December 22, 2020

Free Talk: Skip Beat Chapter 289

Well, Ren and Kana agreed to help each other with their secret romance...rather protecting their loved ones by pretending to be lovers. Hopefully, they will inform their respective 'lovers' about it in order to lessen misunderstandings and jealousy if they can help it.

Hm...I wonder though if this news had reached the US. Would Ren's parents know about it? On a side note, what is S.O.? 'Special Object'?


My guess is becoming a possibility...that is Sara will help/cause Kyouko to go to the US. ^^ As for the last part, El4n1, it seems that she might be Ren's mother. It makes me think that eating lots and lots of food are the common attraction/similarity that got them together. ^^ And, quite amusingly, if ever, it is her...their son didn't 'inherit' their enormous appetite after being traumatized. ^^;

Well, Kyouko going to US seems to be coming soon. Then, I guess the closure for Ren's past will happen soon, too. Maybe, we'll get to see Kuu/Cool again and confirm if Sara is the mother. If so, is she in disguise? What's her reason for coming to Japan? So, I wondered if she learned of the Kana-Ren rumor.


  1. Significant Other :). Merry Christmas and happy holiday season Kat! Thank you for all the summaries!

    1. Haha, I see. Thanks ^-^ I kept on thinking of 'special...special one' ^^;;

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays, too ^^

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

  2. I suspect sensei so I don't know. She teases her readers too much in my opinion.

    One question, aren't uncle Tiger and subsequently Cedi related to Ren? If they are then maybe it is him. or someone else. I thought that Ren's mom was more patient since she has been waiting all these years so even if it is her, she might have come to meet Kyoko but how did she know that Kyoko would be at the theme park? I think if she wanted to meet Kyoko she would have asked Lori to help set something up through Love Me and not randomly through Director Datte who has no relation to them. The only logical options considering it was Datte who dumped Sarah on Kyoko is that he heard that Kyoko and Kanae are going to be here since someone heard Kyoko on the set of Lotus Moon, and this was planned through them. My thought was maybe whoever Sarah is, she/he is related to the project that Kanae is working on, and it might come down to having Kyoko tag along because Sarah likes Kyoko.

    I wonder if they heard the news about Japan through Lori so they know it is a front to keep Kyoko safe.

    1. True...actually, she is a bit sadistic. ^^;

      Hm...I think his mom isn't exactly that patient. Didn't she 'make drama' to force Kuu/Cool to go to Japan and get a video from Ren? Maybe, she cannot help it again?

      Though, I'm not too sure about meeting with Kyouko. I would expect but as you mentioned, how did she, if it is Ren's mother, know that Kyouko will be there. Who else knew that she'll be going there?

      Hm...I'm not sure if Kanae would leak/mention to anyone that she'll be going there with Kyouko. You know, her taste and everything that she tends to hide 'not so nice for the image' things from others. From the current situation, it seems like Kanae is the 'third wheel'.

      Yes or if they heard, probably asked Lory about it. Though, won't they be curious as to why do they need a front. I mean, does his parents know that Ren likes Kyouko? I don't think Kuu knew. I'm also not sure if they have like, you can read news about J-entertainment or in almost every country in the internet nowadays.

    2. But after how many years? Ren has been in Japan more than 4 years before Kuu came to beg for a video right?

      There is no way Kanae would mentions this, my thought process was, director heard about the date when Kyoko was excited and mentioned it during Lotus Moon shoot, he used it as a chance to make Sarah (whomever she/he is) meet with her looking like accident using her friend, betting on Kyoko's thought process that she would greet director Otaga as she would mistake him for his son. I am sure Sarah also knows about Kanae but because of language barrier she is making Kanae struggle. Or maybe Sarah is someone random sent to test Kanae's communication skills with an American.

      I am sure Kuu knows, cause Lori said that the only way for Kuu to meet with Ren is to make Kyoko cry, so I am sure Kuu knows that Ren is in love with Kyoko.

    3. I think so, perhaps, it is because things are moving that she got impatient? There are rumors about Kana. Not sure from Tina's end but even uncle Tiger is moving behind the scenes. Maybe she decided to 'survey' the situation?

      Wait, was there a Lotus Moon shooting before the 'date'? ^^; I assumed there was none. Ah, perhaps, Yashiro knew because he is her manager, right?

      I see, so more like everything isn't a coincidence. Still, it would be a huge favor from Date. Why would he do it? Because of connections or something in exchange? That is, if it isn't a coincidence.

      Haha, is that so? I'm under the impression that Kuu just knows that Ren is fond of Kyouko. I'm thinking that he will treat her a bit different = scrutinize her more as a future in-law if he knew. 😋