October 14, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 96]

Narration: “It was said that the king and Prime Minister Shuu don’t get along well. What could have happened before between the two?” Yuulin recalls Kouren telling her that it is because he lost His Majesty’s trust. She also recalls Reishou reminding Kouren that he told him before not to cross the line.

Narration: “In that brief conversation, I can confirm that they indeed have a dispute. For me, it is truly very difficult to understand and consider that the two mutually trust each other. Furthermore, what’s comparatively harder to understand is---

...the next day, those two continue to talk about work quite ordinarily... *peeking from the door to see Reishou talking with Kouren* Why!? Obviously yesterday’s mood is so vicious! Can this be regarded as having a dispute!? Or there is no dispute!? Which is it!?”
Kouren notices Yuulin peeking. He slightly bows to her. While walking at the cloister with her court ladies, Yuulin feels that Kouren is a good person even if his face is very scary. She recalls Reishou happily telling her that there’s no need to worry.

She thinks that His Majesty also doesn’t plan on telling her clearly about it. “...sigh—always feel depressing...” Later on, Kokuu calls out to Yuulin and says that she doesn’t look quite happy so what’s wrong. Yuulin asks if Ryukou is practicing military skill.

Kokuu says that he is currently talking with His Majesty. Yuulin suddenly remembers that Kokuu knew Reishou when he was at the frontier so that means... Yuulin calls out to Kokuu.
Surprised Kokuu says so she’s asking about what happened between His Majesty and Prime Minister Shuu. “How come you would bring this topic up...?” Yuulin says that it is because she heard that they don’t get along and she wants to know whether or not they have a dispute-type of thing...

Kokuu says ah...yes. Yuulin looks distressed since Kokuu had a hard time explaining it. Kokuu looks at Reishou who is talking with Ryukou. He says, “How should I say it... rather than saying that it is a dispute...” Kokuu looks serious and recalls the past.
Flashback: Young Reishou calling out to Kokuu. “If you’re free, then let’s have a match.” Kokuu sweatdropped and said, “Me, again.” Reishou exclaimed that right now, everyone won’t fight with him and they all ran away!

“So boring! Okay, okay, before Li Jun and Kouren find out, let’s have a three round duel! If I lose, I’ll help you out with the night patrol!” End flashback. Kokuu mutters, “---...about that, it ought to be considered a betrayal...right.” This stuns Yuulin.
They were interrupted by Ryukou who calls out to Kokuu that they have another round. Kokuu tells Yuulin that he is being called. “Just now is quite rude. *sheepish smile* ...please forget about it, okay.” This surprises Yuulin. She mentally screams, “Who can just forget about it-!!!”

Later on, at the harem, Yuulin is trembling from frustrations. Holding her head, she thinks that even if she have seen His Majesty so flipped out...but compared to her imagination, she didn’t think that it is that serious...! “Ah—Li Jun-san wouldn’t want to talk with me about it, right.”
She imagines Jun pushing up his glasses and telling her that if she is free to think of such nonsense things, it would be better to properly do her princess consort training first.

Looking gloomy, Yuulin thinks, “Ya--...thinking of it in detail, I felt that I have always been chasing after His Majesty. Since the time when I’m working [parttime], the wolf and puppy would lead me around in circles like this...

Just when she’s getting a bit close to him, he will pull away some distance from me. Despite that, I still want to know, want to stay at his side. Right now, I had become a real princess consort. That person is still unwilling to let me see everything...
...He would always hide that occasional glimpse of his frightening side. -While I was working, I always felt that I cannot cross over the limits that His Majesty has placed. But right now--...”

Yuulin looks serious. She calls out to her court ladies and tells them to help her call Gen and the head of the court ladies over. That night, Reishou passes through the hallways and open a door.

Surprised Reishou asks Yuulin what the heck she is doing. Pouting Yuulin is inside a prison cell. Yuulin says that there is something that she is pondering on a bit. “So, I’ve decided to see and hole up in this nostalgic prison cell.”
Going !?, Reishou exclaims why!? Holding up her hand, Yuulin says that it is very normal for him to be astonished. “But, on my side, there is a very profound reason for it. *scowls* ...I really like His Majesty.”

Blushing a bit, Reishou goes eh!? Yuulin explains that it is because he sincerely wanted to change the topic that she totally couldn’t find a way out from it. [<- using lovey-dovey to stop her inquiries] I’ll immediately be led by the nose [by you].” Reishou says, ah yes, it is because she is very straightforward.
Yuulin says, “But, this time, I’m very depressed. If it is still like that, then, I pretty much cannot take it anymore. So, what had happened between His Majesty and Prime Minister Shuu? ...Until you decide to tell me about it, I won’t be going out of this prison cell!”

On top of the roof, Dai is laughing his head off. “Fu—in order for His Majesty to start talking, she’ll suddenly run back to the cage where she was brought in before. It’s really like something that princess consort-chan will do! Ha ha ha I really want to see His Majesty’s expression! *with a sad smile* For real..”
Flashback: In the snowy frontier, Reishou said that sooner or later Dai will also betray him. Dai told him that he won’t. “I am just a tool [/object] so I cannot do that kind of difficult thing!” Reishou smiled and said, is that so. End flashback.

Dai thinks, “--...saying that ‘because I’m a tool’ caused him to be at ease. It can also be said that is pitiful, right, Your Majesty. More or less, you’ll do something, right, princess consort-chan.”

Back in the prison, Reishou asks if she is saying that she won’t go out. Sparkling serious Yuulin says no, she would still finish her work as princess consort. “I’ll finish the things in the harem and the imperial palace everyday then I’ll come back here.” He says that she’s really serious.
He tells her but, speaking of being proper, the princess consort’s first task ought to be letting the king dot on her as much as he wants. Yuulin directly tells him that this is a married couple’s ‘sleeping in separate rooms’. After a pause, Reishou asks if she is really curious about that thing with Kouren.

Thinking that Reishou looks like he is burdening everything all by himself, Yuulin says, “If it is when I’m working [parttime]...I’ll probably just restrain myself and not ask. But right now, we are a married couple. Even if it is only just a little bit...I’ll go back. *trembling* (So, I beg of you to please listen to my willfulness.)”
Yuulin closes her eyes. After a pause, Reishou smiles and says, he knows already, he’ll tell her a bit, okay. This surprises Yuulin that she exclaims if it is really okay!? Reishou nods and says yes.

She exclaims isn’t he too straightforward!? He asks her if she wants him to be difficult with [her] again? She exclaims that she doesn’t want to. He smiles and says that he originally doesn’t want to make her uneasy and he really failed.

He is surprised when Yuulin quickly pushes the prison door open and rushes towards him. She gives him a tight hug. He tells her that it isn’t some amusing topic. Yuulin says that she prepared herself early on. Yuulin tearfully looks at him. There is a scene of Kouren.
Narration: “—I cannot lose her again. Cannot let anyone snatch away... *looks serious then hugs Yuulin* ...I no longer have anything else on my hand. *scene of young Reishou running through the snow at the frontier*...

...Once again at all cost, running as if my life depended on it, losing what cannot come back again... Friends, and also family... *scene of some happy men happily calling out to Reishou* Right now, I already don’t have anything...

...In this road, no matter how I struggled again, it is also already impossible to go back to their side.” Reishou tells Yuulin that they’ll talk about it for a bit. Narration: “Hakuyou’s ‘Wolf King’ is actually sitting in this empty [/meaningless] throne.”
Comment: That’s really something Yuulin would do. Hehe, she is weak against his lovey-dovey and he needs to be lovey-dovey with her so blackmail him to make him tell her something about it. =P Pretty clever and quite effective ^^

So, those who are currently close with Reishou are the ones whom he knew when he was at the frontier. I’m surprised that Kouren was also there. I thought he was always at the palace and only knew him when Reishou was at the palace.

Somehow, I don’t think it is a deliberate betrayal. Maybe Kouren was tricked or his good intentions brought about disastrous results. Reishou is still a smiling happy kid at the frontier when training with Kokuu so something must have happened to his friends.

Before, I thought the ‘cannot go back’ is because he is now king and they are still at the frontier. His narration suddenly made me think that it is impossible to go back because they are already dead...most likely killed. After the possible massacre, that is probably when he met Dai.

But I really love what Yuulin did here. It’s cute and romantic that she doesn’t want to have any ‘secrets’/wanting to know more about him. Anyway, I get a feeling that the past was really tragic that the puppy had become a wolf. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  1. Kid Reishou is so cute! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hey Kat! Thanks for the update! :)

    Hmmm...more of the Kouren backstory/dispute. It's getting more intriguing. From what Kokuu says, without meaning to, perhaps his men went into some battle without Reishou, and it was a 'betrayal' somehow, with Kouren having said something that made the men go into battle - but as you said, with good intentions, and unintentionally? Urgh...I want to know more!!! :D

    It's good that Yuulin got Reishou to make some compromise in telling her something about it. Explaining that, when she was working part-time, she wouldn't have interfered before, but now, as his wife, she should know about - possibly that made him realise that she actually does have a right to know some things. Especially when she's withholding herself from him. ;D But it's cute that she gave him a hug at the end - he probably needed it. Interesting narration from Reishou's point of view at the end.

    Anyway...looking forward to the next installment. :) Thanks again. And I always love how your quotes match the manga - no matter which page I read on. :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

      That's possible. Yup, hopefully, the next chapter will reveal a lot more stuff ^^

      Yup ^^


  3. Thanks Kat! Really love how you bring the story to life.. manga scanlations are pretty slow.. your insight makes us sheep find our way in the storyline.
    Intentionally or not, somethings can never be forgiven, like a nurse faultily injecting the wrong medication into your loved ones IV drip causing the to die. Kouren may as well as have done that to the only family he knew or could cherish.
    Many thanks for the translation.

    1. Thanks for reading and comment, Yira ^-^

      Possible. I would think it is related to his friends at the frontier. I'm under the presumption that his mother died from illness <- failed to recuperate from the harsh harem life and harsher frontier life.