November 7, 2011

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapter 3]

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Title: Mutability/Contant Change Takamichi [formerly Takadou] tells Gonpachi that he wants him to kill Umenosuke. Gonpachi nervously laughs and tells him not to kid around. Takamichi says that he isn’t kidding and what is he afraid of, for he [Gonpachi] was the one who had Ren-sama, the heir of the store, murdered. This shocks Hana when she realizes that the one who had caused the heir to fall down the valley, according to Akesato [formerly Akari] is actually Gonpachi. [<-Sorry, I made a mistake in the last chapter. It was Akesato telling Umenosuke that the heir got into an accident by falling down the valley on his way from Edo. Not, Umenosuke saying about man ‘falling rock bottom’ ^^; Edit: It seems to be like this, the owner died of illness and Gonpachi is ruining the store because of gambling. So, the new heir, from the capital, is going to replace him but Gonpachi got him killed.] Gonpachi nervously asks how did Takamichi knew. Takamichi says, so that’s it and thankfully Gonpachi is stupid so this is a big help to him. Gonpachi starts to deny it and says that his men did it on their own will. Takamichi tells him to calm down for he won’t tell anyone about it. He suggests to Gonpachi to just get the help of those guys whom he hired to kill Ren-sama because after all, it is just killing one more person. Gonpachi asks him what his issue with Umenosuke is. Takamichi tells him that they are business rivals at the capital, and that guy’s business is pretty hard to cope[/rival] with. Takamichi laughs and says that he isn’t forcing Gonpachi to do this for he has nothing to do with Gonpachi even if he becomes heavily in debt of loans and goes bankrupt. Gonpachi relents and says okay. Hana is shock over the dangerous stuff that they were talking about and if they knew that she has overheard them, she will definitely be killed to shut her mouth about it. She decides to quickly leave but the wooden floor creaks. This alerted the two men who went out of the room and exclaim who is there. But, no one is at the corridor. Gonpachi wonders if it is the wind but Takamichi looks suspicious as he looks at the side. He says that it seems to be [wind]. At the corner, Umenosuke has already pulled Hana to him and covered her mouth for her not to make a sound. Inside the room, Umenosuke release Hana that made her exclaim as to what he is doing. Umenosuke apologizes for being rough on her and tells her to relax first by deep breathing. Hana did as told before she exclaims that this isn’t the time to do this for he is already out of luck because it is all over for him [/he’s deadmeat]. After looking surprised, Umenosuke acts as if it is nothing by saying if she meant it is dangerous, and he was really startled by her scary expression. Hana grabs his coat and exclaims if this is the time to make a joke when that guy just said that he is going to kill him. She asks what he did to that Takamichi guy, does he know him, and is it about some woman. Somewhat surprised, Umenosuke asks why it is about woman, and he does know the guy for they are business rivals. He tells her that every time they meet at the capital city, Takamichi would angrily stare at him but he didn’t expect that he was hated that much for him [Takamichi] to want to kill him. Aghast Hana asks why he is still calm right now.

Leaning close to her, Umenosuke asks why she is so uneasy, could it be that she has fallen for him. Hana blushes and exclaim in surprise while telling him not to stay too close. Umenosuke says that he is just joking. Before leaving the room, Umenosuke says that he will be leaving that place tomorrow and there is no need for her to be that worried. The next day, looking out the second floor window, Hana thinks that even if it isn’t a problem that she should be concerned about, but it makes her realize how dangerous this place is. She wonders if Umenosuke will really be okay since he seemed to be very easy-going. Then, she heard a girl exclaiming for someone to let her go. Hana looks down to see a girl with Gonpachi who is thanking some samurai for their help. The girl tries to say something but Gonpachi urges her to go into the store. After the girl is inside, Gonpachi gives the two samurai a bag of money and says that things went smoothly today, and it is all thanks to their help. The two men laugh. Hana recognizes the two samurai who attacked her before [first chapter] and why is Gonpachi giving them money, what is this money about. She realizes that those two men have been threatening girls, then, Gonpachi will pretend to be a good person helping them and in the end, with flowery words, he will trick the girls to become yujo. This made Hana furious that she angrily stomps on the floor. This surprises Gonpachi and others who were below that floor. Thinking that Gonpachi has always been doing this, Hana decides to confront and stop Gonpachi but it was Akesato who called out Gonpachi’s attention for him to give this up because it isn’t good to get the owner to be acting like some pimp. While Akesato is trying to tell him that even if he does that kind of thing.., Gonpachi interrupts and says that even if she is the ‘leading lady’ of the store, she hasn’t been able to make a lot of money so she doesn’t have the right to say that to him. He also insinuates that it is her fault that is why he is in trouble right now. He is surprised when Akesato frowns. She tells him that just now, she wrote to her close rich customers to ask them to come to the store tonight so for them to not prepare anything up to now, is that okay with him. Gonpachi calls her stupid for not telling him earlier. He then orders his staff to prepare. While the prospective victim quickly gets out of the store, Natsu [formerly Natsuki] exclaims that Akesato has really said it. Akesato smiles and says yes, for she could do this, lie without hesitation. This shocks Hana and tells Akesato to wait for if she lied, won’t she be beaten up when it has been found out. Akesato says that even so, she thinks that what she did is right. This surprises Hana.
Akesato smiles and says that upon seeing how brave Hana is, in all things, she also wants to become someone like her, and since she [Akesato] is someone who doesn’t have a future, she doesn’t want to have any regrets [in life]. Hana is a bit puzzled by what she said. Akesato also says that it will be hard for someone like Hana to survive in Yoshiwara so it is much better for her to quickly leave this place. Before leaving, she tells Hana that even if she [Hana] has no place to go, Umenosuke can help put in a good word for her so she ought to leave together with Umenosuke. Hana tries to protest for Akesato will pay dearly if this is discovered but Natsu confronts her by telling her to quickly go. Natsu says that Hana is always stirring up trouble for if she wasn’t here, Akesato would definitely have not disobeyed the owner. Natsu admits that she also hates the owner and would want him to just quickly die but even if that happens, they have no choice but to continue on surviving in that place. She tells Hana that it is okay for her to say such things and have that kind of feeling [towards them], but those are totally of no help to them. While walking outside with Hana, Umenosuke asks why Hana looks so glum. Hana says that it is nothing but rather, she is just thinking if she hasn’t been fully considering things. Umenosuke says perhaps, for actually the things she said are all correct but within Yoshiwara, it isn’t definitely a correct answer. He tells her that those girls have no place to go and she shouldn’t get involved with them for her goal is to find her mother’s memento. He advises Hana to leave first just like what those girls said, or else, she might not find it [memento] if she does it after earning money to buy herself out of that ‘sell one’s body’ contact. [<- I don’t recall Hana entering into this contract ^^; so maybe it is just Umenosuke’s assumption] Hana grabs his sleeve and asks if they can get the owner and the others arrested. Umenosuke goes ‘huh’. Hana exclaims that won’t everything be perfectly resolved if that owner isn’t around. He tells her that it isn’t that simple and why is she meddling into dangerous things, when it would be fine for her to just come along with him to get out of there. Then, Hana says that is right, they are after his life so it would be better for him to quickly get out. She apologizes for saying things so hastily. She waves goodbye and says that she will go by herself and think on how to do it. This shocks Umenosuke that he exclaimed why it ended like that. Holding his head, he says that she is really strange for it seems she isn’t afraid of anything. Hana admits that she is afraid but if she is captured by some people, whether it is him or Akesato, they will help her, thus she thinks that it would be better for her to do something. After looking surprised, Umenosuke holds her wrist to stop her, and tells her to come along with him. They didn’t notice that Takamichi is eavesdropping on them at the corner of the building.
At a store, Hana is screaming for pervert Umenosuke to let her go. Umenosuke says that she’s too noisy, and just be quiet. He is pulling an obi [/belt of a kimono] on Hana that she asks him where he is touching her. He tells her not to move, or else the clothes would loosen up. He is unsatisfied with the obi that he tells the store owner to give him a black-red obi. With onlookers behind, Umenosuke is quite satisfied over Hana’s new kimono outfit. Hana still couldn’t believe that she was just dressed up by a guy. Umenosuke pushes a letter on her face and tells her to bring it to the store when she gets there. Untying his hair, he says that it is a request to make her into servant who does miscellaneous work, instead of being a yujo. He adds that the owner might not take it serious but Akesato had asked him to help Hana escape so he doesn’t want her to go empty handed. Hana sparkles over this. She says that he noticed everything and she really feels apologetic. She thanks him for the kimono for it is a big help and this way, she won’t be so conspicuous and be chased after by people. Umenosuke laments that she is so naive for doesn’t she understand that he won’t be going back to that store and does she know that implication of that. Sparkling Hana says that it is alright, she will think of a way on her own to help Akesato and others, and she’ll show him. Umenosuke ends up giggling that Hana asks if he is treating her as a fool. He tells her that it isn’t like that but then, he doesn’t hate her being like that. Puzzled, Hana thanks him again. He tells her that he is warning her not to fool around and cause trouble because he couldn’t help her anymore but then, it might not happen since he helped her change into those clothes. Just when Umenosuke is about to take his leave, Hana tells him to wait for she wants to know his real name. Umenosuke says that didn’t he already tell her that it is Umenosuke. Hana says that it is because Akesato said that it isn’t his real name so she is a bit curious about it. She tells him that he has helped her a lot and she wants to know the name of her benefactor. Umenosuke says that there isn’t much difference with his real name. Since Hana insists, Umenosuke says that it is Rennosuke. [Ume = plum. Ren = lotus] Before leaving, he tells her not to tell anyone about it. Hana thinks that it is really not much different from Umenosuke. She wonders if he will be alright. That night, one of the owners’ men hit Natsu and asks if Akesato lied up sending that letter to the clients. After a pause, Natsu says that Akesato didn’t lie for she did wrote it, but she [Natsu] tear up the letter and throw it away. The man raises his hand to hit her again but Hana kicks him away and throws the Umenosuke’s letter on Gonpachi’s face. =P
Hana exclaims that didn’t she tell them not to do that kind of thing. Natsu is shock to see Hana. Hana asks if she is alright. Natsu exclaims in disbelief that she came back when Akesato had already twice.. Reading the letter, Gonpachi asks what kind of joke is this and it is okay for him not to mind it since Umenosuke won’t be coming back to their store. He tears up the letter and says that girls won’t be able to do anything. The two samurai arrive and ask if they are busy. Gonpachi exclaims that they are late. The two just casually apologize. While Hana recognizes the two, Gonpachi tells them that it will be as what they talked about this morning, and he’ll leave it up to them. They ask him where the man is right now, is he outside [of Yoshiwara]. Takamichi goes in the room and says that person is still in Yoshiwara because not a long while ago, someone saw him in Kyomachi street. Hana thinks that they are talking about Rennosuke and that he is still in Yoshiwara. Hana mutters about him not leaving yet. Takamichi notices this and tells her that for her own safety, it would be better for her not to think of doing something funny. He tells Gonpachi to lock up the two on the second floor temporarily while they talk about the aftermath. While Hana is worried about Rennosuke being in danger if he wasn’t warned about this, Gonpachi tells the two samurai not to fail. The two samurai just say to leave it to them. After being locked up, Hana comments that the door won’t open. Natsu asks her what’s going on. She tells him that, even if she doesn’t quite understand it but Umenosuke seems to be targeted by those guys. This made Natsu exclaims that things are bad then. Hana asks is that so. She wonders what to do if calling out from the window for help will do but then.. After looking at Hana, Natsu takes out the bars from the window. She tells Hana to get out and warn Umenosuke. Hana declines for she won’t be at ease to leave her there and Umenosuke seems to be very amazing so it should be no problem for him. Natsu exclaims for her to quit chattering and just quickly go. She says that even if she isn’t clear as to what’s going on but that guy is also her and Akesato’s benefactor so how could she just let him be killed with her eyes wide open. Hana relents and climbs down the window using a long cloth. To Hana’s surprise, Natsu is pulling up the cloth robe. Natsu tells her that if she manages to warn Umenosuke about it, she is to leave Yoshiwara this time around. Hana says no, she will come back because in the end, she cannot just be at ease and leave them there. Natsu is in totally disbelief that she exclaims that Hana is a fool and she can just do whatever she wants. Hana exclaims okay. While Hana is running and hoping that Rennosuke will be alright, a couple of guys with hoods on their face, and carrying katana, calls out to Umenosuke to stop. Umenosuke turns to look at them.
Scans by 不良汉化组

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