December 30, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 254]

Apparently, Kyouko is irritated due to Kimiko using some ulterior motive as a reason to get the role. Well, since she is serious about acting now, she realized why Ren was angry at her for using acting to get back at Shou. But wait, it seems that she still believes that Ren likes Kimiko o_O;

Hehe, obviously some part of that dark hatred feeling is jealousy =P I’m amused over the possibility that her angels before had morphed into a Princess Rosa persona. Regarding the ring, she can only know the truth when she asks Ren. And, I’m sure Ren wants to ask her about that kiss. =P

Lol, the demons had removed their ‘smile-protection’ suits. They are back. Actually, I fear that once they are finished with Kimiko, they might forget to suit back up when Kyouko meets up with Ren again. =P

Well, Kimiko did withdraw from the audition. I guess Kyouko is infuriated that Kimiko gave up easily unlike her. Apparently, the audition will go on without Kimiko. It will be a test if Kyouko will be better than Kimiko. If not, they’ll just settle with Kimiko.

About that glaring, lol, poor Kyouko, she cannot get away with it easily like Ren was when he kept on glaring during his meeting before. As Kanae mentioned, she better be ‘someone’ first. If she’s a newbie who seemingly have an attitude, then Yuki won’t hire her.


And, it seems that Kyouko is going to use her current romance situation to portray Momiji especially since both of them are the ‘other girl’ whom the lead doesn’t love. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that she’ll know the truth after this drama is over.

Anyway, the next chapter would most likely be about the audition unless there is a bit of time skip. The picture above is from the official Hana to Yume 2018 calendar. So, Kyouko will definitely get that role.


  1. Hola Kat! Muchísimas gracias por siempre seguir esta serie y siempre Postal tus comentarios! Son muy buenos de leer. En este arco, no veo ningún indicio de que Kyoko consiga saber del verdadero origen de Ren/Corn, si esto no ocurre difícilmente habrá algún progreso entre los dos (con o sin Kimiko poniendole celosos a los demonios de Kyoko hahaha)

    Gracias por todo tu trabajo durante todo este año!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, María ^-^

      Haha, maybe after the audition. The two will have to meet afterwards due to their respective misunderstanding. ^^


      Thanks for the support ^^

  2. Saludos Kat! I'm also really glad for your comments and translations. Thank you. I was excited to see the return of the Grudges. They are always fun to see in action.

    1. Thanks for reading them, Unknown ^-^

      Yup ^^ Excited when they meet up with Kimiko ^^

  3. Gosto muito dos seus resumos obg por sempre comentar fithing kyoko.

    1. Thanks for reading and glad to hear that, Angelina ^-^

  4. My goodness does she look good in the picture =] Black hair huh.. that prediction that something major will happen with Ren might come true too :o *fingers crossed*

    I wonder if Yuki did not find it weird that Kimiko has withdrawn. The latter was pursing both Chidori and Momiji's roles. She even heatedly fought with him when she screwed up her audition. If he does not suspect that something is off then I'll be led to think that he is a poor judge of people >_<

    About the glaring, I'm kind of glad that she did it lol. Yuki must have understood by now that she has her own weirdness. That's the second time that she is losing bonus points from him too. The last time she was rolling on the floor drooling about Kanae after lacking concentration :P

    Nice observation, I forgot that even Ren has something to ask her. Kyouko might end up being fidgety in front of him, leading the latter to think that she is mulling over the Shou-Kiss and is guilty.

    Can't wait for the next chapter.
    Thanks for the summary!!

    1. Yup, Crimson sky ^^

      Possible. It also depends on how much Yuki knows about her. Was it known that she is the type who'll quit since it is futile when the other party is better? In a way, even if Kimiko is like that...if aside from Kyouko, she is the 'best', they would have to take her in as Momiji. 'Best' = Kyouko didn't give some good impressions regarding the scowl and not concentrating. Actually, the other actresses also quit so...^^;

      Lol True.

      Yup. I think it would be interesting to see how the two are would react to each other while thinking that the other is 'hiding a love secret'. Same as usual or jealousy will take over?

      Ya and thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Lol, with this chapter there is so little to say. Anyways, good talk, Kat!

    Hmm... I previously thought they would do the same scene with the Chidoris but I was wrong it seems. Since this scene will be different then the next chapter will show it. And from what I've seen, mostly everyone is irritated on how long this audition is going and others are predicting that Nakamura-sensei doesn't know where she is taking this arc. I don't believe that to be true because of her past work. That and all of the things that are happening at once, they are now being answered at their own pace and can't be thrown at us all at once. The incident with Erika, Kyoko's white day gift from Ren, the "mystery" woman Ren loves/Kyoko struggles, the Fuwas, first love role, Yashiro working as her manager, Ren's discovery of the second kiss... is there anything else I missed? After the audition ends and we read it all at once, it won't feel slow anymore. Some of them know that but can't help but express their impatience, lol. I don't mind it because I haven't been with the manga that long compared to the rest that was here since the beginning. I've been reading Skip Beat for... about six or seven years now. Anyways, I like that Kyoko realized how Ren was feeling during that time and having Kanae's support. The next chapter will show the audition again I believe but I feel it will show Niko again as well. What she is up to or something connected to her. Erika sent one of the Jewel men off to do something. Either follow Niko or watch out for Kyoko. That's all I can think of since Erika found Niko's expression alarming.

    1. Haha, true, Brittany ^-^

      Yup. Perhaps, it is to explore the weakness of the Chidori actress? I mean, perhaps they thought Kanae wasn't able to pull a reaction like that so that was her scene.

      There was also about Maria thinking of something while Lory was talking on the phone. Was that ever important? I thought there was something to it. Kyouko was curious about Ren's real name. Yashiro stumbled on the possibility that Kyouko likes Ren.

      Yup. It is less frustrating to reat if it is read in one go. Everything makes sense than the seemingly slow progress per chapter. Actually, in the last two chapters, I think the pages are fewer = didn't reach the usual 30 pages.

      Yup, most likely the audition. I'm not sure though if a whole chapter will be dedicated to that next audition or first half will be a glimpse/flashback of the audition and the other half/last few pages will be about something else...and probably a cliffhanger.

  6. Hi Kat

    I am back to read your posts! And the plot hasn't moved much hahaha...

    Yes you remind me Ren wants to ask Kyoko about the kiss too. I actually think they will act normal when they finally (no idea when) meet again though. But perhaps some new development will trigger their jealousy reaction. Either the show's lead guy (can't remember name) / Yashiro will be the development trigger im guessing... but then again, who knows ^^'

    And seriously, just when is the audition going to end? Kyoko looks super cool in the ninja appearance i want her to start acting Momiji already =.= And of course, meet Ren again. Or even meeting Shou is good. ~~~

    Thanks for writing!


    1. Hiyo, Kadane ^^

      Hehe...moved from the audition, yup...didn't moved much.

      Yup. Hopefully, there will be a trigger of some sort for romance progress ^^

      Is it over a year already? My rough estimate is a year up to 1 and 1/2 year for an arc.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  7. Hope Kimiko gets a taste of Kyoko's inner demons when she tries to do something to her get the role like she did with Erika. Or Erika shows up to be a shield between them and finally gets out of the wheelchair. After everything she done, and all to get close to a guy, hope everyone sees her true face and it's all over the media.
    Also I could've sworn Ren already gave Kyoko her White Day gift. Didn't he put it in her locker?

    1. Hopefully so, Lidy. Though, I'm not sure if it will be all over media since the mangaka seems to be avoiding that with all the other female antagonists before.

      I don't think so. Iirc, the gifts in the locker before were given by other people to Kyouko. She has been quite bothered by it especially since the other actresses in Dark Moon got their gifts from Ren. She tried to rationalize that it is because she didn't give him a chocolate.