August 27, 2011

Queen's White Rabbit [Chapter 2]

Originally posted @ on August 20, 2011

Upon seeing that bewildering girl coming out from outer space, got ordered around and told be her servant ‘White Rabbit’, Yukito’s stable life has been shattered into pieces. In class while the teacher is doing a roll call, Yukito tells himself that what had happened including this morning is just a dream. Until he sees his long haired teacher..nah, it wasn’t a dream. His friend Nanatsudo cannot help but laugh over what Yukito and Lacey did this morning to the teacher and no wonder, the teacher is in high spirits. Seeing how happy the teacher is, Yukito is somewhat satisfied about it. On the way home, Nanatsudo asks what happened with Lacey. Yukito tells him that he made her go back home. Then, Nanatsudo gives Yukito the bad news that Lacey and others are going to move in their house, Sevendoor. They return home and Yukito is furious that Lacey is making herself at home by taking a bath there. He asks why she is staying there and to his irritation, it is Nanatsudo who gave her the go signal to stay so by saying, ‘Welcome, cute Miss[/ojousama]’. Lacey tells him that she cannot fulfill wishes if she isn’t beside him. Yukito tries to tell her that it is still possible even if she doesn’t stay at the same house. She also says that based on his name, ‘Yukito’ [= literally written as White Rabbit], since ancient times, a white rabbit is known in Planet Koraura as the royal famiy’s raised pet so Yukito is her pet..servant. Thus, Yukito[/white rabbit] should always accompany his[/its] master and should offer his body at necessary times, that’s the rule. “Understand, Yukito?” Yukito sighs and puts his bag on her head. He asks her what the heck she is talking about. Raised [as a pet], he doesn’t wanna, and quit joking around with that rule, idiot queen. Lacey angrily shouts how he is treating with his master. Yukito shouts that she isn’t his master, he is only helping her. Nanatsudo sighs and says that their opinions differ. During dinner, Nanatsudo wants a toast to celebrate the new members of Sevendoor. Yukito comments that he doesn’t want to celebrate. Tearful Poeniko, one of Lacey’s butlers, say that Nanatsudo is mistaken, it is a celebration of Lacey accomplishing the first wish. They show him the star on Reps [huge white rabbit] which is the proof of making one wish come true. So, only nine more are remaining. Nanatsudo exclaims that they’ll also celebrate that to which Yukito thinks that it is so much troublesome. Nanatsudo starts by introducing their housemates. For some reason, all the ones staying in Sevendoor are all related to the school. 6 and 7 rooms are lived in by Yukito and Nanatsudo. [<- nana means 7] The old man is the administrator, Imoten Gentarou [guesswork name based on 芋天源太郎; they changed the second kanji so, I revised it from Imo-‘ta’ into Imo-‘ten/den’.] The beautiful lady with mole near the eye is Nekoryu Kouko [guesswork name based on 貓柳弘子; surname means cat willow], who is staying at room 1. Gentarou works as a handyman [/odd-job man] at school. Gentarou tells them that he is also moonlighting as the administrator of young master [<-Nanatsudo]’s company managed, Sevendoor. Nanatsudo doesn’t like being called ‘young master’. Kouko works as the school clinic’s doctor. Room 5 is Itsushima [guesswork from 五島], a second year student, who is currently wandering around. Niki [guesswork from 二木] is in room 2 who still doesn’t want to eat with them. Yukito tells him to call Niki but Nanatsudo refuses because he won’t come anyway.

So, Yukito goes to call Niki, who, as expected, turned them down because unlike them, he has to study. Niki, a glasses guy, go out and prepare some instant noodles before locking himself inside the room again. Nanatsudo tells Yukito who comes back to sit, that there is no need to be polite with Niki, and introduction of Lacey is interrupted. Lacey looks thoughtful then declares that she is going to fulfill Niki’s wish. Yukito protests and tells her not to do this on her own. Lacey says that guy Niki has a problem so tell her what it is and she’ll fulfill it. Yukito says that he doesn’t know what Niki’s problem. To his irritation, Lacey calls him useless. Ignoring them, Nanatsudo tells the others that Lacey is a space alien imperial princess. Gentarou says that Sevendoor is into globalization. Kouko says that it is interesting, and is that other thing a huge doll [<- probably Reps]. Nanatsudo comments that they sure adapt to it quite fast. [<- believes easily without a fuss]. Yukito reprimands Lacey to quit suddenly doing things on her own whim, just like this morning, she suddenly kissed him without asking. Nanatsudo is delighted-surprise to hear this while Kaena [Lacey’s butler, childhood friend] is shock by this. Puzzled Lacey says that if it is on the lips, there will be more strength. Yukito angrily shouts that isn’t the problem. Kaena is totally freaking out over this but Lacey thinks it is something normal and she just wants it to be more powerful. Meanwhile, in his room, Niki is frustrated as he tries to study. He is scratching his hair and tapping his foot. The next day, at school, Yukito is tired because he wasn’t able to rest well. Nanatsudo seems to be a flirty guy who greets a girl as, ‘mornin’, you’re still beautiful today’ Nanatsudo name seems to be Yayoi [guesswork from 彌生]. Nanatsudo asks if Yukito agreed to fulfill Niki’s wish. Yukito says that it cannot be helped and he just wants the 10 wishes to be done and over with, so that Lacey and gang can just leave already. In class, Nanatsudo says that it seems that Niki’s wish is to be in the ‘imperial qualifying exam’ [<- high grades to get in a high ranking college?] because he saw Niki before looking at the board where the grades are posted. To Yukito’s aghast, Nanatsudo says that if it is so then, they would have to wait next year to fulfill it so before that, Lacey and others won’t leave. Yukito says that maybe they’ll just look for some other person or maybe Niki has some other wish. Just then, the teacher comes in. To the students’ dismay, he had cut his hair. The teacher introduces them to a new student name Queen Lacey who had just transferred so everyone should get along together. The male students are glad that it is a cute girl. Nanatsudo is laughing that she used ‘Queen’ as her surname. Yukito looks like he had a headache. Lacey is told to sit behind class, beside Yukito. Yukito asks what the stupid imperial princess is doing. She tells him that she is going to fulfill Niki’s wish and, the master and white rabbit are inseparable.
Yukito stands up and angrily tells her that he told her last night that she is to tell him things before doing it. Lacey tells him that she wants him to be shock so she kept it a secret. The teacher says that since Yukito knows Lacey, he is tasked to teach Lacey about things [in school]. Yukito becomes gloomy for he was careless. When the bell rang, the students introduce themselves to Lacey and ask where she is from. A bit tense, Lacey tells them that she is from Koraura, 300 light years away from Earth. Everyone sweatdrops and wonders if Lacey is just a strange girl. Yukito cannot take it anymore that he stands up to go to the toilet. Lacey grabs his shirt and asks where he is going, he is to stay beside her. Irked Yukito hits her head and tells her not to say ‘stay’ but ‘please remain here’, and why she is acting so tense. Lacey says that it is because there are a lot of people. A student asks what their relationship is. The two says that they are living together. They realize that she is a new member of Sevendoor. Lacey asks them if Sevendoor is famous. They tell her that it is because for the girls, Nanatsudo is living there, and for the guys, Kouko is living there. Lacey tells them to all stay in that place. They become gloomy and say they do not want to because that enigmatic handyman, that scary repeater [repeat grade] second year student, and disgusting Niki..of dubious background, are all staying there. Lacey asks them if they know Niki. They tell her that Niki is really outstanding that he is famous in school. He is so intelligent that it is a sure thing for him to get into Kyoto University, and the teachers had high hopes for him. It seems that his father is a doctor and afterwards, Niki failed in the mid-term exams. They heard that after that, his parents got him out of the house and, made him stay at Sevendoor. Nanatsudo says is that so. Lacey asks him why he doesn’t know about this when Niki is staying at their place. Nanatsudo says that it is because Niki is always staying in the room studying, not saying anything. They tell them that even if Niki is quite intelligent but during the exam and mock exam, he always loses to the student president. It seems that Niki really hates the student president. The president doesn’t have to study as if his life depended on it. He is even the head of the soccer club. He has a cute girlfriend and is quite handsome. And, Niki’s grades cannot compete with the president so it must had made Niki feel like an utter failure. Lacey asks what does Niki want right now, because she wants to fulfill his wish. They say who knows, maybe ‘imperial qualifying exam’, and what does she mean by fulfilling wish. When Lacey is about to tell them about the 10 wishes that she has to fulfill, Yukito covers her mouth. He tells them that Lacey always says strange things because she is a Denpa Onna [<- Electric wave girl = in Japanese, it refers to a person who is crazy or holds odd beliefs, similar to the English term "Tin foil hat" Source: wiki]
While everyone is shock, Yukito thinks that there is no need to explain that. He pulls Lacey away while she is asking what a Denpa Onna is. Outside the class, Yukito pins Lacey on the wall and asks her what she is thinking about telling the others that she is a space alien. Even if no one will bother with her but she ought to consider what she is saying. Lacey tells him that she said it accidentally. Yukito doesn’t believe that. The bell rings that Lacey says that they should go because the next class is about to start. Thinking that he didn’t get to go to the toilet, Yukito asks why she looks so happy. Lacey says that it is because she is excited. It is her first time to go to school. Koraura has school but royalty doesn’t have to go there because she is surrounded by exclusive teachers. Even if it is her, there is a lowest limit of compulsory studies that she should take. Yukito says is that so, then properly enjoy [the school]. She holds on Yukito’s shirt and says, ‘ya’. Yukito complains for her not to pull his shirt. Soon, it is lunch break. Lacey got the two guys to accompany her to see what what Niki is like in school so that they can know what his wish is. Upon reaching the third year classrooms, they see the teacher posting the grades and telling them to use it as motivation. After seeing his grades, Niki clenches his fist and grinds his teeth. The president, together with his girlfriend, taunts Niki that he is first again. Clenching his fist, Niki greets him a congratulations. Lacey and others realize that guy is the president and Niki is in second place again. The president continues to taunt Niki to enjoy his youth during high school life and not to keep on studying because it is meaningless so why don’t Niki have a happy life, too. Some girls say that the president is too much but then, he is like that. They say that Niki outer appearance looks disgusting [<- looks like a nerd] and if he lost to the president, who is living out a real life, what is Niki’s use, he’s just too pitiful. Niki starts to scratch his hair and tap his foot. Yukito is angry over what they are talking. Lacey grabs him and takes him away from the group. She tells him that they will exchange the grades of the first and second place. Yukito protests that isn’t Niki’s wish. Lacey says that it can pacify that place’s mood, and it can also be used as practice of their ‘power’. Yukito exclaims that she is cruel for her goal is practice. Since he also finds that mood uncomfortable, Yukito relents and agrees to be kissed. While they kiss, Niki tells the president that it is as he said. While turning to leave, the president says that Niki always had that awful expression after every exam so if he is frustrated, he should just say so because it is putting him [president] in a bad mood. Niki blows his top when the president tells him that he is just acting nice in front of his [Niki’s] father and the teachers. While the president’s girlfriend tells him that it is a waste of time, Niki approaches the president and asks, what does he know. Just as the teacher arrive to ask what the fuss is about, Niki punches the president, and sends him flying on the floor. Nanatsudo and others are shock. The president’s face is bruised and his mouth is bleeding. Nanatsudo covers his face and mutters that this is bad. Back to the couple, after the kiss, Lacey is puzzled that there is no light. She grabs Yukito’s necktie and kisses him again but still nothing. Lacey wonders why the power cannot be used.
Scans by 水銀工作室.