April 22, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 31]

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Narration: “At Hakuyou-- after the Spring Banquet, the imperial palace has resumed back to its usual busy days. –And, I, Tei Yuulin, (temporary bride) is currently reflecting on [something].” Holding a document, Haku Reishou (king) asks her what it is. Yuulin has been staring at him. Yuulin says that it is nothing, don’t mind her. Then after thinking for a while, Yuulin asks, “..Your Majesty, about food, do you like sweet or spicy hot?” Puzzled Reishou says that if he has to choose one, then it would be sweet though any would do. While pouring tea, Yuulin turns to him and asks, “—cute or beautiful?” Resihou says, cute. Yuulin asks, “big or small?” Reishou nervously laughs and asks what she is up to. Looking serious, Yuulin tells him that it is only a Professional Queen Consort’s questionnaire inquiry, so please don’t mind it at all. This made Reishou even more puzzled. Narration: “-the Banquet has already been successful conducted. But, (according to my plan), during this time, there should have a friendship sprouted in between Ryu Houen and Han Suigetsu, but right now, it is still worsening. Suigetsu is still easygoing about work, and Houen is still in a violent rage. I fundamentally wanted His Majesty to be happy, but his reaction is just average.. How infuriating! *Chibi Reishou laughs and asks if she still wants to do her best* The me, who felt quite helpless, has finally become aware of it-- *glaring at puzzled Reishou* It is because my investigation isn’t that detailed! What does His Majesty like! What should be done for him to become happy! It won’t do if I just carry out an action without knowing of the prerequisites! I never thought that there is a person who doesn’t like festivals.. Forget it, I should go and make some sweet and cute snacks.. (<- result of the inquiry) Fighting[/gambatte]! Goal-- become a qualified Professional Queen Consort! New goal!” While all fired-up Yuulin leaves, Reishou looks at her and thinks that Yuulin seems to be very enthusiastic, and what is she doing again.

At the government [affairs] building, Yuulin asks if Reishou is with Prime Minster Shuu again. An official says yes, they are currently in a conversation. Yuulin thinks that after the Spring Banquet ended, it has been very busy. “I’ve seen Prime Minister Shuu bringing in a lot of work into the government building. It must be tiring.. But, I’ll take advantage of this opportunity!” She goes to see Counselor[/assistant to the ruler] Ryu Houen. After the Banquet, Houen has been promoted to become the Official Counselor [to Reishou]. Houen asks, “About His Majesty--?” Sparkling Yuulin says that is right, as the Queen Consort, she wants to know more about His Majesty. Yuulin thinks that the investigation (which includes acting) about His Majesty now starts! After a pause, Houen scolds her for being a fool then starts to exclaim that Reishou is incorruptible[/honest] and serious, he thinks of high aspirations, and has a stronger power[/will] to implement them. He scolds Yuulin again that is what a Queen Consort should know. Then, he continues to praise Reishou. Yuulin thinks that even if this guy continues to attack her, he still says a lot of stuff. Counselor Han Suigetsu goes to them and asks what they are doing for it seems to be interesting. After the Banquet, Suigetsu is also promoted to become a counselor. Yuulin tells him that she wants to understand more about His Majesty. Sparkling Suigestsu says that His Majesty is very terrifying that he is like a powerful, with stately feeling, percussion musical instrument in performance. Houen angrily shouts how he could say that His Majesty is terrifying. Yuulin thinks, no, why he is comparing His Majesty to a musical instrument.
While doing her cleaning chores as a maid, Yuulin thinks that it is no good, for she hasn’t reached the part of properly asking questions, those two are already quarreling so next time, she’ll find another opportunity. Going back and forth, Gen calls out to her and asks her what happened after the Flower Feast, didn’t they have a romantic night together. Yuulin says, “Nothing! I’m only a Temporary Bride! (investigating..)” Gen whines that geez, that’s boring. Dai just laughs at the side. He no longer expresses his opinion after the Banquet because His Majesty got angry with him. Gen then shouts, “That’s right! It is because of that, right!? Fickleness! I’ve heard that His Majesty has been flirting with other women behind your back! *Dai joining Gen* The fire of jealousy, burning flame! His Majesty is a bad man who plays around with a woman’s heart! A very serious crime! Let me say, if you continue on like this, being indifferent..” Yuulin exclaims, “Master! You listen well! First of all, His Majesty isn’t the type of man who’ll drool over a beautiful woman at first sight! *pushes up eyeglasses* Second, I’m only a Temporary Bride, so I won’t do anything inappropriate of my status! *Gen and Dai look surprised* It is only an act by His Majesty to socialize those other women! *blushing and serious* He is actually a very honest man! *Gen and Dai still look surprised* (I have to protect His Majesty’s reputation! This is what a qualified Queen Consort [will do])!” Then, Yuulin realizes that Reishou is standing behind her. Turning to face him, Yuulin asks since when was he standing there. Reishou says just now. Yuulin apologizes and tells him that it seems that Master has some misunderstandings so she is explaining things to him. Reishou lamely says, ya. Teary-eyed Dai tries to suppress his laughter that his stomach hurts already. “Such an amazing—Queen..” Gen says that about a few days ago. Smiling Reishou asks if they got something else to say. Gen and Dai say, ‘Nothing’.
Later on, at a room, Reishou is reading a scroll. He asks Jun what Yuulin is talking about lately with those people in the government building. Jun tells him that ever since Houen and Suigetsu became mediators, their cooperation had increased and perhaps, it has something to do with this. “Their relationship has become more or less, at ease, and it seems that everyone had also relaxed a lot. I didn’t know that the Temporary Bride has this kind of usefulness! And it seems that the outcome is quite good. Hahaha” Reishou tells him not to take advantage of Yuulin. Later on, Reishou, together with Jun and other officials, arrive at the government building. Yuulin, who is with Houen and Suigetsu, greets him. Smiling Yuulin asks him if their talk is over. Reishou says yes and he made her wait, His Queen. At the harem, Reishou asks Yuulin what she is talking about with the others in the government building. Surprised Yuulin just says that it is just some idle chat (though she is actually secretly investigating). Thinking that Yuulin is still talking about the Banquet with the others, Reishou just says, “Is that so.” Later on, Kouren tells Reishou about the objections of those two generals. Reishou says that if they still continue to fight, make them straightforwardly come and see him, next.. Kouren says that several executives had written a petition to hold a Peony Banquet.. Reishou says, reject, next.. Kouren says that all of Rongzhuo[容州]’s memorials [to the emperor] has already been delivered. Preparing to write something, Reishou says that he’ll look at it again later on because anyway, the contents are just the same, next.. There is a long pause. Kouren says, “Suddenly, one day, the married couple are no longer connected with each other’s hearts, and thus, a hindrance arises. It is called as period of weariness..” Reishou exclaims, “What did you say!?” Kouren says that he is just talking to himself. “Next, about the plan to repair the canal..” Reishou looks really dark.
While walking with her waiting ladies, Yuulin thinks that even if she is investigating, but there is totally no result yet. “Or, I should say that because everyone is afraid that they won’t dare get close enough to His Majesty, to know His Majesty. *There is a scene of two nervous officials saying that His Majesty is outstanding and they have no right to evaluate the king* But then, even if they knew, they won’t just casually tell it to the Queen Consort. Speaking of that, only Ryu Houen and Han Suigetsu would talk with me like this, and it is quite strange. Now that I think of it, the Queen Consort’s position is quite inconceivable to go as far as not being able to hear anything.” At a room where there are a lot of documents, smiling Suigetsu tells Houen that the Queen Consort is really an unfathomable person. There is a scene of blushing Yuulin telling them not to tell His Majesty. Suigetsu says that it is so cute for her to hide about wanting to know about His Majesty. Suigetsu hands a document and says that is his part. Scowling Houen tells him that is because her head is broken and until now, she doesn’t understand her position. “The whole day, she is careless[/heedless]..” Flashback on Keitaku who told Houen to listen up, he [Houen] had taken a fancy on [/siding with] that Queen Consort but actually, there is no value in that! “She is but just an imperial concubine who cannot get anyone’s approval. She is fundamentally a blockhead who is unsuitable to become one’s rival! Thanks to my generosity, I’ve temporarily let her off! Hahahaha” End flashback. Houen angrily thinks that if their father knew what Keitaku did, he won’t be forgiven. He mutters, “Every year, there are idiots but this year, there are more of them.” Suigetsu tells Houen that Yuulin is like an ordinary person who is in love that she is going all over the place for His Majesty. “For His Majesty to have this kind of Queen Consort at his side, I feel that it is such a fortunate thing.”
At the imperial palace, an official tells Yuulin that Kouren has already left and currently His Majesty is resting at the lounge. There is a scene of Kouren saying that this is enough for the day. The aghast official advises Yuulin that right now, it would be better not to get close to His Majesty. Yuulin wonders if Reishou is in a bad mood. She tells him that it is alright, she’ll go and see what’s going on. Peeking in the lounge, Yuulin thinks that the Wolf King in a bad mood, is a bit scary but it seems that the officials are troubled. “As the Queen Consort, I should..” She blushes upon seeing Reishou sleeping on the sofa. She looks around and wonders if Jun isn’t around. “Can I go and look a bit? *approaches sleeping Reishou* I want to understand, but I still don’t know. During the Banquet, I felt that distance. Not only that [we] didn’t pull closer, *looking down on sleeping Reishou* but I should say, there’s more and more distance--” She is surprised when Reishou suddenly pulls her to him and hold her close to him. He asks her what she is doing. Blushing and tense Yuulin struggles to say something. Reishou asks, “The Banquet is already over, why are you still passionately chatting with those two? Are you fed up with me? Is it more fun to be together with them?” Feeling she’s in a crisis, Yuulin exclaims, “What!? Wh..why would you say that!? Is Your Majesty still muddle-headed from sleep.. (Why.. Why do you have that kind of expression.) How is that possible!? I am your Queen Consort!” Reishou says, yes. Then, he hugs her to him. There’s silence that she timidly calls out to him. She wonders if he is sleeping and maybe he is indeed muddle-headed from sleep. She tells him that she is going to stand up, okay. “If someone comes in, it will be embarrassing.. Let me go, okay..?” In wolf mode, Reishou touches her face and says, “For the king to hug his own Queen, I won’t think that there’s anything to be embarrassed about.” Thinking that it is the Wolf King, Yuulin quickly pushes him away and says, “Your Majesty, really! Do not be reckless again! *walking away while blushing with a Queen Consort-type of smile* This is the imperial palace! I’m going back to wait for you!” Blushing a bit, Reishou mutters that she is such a nice person.
Walking away, still blushing Yuulin thinks, “Even if I don’t know much regarding His Majesty, but there is something that I’m sure of. That is-- His Majesty’s lonely puppy expression, and I must stay at his side. To be gaze at by the Wolf King, my heart is beating wildly. *touches chest* No matter what, I couldn’t stay on. I obviously know that it is only an act, but I still like him. Why is my heart in such a confusion-- Ah,ah, no good, no good, if it is like this, then I can’t become a Professional Queen Consort.. Thus, the Queen Consort’s ‘Investigating His Majesty’ will be severely difficult.” Later on, at the harem, Yuulin has prepared some cute and sweet snacks. While serving Reishou, Yuulin thinks, “How perplexing.. Having a good relationship with those two, Puppy King will become very lonely.. But, they are important mediums in understanding His Majesty.. What am I to do..” After eating a snack, Reishou says, “By the way, a few days ago, sorry about being muddle-headed from sleep, at that time, don’t mind what I’ve told you. *smiles* You can go to the government building and chat with everyone.” Yuulin asks if that is true. Still smiling Reishou says, “Because I’ve heard the details from those two. It felt like they were describing, ‘The deep love that the Queen Consort has for the King’. What are you doing, my beloved Queen?” Yuulin is stunned while Reishou looks happy. Then, she freaks out, thinking, “Ah, those two traitors! I told them to keep it a secret!” Blushing Yuulin shouts that she is doing that as a Professional Queen Consort and she is doing her best to probe. Reishou says, ah, is that so. Narration: “The imperial palace treats the imperial concubine strictly, even if the Queen Consort explained as if her life depended on it, but as matters stand, this is a so-called Temporary Bride.” Elsewhere, sparkling Suigetsu says that this is for His Majesty to be at ease, so it is inevitable. Looking at a document, Houen says that Suigetsu did that so that he [Suigetsu] would to be at ease. “And, from the start, I didn’t promise to keep it a secret!”
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