December 26, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 97]

There is a scene of young Reishou surrounded by Jun, Dai and some other men. Narration: “At that time, I’m really not at all lonely.” Young Reishou happily laughs. End flashback.

At the prison, Reishou says fine, where he should start talking about it. Glum Yuulin wonders what had happened between Reishou and Kouren before. “Because I said that I wanted to know so His Majesty is slowly going to tell me about the past.”
Reishou says that as she knew, he grew up at the Northern frontier. Young Reishou is heading towards a carriage with his mother on a snowy night. Narration: “But, mother had prematurely passed away. , I lived peacefully as a worthless prince who was abandoned by the king.”

Reishou is reading some scrolls on the floor. Narration: “At that time, Li Jun’s father happens to be the local official of that place. I received a lot of care from him because he is a conscientious person...

...It is also because of this that Li Jun became my nanny.” Young Reishou is carrying a hoe which made Jun’s father nervously call out to him. Chasing after him, young Jun called out to Reishou and shouted where he got that hoe. End flashback.
Yuulin is surprised to know that quite early, that is already Jun’s role. Smiling and nodding, Reishou says that even if his older brother at the royal capital would send an assassin from time to time, but his childhood is still quite safe and sound.

Aghast Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks, and sound when obviously something dangerous had already sneaked in. Reishou says, but one day, the situation has changed. “Father the king had suddenly died.” Yuulin says that he is saying that quite casually.

With a pleading look and hands together, Reishou asks what does she think will happen later on? Yuulin asks, what? Reishou says that his older brother who always had secretly sent assassins had become the king.
“No longer concerned about father, I’m afraid that after he held onto power, the first thing he wanted to do, is to kill me. *Yuulin looks surprised* Any reason will do...

...How many accusations he can think of, it will be that many [that they’ll accuse Reishou of]. As long as the ‘king’ wishes it, it can effortlessly become a reality.”

Yuulin scowls and asks why he would do such a thing... Reishou says when he was still at the harem, his brother sees him as something very objectionable. There is a scene of his brother kicking him. “He is a coward person. He obviously wanted to become king...

...Even after succeeding to the throne, it seems like he is running away from something that he lost himself to wine and to charm [of women].” Yuulin looks sad for Reishou. She thinks that it always makes her feel that it is so heavy and so painful when Reishou talks about his relatives.
Reishou says because of that, it is necessary for him to hide immediately. “They’ve told the imperial palace side, ‘because of some unknown accident, it is unknown whether or not Reishou is dead or alive’.

Flashback: Aghast Jun’s father carried clueless Reishou and said that thinking of it in detail, Reishou is indeed the type who’ll go missing. “So, it’s okay to say ‘because he got lost and fell off a cliff’!” Jun agreed that the possibility of that happening is very high!! End flashback.

With a distant look, Reishou says, “...seeking shelter by fleeing to the captain of Northern frontier’s garrison squadron.” Flashback: The captain asked, is he for real!? “I won’t care no matter what happens afterwards.”

Wearing a cloak, Jun’s father, together with Reishou* said that aside from Kankou-sama [guesswork from 桓行], there is no other person he can ask. Please you must...” Kankou sighs and scratches his head.

Reishou is surprised when Kankou grabbed his cloak to pull him up. Kankou exclaimed, “From today on, I’m your dad. You’ll be part of us, understand!?” Reishou stared at him and asked, Kankou exclaimed, “Ya! I’m father! You’re really such an extremely thin brat.”

Reishou looked surprised at him. Narration: “My life had a sudden turn to the corner. That branch of squadron is positioned directly at the frontier in order to prevent any foreigners [/foreign countries] from setting up an invasion. All of the people within that group are fools who don’t have any place to go to.”  
At the mountains, some of the men called out, “Captain! Are we really going to bring along this little kid with us? Is he going to be a scout?”  Kankou said that’s right. “Don’t hold us back, Reishou!”

Chasing after them, Reishou smiled and said, “No problem, ‘father’.” Narration: “For the first time since I was born, I do not exist as the ‘king’s son’ and it felt that my body became light. It is like I can freely choose whether to live or to die.”
Smiling Reishou tells Yuulin that even if it is said that he went there for refuge and honestly, that place is really dangerous. “But, miraculously, it really suits my nature. All though everyone’s character is eccentric, but they are very good comrades.”

Yuulin notices that it isn’t the same when he talks about the imperial palace or perhaps, his relatives. “He has this look of gazing at some remote place. A very, very, cherished narration.” Reishou says, “Ah, we are almost at the important part...

...When I have totally adapted to this new life, that man came to the frontier. He had offended the king so he was banished from the court. *scene of Kouren* He is an ominous man whose looks is incomparably ugly.”
Flashback: Kankou called out to Reishou and said that he has a guest. Reishou is puzzled. In a room, Kouren is kneeling down with hands together. He says, “From today on, Shuu Kouren, this lowly official, will be responsible for all the administrative affairs in the Northern Province.”

Giving him gong shou [fist on palm greeting], Reishou asked why a newly appointed regional senior official would come and see him. “I’m still just a small soldier.” Kouren said that when Reishou is still young, this lowly official had been fortunate to see him and his mother together...

There is a scene of Reishou’s mother standing with very young Reishou standing behind her. Kouren looked at Reishou who look serious. Thinking that an official who knew of his background had appeared, Reishou said that he doesn’t have any impression of it.
Bowing to him, Kouren said that from today on, he’ll be under his care... They were interrupted by Jun who suddenly entered the room. Reishou looked surprised. Jun exclaimed, Reishou Your Highness, it has been a long time since he has seen him and he has grown up a lot...!

Reishou greeted him back. Kneeling with hands together, Jun said that he is truly sorry for leaving him alone for such a long time. “Thanks to father’s friend, Shuu Kouren-sama’s help, even if I’m all alone, it can still be considered that there is someone who can accompany you at your side...!”

Reishou went eh--... With a sparkle and looking aghast Jun asked why Reishou doesn’t look happy. Reishou said that it isn’t that he isn’t is just that--...he’s very annoying.
Thinking that he no longer has freedom, Reishou waved at Jun and said that he is pretty much okay at this side so there’s no need to worry about him. Jun exclaimed that cannot be. Kouren just quietly watched them. 

Soon, Reishou is walking with grumpy Jun following him. A man asked Reishou who that person is. Reishou casually said that he is his chamberlain. The man commented that Reishou became quite capable.

Narration: “Even if two people who knew my past came, my life hasn’t changed at all. More than that, Shuu Kouren who was demoted from the capital, is actually an incomparably capable official.” Watching Kouren write a document, Reishou praised him that he’s really amazing.
“Everyone in town also said so. After the new administrative official came, life had become a lot easier. You really know administrative works regarding irrigation, agriculture and all sorts of things. You’re quite excellent in negotiating with the capital even if your face is very scary.” 

Kouren said that he is very honored by his absurd praise. Looking at some paper, Reishou asked out loud why the king would demote a person like Kouren who can do things. “It’s such a waste.”

Kouren said that without any exception, all officials who would admonish the king are demoted to idle positions. Reishou said that the king is really like a kid.
Reishou sighed and said that right now, the king is also hiding in the imperial villa. “The whole day he’ll attend to having a banquet. The regional taxes are always increasing. I heard that a lot of regions had been abandoned [/no longer cultivated]...

---...And if this keeps up, sooner or later, dissatisfaction towards the capital will erupt somewhere. He [king] obviously knew that clearly. *There is a dark aura around as Kouren quietly listened* It is also the same on our side...

...Lately, the foreigners coming to invade had also increased. I really hope the king can wake up sooner and do the things that he has to do. ...stop giving people problems.” Dai suddenly hanged upside down out the window and said that it cannot be helped.“That side is using all his strength to run away from reality!”
 Reishou called out to Dai. Jumping down, Dai called him master and said that it seems the captain is looking for him. Reishou said he knows already. He bid Kouren goodbye. End flashback.  Reishou tells Yuulin that Kou Dai is a secret agent [/spy] tasked by Kouren to protect him.

“Dai is very strong and capable but because of that personality, it appears that he isn’t quite useful in other areas. *scene of Dai laughing* ...ah, then everyone are really living together at the frontier.”

Yuulin asks if Kouren, too.. With a distant look, Reishou says, “At that time, I have an outspoken foster father who likes to randomly gather [/pick up] people. There are also comrades at my side...
...In that piece of endless winter tundra, deep in the earth, I thought that I can always live like this with everyone...

...Whether it is the blood in my body, about my older brother or perhaps the things at the capital, all of that has nothing to do with the me at that time...

...I have things that I want to protect and I also want power to protect it. But I didn’t think that it is so easy to lose it.” The last scene is Reishou looking dark and serious.
Comment: I thought that Reishou just lost his comrades to whatever happened later on. It turned out that he also lost his ‘father’. ;_; As Yuulin observed, Kankou and others ended up being more important to Reishou than his own blood relatives.

Reishou also owes a lot to Jun and his father though I guess Reishou cannot be that appreciative since they always tell him ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’. It is natural for Yuulin to be aghast over how casual Reishou can talk about assassination attempts on his own life as if it is something normal.

Actually, was Reishou that good of a fighter that as a kid he managed to thwart assassins or those assassins are the idiot types? ^^; Jun and his father don’t seem the type to be able to fight against assassins. Perhaps, Reishou just used his brains to thwart them.

It is a bit of a blessing in disguise that because his brother wanted to accuse him of everything that they can think of to get rid of him, Reishou managed to meet with his ‘father’, the others and the ones who are currently with him in the capital.

It turns out that Kouren was staying with Reishou and others at the frontier. For now, nothing seemed to indicate of any betrayal. Actually, I would think that Reishou knew more about politics and how to run the government thanks to Kouren.

At such a young age, Reishou is pretty smart and observant. He knows his current events and the potential problems that are arising due to his brother’s negligence and cowardice. I’m curious though why Kouren personally made Dai to be his guard.

It makes me think that he knew of Reishou’s potential that he has to be protected. Kouren can somehow predict futures/think ahead so that might be a reason, too. And soon, Reishou would learn a harsh reality that he cannot always live with them like that. In that last picture, it seems that he lost his innocence. That happy smiling carefree face is gone. =( Scans by 水月梅漢化

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    I'm still wondering whether - from what Reishou says in this chapter - that Kouren does see the potential of a new king who does have a better knowledge of what needs to be done for his country, even if he does like being in amongst his comrades in the frontier. And that might be what leads to the 'betrayal'. It was possibly mentioned in an earlier comment by you that it could have been a 'coup', and that Reishou 'led' it with Kouren's help. That would mean that he would have to leave everyone that he loved behind, in case things went wrong. Kouren would definitely prefer Reishou over the current king, from what Reishou says in this chapter as part of the flashback, I think.

    Thanks for your wonderful work, Kat!
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    1. Yup, Nelle ^^

      Kouren would most definitely prefer Reishou over the current king. Reishou is already showing a lot of hindsight on how to improve the country. That's possible though it would take a lot of convincing to make Reishou want to leave everyone he loved behind for the country.

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