April 22, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 0/Prologue]

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[Free Talk: This is a new series by Minase Ai, the author of Namida Usagi. The title means, ‘First Love Honey’ and it is serialized in Shocomi. The story is about childhood friends love story and I don’t really know but the prologue is cute and nice so I’ve summarize it and will probably continue depending on what the real series is like. The blurb for the main story is: “Even if not family, friends or lovers, but there is love. An incredible intimate relationship -‘childhood friends’. Koharn* Shiina is a lively, happy and a bit of an obasan [/old lady], straightforward type of girl. Sano Natski** is a cheerful, lively active type. What kind of young love story will happen between them?” (*I think it is pronounced as Koharu but I’m following the spelling used by the author, as well as for Natski** which is probably read as Natsuki.)]
Narration: “It started five years ago, that time of not knowing things, an important memory..” A smiling little girl holds a fork. There are a lot of food and a cake on the table. Narration: “My name is Shiina Koharn and today is my 10th birthday. But..” Her mother apologizes that she has work, and her father apologizes that he is in a deadline to finish his novel. Koharn bows her head and puts down her fork. She exclaims that since it is work, then it is inevitable. Her mother is a popular cooking researcher. [The term 料理研究家 seems to be only in Japanese. It is someone who teaches practical cooking techniques through books, demonstrations, etc. In this case, it seems that her mother, Shiina Hikari is an author of cook books.] Her father is a ‘no sale’ novelist because Koharn thinks that the title is no good like ‘trash fish’s love’. After vacuuming her room, Koharn proudly exclaims that even if that is so, she will make her house sparkling clean. “And, on my birthday, I will also feel happy!” Then, she hears a soft rustling sound at the side. She is surprised when flowers are thrown down to her. A young boy is standing by the window and exclaims, “Happy birthday!!” Koharn goes out the balcony and calls out to Natski. Holding some flowers to her, he tells her to look what he got. Koharn happily takes the flowers and thanks him. Narration: “Nats-chan is my same aged boy neighbor and he is also my childhood friend.” Natski asks her if aunt and the others aren’t at home. Koharn says that they went to work. He says how can that be when this is Koharn’s birthday so how about she go to his house. Koharn happily agrees to it. Narration: “Since the day we were born, I and Nats-chan have always been together. We build a connection [wide wooden plank] to each other’s balcony so that we can go to each other’s house. Our relationship is very good.” Natski helps Koharn cross the plank to his balcony.
In the room, Koharn blushes while holding a porn magazine. Natski denies that it is his, it is all his father’s. After a pause, Natski proudly says that it is because he is man♡. Koharn says that if it’s wrong, it’s wrong [/he’s making best after a mistake] and gross, she won’t change clothes in front of him again. Natski happily says that even if he sees Harn-chan’s body, he also won’t be interested because she is a kid. Irritated Koharn promptly starts to whack him with the porn magazine. Then, they were surprised that a piece of paper flies out from the magazine. It is a treasure map drawn by Natski’s father. It is near the bridge by the river, inside an apple box. Koharn asks what is hidden in it, is it a diamond. Natski exclaims that he doesn’t know so how about they look for it. Narration: “On that day of my birthday, we found a treasure map by chance. We felt that something big is definitely going to happen!!” By the river side as indicated in the map, the wind blows hard. Covering down her dress, Koharn exclaims to Natski about the strong wind. She sees Natski covering his eyes and shouting to a couple of high school girls, “Neesans[/sisters]~ I saw it, I saw it!!” They call him a pervert but Natski tells them to blame the wind for that. Koharn shouts at him that weren’t they there to find the treasure. Pouting, Natski says that it is a carelessly made map that he doesn’t understand it, and the hints are only the river and the apple box. The high school girls ask Natski if that girl is his girlfriend, and she’s so cute. Natski says no, she is only his childhood friend and he comparatively likes neesans[/older girls] like them who have that kind of chest. While the high school girls laugh, Koharn is displeased by that and thinks that he is an idiot. When Natski turns around, he notices that Koharn is gone. One of the high school girls bends down and says that Natski is very cute, and she’ll go buy him some snack. She is surprised when Natski suddenly runs off.
Running around with the map, Koharn kept on thinking that Natski is an idiot, and what’s up with him being so lewd. “Sex maniac idiot Nats-chan!!!” She thinks that it isn’t easy to find a treasure map and it is obviously not easy for them to specially look for the treasure together, and be elated with expectation, non-stop beating of the heart, and perhaps, a special birthday. Holding the map, she mutters again that Nats-chan is an idiot. “By the way, about the chest-stuff..mine will also slowly become big..” She is surprised when a suspicious beard guy asks her to let uncle see that. Koharn is frightened by him and she mutters, no.. Suddenly, Natski arrives and kicks the man away. He shouts, “Don’t touch Harn-chan” Teary-eyed from being scared, Koharn clings on Natski’s shirt from behind. The man stands up and shouts, “Stupid son, you unexpectedly didn’t recognize your own father!” The man pulls up his hat and they recognize him. Natski’s father says that they are still quite lively, and sorry for startling them. Natski shouts that wasn’t he suppose to arrive next week. Natski’s father says that because of the awful weather at the mountains, so they’ve stopped this time around. Narration: “Natski’s father is some sort of mountaineering adventurer. *notices Natski’s shirt* Nats-chan’s shirt where I held him has become big[/stretched]. *blushes upon recalling Natski shouting, ‘not to touch Harn-chan’* He protect me. *smiles* I’m really very happy, Nats-chan.” While walking around in the grassy field, Koharn says that in the end, they weren’t able to find the treasure. Natski says that no wonder his father [is good] that he managed to find it there. She tells him not to mind that. Natski says that it is like in a manga’s plot wherein it can’t be found. Then, he kicks something. They are surprised for it is an apple box. They have found it. They look inside and unexpectedly, the so-called treasure is.. a box full of porn magazine. =P
Koharn looks gloomy when Natski excitedly looks at the magazines and exclaims that it is really amazing, so many cute neesans, and the chest is so big. Pouting, Koharn thinks that she was obviously looked forward to it.. Natski happily tells Koharn to quickly look at the magazines but she turns away and says that she doesn’t want to. Then, she notices a small dirty animal at the side. That night, the two cleans the animal in the bathroom. Koharn tells Natski not to put soap in its eyes. Natski says he knows. Then, they happily say that the doggie will now look beautiful and isn’t that great. They were surprised for the dog looks like a panda bear. They happily hug each other and shout, “a panda-!!!” Then, Natski looks surprised. Carrying the dog, Koharn calls out to her mother and shouts that it is panda, they got a panda puppy. Blushing Natski looks at his hands and mutters, “So, it turns out that Harn-chan’s body is this soft?” Narration: “This is my 10th birthday. That is our ‘still don’t know about love’ story.” (See you again) Scans by 夜莺工作室

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