October 22, 2019

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 84 - The Smile After the Rain]

Looking a bit tense, his mother seriously asks, “Atsumu, is it really okay...? I’m really going to do it...?” Atsumu exclaims, “Yes...!! Don’t hesitate, do it...!!” Holding a pair of scissors, his mother exclaims, “Then, I’ll go ahead!! I’m going to do it now!!” Snip Snip. Stands of hair fall.

In the classroom, Momoya notices his cellphone vibrating. He has a message. It is from Michi who wrote, “I have already asked sensei to help me in revising the musical score! Thank you very much!” Just then, Oka passes by. He was about to greet Natsu a good morning when he freezes.
Oka suddenly leans down to stare at Natsu. Natsu tells him that he’s so annoying. “I really cannot quite take it to have a male’s face sticking so close to me.” Oka tensely asks if he smiled just now. Natsu smiles like he usually does.

Oka shouts it isn’t that way of smiling!! “It is that kind...how should I say it. It’s a bit from one’s heart. It feels like I have never seen you smile like that.” Natsu asks him if he’s tired. Oka shouts for Natsu not to fool him. “What had happened!” Natsu says nothing.

Then, he notices a classmate covering his face who is hesitating from entering the classroom. Oka asks that is... Natsu stands up and heads toward the door. He asks, “What is it, Yoshirin?” Removing his hands from his face, Atsumu looks up and says, just now, his [sur]name...
Natsu stares at him. Blushing and uneasy, Atsumu says that it is the first time Natsu called him by his name. “I...I thought that you don’t know my name...” After a pause, Natsu says that it turns out that his face looks like that. With that, Natsu turns to return to his seat.

Atsumu calls out to him and apologizes. “Sorry. It is I... who didn’t properly see things clearly... I even took the initiative to reprimand Momoya-kun... Saying that kind of severe words... hur...hurting you... *flustered* I’m really sorry...!!”

Surprised Natsu asks could it be because of that, he cut his hair...? Atsumu says eh, ah... Looking away, Natsu says that it is alright, he also wasn’t able to say things clearly. “Sorry.” This made Atsumu happy.
He tells Natsu that his name is Atsumu and he can call him Atsumu... Natsu says he doesn’t want to. Atsumu groans. Oka exclaims in shock that he is Atsumu and it turns out that is how he looks like!

In class, Michi looks aghast over his empty notebook. He thinks that this is bad. “Lately, I have been dealing with stuff at home and at the club, I totally didn’t get a copy of the class’ notes... It is definitely funny to death if it is because I failed the exams that I wasn’t able to compete in the Nationals... Sorry, Tetsuki, I’ll be troubling you again--” 

Then, someone holds a notebook to him and says, here. Michi is surprised that he asks, huh...? His classmate [classmate C] says that it is his notebook. “I’m letting you take a look at it. Weren’t you absent for some time?” 
Michi says, ah, thanks...you are...Osada? Osada says he knows his name. Michi says ya, but then, why... Osada recalls himself saying, “Ah isn’t that the pink haired fatty loner!” 

Flashback: Then, classmate A said ah, so he’s called Michitaka. Osada said that he didn’t talk with him. Tetsuki noticed something that he quickly hits Chika’s face with the back of his hand.

He scolded Chika, “Stop it, idiot! *escorting the others* Sorry, and thanks. Okay, let’s go.” Chika held his face then turned to Osada to say, “Let me say! That guy isn’t alone!” End flashback.

Osada says that to have good friends [/comrades] then that person ought to be a good person, right. Michi is puzzled. He opens the notebook and is shock at how organize the notes here. “Gah, your notebook is also so beautiful?!”

Osada tells him that even if he looks like that, when he is actually very serious [in studies]. Michi nervously asks is he for real when he is obviously red-haired. Osada says that he doesn’t want to be told that by him.
In the clubroom, Hiro is lamenting that she basically wasn’t able to help Michi even for a little bit when she is the vice-president. Satowa gloomily says that it’s the same with her.

Takezou says that even if he also, but... He kneels near Hiro and says that he thinks that simply knowing that they were concerned about him, Michi is already very happy. 

Teary-eyed Hiro says that there is also Natsu...about that...it ought to be no problem when he said that he’ll re-consider it, right...? Takezou says ah, yes, probably... but he hasn’t even asked him precisely...
Natsu is walking towards the club. He stops and takes out his resignation from the club form. Standing behind him, Chika asks, “What, you’re planning to give up?” Surprised Natsu calls out to him.

Chika asks, “What’s up with that. Don’t joke around. It wasn’t easy. That four-part ensemble is almost complete. *irked* We have totally gone through a lot of difficulty to arrive here today and even if it is like that, you still want to quit?” Natsu tensely says, ah no.
Then, Kouta, together with the others, call out to Chika and Natsu. Natsu is surprised when Chika suddenly grabs the form. Chika says, “Don’t give up. We will practice the music ensemble perfectly and that will absolutely be a joyous thing. Don’t give up.”

Natsu looks surprised as Chika walks towards the clubroom. Kouta happily greets Natsu and asks what were they talking about. Natsu says ah...nothing. Then, he notices Sane looking at him.
Sane apologizes to Natsu regarding what happened before. “I carelessly got too excited and even made a move on you, sorry. *points at Natsu* But, you too!! The way you talk!! Why don’t you re-think more about it!! Use words that are a bit nice to listen at!! No matter what is said, in the end, our feelings are the same so pointless quarrel is unnecessary. *turns to leave* Geez.”

As Sane goes towards the clubroom, Kouta tells Natsu that in this area, Sane is super awkward, right. Smiling Michi lightly pats Natsu’s back and says, “Okay. Come, let’s go.” Michi walks towards the clubroom.
Atsumu passes by Natsu and says, let’s go, Momoya. Natsu watches as everyone goes in the clubroom. Then, he smiles as he holds the back of his hand to his lips. And, he walks toward the clubroom where everyone happily awaits him.

At Ichiei’s traditional music prep room, with amusement, Kifune watches the kouta performances of various schools including Tokize, Meiryou and Eidai Fuzoku.

He turns the TV off and chuckles. “Ah ah, that really scares me. This is really amazing. For it to go on like this, it will be difficult for Ichiei to win six consecutive times. *walks at the hallway* Really anticipate it~~”
Comment: And that seals Natsu’s blending in with the group. Practice issue is pretty much ironed out. The two kouhai-s have already shown some growth. It is really nice that everyone at fault still bothered to apologize to mend the relationship even if it would be okay not to since everything turned out okay earlier.

Michi even got a friend in class because of what Chika said ^^ Hehe, I guess that final ‘pep talk’ from the others made Natsu really welcome in the club that they don’t want him to leave the club.

And, for the final part, it seems that the other schools have a chance in beating Ichiei. We don’t know about the other schools but Tokize isn’t the same one they all saw during the prelims. Hm...I wonder if we'll take a little break from koto for a little while with a romance-related chapter ^^ Scans from 夕遠SEKI of baidu.

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  1. poor oka i think he will never see any of natsu's true emotions lol, and wow i never thought atsumu would cut his hair as a punishment for what he said to natsu but still i think it is nice that he is also trying to change himself, hahaha sane's apology is funny he is totally like chika , it really is nice to see that they all apologized eventhough i think at this point it is no longer necessory, and i'm glad the club withdrawel option is also out, mitsu's classmate is interesting and yeah i would've never guessed he is the type to study! story wise i think it is May or early june right no and the final is in august so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next chapter

    thank you for the translation

    1. Haha, true. Somehow, Oka is the 'joke'...kind of always being 'bullied' by Natsu ^^;


      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. It's good we killed two birds with one stone in terms of the remaining character development, so I'm hoping for more plot continuation and possible romance moments moving forward :)

  3. I am so happy with this chapter. I cried with tears of joy. Natsu is finally a member of the club. He actually feels like one now. He is happy to be there and people don't want him to leave. This warms my heart <3 The club will only get so much better.

  4. When will be chapter 85 do you think will be released? Sooo looking forward for your more scantalations. 😍

  5. Hello chaoter 85 raw has already released. Looking forward for your scantalation 😁

    1. It's up ^-^ There was a delay due to being sick. ^^;;

  6. I love how this manga makes me emotionally uncomfortable then it peters out into a satisfied sigh after all the drama is done. Even better, after said drama, the character growth is evident.

    Thank you so much for the summary!