August 10, 2017

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapter 10-11]

Koiko thinks that it turns out that they’ll be so close while in the train. Tsurugi is standing beside her. She recalls him asking where they’ll watch the New Year’s sunrise. She had told him that they go to a far place where they won’t bump into their schoolmates.

In the end, she is currently riding on a crowded train with him and he’s leaning too close... “Do I have bad breath? I’m eating a fresh and clean mouth candy thing right now so it won’t be too obvious. Can he hear the sound of my breathing? Then, I’ll breathe out lightly. Lightly. Lightly. Lightly. Lightly., no, I cannot do it, it hurts!”

She turns away from Tsurugi and asks where they are right now. “It’s because the light is reflecting on the glass that I cannot see outside.” Tsurugi looks at her nape and blushes. [<- For Japanese, the nape is a sexy/erotic part of a woman’s body]
Looking away, Tsurugi asks her if she can face towards him. She turns around and says okay. She thinks that it is because she mustn’t turn her back towards from him. “But, if it is like that. Ah, I always feel that my sweat is starting to seep out...

...Ah, if this keeps up, then my face will all be greasy. Like that, won’t my pores be thoroughly exposed? Ah, ah ah..ah..” And, she turns towards the window again . Looking away again, Tsurugi slightly pulls down his hat and tells her to face him since he is directly facing her neck and his eyes don’t know where they ought to look.

Blushing Koiko immediately covers her nape. She turns towards him and whispers as to where he is looking. Just when Tsurugi tries to explain, the train suddenly breaks so Tsurugi leans really close to Koiko. She blushes and turns around.

He tells her so he’s saying that her nape. She turns towards him then later on, turns away from him. He repeats, nape. Then, she turns towards him. And, in the end, compared to walking, she got more tired...
After getting off the train, Tsurugi laughs and says that she kept on turning round and round. Koiko is flustered for he totally didn’t know how she feels. Tsurugi is about to laugh when he turns away to say that it is really tiring to ride the train since they are sticking too close.

Koiko is surprised by that admission. He says that he had re-adjusted the mood so let’s go! Tsurugi walks ahead while Koiko keeps on thinking about being too close. In the end, she is left behind as more people are bypassing her and Tsurugi is getting far away from her.

She thinks, like hell it’s close. Koiko shouts for him to wait and slow down a bit. “Geez! My legs!” Tsurugi apologizes and asks if they hurt. Koiko shouts that they are too short!!! Tsurugi freezes. As Koiko catches up, she says that their legs’ length isn’t the same so pay attention to the pacing!
Tsurugi apologizes because it is as she said, he didn’t pay attention since he is thinking of himself. Koiko thinks that he is obviously from the upper layer yet he unexpectedly doesn’t know the common sense in dealing with girls. Tsurugi says ah, then about that... He looks at his right hand.

Koiko declares that she doesn’t want to hold hands. Blushing a bit, Tsurugi says ah ya. Koiko thinks that in the end, he doesn’t know. “In times like this, shouldn’t a person from the upper layer voluntarily hold hands? Even if it is only my feeling...

...but wait, isn’t this the guy who’ll unexpectedly kiss me? Besides, it seems that he is displaying all sorts of cool actions. Eh? So, he is actually quite good in dealing with girls, right?”

Turning to her, Tsurugi tells her to grab his clothes then. Embarrassed Koiko says no, there’s no need, she is alright. Then, some people promptly bump her.
Soon, she is holding Tsurugi’s sleeve as they walk towards the temple. She wonders if Tsurugi is an expert with girls or not. Then, there are some guys at the left side holding beer. They are laughing over not puking. Koiko notices that Tsurugi is holding out his other hand. He says, over here.

She lets go of his left sleeve and starts to reach for his right sleeve. Her ear blushes as she continues to wonder if he is an expert...*Then, Tsurugi comments about a lot of girls wearing kimono, and it’s so gorgeous*...or not.”

Koiko blurts out that it turns out that he merely likes people who wear a kimono. She bites her lips for it is like she is being difficult with him. Tsurugi looks at her and says that it isn’t so. Koiko wonders, so in the end, which is it, an expert or not?

3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! Everyone is greeting each other a Happy New Year! Koiko turns to the side and says, Happy New... But Tsurugi isn’t there. She looks left and right. She wonders where he went. Having a cold sweat, Koiko writes a message on her phone as to where he is.
Pulling her from behind, Tsurugi says here. This surprises her that she exclaims whether he is an expert or not. Puzzled Tsurugi just apologizes and says that on the way back to the shrine, he noticed that he had wandered off. He puts his hands together.

He also apologizes for he had lost her return gift for the knitted hat. “I always put in my pocket. Basically, I thought of giving it to you the moment it turns New Year but in the end, I lost it. Since I’m looking for it nearby, I had wandered off from you... *holds head* And! The moment it turned New Year had already passed!”

Thinking that she already forgot about the return gift, Koiko tells him not to mind it. Tsurugi repeats, ah, don’t mind it, Ninomiya Tsurugi! Koiko thinks geez, he is obviously from the upper layer.
Narration: “At times, he is forthright. *Tsurugi rubs his nose since it’s itchy* But there are times, he is very reliable. *the two prays to the shrine. Koiko steals a glance and thinks that his side view face looks really good* In short, the only thing that I can be sure of is...”

Tsurugi throws a hoop on an ugly doll and says that he’ll give it to her but Koiko exclaims that she doesn’t need it. Then, he offers her a takoyaki ball and says ah- Embarrassed Koiko says that she can eat it by herself.

Narration: “No matter which side, it is definitely his natural expression. Furthermore, it is precisely because...” Soon, everyone is gushing about how beautiful the sunrise is. He looks at Koiko and says that her face has the same color as the sun. Koiko thinks that isn’t he the same.

Narration: “he causes my heart to beat so fast in a flash that it makes me feel that he is definitely an ‘expert’ with girls. And besides, those things that are ‘pending [/need] improvements’, perhaps, from today on, they’ll gradually become his sole cute sides. I have that kind of premonition.”
Then, a boy calls out to his mother while holding out a dirtied package. The mother asks where he got it. The boy says that he picked it up. Koiko is surprised when Tsurugi calls out in surprise. He tells the boy that is his. The boy asks if it is true.

Tsurugi says that it is, and he was always looking for it. To the mother’s dismay, her son insists that he picked it up. Tsurugi says that is right. “But about that, look, that is a gift that I want to give to that nee-san over that side...”

Tsurugi nervously points at Koiko then he freezes upon seeing laughing Koiko with the sun shining behind her. Narration: “Perhaps, from today on, he will gradually show more of his cute sides. I have that kind of premonition.”
At a coffee house where they have a snack, Koiko says that the New Year’s sunrise is really beautiful. Tsurugi says yes. Koiko says that it is also worth it even if it is in the middle of winter. Tsurugi says it is truly worth it and besides, he gets to see her smiling face.

Surprised Koiko exclaims that she had explained it earlier that she was laughing at him, doesn’t he know that! “You obviously seem to be good in studies, good in sports, and have a complete mastery at work that I didn’t think you’ll also have a clumsy side.”

Tsurugi tells her to wait, actually, normally he can be quite that kind of capable type. “It is just that I’m a bit nervous today.” Koiko looks surprised. She asks why.
Tsurugi exclaims that she wore a kimono, they went to a far place and it is the middle of the night! “Do you even have to ask me about it?” Koiko thinks about being nervous, well actually, she is also the same. Tsurugi smiles and says, “But, to be able to make you smile, it has already gone away.”

Blushing a bit, Koiko looks at him and asks if he is a M[asochist]? Tsurugi exclaims he isn’t. Koiko thinks that she always has that kind of premonition that afterwards, even if he has a clumsy side, it will gradually become cute for her.

Taking out the gift from the package, Koiko thanks him for it. It is a hair elastic band with some decorations on it. He says ya, but sorry for not foreseeing that she won’t be able to tie her hair.
Flashback: Koiko told her that it would become like a sparrow’s tail if she tied up her hair. <- her hair is now short. Tsurugi said that even if it is a sparrow, it doesn’t mean that she cannot do it. End flashback.

While sipping some coffee, Tsurugi says geez, he obviously felt really embarrassed buying it. Still thinking that she has a premonition that he’ll gradually become cute, Koiko points on her wrist and says that it is fine, she’ll just use it as a bracelet.

To her surprise, he takes the elastic band and puts it on her right wrist. The two blush when Tsurugi slightly touches her hand. This made Tsurugi immediately apologize and let go of the elastic band. This causes the elastic band to flick on Koiko’s wrist causing her to shout that it hurts. Aghast Tsurugi apologizes.
Soon, the two are quite and blushing. Premonition. She wonders if it is really a premonition. Pulling his hat down his face, Tsurugi says that he is really clumsy today. Koiko looks at him and wonders if this is a ‘premonition’ when obviously, she already thinks that he’s cute.

Tsurugi says that it is because she is really cute. She looks surprised. She asks if he is referring to the kimono. He tells her that the kimono is also a part of it. Then, he removes the hat from his slight blushing face. She blushes and wonders if it is innate!?

Soon, they arrive back at Koiko’s house. Yumeko, Koiko’s mother, welcomes them back. She laments that the kimono is unexpectedly not messy. Koiko exclaims what she is talking about! Yumeko says that she meant that it is really good that she helped her wear the kimono so what is Koiko talking about.
The two blush a bit. This made Yumeko ask what happened since the two of them have the same expression. This made the two deny it at the same time – nothing at all! Yumeko looks amused. Koiko steals a glance at Tsurugi and wonders if their expressions are indeed the same.

Yumeko tells Tsurugi that if his family doesn’t mind, how about eating some mochi before going home. Later on, Tsurugi exclaims that they are delicious that he ate 5 pieces, and thanks for the treat! Koiko asks if he treats this place as his house.

Yumeko says that perhaps, later on, it will be. Embarrassed Koiko exclaims here she goes again, talking nonsense— Yumeko giggles and says that they have the same kind of expression again. The two blush and become speechless. Yumeko smiles at them.

Koiko stands up and says that she’ll go change her clothes. Koiko says ok-ay♪ After Koiko left, Yumeko says, about that Tsurugi-kun... In her room, Koiko opens her drawer to look at her taped ‘average’ calligraphy. She wonders how long it has been since she always believed that average is her life’s meaning.
“In fact, I do have average sides to me. But since I got acquainted with that guy, I had found out that there are some innate un-cute things about me that it seems I’m not a bit average. [<- insisting on being average] But, that guy said ‘Natsume-san, you’re so cute’ to me...

...Said that kind of words! That cute guy unexpectedly! That had unexpectedly made me start to feel that he is a ‘very cute’ guy!” She recalls her mother’s comment about them looking the same. She also recalls the instances that it was so.

↑ both cannot forget that stolen kiss, both were happy if the other party is made happy, feeling uneasy over sticking so close in the train and both think that the other is cute. “It’s the same. It seems that places where our feelings connect have gradually changed a lot.”

As Koiko heads downstairs, she overhears her mother telling Tsurugi, is that so, then tell that to Koiko. Tsurugi says no, don’t have to. Peeking on them from the door curtains, Koiko wonders what they are talking about. Then, the two felt quite sleepy and has fallen asleep on the kotatsu.
Koiko goes to them and thinks that Tsurugi is really treating her house as his own. She is really curious what they are talking about regarding her. She sits down between the two and glances at sleeping Tsurugi. She felt that her heart is beating really fast but...

Thinking that he is really like a kid, she also immediately falls asleep. Koiko thinks that it seems that the places where their feelings connected had gradually changed a lot. “Perhaps, perhaps...” Soon, it is morning. Yumeko wakes up. She is pleasantly surprised to see the two sleeping.

Narration: “it is so-called ‘mutual love’” Flashback: Yumeko asked Tsurugi what he feels about their Koiko. Blushing a bit, Tsurugi frowned and said that she’s quite direct to the point.

Yumeko smiled and said that she feels that it is possible that Koiko has already started to fall in love with him. Blushing Tsurugi says that if it is like that then, it is ‘mutual love’. End flashback. Her calligraphy now seems to be kept in the cabinet.
Comment: Yumeko is right about her daughter. It is established here that Tsurugi has feelings for Koiko. So for Koiko to have the same feelings and expressions as him, Koiko is indeed falling for him.

This New Year, Koiko has finally come into terms that she isn’t as average as she insists to be. Keeping the calligraphy shows that she has become more open-minded and starts to move away from her previous goal in life.

I think Tsurugi might perhaps be an expert in dealing with girls because of researching or learning it from others rather than first-hand experience especially if he is dealing with the one he has fallen in love with. His clumsiness and blushing somewhat give that away. ^^ Scans by 正宮汉化组 

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