July 5, 2013

Short Summaries: Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 27, Hirunaka No Ryuusei 46 and Waltz no Ojikan 6

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi 27: Aki and Nishina wrote on a heart-shaped ema [small wooden plaques for prayers and wishes] that they’ll meet here again after graduation. Then, they hang it along with the other heart shaped ema. Koharu and Natsuki’s wish is to be together forever. In the car, Natsuki is asking Nishina why he and Aki don’t just secretly go steady instead of waiting until graduation. It turns out that Aki is okay with it and, Nishina and Aki agree that a student’s duty is to study. Touching her hand, Natsuki says that they also have a lot of memories. While they lovey-dovey with Natsuki wanting to sleep on Koharu’s shoulder, Touya just quietly look out the window. At home, in bed, Koharu dreamily thinks of their kiss and wanting to see him. To her surprise, Natsuki is on her balcony because he also wants to see her. And, they were interrupted by the twins who want to play with Natsuki. That night at the balcony, they try to kiss again but her mother [with the others] calls out from below and asks if they want to light up some fireworks. And, in the end, they cannot find some time alone. On the phone, Koharu informs Konoha that she cannot tell her family about it because she is embarrassed. Konoha correctly guessed that they’ve already kissed each other during the trip. She suggests that they go to the fireworks display and get someone to take care of her younger sisters. They got Emi and Tomo to watch over the twins while Koharu is out with her friend. On the day, Koharu dressed up in a yukata that made Natsuki blush since she’s so cute. After asking if he can touch her, they slightly hug and laugh. On their way, they overheard that Emi forgot the day of the display. Tomo urges the two to go on ahead but Koharu doesn’t have the heart to do that even if she can be alone with Natsuki. To her surprise, Natsuki grabs the twins so that they’ll go with them. Koharu is quite happy that the one she likes is Natsuki. At the fireworks display, Konoha talks with Koharu. Thinking that even if she wants to be alone together but she wants to see her family’s smiling face, Koharu tells Konoha that she thinks that this is the perfect distance between her and Natsuki. Konoha says that her family relationship is quite good and it would be good if she can frankly tell them that ‘she has a girlfriend’. Koharu says yes. And to their surprise, her parents with Uchuu overheard it. Her mother asks if she has a boyfriend. So, it was exposed. Comment: So, the Aki-Nishina arc is over and because of their decision not to go steady, I guess the mangaka won’t be bothered of potential problems that go along with a teacher-student relationship later on. On the ride home, that seems quite awkward for Touya. About not letting the family know, I think it is inevitable that they’ll know and that isn’t much conflict since their parents approve of them together...except perhaps for Uchuu. =P Scans by 工作室
Hirunaka No Ryuusei 46: Shishio got a call that there is something Yukichi wants to ask of him so go to the store before it opens tomorrow. Shishio comes in to Yukichi’s store and greets him. Yukichi says that it has been a long time and it seems that he hasn’t been coming here. Shishio says that he has been busy. Yukichi asks if he has been busy seeing Susume. Shishio looks at Yukichi who turns to look at him. He asks what’s with that expression, and why isn’t he saying ‘what are you joking about’. Yukichi laughs and says that for him not to cover it up means that it is true. Shishio tries to say something but Yukichi angrily asks him if he knows what he is doing. Clenching his fist, Shishio removes his cigarette and mutters that he knows. Yukichi scolds him that he fundamentally doesn’t know because given his current position, does he really think that he can make Susume attain happiness. And, what would happen if he didn’t found out about it. Can he quickly be at Susume’s side when she is in pain, depressed or lonely? Shishio recalls the times when Susume is with Mamura. Yukichi says that Susume is still 16 years old and she will still experience all sorts of things and isn’t it his duty to protect those. For Susume, this is one of the experiences and he ought to know it clearly than anyone. Looking away, Shishio says he knows, everything clearly so he hopes that he [Yukichi] would keep on treating her the same – not saying anything nor asking anything. Shishio bows and says, ‘please’. At school, Susume happily greets her friends. When they mention why she is so enthusiastic so early in the new school term, she tells them about wanting to progress this year. She notices Mamura but Yuyuka beats her to calling out to him. Mamura greets them back then he notices Susume so he asks why she is staring off like that. She says nothing then, she starts to ask how much money he got for New Year. He won’t answer her even if she told him that she got 20,000 yen. She tells him ‘yoroshiku/take care of me this year’. He says, ya. Susume is glad that they can talk normally unlike during the New Year’s eve which was awkward. Seeing him together with Yuyuka, Susume starts to wonder if they would go steady, and if that happens--.. She snaps out of it and thinks that compared to that, she has a bigger problem in front of her. Entering the classroom, Shishio calls out to everyone to sit down. Susume thinks that it has been a long time since she has seen him in teacher mode so how is she going to ask him that question. Before Shishio leaves, he calls out to Susume that during lunch break, can she help out in the fixing up the material/data room because Yada [guesswork from 矢田] is busy today. Susume says okay. Yuyuka whispers to her that this is a good opportunity to talk. While walking, Yuyuka and Susume talk about this opportunity though Susume just thinks that he only wants her to help out in some odds job. At the social data room, Shishio asks her to put back the books on the shelf. She stares at him and thinks that it is really just to help him out. After a long pause, Susume is about to say something but Shishio says that there is a question that he wants to ask her. “If I were to resign from this teaching job, what would you do?” He turns to face her and Susume is surprised. Meanwhile, Mamura bumps into Yada who turns out not to be busy at all. He recalls Shishio saying that she is and wants Susume to help him out. Then, Mamura realizes something. Comment: So, Shishio is already thinking of quitting his job for Susume. Because they were found out by Yukichi, I guess this made him finally decide to do this. Hm..for Susume to wonder of the possibility of Yuyuka and Mamura, is it just friendship or romance? Hm..I thought Yuyuka was already rejected. ^^; So, she’s trying again? Anyway, Mamura is quite intelligent to put things together so he ought to know something is up between those two. Will he be comforting her again later on or depending on the outcome, pursue her again? By the way, to those reading this series from the start in English scanlations, what is Susume’s nickname by Shishio, is it Shushu? Just in case, I have to mention it later on. Thanks~Anna ^^ Scans by allwink
Waltz no Ojikan 6: Hime starts imagining Tango praising her waltz as if she is like a princess that he wants her to become his destined partner. She snaps out of it when Yuusei reminds her that the program has started. Later on, she sees some contestants looking at the board with charts on them. Yuusei explains that the results of the first round are posted there. The judges record the points given to the dancers and they are ranked accordingly. Hime wonders how many points she got. She starts to imagine that she could be number one since Tango praised but to her dismay, they didn’t get any score. Yuusei tries to cheer her up by saying that from the start it is like this because the judges only watch for a second so every opportunity is very important but then, their thought have already been conveyed to Tango so he thanks her. Hime says that she should be the one thanking him because it is like a dream to dance in a competition with him. She excuses herself that she wants to go to the toilet. Looking around for Hime, Tango tells Sumire that he’ll look for Yuusei. Sumire looks abandoned. At the balcony, Tango grabs Hime’s hand and asks where she is going since she is wearing that outside. Hime sheepishly says that she’s lost. Then, they watch the second round which has started. She says that they look happy. Tango jealously says that didn’t she enjoy dancing waltz with Yuusei. She says she did and describes it like cherry as if she is in a different world. She starts crying that she’s the only one who thinks that for no one recognized her dancing as beautiful. She is happy that Tango got to see it and it is inevitable that she cannot do quite well since it is her first competition but she is really frustrated. He pats her head and says that it would be okay if she just strives harder next time, and he would definitely make her into a top quality partner. Somewhere else, Sumire complains where Tango is. Yuusei says that he might be with Hime. This made Sumire slightly glum. She comments that Hime’s dancing is bafflingly seductive that if she is a man, she would definitely want to dance with her. Holding Sumire in an embrace, Yuusei tells her that she ought to know that dancing with Hime is just to make Tango enthusiastic and he won’t dance with another partner again for she is his most precious one. Sumire starts patting his shoulder and says that they are partners and if someone overhears them, it might be misunderstood. She tells him that he’s tired so rest early. She looks slightly flustered. Back to the other two, Hime asks if he is saying that he’ll be her partner. Tango says yes. Hime excitedly asks if it is destined partner. Tango asks if she is referring to shocking the judges and making them give them the highest score next time. Hime asks that isn’t partner like destined partner. Tango says that doesn’t matter and they should first apply their group. He is surprised when Hime says that she doesn’t want to be his partner. She wants to be his destined partner not just a partner to win competitions. Tango argues that it doesn’t matter but Hime wants a destined partner, a special existence. Tango shouts that person isn’t easily met. Hime protests that his former partner is like that. This made Tango stop. Blushing, he looks away and says that has nothing to do with this issue. He tells her that he doesn’t know where she got that idea but she doesn’t have to mind it. Since Hime insist on it, Tango tells her to assume that he didn’t say anything and they should go. Hime feels that she’s stupid for saying that but based on his expression, his ex-partner isn’t just someone but always a special one for him.
At school, Tango yawns for not being able to sleep at night. Some guys are talking over the change in Hime who looks thin though the mood is still the same. Tango thinks that she is like a princess only during dancing and he doesn’t want the Hime whom only he can understand to gradually disappear. Then, he berates himself that he is like a dirty old man, and won’t this make his position totally changed. Then, she spots nervous Yuusei waiting for her at the gate and girls are flirting with him. At the bus stop, Yuusei comments that those non-dancing girls view him like an alien. Hime apologizes to him again for the competition. Yuusei says that he heard from Tango that she rebuffed his proposal to be his partner and it took him 5 minutes to recover. Hime apologizes for making him waste his effort since she kept on thinking of Tango’s ex-partner. She asks him if he knows something about it. Yuusei asks what Tango said. She says he doesn’t know what she is doing right now. Yuusei says that if it is like that then, he also doesn’t know. Yuusei tells her that she’ll definitely meet her if she kept on dancing for he heard of those two’s promise that if they grow up, they will dance together at Blackpool. Hime asks what this Blackpool is. He tells her that he showed it to her before, it is the place of the world’s most famous ballroom dance competition. That girl definitely hasn’t forgotten about that promise and she might possibly still, hasn’t abandoned dancing. Hime thinks that if she continues to dance, she can meet Tango’s special person. Yuusei tells her that regarding destined partner, he doesn’t think that it can easily be done because after dancing for a long time, there will be a bond born between the two and afterwards, they come to have an unspoken understanding between them. He tells her that her expressions answered him that in the end, she wanted to dance with Tango. At the dance studio, Tango arrives early for his dance class so he decides to take a nap. Sumire is already inside dancing. Tango says that she is still practicing and why she is doing it as if her life depended on it. Sumire grabs his coat and asks him to dance a bit with her since she couldn’t progress smoothly with the Othello dance. Tango tells her that it is still too early for him to chase after her level. Sumire shouts what. Sitting on the sofa and loosening his necktie, Tango tells her that she already dances well and it isn’t necessary to practice as if her life depended on it. Looking glum, she looks away and says that it isn’t a bit good for it is still far away from the dance level that she longs for so she must practice harder. Tango tells her that he doesn’t know what she is impatient about but must she suit herself to someone else as something she longed for. [<- something like comparing herself] Regarding her own dance, doesn’t she already have a lot of strong points. Sumire is surprised by that. Blushing, she shouts what does he mean by that and what part is good so how can he just causally say things that she doesn’t understand so properly explain. There is no response so she turns around to Tango to find him sleeping. Poking at sleeping Tango’s nose, Sumire says that he told her things that she isn’t used to, and won’t he dance together with her. Soon, Hime and Yuusei have just arrive to see Sumire leaning to kiss sleeping Tango. Then, Sumire snaps out and sees the surprised two. Just then, Tango wakes up. Comment: The series is indeed going for a foursome love polygon. Hime isn’t going to have her Cinderella ending yet. She didn’t do well enough to go to second round and because of her insistence of a destined partner, she just turned out to be Tango’s partner. Now, it seems that Sumire is indeed interested in Tango. So, is she Tango’s ex-partner? If she is, it seems that Yuusei is going along with what Tango told Hime. It would make sense why she has this inferiority complex type of thing even if she is already dances really well, why she would want to dance with Tango and why she is somewhat jealous of Hime. Given this mangaka’s style, the next chapter won’t continue where it left off. ^^; Scans by allwink

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