February 14, 2018

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 43.5/Side Story - Prince and Devil's 3•14]

The day before White Day [<- March 14], Takumi’s mother sent over these piles of boxes through international express delivery. Holding one of the boxes, Takumi says that it is all chocolates. Haruto says that it is around 200 boxes. Takumi wonders out loud what he should do.

There is a note in French from Takumi’s mother, ‘My dear son, use these for White Day. The chocolates are provided and great [/famous?] in Canada, Mum’. [<- I used google translate] Takumi forgot to tell his mother that there’s no need to help him prepare for the return gift.

Takumi eats some of the chocolates. He says that it’s so delicious and no wonder that it is genuine icewine chocolate. “I ate this before when I was at Niagara Falls. Grape wine’s fragrance is also retained quite well...” Gathering the chocolates to put them into boxes, Haruto complains that it is crowded to death, so quickly tidy it all up.

Knock knock. Sparkling Takumi says that it seems that they have a guest so he’ll go and see who it is. Haruto darkly tells him not to think of getting away. Some guys say that there is something they want to consult Takumi about. Takumi is surprised since it is quite rare that it wasn’t Yusuke.
The guys tell him that they don’t know what nice thing to give back to the girls for White Day. “After all, the dorm girls gave us cake...” Takumi says is that so, how about giving these to the girls as return gift to make them happy. Takumi gave them the chocolates that his mother sent.

The guys are so happy and moved that they say no wonder it is the White Prince, god!! Smiling Takumi is relieved. He thinks that this is great since all of the boxes are all tidied up. It is because Haruto will get angry if things are all piled up in their room.

One of the guys say that tomorrow at school will also become very lively. “So amazing, it’s imported!” Takumi asks ‘also’? They tell him that all of the girls in class are full of enthusiasm. “They say that on White day, they plan to redeem themselves by giving something to the Black Prince. His friend even asked him to come. She said that you guys are her ‘Mr. Right’.”

While reading a Japanese food cookbook, Haruto overheard that. He says that he’ll be absent tomorrow. This surprises Takumi. Haruto says that anyway, there is a make-up exam in the afternoon so there’s no need to go to class.

Takumi scratches his head. He thinks that is saying Haruto isn’t going to do anything tomorrow. “After Valentine’s day... even if the two looks quite normal... but is it really okay for him and Yu-chan to continue like this?”
At school, there is a note on the blackboard. Make-up exam from 1300-1345 and 1400-1445. A girl named Nina is giving a box to Takumi. She had also written her ID [<- for internet messaging] Takumi apologizes and says that no matter how many times she come to give that, he won’t accept it.

He tells the other girls that he cannot return their feelings and he also won’t go steady with anyone. “Aside from me, there is someone who is more suitable for you.” Turning to leave, Takumi thinks that there are almost ten already today...

The girl calls out that she won’t give up. They tell him that he said that he won’t go steady with anyone, that means that his ‘Miss right’ hasn’t appeared yet. “That is also saying that we still have a chance, right!? *shove the chocolate to him* I also like the heartless White Prince!!”

He tells them to wait but they already gave him the chocolates. The school bell rings. Sitting on the stairs, exhausted Takumi says that he’s so tired. “I’ve already told them that there is no hope...how come they would still dash onwards, geez...

...I thought that just being a bit cold towards them, they’ll hate me... *blushes upon recalling how happy Yu looked when she held the bag of cookies and when she bought a balloon* ...no, right now, I understand their feelings a bit.”
Looking at the pile of chocolates, he took out a box of icewine chocolate that he kept. He heard from Kaji that Yu is also going to going to have a make-up exam. “Right now, if I go there, it is possible... *blushes* --No, ah!! She is my friend’s girlfriend. There is not a bit of hope!!

...I cannot help but want to convey my feelings for her but all of this is simply my own wishful thinking. *gloomily walks at the hallway* ...how come I couldn’t cleanly let it go. Better go home.” He passes by the classroom.

Holding up their hands to their head with an 0 sign, Yu and Yusuke greet surprised Takumi, “Happy White Day, Prince-sama!” Flustered Yu says that it’s so amazing and there’s so many-- Going in the classroom, Takumi asks if the two are drunk. While Kaji was laughing, Yu says that Kaji gave her so many snacks—

Kaji exclaims that it is a congratulation gift for smoothly passing the make-up exam! Sparkling Kaji holds Takumi’s shoulder and says, “I heard that these are from you, TAKUMI! That is what the guys at the dorm said. Afterwards, I thought, it is the time for me to set out [and do this].” Takumi tells him not to call him by his name and ‘set out’?
Takumi is shocked to see how many boxes of icewine chocoaltes were eaten. Kaji says that he helped Takumi indirectly give chocolates to Yu♡ “Isn’t it beautiful♥” Takumi darkly tells him to come over here for a while. Later on, Takumi puts a bottle of water on sleepy Yu’s head. Yu sits up.

He tells her to drink a bit of water. “I already asked Kaji to call Kuro over.” Takumi had sober Kaji up by putting his head down a running faucet. Holding up the bottled water as if praying, Yu says that she treats this aka [scarlet] jizo quite well... so it’s no wonder one will say that if spring has light, then winter has Takumi-sama...

Takumi asks, aka jizo? Takumi sighs and says that she would unexpectedly get drunk like this, just by eating wine chocolates. Looking at her exam paper, he says that it looks like she studied until very late at night. Yu says yes, and she barely passed the test.

“...I really strive very hard-- *blushes* Because I want to go to second year high together with Kurosaki-kun...” This made Takumi slightly flustered. He darkly asks if she doesn’t feel that this is quite unfair. “Kuro is still the same as before, he hasn’t changed a bit.” Yu asks, ...unfair?
Takumi says that she’s the only one who is striving hard as if her life depended on it. “...is this really okay?” To his surprise, Yu suddenly stands up and shouts that she definitely has to strive as if her life depended on it!

“Kurosaki-kun is the first placer of this year grade again! And besides, second placer is still Shirakawa-kun! *gloomy* There are times when I think that Shirakawa-kun is suitable to become his girlfriend!” Takumi tensely tells her to first calm down.

He is surprised when Yu suddenly sways backwards. They crash just when Haruto and Yusuke arrived. Yusuke shouted what had happened!? The school bell rings again. At the clinic, Takumi looks at his bandaged right hand and mutters that this had happened again.

Holding his shoulder, the blushing teacher wants to send Takumi off but Takumi says that he’s fine on his own. Takumi thinks that he basically wanted to support Yu up but in the end, he twisted his hand... “It’s quite good that Yu-chan didn’t wake up!”
There is a school announcement for the students who are still in school to leave the premises— Takumi sees the others at some courtyard [/park]. Haruto tells Yusuke that he’s waiting for Kurusu [guesswork for 来栖 <- Tarako], right. He says that’s good, bring her over since they have no way of sending Yu back to the female dorm. Saluting Haruto, Yusuke says, yes sir!!

Sitting on the bench, Yu wakes up and asks, Black Devil-kun? Putting on his hood, Haruto asks, black devil? “Are you stupid that you’ll get drunk from wine in chocolates?” They didn’t notice Takumi who is watching them. Yu asks if she’s dreaming since he is wearing casual clothes.

She leans on his back and says that if she is, call her, Yu-chan-- Haruto holds her head up and exclaims if she is going to stupidly sleeping again. “Wake up.” Yu happily says that it won’t be along when the dorm renovation is finished. “We’ll be living together again. I’ve waited for so long.”

Haruto blushes a bit. To her surprise, he shoves a chocolate into her mouth. Blushing she says what...it’s choco...late? He tells her to use that to bear with it for now.
Takumi sadly smiles and wonders how come he still has shameful thoughts. “Obviously there is basically no leeway wherein I can insert myself between them.” Yu suddenly goes, ugh, this is peppermint which she dislikes... Haruto says, ha? Yu asks if he wanted to punish her.

Haruto asks if she is joking around when obviously she ate a lot of the ones Takumi gave her. Puzzled Yu asks if he is saying the chocolates that Kaji gave her. Holding her head, she complains that her head has this throbbing pain...hellish...

Haruto is about to tell her to properly listen to him but he got interrupted by Takumi who burst out in laughter. Takumi says that it looks like Haruto had grown up a lot that he’ll celebrate White Day. “Ah—so strange.” While tired Yu leans on him, Haruto asks if Takumi is looking down on him.

Takumi asks if Haruto is wearing that hood because he wanted to disguise himself. White sitting on the bench beside Yu, Takumi says that even if he wore the hood, Haruto is still so conspicuous so it’s useless. Haruto says that it is better than none.

Just then, Yusuke and Tarako arrive. Yusuke asks if Yu is awake. Tarako says that it is the Black Prince in casual clothes. Narration: “—so, right now, I’ll properly be the two’s friend. This is also my real thoughts.”
Comment: This is quite nice. Even if he still likes Yu, Takumi is consciously suppressing his feelings as much as possible for the sake of being friends with Haruto. He also knew that there is no hope for him. It will take time but it seems that Takumi will try to move on.

It’s quite nice that he decided to still be friends with them. He will be an ally when and if Hino causes trouble. I wonder though if this opens a chance for the mangaka to introduce a love interest for Takumi.

Anyway, this White Day has a little consolation for him. Thanks to clueless Yusuke, Yu got to eat chocolates from him. And, even got Haruto jealous =P Though I wonder if Haruto can give that chocolate to Yu if they didn’t call him over. But it is still something that he prepared a choco return gift for her ^^ Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
It's hard to love someone who loves someone else. You have to ignore the pain and swallow your pride just to be a friend. But that's all worth it, because sometimes friendship lasts longer than love. ~ Author Unknown


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  3. Thankss a lot Kat !!<3 that was fast :D that's a very nice chapter ^ ^ . I adore Takumi ..He's become a really great character . I hope he will find a new love :)

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  4. thanks..Shirakawa kun have no other choice but to give up on Yuu. really hope he will finds his Miss Right. ^^

  5. If I were to be honest, I thought that falling in love with Yuu was the perfect punishment for approaching her with evil intentions. Takumi deserved to feel pains of love.

    Thanks, Kat!

    1. Hehe, is that so, Gabrielle. I think 'lesson' would be a nicer word for it. She'll be his 'the one who got away'.

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  6. Hi and thank you for the summary, Kat ♥

    Takumi became a nice guy from the time he realized his feeling for Yuu, he matured a lot :) But deciding of becoming friend is a decision made from observing Yuu's and Kuro relationship. He's supressing his feeling bc of his certain of Kuro's feeling for Yuu and he think that even if he would try there's no way for him to separate these two. But.... what will he do when he'll find out that even if they datin, Yuu still isn't Kuro's girfriend? What actions will he take when he became to knew the true reason of them dating??? In col 11 of Kuro manga tankobon MAkino sensei gave a hint of what vol 12 will contain: A picture of Kuro saying that he doesn't think about somethin like love (scene where he was in a hotel and had a conversation with Yuu's parent's), picture of Blushing Takumi and of course picture of Hino. there's also a text saying that Kuro's [PAST] that Yuu doesn't know about will make it's appearance (also in a person of Hino I presume).
    So it could imply that Takumi's "givin' up" is only temporarly and if Kuro continues his "not thinking" about Yuu as his love interest Takumi can get his chance to steal Yuu. The situation with Hino can make him get the chnce easier. So that's how I see it.
    I love Kuro's beeing jealous - too bad he isn't aware of this feeling himself. It is my assumption, but considering MAkino sensei doesn't make any detail in this manga by chance.... I think that the choco Kuro gave to Yuu might've been handmade by him in person: because .... It's the day before White Day, Kuro decided to stay at dorms and not ONLY bc of the expected commotion in school.. he had to make the decision earlier. Second - he was reading a cook book - normally Makino sensei doesn't gives us a hint what exactly is he reading and she does it only if it has it's meanning in the story... Third - The Choco Kuro gave to Yuu wasn't the one with wine and he had it prepared earier this day. I might have it wrong, but if it would be true it would be interesting, right ? :)

    I hope to see more of main story next month but this EXTRA STORY could be a prelude to understanding Takumi's later actions and decisions considering Yuu and his feeling for her.

    Thanks again ♥

    1. Thanks for reading, monaa ^-^

      It's possible. But, won't Takumi judge their relationship based on how they're/Kuro is acting compared to what is the reason that they're together? This chapter made me think that the mangaka is moving on from the 'love triangle'.

      I actually think it is bought. It looked like a chocolate square with mint in between with a wrapper. Too tedious to make...and it's only one piece. It made me think of this chocolate:

      The cook book is Japanese cuisine. From the cover, it looks like a rice bowl-type of food. So, it isn't dessert.

      It would be interesting if it is ^^ If Haruto is aware of liking/loving Yu, the possibility is higher.

      I think that's the aim. And perhaps, the mangaka is busy with the volume 11 release this month.


    2. Hi mona, can you tell me where did you find the "hints" about the next release?? Can you give me the link?? Ah and i agree with your comment😊! Plus thanks a lot Kat!😘😘

  7. Thank you kat!that was fast summary..long awating and makino sensei give us short extra chapter :(. Hiks,,not enough. Hopefully next month chapter will satisfied all this manga fans

  8. Im a litle bit sad for takumi. He deserves to be happy. is this a punihsment from God? a sin probably..he plays around with girls heart and now when he really in love with a girl..but the girl is his best friends girlfriend.it hurt to see him sad like that. And the clueless kaji is always help takumi to get close with yuuchan without noticed kuro his idol is the true boyfriend of her.lol. and kuro he is change..he is change..i also agree with mona..makino always give a space to us for completing a missing hints. Kuro absent and he read a book about cooking so what is his purpose? My imagination said a different way..in order to grant yuchan wish "become a real couple". I think kuro planned to cook for yuu at 1st .. but then after thinking cooking for a girl is to much disturbance he decided to buy the choco instead. He bought the mint flavor? But poor him, seems he doesnt know yuuu dislike mint flavor.

    1. Takumi will be happy some day. Take it easy, Anon. Don't need worry.
      This 'punihsment' is helping him to learn.

      In my country there is a popular saying, it's something like 'is better to have loved and suffered than to have never love before'.

    2. Thank you Kat for the amazing work you're doing:)

      I believe this happened before the theater-scene, so does Kuro actually know that Yuu wants them to be a normal couple? Or he just wanted to do something for her? I Think,And hope,The secondo one..It will show how much he wants her to be happy.This is what Tarako referred to when she said Kuro has a "boyfriend actitude"?

      Btw I hope that there will be more chapters with a different Point of view, It helps a lot to understand The character And his feelings...hope that we'll be able to See Kuro's Point of view,maybe on his past-related chapters.

      Ah, when she says "scarlet jizo" maybe she refers to "aka jizo" The nickname her Middleschool mates gave her? (I don't know chinese,so it's just a guess);)

    3. True, ryl. It was bound to happen one day. And, I guess he won't fool around anymore because of this.


      Indeed. I think it is bought. Apparently, there are a lot of types of food that Yu doesn't like. ^^;

    4. Thanks for reading, Julie ^-^

      Yes, this happened before they went back to the form. I think it's the second one. Well, hopefully, it isn't just because he is obligated to 'give something back' since he got her cookies.


      Oh. Perhaps, it is like that. The Chinese term is 'scarlet' = 'aka'. Thanks for the info ^-^ I'm guessing it is 'aka' from 'Akabane'. I didn't know it was her nickname before. ^^;;

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  10. For anyone interested ^^ ... Volume 11 (ch 41-44) has been released in Japan . I found some kind of preview and we can see only a few pages but looks like there's new pages in chapter 41. Unfortunately , I don't understand japanese but it's okay 😂 http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/product?isbn=9784065109151

    1. Thanks for the info, Fra R. There are some altered/additional pages.

      Based on the pictures, I think the part where Yu stopped Takumi from touching him is more expounded with a scene of Haruto actually seeing it. During PE, Haruto is actually looking at her when she isn't looking.

      The doll talk is removed and changed to something to hint on Vday. I think the TV show is talking about making handmade choco. Then, Yu realized that it will be February soon. <- based on the kanji that I can read.

    2. Yes , exactly , Kat :D Thanks a lot ! Well , I mean, the part where Yuu and the other girl watch tv show is easy to understand LOL.. on the other hand I loved the gym class scene ^^

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