June 8, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 63]

Recalling Shizuka’s confession, Yuki thinks that honestly speaking, this sudden confession and also that charming smile which is full of warmth, it made her think that it’s very cute. “Yes. It made me remember my younger brother (oldest) when he was in kindergarten.”

There is a scene of young Koushirou happily saying that he’ll marry her. <- sudden burst of cuteness by a three year and two month old boy. At the restaurant, while cooking his okonomiyaki, Shou says that is saying can he consider that as Yuki not having a bit of concern for Shizuka.

Yuki tensely says no, it isn’t up to that degree because after all, he is an acquaintance... Abe screams to wait, does that mean the possibility of her and Shizuka going steady isn’t zero. Yuki calls him stupid for how can she go steady with her younger brother.
She thinks that it wasn’t easy to block Shou from announcing their relationship but it seems that no matter what, he wants to nullify that confession in front of everyone. Shou says younger brother-whatever means that as a guy, she basically do not consider him [Shizuka] as within her range [of potential lover], right?

Yuki thinks that he already totally doesn’t care about what other people’s opinion and it just won’t end. Yuki recalls the confession again. She stands up and excuses herself to go to the toilet. Yuki thinks that Shizuka likes her and that also mean that Shou’s guess before isn’t at all illogical.

She recalls all the time she was screaming and insisting that it isn’t what Shou think regarding what Shizuka thinks of her. She starts to hit the wall with her fists. She thinks that she’s so stupid and just thinking of her face at that time, it is sillier than ever!!
Standing behind her, Shou asks what she is agitated about. She asks him what’s up that he’ll casually leave his seat because they’ll eat all of the food up. He says no, he always felt that for Shizuka to be hiding in the restaurant is also not a bit strange.

Yuki darkly says is that so. Yuki wonders how is it possible that he is casually talking about nonsense things when he is currently standing in that position. Looking at the side, Shou says that he isn’t expressing that he mind it that much.

“I clearly understand senpai’s feelings. ...it is just that he unexpectedly dared to confess earlier than me in front of everyone. I won’t forget this animosity throughout my life.”
Yuki thinks that he’s so stubborn when he obviously also endlessly say ‘astonishing to death’ things in front of everyone. She thinks that honestly, Shizuka is like a younger brother and friend. “He is Naruse’s major rival but—

...that kind of words, it isn’t necessary to insist on saying it out, right. *Shou says that he is going to the toilet* After all, he himself said that he doesn’t mind. That’s right, compared to that thing, what’s more important is the National preliminaries--”

Meanwhile, Shizuka is practicing with his teammates at the school gym. He shoots the ball. The others praise him for it and say that his condition is becoming a lot better. Shizuka says that there is already no reason to hesitate. The others are puzzled. Recalling the confession, Shizuka thinks that he said it out...unexpectedly said it out.
He blushes as he leans on the wall. Someone asks where he went. The other teammate says that Shizuka won’t say it clearly so could it be that he hit on a girl. Looking at a paper, flyaway hair guy says that he just saw the division [of teams] for the preliminaries.

He informs them that this year, they aren’t in the same group as Ryuhoku since they are in A while Ryuhoku is in C. Someone agrees and says that they can only wait for the finals for the confrontation. He wonders out loud if they [Ryuhoku] can wait until then.

Shizuka asks if they have forgotten about the Kanto tournament. He seriously tells them not to treat Ryuhoku lightly. And, the National preliminaries had started. Abe is feeling ill that Usami-kun laughs and says that it is like what Amamiya said that Abe is the one who is the most nervous.

Aghast Abe shouts that it isn’t a bit funny and on contrary, how come he is so calm. The coach says that this day has finally arrived. Himiko says that right. She also says that today and tomorrow’s game will decide whether or not they’ll enter the finals next week.
Sitting with the audience, Yuki thinks that the preliminaries schedule is three days all together. They only have to a knock-out the competition first this weekend then they’ll move towards the top four who’ll qualify to participate in the finals next week.

She muses that last year, Ryuhoku wasn’t able to breach into the finals and it was just one step. “This year, even if Misuzu isn’t in the same group, they still cannot lower their guard. That thing with Shizuka earlier, I hope that it won’t have an effect on him..”

Pfft. The game starts. Shou has the ball. The others block him. He notices an opening and immediately passes the ball to Kuon who shoots the ball. The ball is in. Abe and others cheer. At the back, Shizuka and others are watching the game. And, Ryuhoku wins with 88 vs 72 against their opponent.
At the locker rooms, Abe and Usami-kun exclaim that they won the first battle. On the board, Himiko says that their opponent tomorrow is Meisei. Hatori exclaims that is a huge pressure. Then, one of them notice how Kuon kept on moving his leg that he ask what’s up with him, does he have Parkinson’s [disease].

Kuon says no, he feels that in a competition if one doesn’t understand the situation clearly, it will end in a flash. He thinks that right now, he is still nervous. He tells them that it is like this, right now, he is still worried whether or not they have brought out their 100% strength.

After hearing that, Shou sits beside him and says that during the official competition, it isn’t inevitable that they won’t be able to bring out their whole strength. While he ties his shoe, he tells Kuon so they had gone through a 200% training everyday so that it will be alright even if they are nervous. “Have a bit of self-confidence, okay.”
Noda exclaims that is so moving! Someone asks what’s moving and that’s so strange. Usami-kun exclaims to Kuon to pull himself together for they have a super captain. Shou and Kuon look weird out over their reaction. Noda shouts that he vows to be with Shou throughout his life. Someone shouts that’s quite scary.

Standing outside the room, Yuki has overheard everything. She thinks that it was totally unnecessary for her to worry for he is already a capable ‘captain’. And, on the second day of the preliminaries, Ryuhoku scored 102 vs 86. It was an easy victory.

Then, on the third round of the competition, they also calmly defended and kept on scoring. The audience countdown to ten and pfft, game over! Ryuhoku won with 97 vs 92 against their opponent. Nishiyama holds on to Tonomura and shouts that they won. Amamiya shouts they won-!! They broke through the C group.
Yuki blushes as she looks down to Shou and thinks that they’re in the top four. Shou looks at her and pouts. Yuki wonders what’s up with that complacent expression that it infuriates her but then, he is really amazing. So, for the first time, Ryuhoku got in the finals stage.

At Osaki canteen, Suwa says that’s amazing. Usami-san asks if it is the National finals. While waving to some girls who greeted him goodbye, Suwa says no, it is still the preliminaries because next week, the top four schools would still compete. Yuki says that she hopes they can go a bit further.

Suwa asks how come Usami-san didn’t know that her younger brother is playing basketball. Usami-san says that she is totally not interested about him. Yuki muses that it is really amazing for honestly speaking, last year, deep within her heart, she felt that the Nationals is a far away dream. But this year, they got in the final round. “It is no longer a dream--”
At the shoe store, there is a half price discount this month on all sorts of goods. Then, two guys grab the same new arrived rubber shoe on the display. It is Shou and Shizuka. They look at each other. Shizuka asks what, let go. Shou tells him to let go.

Shizuka says that he got it first. Shou asks if this is size 28. Shizuka says yes. Turning to leave, Shou says that his shoe size is already 29 so he doesn’t want it. He bids ‘size 28’ goodbye. This made Shizuka shout for him to wait. Shou asks what.

Shizuka says that even if their luck this year isn’t bad but don’t forget this weekend’s finals wherein Misuzu is also there. Shou says that he won’t forget and by the way, can he trouble Shizuka to forget that lousy confession earlier. “Honestly speaking, I really wish that you get lost in a coed school and afterwards, drop dead.”
Shizuka angrily says what’s up with that and don’t change the current topic. Shizuka says that before, Shou was the one mentioned about a competition between his team and Shou’s team. “Let’s see who will get to advance into the Nationals first. I’ll show you which of the two team’s captain is more astounding.”

He left as Shou remembers how worried Kuon was and Usami-kun said that they have a super captain. Shou notices that he is gripping his fist tightly. He mutters, sucks. In her apartment, Yuki is crossing off dates on her calendar. She thinks that the next game is on Saturday so after her morning classes end, she’ll immediately go to cheer for them.

Her cellphone rings. It is Shou. He tells her otsukaresama [/good work]. She greets him back and asks if he is already home. He says yes, they practiced until nine and he just got home. He tells her that he is tired to death. She thinks that the training lately is quite intense and she’s so anxious that she wasn’t of big help.

She tells him that next, it would be the finals. She says that if it is that team, it will definitely be a wonderful game. He says ya. Then, he calls out her name. She asks what. He asks her if she is really satisfied with him. This puzzles Yuki that she asks what. 
Shou says forget it, this is bad, he is going to fall asleep soon. He tells her that it is alright. Yuki says no, wait... He greets her good night and hangs up on her. She imagines Shou asking if she is satisfied with him or she feels that Shizuka is better. She becomes very anxious and thinks, wait, he is still entangled with that issue.

“No... but, he is always concentrating on getting ready for the game so he shouldn’t... what does ‘are you satisfied with me’ mean? Is there something that he is uneasy about? ...no, he is definitely uneasy about something. He is currently the captain and he is working hard non-stop to lead the team towards a higher goal.”

She recalls him claiming that he doesn’t mind the confession and he knows her feelings clearly. Going to look for something in her closet, Yuki thinks that it isn’t good if she was the one who made him uneasy. She recalls that she left that thing over there. Looking determined, she thinks that at this time, as the girlfriend, she cannot be helpless.
In the train with the others, Abe calls out to Miyoshi and says that he wants to dash to the toilet since he is too nervous. Miyoshi asks what, the train is leaving in three minutes so can’t he go when they are at the venue. Abe shouts that he couldn’t hold it and he’s going.

Looking out the window, Shou notices something. He starts to go out so Miyoshi shouts if he is also going. He reminds Shou that it is already the finals. Shou says no, he saw someone familiar. He goes out and sees Yuki muttering at the side.

She thinks that he isn’t here anymore so could it be that he already left. Shw wonders if she should call, no, but... She is startled when Shou calls out to him. Yuki says that it’s great that the train didn’t leave yet. He says that doesn’t she have to go to school this morning. She says yes, that’s right but there is something...
He tells her that she can just send a LIME [/internet messaging]. She says no, it is not good to call him out and besides she barely finished it... Shou is puzzled. She holds a piece of cloth and says that it is for him. He asks if it is a ra..towel.

Yuki darkly says that he wanted to say rag just now. He asks if she sewed it. Blushing a bit, she looks at the side and tells him to go ahead and use it. She mutters that after all, she threw in all sorts of things in it. Shou says that her way of talking is quite scary. She says ya, and just in case, she wants to say it one more time.

Thinking that she has to clearly convey her thoughts, she says, “No matter what others say, my heart only has you... *flustered and points to him* No matter who confessed to me, I’ll choose you!” Looking weird out, Shou asks why she is saying that all of a sudden and didn’t he say that he understand her feelings. Yuki goes !?
She explains that it is because he asked her if she is satisfied with him. He says that is some other thing. Yuki is all puzzled by it. Just then, there is an announcement that the train is going to leave soon. Tense Yuki says that in short, she’ll go cheer for him in a while...

Shou bends down and hugs Yuki. She tensely tells him that he is at the door. <- the train is about to leave. Shou says that it is because she is so stupid that he forgot what he is afraid of. Yuki exclaims ha!? He says okay, he is already restored his spirit so anything goes. “...I’m going.”

He lets go of surprised Yuki as someone tells Shou to quickly get in for the train door is going to close. Yuki blushes as she watches Shou get in. The train left. She mutters, “Bon voyage.”

Narration: “It is high school’s last summer. At an incredible speed, time passes by so fast. The decisive fated finals are going to start.” At the stadium, Shou looks serious and determined.
Comment: From giving off a feeling that made her remember her grandmother to a younger brother, Shizuka is really gives off a ‘family’-type of vibes to Yuki. ^^; If I were to make a story out of this, I would imagine that perhaps, they were siblings in their previous lives. =P

Even if that wasn’t why Shou is uneasy, Yuki manages to calm him down. It does seem that he is also anxious over what Shizuka told him at the shoe store. It is also pressure being the captain so that ‘not satisfied’ comment is most likely about being the captain. Anyway, from the looks of things, it will be Ryuhoku vs Misuzu in the finals. Scans by 红莲汉

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