he really couldn’t get along with his new family. Natsuki mutters is that so, that guy is striving hard, huh. Soon, Koharu exclaims that it is done. She had finished cooking for Touya. Touya groans that she quickly become quiet in order not to wake him up. She touches his forehead and is glad that the fever is starting to leave. So, it would be no problem at all, and what’s left is to wait for him to wake up and eat. Touya suddenly holds her hand and asks what she is doing. This surprises Koharu. Still holding her hand, Touya sits up and says that he told her to quickly leave. Touya suddenly bends down to her neck, and then, he snaps out of it. Koharu innocently asks if he is alright for his whole body is shaking. [<- I think she is referring to him suddenly bending over.] Holding his shoulders tight, Koharu scolds him not to force himself to sit up. She tells him to listen and quickly lie down. She also tells him that after eating, he’ll drink some medicine. Touya is blushing and seems surprised-tense over what he tried to do. While serving the congee, Koharu apologizes for using his kitchen without permission. She asks him if he wants a plum or an egg in his congee. Touya just looks at her. Koharu turns to him and calls out his name. Surprised Touya says egg.. Koharu says, understood♪ And, blushing Touya continues to quietly watch Koharu. As the parrot quietly watches, Koharu[/Touya] mutters that some warmth seems to have come to this house[/room].
Comment: As Natsuki mentioned before, Koharu is really not aware of being a ‘girlfriend’ = aside from him, don’t treat other guys nicely or else, they might misunderstand/fall for her. Perhaps it is her ‘being an elder sister’, she cannot just leave without a care someone who is sick and all alone. But what she is doing for Touya, makes him fall harder for her when he is doing his best to avoid her or in this chapter, make her leave. For now, Koharu is still clueless over what her good deeds and being meddlesome is doing to Touya. As it turns out, Touya is indeed from a broken family so he doesn’t think highly about love. Even if it is quite unlikely that he would end up with Koharu, I guess she will still teach him that ‘love is wonderful’ even if unrequited, and know the warmth of someone caring for him. Time will tell if Touya would become serious and actually try to steal Koharu from Natsuki. As for Natsuki, he better let Koharu know about his displeasure of her being too friendly with other guys because I think that this might cause trouble later on for them. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Ugh, I thought Koharu had a little bit of common sense but this chapter leaves me no doubt that she has absolutely none. I guess I would sound like a broken record that these 'airhead' types are getting tiresome to see time and time again. :S

    I hope you're right and Natsuki takes her to task on what she's doing because you know she'd be all flustered if he's the same thing with another girl. Let's say Akagi sempi. :P

    Thanks for the summary.

    1. Hehe..ya, so those types have to have something else for us not to get tired of them.

      That's right. a way, that does seem like, that is okay with Natsuki since Koharu seems not to mind too much (easily lets him off) but as the girlfriend, Natsuki doesn't want her to be 'too friendly' with other guys.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Sigh... I don't know but giving Touya that kind of background actually makes him more endearing to the reader (or me), which makes me want him to have the girl (Koharu). As for Natsuki, I actually liked the direction of him falling for Aki who was struggling with an unrequited love (before the whole reveal about Nishina). It would be great to think of these 2 childhood friends sorting out their feelings for each other and at the same time discovering their own respective loves.

    The way I see it, Aki had the potential of becoming a strong female lead character to pair up with Natsuki but not overshadow Koharu if it was done in a good way. However, when she was "delegated" (pardon my terminology) to Nishina, it seems like she's taken the role of the side character -- someone who casually reminds us that the lead character has friends.

    1. Ya..

      Hm..from the looks of things, it doesn't seem to be their own respective loves but their love. But they do have to sort some things out between themselves.

      True..though if it is only for 'lead character has friends', Koharu already have female friends earlier on..and it seems that they are somewhat missing in action. I actually thought it would be some sort of love polygon at first.. For now, it seems that Aki's role is just to inform people more about Touya.