November 7, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 96]

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The karaoke store is decorated with Halloween decors. At a karaoke room, Tsubaki holds out an envelope to Kyouta and exclaims, “Tsubaki-kun! Happy 18th Birthday!!” On the table, there are a cellphone, a birthday cake, and a projector. Taking a circular film from the envelope, Kyouta comments that it is a film again this year. Putting the film in the projector, Tsubaki says that this is the last one, and next year, she will be giving him that main part, the projector. She opens the projector and says that except for a year, the three year plan is complete. Kyouta says that before, he thought it is idiotic when she said about giving a part of the gift throughout three years but it will soon be over. Tsubaki answers that next year, he ought to be in college at Kyoto and she might not be able to give it to him directly, like this. There is silence. Then, Tsubaki claps her hand and says that it would be fine if Kyouta can pass to get in Seigu University. It is one of the top super hard universities and even if it is Kyouta, it is also impossible to easily qualify.. Tsubaki stops talking to look at Kyouta who is seriously looking at her. She quickly backtracks and says that she wasn’t thinking that it is definite that he won’t pass. Kyouta asks if she really didn’t think about it because if he wasn’t able to pass, it is okay for him not to go to Kyoto and they can be always be together like this. To his surprise, Tsubaki bluntly tells him that she totally didn’t think of that because when they went there before, she realized that it isn’t too far and didn’t he say that he can see her whenever he wants to. “And, if I want to see you, I can also go to Kyoto. So from today on, I’ll start to economize to save money that will be used to buy Shinkansen tickets. So, this year’s gift is only a homemade cake. Sorry. Okay, let’s eat the cake.” Kyouta starts to mumbling things. Then, to her shock, he says that she is really not cute, not one bit. Tsubaki says that wasn’t that during the first and second day..and he knew that already before he went steady with her. Kyouta says that it isn’t that. “End of summer vacation. When changing clothes. Thinking that graduation is now half a year away.. Thinking that we’ll be apart. In the end, feeling that.. it is a bit lonely.. *Tsubaki blushes* this *touches Tsubaki’s face* At any time I can touch your face, would also be few.. *Tsubaki couldn’t believe that Kyouta would feel lonely* And speaking of that, are those the things what a girlfriend should be saying? *angrily pinching her cheek* Your answer is quite straightforward.. Let me say that you are always a trick exam question.”

Tsubaki protests that it is because even if he studies in Tokyo, in the end, their goals are different so she thinks that they also cannot be together like this right now. “If it is like that, even if we don’t see each other too much, I still ought to send you off to properly study in Kyoto where your dream professor is. I felt that doing this is for the best. *flustered and teary-eyed* I won’t say it.. That I actually felt very lonely.” Kyouta quickly hugs her and says, “Ah.. –geez, so..” Just when they are about to kiss, his cellphone starts to ring. They break apart and Tsubaki says that it is already an hour, so he should quickly go back to work. She isn’t finished talking but Kyouta is already kissing her deeply. Then, he goes for her neck and lies her down on the sofa. He tells her that he really doesn’t want her to go. Tsubaki says, ya, she also doesn’t want to either. Tsubaki seems to be saying ‘no, no’ then the two starts laughing. After they prepare to leave, Kyouta bids her goodbye. Tsubaki says that she’ll see him in school. Then, when she is going out of the door, Kyouta calls out to her. She turns around and hears a ‘clicking’ sound. She asks what that sound is. Kyouta says that until now, they haven’t been sending mms [Multimedia Messaging Service to each other] and the result is quite good. Tsubaki is horrified to see her lame-sleepy picture on Kyouta’s phone. Tsubaki shouts for him to quickly delete it. Kyouta laughs and says that right now, she is wide-awake. While Tsubaki is midway in getting his phone, Kyouta closes the flip of his cellphone and says that he has decided that from today on, he will keep her interesting MMS [/pictures]. “During the days when we can’t see each other, you take a picture of yourself and send it to me.” Tsubaki says what, who would that kind of thing. She thinks that she also wants his picture. Blushing, she tells him that if she does that, he also has to send a picture back..and it will be okay if she takes a picture. To her surprise, Kyouta says how can he do it, taking a picture of oneself, that is such a thick-skinned face [/shameless] thing to do. Tsubaki angrily shouts that if it is like that, she also won’t do it. To her irritation, Kyouta takes her picture at that moment and says, “Nice- hostile face ☆” =P Holding her hands together, she says that she feels that this is good for them to mutually send MMS to each other so she’ll try it out. Kyouta comments that she is unexpectedly very narcisstic. This made Tsubaki shout that wasn’t it a mutual sending of one’s own picture.
She dreamily says that something like a beautiful sunset, tasty food, or insignificant things will be okay. “Even if I can’t see you, but if I can make you see the same things, doesn’t it feel like.. you are at my side..*sparkles*” Kyouta rains on her parade by saying that if it is like that, why not just call, and it’s very boring if the face can’t be seen in the photo. Suddenly, they were interrupted by the boss who shouts at Kyouta that his break time is already over a while ago. Taking the box of cake, Kyouta thanks her for it and bids her goodbye. Tsubaki just looks flustered as he left. That night, while reading study guides for Seigu University, Kyouta gets a message. He exclaims that Tsubaki really sent it. The message reads: “Thinking of next year, I’m very happy that I will be able to give you this projector. If you want to see it, tell me. Thank you for specially freeing your break time [at work]. I happily wish that you’ll have a beautiful year.” Kyouta scrolls down to see the picture. He then bursts into laughter. At school, Kyouta goes upstairs and greets some girls a good morning. Then, he overhears someone saying that she wasn’t able to take a good picture of it. Kyouta finds Tsubaki at the sink, trying to take a picture. He smiles and puts his arm around her. He tells her that he was really shock for he didn’t think that she will really take and send a picture to him. Tsubaki complains that he didn’t send one back to her. He says that it is because he doesn’t know how to reply back to that SELF-photo. Tsubaki protests that she only took a picture of the projector. Kyouta shows her the picture and to her shock, it also shows herself because she is taking a picture in front of the mirror, hence the image got reflected. He comments that she really doesn’t know how to take a picture. Tsubaki laments that she re-took that photo 50 times, but she won’t be depressed by that. “Today, I’m going to send you one so you just wait.” This puzzles Kyouta and says that they seen each other well as yesterday. Tsubaki says that she thinks that it is necessary for her to practice. “If we are really going to send each other pictures, it won’t do if it wasn’t taken properly, right..? *smiles* You, too, Tsubaki-kun. If you are in the mood, you also send one back to me! Any picture will do.” The school bell rings so Tsubaki quickly runs to her classroom. Slightly flustered Kyouta scratches his head and mutters about any picture will do.
Later on, after school dismissal, the two Tsubaki-s are deeply kissing each other at the side of the building. After that, they bid each other goodbye, see you tomorrow and gambatte at work. Then, barely leaving each other, Kyouta gets a message from Tsubaki. It reads: “It all started here where we started to go steady, and until today, it is now a full two years. Even if I’m still not very mature, but later on, I’ll be under your care.” The picture is of a door of a room in school. Kyouta turns around to see Tsubaki standing behind him and holding her cellphone. She smiles back at him. Kyouta also smiles and sends her a message that it cannot be compared for he took that picture first before the [car?] crash. Tsubaki blushes in disbelief for she took the same picture as Kyouta of that place. [Kyouta’s picture is taken a bit farther away from the door while Tsubaki is a more of a close up of the door] Tsubaki looks up to call him but he is already walking away, and waving his cellphone. This made happy Tsubaki blush and puts the cellphone on her lips. Soon, more messages are sent. Tsubaki takes a picture of a Christmas tree. After sleeping together, Kyouta takes a picture of sleeping Tsubaki [/both of them]. Kyouta takes a picture of Seigu University Entrance Exam poster. In the classroom, Tsubaki is walking around nervously while bored Kyouta is sitting down. On the table is his cellphone. Tsubaki asks if the results of the exam aren’t out yet when it is already noon. “Would it come out at night? *looks at cellphone* Or in the end, there shouldn’t be some proxy and one should directly go to Kyoto to..” Then, the cellphone rings. Kyouta sits up properly and says that it is here. Tsubaki is very nervous as Kyouta talks with the person. After hanging up, Tsubaki asks how it is. Kyouta says that he passed..which is typical. She then asks if she can take a picture of today. Kyouta says, “Ha?, sure. *smiling* Do what you wish” Still holding her cellphone, Tsubaki hugs Kyouta tight. On the blackboard, it is written that it is graduation ceremony practice starting at 9:~ Narration: “Tomorrow is the last day of [my] high school life.” Next chapter has a cover page and colored page. Finally..coming up, the finale!!” It will be out on November 19th.
Scans by 水银工作室.

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