March 18, 2020


WARNING: This are unconfirmed spoilers. I’m just sharing what 蓮京愛 of baidu mentioned here. She hasn’t seen the comic but read the spoilers from who know where. So she’ll interpret it to the extent that she is able since she finds it vague. And, I'll try my best to understand what she wrote. With that disclaimer, take this with a huge grain of salt. 

Right now, they know that they mutually like each other. Ren kisses Kyouko’s finger. Afterwards, the elevator door opens.

Kyouko tries to calm herself down. She recalls what Ren said about he can never become someone’s important person.*

Ren tries to get Kyouko to some other place to talk but just when they are about to leave, they met Cedric.*


For me, two parts with * are a bit vague. The first one is I don’t recall what Ren said. Actually, at first, she used a different Chinese name but later said that it is Ren. 

I recall something like Ren cannot love anyone. So, maybe it is about that. Like, Kyouko is wondering what made him change his mind? Perhaps, that would have led to the whole secret identity: Ren = Corn.

The second part is, are you sure it is Cedric? The translator assumes that it is Lory’s butler. But that is, Ruto. The Chinese translation of the written name is Cedric. If it is Cedric and he is Ren’s bully before, things will get really interesting. Though, depending on Ren, the romance part might be put halted again due to the past. 

Ah, but then, why would Cedric be there? To meet with Kanae regarding their project? So, let’s wait for the raws to confirm and scanlation to understand ^^

[Edit: Raws are available in baidu. ]


  1. is it confirmed that cedric is the one that used to bother ren as a child? because all i know of him is that the girl from the audition likes him and kanae wil soon work with him. also if he is then how would he be able to recognize ren since he is no longer koun ?

    as always i can't wait for april's chapter !

    thanks fo the summary


    1. Nope, it isn't, emmahoshi. But then, since he is from US and Ren has a rival from US, so why not to progress the plot? ^^

      It's possible that he'll recognize him though might think they just look alike since the hair and eye color is different.


      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. here is the raw chapter

  3. The raw version is posted in Baidu now:

    Not an amazing chapter but could have been way more disappointing. I guess her taking his hand was confirmation of her feelings? So sweet where he taps his forehead to hers and says "yokatta." (I'm glad/Thank goodness.)

    Regarding your first asterisk, she is remembering when she was Bo in Ch. 65 about falling in love and Ren said he can't have anyone important anywhere he goes, or something like that.

    Second *, it says Cedric. It seems there's an annoucement in the lobby or where ever they are, and the voice says something about Hollywood, gold star, and "Prince Ceddy" and "This is Cedric D Bennett." Then shows some guy I don't recognize as the two both turn and look.

    1. Oops, it says "sono hito desu" so "That person" not "this person."

    2. Thanks for the info ^^

      Yes. After that, I think she nodded. 😆 So, forehead bump and kiss.

      Yes, I'm thinking it's that one since she kept on thinking about it throughout the arc.

      Yup, what are the chances that guy is this guy:

  4. Okay, so I just looked through the raws. I liked the part where Kyouko was trying to sneak off while Ren was on the phone. I'm not sure what he said when he pointed at her, but I assume it was basically "stay put." And yes, that's Cedric at the end. Not sure if he's there in person or on a big screen somewhere or what, but he doesn't look like Ren's bully to me. Ren's bully had curlier hair, even if you don't take the nasty expression into consideration. Cedric is his cousin, which is enough reason for him to be alarmed, if you ask me. Also Cedric thinks very highly of Japanese women (in a racist way, that they're all elegant and docile) and that doesn't mesh with the negative racism against Japanese of Ren's (Kuon's) bully back in America. So I've never believed Cedric was Ren's bully. That will be a hard sell for me from Nakamura-sensei. Can't wait for the translation! I want to know who Ren was talking to on the phone and what about.

    1. Ren was talking to Yashiro on the phone. Seemed to just be checking in. "It's fine." Something about the worst is over (?), and, "I understand. Take care."

      And yup, he was asking/telling Kyouko to stay there. :)

      Oh yeah, and I agree, iirc Cedric is related, not the bully. I think the president was talking to someone about Cedric on the phone recently and saying he (Cedric) absolutely can't help "him" at all, no matter how much he wants to. (I believe he didn't say Ren's name, just implied, and also perhaps implied it was talking about Ren making a US debut? Since it was something about if he doesn't do it on his own, all his years of work would be wasted?)

    2. Thanks for the hints about the phone call!

      Yeah, Lori was talking to Mr. Duris who is grandfather to both Kuon and Cedric. I didn't realize their conversation included Cedric, but that makes sense. I'll have to re-read it. This looks even more like Nakamura-sensei is taking the story to the US. Ren/Kuon's American cousin has showed up. I'm still not certain he's actually physically there. I can't tell for sure what part of the TV station Kyouko and Ren are in, but it doesn't make much sense for Cedric to be anywhere but on a TV with that announcement and stuff.

    3. Tohru13, I think Cedric came to Japan. The screen first showed a lot of shadowed fangirls and they were screaming. It reminds me of the time when Kuu arrived from US...greeting him at the airport. So, most likely, it is in the news.

      For me, I think he is. Curly hair --- well, he changed his hairstyle just like how Erika drastically changed her hairstyle that I thought she was the bully. 😅 And, assuming that the bully is an actor, keeping his nasty expression from the public ought to be easy.

      Based on this one:
      His problem with Ren is being of mixed race. If he is the bully and an actor, it is possible that he has a facade of being nice and everything just like how Kimiko is. That is until you work/interact with that person.

      Also, didn't Mr. D mention about protecting Ren and that a hint on this? I was thinking that everyone will be in the US to face-off with the bully but what if the bully comes to Japan and the climax of the series will be in the US? I'm putting in mind what the author said before about planning to wrap up things soon but of course, with the story's pacing, it will take a lot of time.

      Anyway, let's just wait and see 😀

    4. Tohru13, I was mistaken, Lory doesn't mention Cedric in his phone conversation. I guess I was confusing Mr. Duris and Cedric D. Bennett. Chapter 273 is Lory's phone call.

      Does anyone happen to remember how we found out Cedric is Ren's cousin? I can't recall that, it must have been in a chapter I only skimmed through.

      Hmm. It seems others on the internet are making the same theory that Cedric is the bully. I don't know why, but I feel it's a little unnecessary to drag the bully back into the story. Ren successfully rose above it mentally, so why go back just to somehow confront someone who shouldn't be any of his concern anymore.

    5. squeaker, I don't know about Cedric being Ren's cousin.

      But about bringing the bully back into the story, it is for closure, I guess. For us to know what happened before that caused Ren's descent into darkness. And, wouldn't it be nice to have a 'payback' against that bully?

      If he is Cedric and he is still the same as before, how high is the possibility that he'll try to ruin Kuon's comeback in US? And, right now, he ought to have more connections than before. That is assuming his mother is actually powerful.

      And, I'm not sure if it is good or not but perhaps, a way for Kuon's parents to be given an opportunity to at least, somehow contribute to it...I mean like more aware of what young Kuon had dealt with alone before. That seems to be Mr D's assurance to Lory on the phone.

    6. I guess so, Kat.

      And, it seems you are correct! The English scanlation translated the little tease/blurb at the end of the chapter, and it says "Finally I got those two out of the box, and the last mountain, Ren's trauma person is out of the box, too!"

    7. Just read it, squeaker.

      So ya, I think the mangaka is planning to wrap things up. Of course, such things takes a very very long time in our time. 😅 And, we are now having less than 30 pages per release.

    8. Some people have been wondering about the lack of pages per chapter. Does anyone know why it's only 16-17 pages a chapter now?

    9. Anonymous, I don't know, but the author used to take a month hiatus once or twice a year. Seems like she hasn't done that in a while, so if the shorter chapters keep us from having to skip a month, I'll take it. (Purely speculation, of course)

    10. Anonymous, I also don't know.

      Aside from squeaker's theory, I think it is common for long series. For others, it is health problems or writer's block. If it isn't less chapters, it could be worse like hiatus.

  5. To be honest, I'm quite happy with just the nod, the kiss on the finger and the forehead tap. It feels kind and gentle and soft. We finally have a massive step forward. Both of them are aware of what they feel towards each other. We didn't have any sort of idiot coming in the way of this confession.

    I quite like the fact that it was unexpected and not the shojo cliché confession. For me it felt right at this time. Like it would be in real life. Now then, that being said, I expect something bigger when the truth about Kuon is out and they take the step to actually be a couple after clearing out all the mess. Because it will be a mess: he kissed her while making her believe he is Kuon... pretty sure she will think she was played by him and he played with her feelings... or something like that.. massive flashback with Shou... and everybody, I mean E-VE-RY-BO-DY, doing whatever they can to help them to be together...

    Now, I'm waiting for the trad AND for Kono Oto Tomare !!!! hi hi hi


    1. Yup ^-^

      Indeed, how will it turn out later on. The reaction of others though I'm waiting for Shou's ^^ And, if they'll be couple afterwards or it is a secret or they'll just keep things as is...just knowing that they both like each other.


  6. Thank you for sharing the links everybody~ Finally I get to know what happened!!! This month has been hard for me, so seeing Ren and Kyoko finally being together is just so satisfying ≧ω≦ And Ren is being gentle by bumping their foreheads and kissing her finger kyaa~ ≧∇≦

    Now another month of waiting ๏︿๏

  7. The English translations are out on the manga scanlation sites!

    I saw it mentioned on reddit that the Cedric stuff was on tv? I guess it's the rectangle on the wall, it kind of looks like it has blurry figures. I thought he was there in the building, and it was going to interrupt the two going to talk more privately! I hope that's the case and they can continue talking next chapter!

    1. Yes, it seems that he is on TV. But where he is, is the question. They are in TBM building. Would TBM show news/TV broadcast that isn't related to the company? I'm not sure how it works in Japan but in our country, the artists shown in a specific channel are artists from that station.

      So, if makes me wonder if perhaps, the show with Kanae is a collaboration with Cedric wherein TBM is the station where it will be shown/produced.

      If not, then perhaps, it is more on production preparation wherein Kanae will have acting workshops of some sort with Cedric. Ah, is there an audition for it?

      Whether or not Cedric is in Japan, I think seeing him could shake/waver Ren. There is also that flashback from Kyouko. So, would Ren still go on with what he wants to tell Kyouko or defer it because of Cedric's appearance?

      I guess it all depends on Ren's reaction. If he does defer it and make look 'different', Kyouko might wonder why and ask. Anyway, things are moving...very slowly. ^^

  8. hey thanks for the post. I have this feeling that mogami san will start wondering if cedric is corn and I think that will hinder the progress with ren...

    1. Thanks for reading, Yasmine ^-^

      Seems unlikely. 1. Corn is a fairy in her mind so for him to suddenly become an actor with known background....
      2. She has just recently seen Corn in adult form while in Guam. Corn's features are unique so I'm not sure Cedric has those.