October 3, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 13 ]

Preparing to leave, Yusei says that he’ll go out now. Reddish faced Ren waves at him and says, ya, take care on your... Ren wonders if it is because she fainted before that she felt so tired--...
Looking at her, Yusei pulls her ribbon and says that she doesn’t look good. Looking sideways, Ren exclaims in disbelief and denies it. “It’s probably because it is morning. *pushes Yusei out the door* Okay, quickly go already.” Yusei tells her not to push him.

Narration: “On the weekend after the sports festival, Yusei is now going on a date with imouto today. *Yusei left* Honestly, I don’t want him to go on a date with imouto. ...but, this is the condition for the agreement--...”
Flashback: Holding the bracelet, Manami said that if Ren promised her something, she’ll give the bracelet back to her. Ren is puzzled. Manami said that it is her birthday next week.

“Every year on my birthday, my brother will celebrate for me... *a scene of Yusei giving a birthday cake to Manami* On this birthday, I want to be together with brother. So, please promise me that you won’t hinder us on our birthday just like before.”

Ren nervously said, “Wa...wait a minute, I understand your feeling of wanting for you two to be together but where did I lost the bracelet...” Manami interrupted by asking if she promises or not. After hesitating a bit, Ren promised not to hinder them. End flashback.

Narration: “Even if I feel sorry for disrupting her amusement park date but isn’t it bad that she’ll use the bracelet as a condition for the agreement!!? *resting on the sofa* I feel that my head is starting to hurt again... By the way, where did she find that bracelet...

Could it be that she took it from my school bag...? *holds head* Impossible, that’s impossible... Don’t think that way. It’s possible that she found it somewhere else--...”

Holding a movie flyer about first love, Manami says that this movie is really interesting right. Yusei instead asks didn’t they celebrate her birthday at home every year. “How come you want to do it outside? We might get another strange rumor--”

Aghast Manami says but, Ren is in the house and it is a rare birthday so she wants to go out. Yusei says that it is alright even if Ren is there. “I feel that girl ought to be very happy in helping celebrate your birthday.” There is chibi Ren exclaiming birthday, happy birthday, let’s have a party. This surprises Manami then she starts to pout.
Seeing her pout, Yusei asks how come she’s fuming. Pointing at her brother, Manami tells him, enough, don’t mention Ren again today!! Yusei is puzzled. When they were about to leave, a couple calls out to them. They introduce themselves as staff from the online magazine called ‘week’. “Can we take your picture together?”

Yusei asks, ha, take a picture? The man says that it is just a snapshot. The woman says that they are really a match as a handsome guy-beautiful girl so they took the initiative to ask them. Yusei sighs and tells Manami that they are going.

To his shock, Manami tells the two that if they’re okay with it, then she’ll really love to... As the two stand together, the man who is taking a picture tells them not to be so nervous. “Could you two simply hug each other so that it would be more romantic?”
Manami blushes over this while Yusei goes into shock. He confronts the man and asks why must they do that. Trying to explain, the man says that after all, it is a lovers’ photo. Yusei exclaims in disbelief. Manami pulls his sleeve.

Blushing, she holds out her arms and says, hu...hug, hug... Yusei goes to her and pulls her arms down. He asks, “Shouldn’t you do that kind of thing with the person you like?” Manami becomes flustered. She protests that it is simply a photograph.

Yusei says all the more that they can’t. He recalls Ren telling him that she is really bothered [with him becoming a couple with Manami/’herself’]... Yusei apologizes to the staff for not wanting their picture taken because they are basically not lovers. The staff were shocked by that. Yusei pats Manami’s head and says, okay, let’s go. Holding her head where Yusei patted her, Manami tears up and mutters, “Don’t treat me like as an imouto...”
Back at the apartment, Ren sneezes. Walking to her room, she thinks that it is no good, she’s too tired so better sleep for a while. Her cellphone starts ringing. It is Kou.

Answering the phone, Ren asks, Kou, what’s up. Kou says that it is nothing, he just wants to hear her voice. “After the sports festival, I wasn’t able to talk with you so I don’t know how you are doing. I’m really worried.”

Ren starts to become dizzy. She wonders what’s going on, could it be that she’s really not okay. She suddenly falls on the floor and drops the phone. Kou calls out to Ren and asks what that sound is. Ren groans. Kou calls out her name again.

Later on, Kou has put a cooling pad on Ren’s forehead. Kou says that he was startled to death because of the loud sound on the phone. While holding a plastic bag of some items, Kou asks if her brother isn’t home today. Ren nervously says yes, and it so happened that he got something to do today. Kou says is that so.
Kou looks around the room and sees all the cutesy stuff around. He finds the room very cute and he thought that ‘Manami’ would be a bit more of a ‘hot girl’ type. Ren thanks him for coming over. “Anyway, I already drank the medicine. I’m really sorry and it is bad if I infect you. I’m already okay. For real.”

Kou is moved by this. He asks if she isn’t lonely by herself when she’s not feeling well. Ren insists that she is alright. Holding her phone, she says, look, she can just look at their group photos to pass the time.

Holding his chest, Kou says that unexpectedly, she wants him to leave that bad... “How sad--” Ren exclaims that it isn’t so, she is really afraid of infecting him!? Kou laughs and says that he’s joking. Holding the plastic bag, he tells her to eat this later on. “I bought some ice cream from the convenient store.”
Holding the bag, Ren exclaims that he’s such an angel, thanks~ “I’ll go put this in the refrigerator.” As she stands from the bed, her phone falls on the floor.

Just when Kou is telling Ren that she dropped her phone, he sees the pictures on the photo gallery. They are pictures of real Ren but the last one is a picture of her as Manami with Kou and the rabbit mascot. Kou wonders why Ren [‘Manami’] has a lot of pictures of Ren-senpai.

Soon, it is raining hard. At a café called coffee clover, a waitress brought a small happy birthday cake on the table. Blushing Manami goes ah... “Did you specially prepare this for me!?” Yusei says that it is because it’s her birthday.
While Manami is saying that it is amazing and she’s very happy, Yusei looks out the window. He is lost in thought as he hears the thunder rumbling outside.

At home, Ren is hiding in the blanket as she groans over the thunder. She wonders why it chose to have thunder on the day when she’s all alone. Her cellphone is ringing. It is Yusei. Wondering why he’s calling, she answers the phone. Yusei asks if she is okay. Ren goes huh.

Yusei says that it is because it is raining so he wants to hear her immature scream. Ren exclaims, what did you say? She stops and thinks, “Wait... *moved* is it because there’s thunder that he specially called me on the phone...?” There was a thunder and it made Ren scream out loud.
Pulling away his phone, Yusei says that she’s noisy to death. Ren tries to apologize but to her shock, Yusei hangs up on her. Ren says, “Ah~~ No way, he already hanged up!!? How mean-!!” Her phone vibrates. She notices that he had sent her a LINE message.

He wrote, “I’ll quickly come home so you just wait.” Holding her phone, while on the verge of crying, Ren thinks, “What, I’m so happy... ~~really like [you]” There is a thunder again. Ren writes that the thunder is getting louder~~!!!! Yusei answers back that there might be a power failure. Ren angrily replied for him not to mention that.

At the train, Manami tells Yusei that it is quite rare to see him so serious in replying through LINE. “Aren’t you always checking it on the side?” Looking at his phone, Yusei asks, really? “It’s because that girl is all alone in the house.” Manami looks flustered and sad.
While Ren is hiding in the blanket, her phone rings. It is a message from Manami saying, “Didn’t you promise not to hinder me?” The ‘no battery sign\ flashed on her phone. Ren says ah, she almost forgot, her phone will have no more charge... Her cellphone went dead.

There is a lightning and the lights went off. Ren screams and exclaims that it is so dark. “A power failure!!? Ah?!!! Cellphone... My cellphone unexpectedly has no more charge~~!!! *a thunder roars* No-oo!!!” She hopes Yusei would quickly come home.

She is startled when she hears the main door opening and closing. She turns around and calls out to Yusei. There are footsteps. Ren becomes nervous. Her bedroom door opens and someone calls out, Yao... Ren starts screaming loudly, no-- Yusei grabs her wrist and tells her to calm down. “It’s me. Are you alright?” Then, he hugs her. This surprises Ren.
Comment: Thankfully, the condition for the return of the bracelet is just to not bother the two on Manami’s birthday date. At first, it seems to be going Manami’s way but unfortunately for her, Ren’s existence is now deeply ingrained into Yusei that in every instance, he is reminded of Ren.

It is quite unfair for Ren that she got blamed for hindering the date when it was Yusei who started messaging her and Ren would naturally reply. It also cannot be helped that Ren is quite scared at that time and messaging with Yusei can somewhat relieve her fear of the thunder. Well, aside from being sick at that time. If not, Kou would have stayed with her.

And, there are more hints for Kou to figure out about the truth regarding ‘Manami’ yet those aren’t quite concrete to quickly figure it out. It can still be somehow explained as to why there are a lot of Ren pictures on the phone like being the girlfriend. Ah, though it would be odd for Kou since Ren is supposed to be Manami’s rival for Yusei.

Also, because of the missing bracelet, Ren starts to become suspicious as to where Manami got it. I guess it is really hard to think badly of the sister whose brother you like. I wonder how she’ll react if she knew the truth. Though, so far, she has been nice even if Manami is already showing some signs of her bad character. Scans by 正宮汉化组  

Quote of the day:
There’s nothing more vital to the bond you share with someone than simply being there for them. ~ Suman Rai


  1. OMG! Yusei's more concerned about ren than his real imoutou �� manami wont even win with ren's face �� thats so hard core hahaha thanks for the update kat ❤️