February 21, 2020

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare Chapter 88

Haha, while I’m trying to find the names of Suzuka’s parents, I found out that this chapter has already been scanlated in English since early Feb. 😅 They’ve finally caught up! So, I’ll just write a short commentary for this chapter.

This time around, Chika escaped from Isaki’s makeover. In a way, that is good in the end since it taught an important lesson to Tsukaji. The trio’s flashy appearance is amusing. Obviously, it only works on Atsumu types. =P And, we have a cute moment between Takezou and Hiro. ^^

I guess doing the ordinary practice stuff is boring for Tsukaji after seeing Himesaka practice. He did notice that the piece is out of the ordinary. All of them seems to be clueless on how to do about the piece. If this is shown on the show, that can actually be a lure for the curious to perhaps watch the Nationals like what Tsukaji intended.

They would wonder if Tokize will be able to pull it off whatever they are going to play based on what they’ve said. And, Ichiei would be clueless what or rather how Tokize are actually going to play that kind of piece. For someone like Tsukaji who is a veteran journalist in koto to be shock and confused like that...maybe it will also throw Ichiei off.

In the end, Tsukaji realizes the reason why Chika keeps on looking at the music sheets. I guess Chika’s answer is more like a ‘real musician’ that he earned Tsukaji’s respect to the point of changing his sitting style to that of the formal one, a seiza.

Now, there is still the lunch practice and after school practice. It makes me wonder if they will only tackle the music aspect or will they start asking personal things?

I think having a bit of background of the subjects can help pull more audience...well, TV audience than say, those who are only interested in koto music. Like, why are they doing this? How did they get into the koto club? What’s their motivation to win the Nationals? That can be quite inspirational even if one isn’t into koto.


  1. indeed it is interesig how they suddenly catch up with the current chapter , but i still hope you continue with the summaries , it is fun to discuss thechapter content

    lol the trio were really fun and i liked it when sane told atsumu he will give him a candy XD
    tsukaiji really expected something unoridnary to be going on when I think that the fact of the group of people in the club would even be in the club is the unordinary factor and hahaha suzuka and his no-communication with the student is even making the reporter worried
    i was actually worried that this would spoil tokoiza's piece to other groups but it is fun this wa when they too really have no clue how to play it !
    chika is an interesting personand i'm glad sukaji got that
    it will be nice to have some more non-kotot yet club related questions but i do hope that they don't go too deep into that (by asking winsensitive uestions) and/or add some twisted narritave after the editing, regardless it will be interesting speciall that natsu will join the after school practice


    1. Commentary, well, I can continue if you'll still comment, too. 😁 Summaries, probably no, it would be repetitive. I think there are now two English scanlators for it.

      Yup. I'm actually wonder if I should think of it as a shady uncle giving candy or nice uncle giving candies to kids. 😅

      Good point. He is focusing on the performance/practice but hasn't really wondered how did these people come together to play as a group? Maybe he'll try to know more about them later on during the after school practice.

      Yup ^^ It can also make the others lower their guard since they won't expect much from Tokize. Perhaps, think that win before was a fluke.

      Indeed ^^

      Yup. I guess it really depends on the main theme of the documentary. Is it just about this group that managed to win the prelims? Though from what the had just shot, it does kind of make Himesaka look bad for losing against them. Or, something more in depth, not just the koto part as you've mentioned.

      We got a bit of Takezou and Hiro scene here...maybe a bit of Chika and Satowa later on? ^^

    2. yup i meant the free talk, it is nice to talk about the chapters
      for now i just hope they dont somehow bring up kudos past , that's the only thing i'm worried about


    3. I see. Yes, I'll continue, emmahoshi ^^

      Is that a negative thing? I'm actually thinking if it should be tackled for closure and to clear Chika's name regarding that incident. Hm...though I'm not sure who'll be able to investigate it. Tsukaji?

    4. maybe because if it was tackled on the media no matter the explanation i think people will negatively label chika because people are like that, but it looks to me like they or at least tsukaiji don't know about chika's past since he didn't link the trio to being delinquents but who knows if they will do some extra search later on, to be honest i think chika's case is not on a nationnal level it is more famous in his middle school/current school and the neigbourhood so indeed idowish things willbe clarified at least to people from the school but making it nationwide news might not be a good thing, of course who knows if his old friends see the special and thinkthat what theydid to grandpa wasn't enough and come back for this school?
      1 more week to go

    5. I see. True and Chika isn't the type to clear his name either so it can worsen his reputation unless you really get to know him and realize that it isn't true.

      That's a possibility. Or, since this is a feel good series, perhaps, they'll repent and make it up to Chika in some way?