September 11, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 12]

The sports festival is already in progress. Ren is cheering for the red team as the students go through the obstacle race. Some students are amazed with her cheering and wondered if she’s a junior high from red team.

Yusei passes by and says that he wondered who it is and it turns out to be her. Ren proudly says that since she cannot run, she joined the cheering team. “Brother, you joined the relay race, right? I’ll cheer for you!!” Yusei smiles and comments that she’s too lively.

He starts to rub her head hard and tells her not to overdo it. There is an announcement that the cheering squad’s exchange support is up next so all cheering squads should go to the middle of the sports field. Yusei goes to his friend who tells him that they’ll be the first to perform.
Holding her head, Ren wonders what was that feeling a while ago. Ren overhears a couple of girls saying that even if Yusei looks a bit scary but lately, it feels that he had become somewhat nicer. “If we are together with Hidaka-senpai, will we also have that kind of nice treatment?”

Blushing Ren exclaims that in the end, they also feel that way. The girl says that’s right and is he always that since when he’s at home? Recalling those times, Ren says yes, it seems he is like that at home.

Holding her blushing face, Ren thinks that’s right. “Obviously, he is usually so arrogant but lately, he made me see his nice side. It is really not good for my heart...”
Her thoughts are interrupted by a girl screaming that the red team has come on stage. Ren screams upon seeing how handsome Yusei looks in his cheering squad uniform.

While Yusei are cheering, Ren thinks that he’s so cool~~!!! And, she faints for she couldn’t take it anymore. A girl asks if she is alright. Ren sits up and apologizes. She explains that it is so amazing that her spirit just left her. And, the announcer thanks the red team for their wonderful support, next is...

Yusei notices Ren looking at him. He mutters that she’s looking at him for too long. Ren thinks that she still wants to look and this sports festival is really amazing.
Manami calls out to Yusei and says that she’s nervous. She asks if she did well. Yusei tells Manami that she did well. Manami says that he really looks so cool. Yusei’s friend tells him not to go lovey-dovey here. Yusei says that he isn’t.

With a [pained] hit of 1000 points, Ren gloomily thinks that it would be super amazing if the current situation isn’t like this. Kou calls out to Ren. Seeing his uniform, Ren asks if he is also in the cheering squad. Flashing a v-sign, Kou says of course.

Ren asks if he’s holding blue team’s banner[/flag] and he looks so cute. Winking at her, Kou tells her to properly look at him. Ren is surprised by that.
As she watches his team perform, Ren glumly thinks that in the end, it is better to explain things clearly with Kou. “Tell him that I’m actually not Manami--...” The announcer then thanks the blue team for their cheering.

Soon, it is lunch time and the students are eating in their classrooms. Ren goes to her class to get her bento box. Then, she realizes that her bracelet is gone when she obviously put it inside her bag.

She checked in her desk’s drawer and it is not there. She checks the trash bin and it isn’t there either. She looks around the floor but she couldn’t find it. Ren becomes flustered because that is a precious [for her] bracelet that Yusei gave her.
At the hallway, Ren’s classmate tells her that the afternoon competition is about to start. Ren can only say, okay. Soon, she is participating in throwing some small sandbags in the basket with the others. Then, she joins in a cheering dance for the red team and a short three-legged race towards a hanged bread.

Ren thought that she cannot do anything but wait until the sports festival ended, and then give it her all in looking for it. The announcer says that the next event is the middle and high school mixed relay race so the contestants are to line up and get ready.

Manami and his fans cheers for Yusei who is at the last leg of the relay. Suddenly, the one in charge of Ren’s class call out for volunteers for the relay. Ren asks her what happened.

The girl tells her classmates that their class representative for the relay just got injured and he ought not to be able to run so does anyone wants to replace him. Ren says that’s really bad.
The guys look at the program and hesitated to do it because the score for the mixed relay is really high that they cannot take that high responsibility. Ren thinks that if it is her original body, then she can do it... Then, she notices the girl-in-charge looking at her.

The girl grabs Ren’s shoulder and exclaims that didn’t she just do very well in that three-legged bread race so can she run the relay. The girl grabs Ren’s arm and says that they don’t have time, she’ll be up so come with her. Ren tries to protest that she cannot run.

The girl says that the pressure might be a bit big but it’s alright, just run a bit and it’s over! The other students look worried as they mutter that Ren has been dragged off but isn’t she... Frustrated Ren can only mentally tell the girl that she cannot run and properly listen to her.
The race has started. Aghast Ren thinks that it is over, she will be seen by Yusei and he’ll be angry again. Standing beside Yusei, Yusei’s friend asks him if Ren is also joining the relay and do both siblings run fast. Yusei is puzzled.

Gesturing towards Ren, the friend asks, isn’t that your younger sister? While Ren looks tense, Yusei wonders why is she... Just then, a girl is about to pass the baton to Ren. Ren decides to just run slowly and it ought to be alright. She takes the baton and starts running. She felt her legs are so heavy.

While others are cheering, others are worried about Ren. Upon seeing it, Kou exclaims in disbelief that Ren joined the relay. The other contestants are overtaking Ren who is already breathing hard.
She thinks that it is no good, it is taking more and more effort to do this. Kou goes to Ren’s group and shouts, “Hey, group 3! How come you made Ren-chan run the relay when obviously her body isn’t good!” Some looks tense while the others remember Manami [Ren]’s health condition.

Still running, Ren thinks that she couldn’t hold on anymore. Yusei calls out to her, “Yaotome, just a little bit more, quickly run over here!” This made Ren pull herself together and mentally tells herself that it is just a bit more. “Hold on, imouto’s body...!!”

And, she passes the baton to Yusei who shouts that’s really great. “Leave the rest to me, so go and rest up!” Yusei quickly runs to overtake the others. While breathing hard, Ren watches him and wonders what that is [/what was that about]...
The students are cheering as the other contestants couldn’t believe that Yusei overtaken them and crossed the finish line. The red team has won. Ren thinks that doing that makes him really cool, right... And, she faints.

The other students wonder if she is alright. Kou goes to her but it is Yusei who carries her and says that he’ll bring her to the infirmary. Kou and Manami looks stunned by that while the others are amazed by it.

Later on, Ren wakes up at the infirmary and sees Yusei saying that she’s awake. Ren nervously calls out his name. He pinches her face and asks what is she thinking that she made herself a substitute in the relay race?
Backing away, Ren apologizes and says that she totally didn’t do it enthusiastically. He asks if it is because no one wants to be the substitute. Ren is surprised.

Yusei says that her friend just came over to apologize. “She said that she is very sorry and it is because no one wants to do it that she can only force you to go.” Ren says is that so...

Yusei says that he clearly knows that she is always considering Manami’s body condition so this time, he won’t hold her accountable. Ren blushes and looks surprised. Preparing to leave the room, Yusei tells her to sleep for a while as he gets her change of clothes and school bag.
After he left, Ren holds her hands and remembers that she has to look for her bracelet. The door opens and Manami comes in. Ren immediately apologizes to her about her body when Manami interrupts by saying, “Ren, you are looking for your bracelet, right?”

Ren is surprised. She wonders how come Manami knew that she is looking for it. Holding the bracelet, Manami says that the bracelet is with her. This surprises Ren even more. Looking stern, Manami says, “If you promise me something, I’ll give it back to you.”
Comment: Ren is really doing her best to enjoy the school activity even if she is limited by Manami’s weak body. I think that kind of attitude is making Yusei like her even more. Others are already noticing that he is treating her kindly. But then, for them to ask that, didn’t Yusei treat Manami like that before? I guess it is different kind of nice.

I think it is interesting that Ren is having thoughts on telling Kou who she really is. It seems that Ren thought that Kou likes her as Manami. Anyway, I wonder if Kou knows, would he still pursue her or help her get her body back as a friend?

About the race, I guess Yusei doesn’t want to waste Ren’s efforts that he gave it all to win it. About Ren’s friends and classmates who let her run in that race, I can only shake my head. Kou is the only one protesting about it.

I guess for Yusei to carry Ren made Manami make a bold move and reveal her intention. It is quite likely that she is going to blackmail Ren. It is most likely not to go steady/fall in love with Yusei-something.

In usual shoujo, the female lead usually agrees to this kind of deal and what happens next is a bit hard to read. I hope it would be different in this series. I’m actually hoping that Kou would be outside the room and he would overhear their conversation. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

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  1. I think kou would still pursue her because in the first place he was already admiring ren prior to meeting ren in manami's body so all the more reason for him to fall for ren whose currently in manami's body. Just shows he's attracted to ren's personality all through out.
    With the classmates noticing yusei-senpai being kind to imouto, i think what they're seeing is the special or genuine care that yusei is giving to ren rather than the obligated care that he gives toward manami. Thank you for this chapter.

    1. I see though it won't be 'forbidden love' anymore so he would realize that his chance with her would become lower.

      Ah yes. I guess since they're 'siblings', they are not concluding it as something romantic.

      Thanks for reading ^-^