January 20, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 33]

There is an announcement that the Cosplay [/dress up] Lovers Competition is going to be held next. It was also announced that the students who had signed up, please confirm within the registration time-- While Haruto is pulling her along, Yu tells him to wait, what does he meant by there’s no need to pretend, go...

...going steady, doesn’t he feel that it’s very strange? He tells her that like that, they can participate in the competition so be quiet and go with him. Yu blushes over what is this. “I’m going steady with...Kurosaki-kun!?” She continues to tell him to wait.

Just then, while catching his breath, Takumi calls out for Yu to wait. Then, he notices the handcuffs between the two and asks what that is about. Yu tries to explain it but Haruto urges her to quickly walk. Grabbing Yu’s shoulder, Takumi says that no matter how one sees it, he is forcing her too much. “I won’t let her go with you, Kuro.”
Haruto glances back and says, “Me, too.” He holds up his handcuffed hand to pull Yu to him. Yu says, wait, stop... Just then, some fangirls are calling out to Takumi. Pulling Yu back to him, Takumi asks Haruto why he is always acting arbitrarily [/causing trouble], quickly open it [handcuffs]!”

Haruto tells him that he’s so excited [/stirred up]. Takumi says that he’s the one... Getting dizzy and blushing really red, Yu thinks that people are coming over here, enough already, got to stop this before it goes too far... Somehow, she manages to grab a pair of pliers and uses it to cut off the handcuffs. This causes the two guys to look surprised. Then, Yu immediately runs off.

The bystanders say that Yu ran off or rather, run away...throwing off these two guys, she’s really courageous. Looking at his hand with the remaining handcuff, Haruto mutters that Yu is really disobedient. While running, Yu wonders what’s with those two guys all of a sudden.
She recalls Takumi playing the piano and Haruto smiling. “—Ah ah, geez! I’m going to overload!!” Then, she bumps into Kanei who is still wearing the female waitress costume. She apologizes as they call out to each other. Just then, Kanei grabs her and exclaims just in time, there is something that he wants to consult with her.

Yu says that she currently has no time to give people opinions... Later on, Yu exclaims about someone confessing to Kanei. Kanei tells her that even if it is the first time they’ve met, but the customers at the store had confessed to him. Yu comments that sociable girls are really quite proactive. She thinks that compared to them, she had ran away.

To Yu’s surprise, Kanei tells her that the ones who confessed to him are guys and they had mistaken him for a girl. He says that he has a girl whom he likes so he wants to ask Yu what he should do. Yu asks if he’s bisexual!? Kanei seems to ignore that. 
He continues to say that it is the first time that someone has fallen for him and since Yu has plentiful of experience, she cannot understand his feelings! Flustered Yu shouts that she doesn’t have plentiful of experience! With sparkles, Kanei says that a high school’s cultural festival is really nice...

...and he didn’t thought that there will be a day when he’ll be troubled because of love...and it’s because he’s so beautiful... Yu tries to tell him that he’s thinking too much. Kanei sighs and says forget it, he is still unable to say a word to the person he likes...

Yu advises him to try his best and see how it goes. “You obviously have someone you like so it’s such a waste if you don’t strive hard.” Kanei says that this is a rare opportunity and would she go stroll around with him at this cultural festival or perhaps, join the after [cultural] night festival.
Blushing Kanei says that perhaps, they can eat crepe together. Yu exclaims, that’s right, that’s right! Kanei says that is his dream. Yu says that it is hers too. There is an announcement again about the cosplay lovers competition are currently confirming the registration and they also welcome everyone who just arrived to participate!

Kanei suddenly stands up and exclaims, okay, then, he’ll go to the girl he likes and try to invite her by saying, ‘want to join the competition together with me?’ to see how it goes! Yu exclaims that is so sudden. Running off, Kanei exclaims that he’ll first convey his feelings and it is possible that she’ll also wait for him. He thanks Yu for her suggestion.

Yu shouts that didn’t he said that they haven’t talked before!? She thinks that is such a scary progress. Looking at her hand with a handcuff, she thinks that obviously she herself had run away, and what right does she has to say some opinionated words...
There is an announcement again about Harumi Festival’s signature activity, the lovers’ competition, is going to start... Looking upward, Yu thinks that she must convey her own feelings... Haruto is standing by the resting area for the participants of the lovers’ competition.

Takumi comes in and says that it seems that Yu hasn’t come back. He tells Haruto that it is because he used handcuffs on her. Then, he says that it is quite astonishing that Haruto would join the competition. Haruto asks if he is also joining.

Standing beside Haruto, Takumi says that he is merely a special invited host so he won’t join the contest. As some girls are squealing over Takumi being cool, Takumi sighs and says he’ll just cause an uproar among the girls. “Kuro, I heard that you confessed to Yu-chan.”
Haruto tells him that there’s no such thing. Takumi tries to protest for he told her about going steady with her, and isn’t that... Takumi is surprised when Haruto says, “It is because I felt that she’ll be snatched away by you.” Puzzled Takumi asks if he’s saying that he’ll snatch away Yu. “You think so, Kuro? Ah, since when...”

After clicking his tongue, Haruto says, “You can easily make her smile.” This made Takumi hold Haruto’s shoulder and let out a laugh. Haruto asks what he is laughing at. Takumi says that it is nothing. Haruto insists that he quickly tell him. Still laughing, Takumi says that it is surprising that Haruto would regard him that way and it really went beyond his expectation.
 Puzzled Haruto asks why he is so happy. He tells Takumi that he had made a mistake with the piano piece just now. Takumi curses for it infuriates him that Haruto noticed it. “But then, it is also good that Yu-chan had run away.” Haruto notices a black haired with glasses girl behind the blushing other cosplayers.

Haruto says that it seems that he’ll [Takumi] be disappointed. The black haired girl calls out, ah... Takumi turns around and apologizes that he’s blocking the way. Haruto smiles and says that she came, really so slow. It is just then when Takumi realizes that the black haired girl is actually Yu.
He asks what happened to her for she gives a totally different feeling. Yu nervously asks if it’s really so funny, after all, it’s so old fashioned. Yu thinks that she didn’t think that she’ll unexpectedly dress up like this! Flashback: Class D girls happily exclaimed that this feels really good and isn’t it better for her to wear glasses. They put the glasses on Yu.
Yu asked why she had to dress up like this. They told her that they have to take advantage of the competition that has no set theme and use this as ‘identity disparity’[?]. While sparkling, they explained that because the Black Prince is wearing military uniform, so she play as a plain town girl like a Taisho romantic history [story; around 1912-1926], so moe [/cute]---
Yu sweatdropped and thought that if they’re happy then that’s good. They mentioned about making the skirt longer and they have to get the best couple award-- End Flashback. Yu thinks that this is simply her when she was in junior high. Takumi smiles and says how he can possibly laugh at her.

Yu blushes over the sparkling princes. Hiding her head in the curtains, Yu thinks that with the two standing together, in the end, it is very imposing. “Is Shirakawa-kun a real prince... No good...for me to be like this... it seems like I’ll go back and hide in the original red background.” [<- /red cloth so it’s the curtain?]

Haruto grabs her head up and asks why she went silent and lowering down her head. “You came because of the competition, right?” Takumi tells Haruto that as he said, don’t force Yu and look, she had gone stiff already. He tells Yu that there’s no need to join the competition and about Kuro’s order for them to go steady, there’s also no need to comply with it.
From behind, the others are talking about how old fashion that girl is and she isn’t a match with Haruto. This made Yu take Haruto’s hand off her and tells Takumi that she wants to join the competition with Haruto. While the two guys look surprised, Yu explains that this isn’t at all about complying to Haruto’s order and besides, it is due to her own will...

Takumi puts her finger in Yu’s lips and says that it is time for him to go onstage so he’ll be going. Just then, someone announces that next is their special host who’ll play the piano. Before Takumi goes out, Yu tells him that his performance is very good and it’s so marvelous.

Without turning to her, Takumi blushes and thanks her. He turns to Haruto and says, “—Kuro, in this cultural festival, you’re already considered the winner.” After Takumi left, Haruto mutters that he didn’t win. Peeking out the stage, Yu thinks that Takumi has left and just now, she ought to have properly said something else...
...but then, it would be very strange if she’ll apologize...with no love skills, she totally doesn’t know what to do... She is startled when Haruto suddenly pulls her hair. He asks if she is still thinking of Takumi. “Tsk...I really don’t understand. Why do you come back?”

Blushing Yu says that she thinks that, this going steady is also very interesting...only...for today. Haruto asks, “Interesting?” Yu thinks that for him, she is like a dog so what is she to do, to be able to convey her feelings to him. Just then, she hears some squealing so she looks out to see a couple wearing sentai [<- think Power rangers] costumes with the host saying that the lovers are doing steady for half a year and could it be that it’s a proposal—

As the two hug, Yu thinks that this is livelier than she imagined. As the host introduces a new couple, Yu looks at the excited audience and the participant lovers. She thinks that everyone there are real lovers and the girls are so beautiful. Looking aghast, she thinks that it is no good, they are fake lovers and besides, they went steady just a second ago.
Just then, the host calls out the participants of 1-D. Haruto orders Yu to quickly go out. Yu tells him to wait, she isn’t psychologically ready yet. He asks isn’t it very interesting. She says that it isn’t interesting, and isn’t he the same as before, there’s no difference... He says that she’s noisy to death.

To her surprise, he holds her head and leans down to her. [<- not sure if he kissed her forehead] He tells her that her glasses are a hindrance. Yu blushes as he pulls up her eyeglasses and touches her lips with his own lips. As the host calls out for the next couple to go on stage, Haruto tells her, “If you’re nervous, then just look at me.”

Yu looks surprised. He holds her hand and pulls her to the stage. The scene changes to the school building’s roof. It is already night. It is announced that the night festival will start soon. Just then, Kaji and Tarako arrive to join the others.
While having a drink with Yu, Meiko asks where they went. Kaji apologizes for they run off midway. Tarako says that she heard that Yu [and Haruto] had replaced them and joined the lovers’ competition. She thanks Yu and asks how it went. There is a scene the host is talking about 1-D’s Black Prince and the other being an identity disparity. At that time, the audience was going wild as they called out to Haruto.

Yu thinks that in the end, because she is so nervous, she really just looked at Haruto from start to end and didn’t make any impression at all... Yu overhears some girls raving over how cool Haruto was and she wants to have him as a boyfriend but then, that girl with him is really hilarious.

“If she were his girlfriend, I absolutely won’t believe it. She’s so old-fashioned--” Yu sweatdrops over that. She overhears Tarako telling Meiko that she heard that Meiko got confessed to on stage. Yu exclaims when this happened. Meiko laughs and says no— She explains that even if she is startled that someone called her on the stage but the other party is a girl.
Just then, Kanei who is still wearing the waitress outfit calls out to Meiko and says that they go watch the fireworks over that side. Meiko introduces ‘him’ to Tarako. Yu nervously thinks that it turns out that the girl Kanei likes is Meiko but then, he wore a girl’s outfit while confessing!?

Just then, there is an announcement that the fireworks will start at about 3 minutes. While the others are securing their own spots to watch it, Yu notices that there are a lot of lovers there. There is another announcement that the fireworks will start in 2 minutes.

Yu looks up the sky and thinks that in the end, the time when they were lovers is just a short moment and nothing has been accomplished. She blushes as she recalls that moment, they touched, also, their lips and when he held her hand, it’s so gentle.
She snaps out of it when someone calls out to Haruto. One more minute before the fireworks. Haruto goes to Yu and tells her that she should go back. Yu protests that there is still the night festival. He reminds her that it is the curfew. Yu says that it wasn’t easy to get the class’ best exhibit.

Countdown to 10 for the fireworks. Haruto says that isn’t the cultural festival over. Yu tells him to watch the fireworks. 4! 3! Yu asks him about Takumi and he said that starting today, he’ll go back to the dorm... Haruto says that he won’t come back. Yu exclaims what had happened. Haruto says that he’s just kidding, stupid. 2! Yu asks what’s up with that...

1! They both look up to see the fireworks lighting up the night sky. Haruto looks at Yu smiling over the fireworks and saying ah... Yu notices him saying ...really beautiful. She looks at him and he is smiling [at her?]. She blushes. She musters up her courage and asks if the lovers’ time is already over. He replies that it is already not necessary. “What, can it be that you want to continue?” To his surprise, she says, “...yes. Please go steady with me!”
Comment: So, the steady thing was just for a day because Haruto is jealous of Takumi or rather feared that she might be stolen away by Takumi. Little did he know that her heart already belongs to him even if he treats her harshly. But indirectly thanks to Kanei, Yu finally tell it out to him even if she does seem to dislike the attention from other people that it creates.

From that conversation, it seems that was Yu’s way of rejecting Takumi and he understood it so he stopped her from finishing it. She has already made up her mind. Even so, I guess it is a bit of a boost for his self-confidence that Haruto viewed him as ‘equal’ in terms of being a threat/rival for Yu. From the looks of it, things aren’t that bad between the two as pervious implied.

I wonder if it is supposed to be a joke that Kanei was thought to be a girl by Meiko. Will she find out soon? Will she still be okay with Kanei as a guy? So, it is kind of like GL but actually it wasn’t? ^^; But then, at least, Meiko is now paired up with someone and won’t be too jealous of Yu.

Scans were uploaded at baidu but I’m not sure about the source. This isn’t from the Chinese scanlation. Thanks to anonymous for mentioning that this is out there. The link is in the previous chapter summary’s comments section.

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    This dating was only for the purpose of the competition but we've seen that Kuro was serious with this dating - he was carring and supportive (only by focussing on him Yuu was able to withstand on the stage).
    I don't know what will happen with Koganei and MEiko, but starting with this "girl to girl" friendship could lead her to not beeing affraid of him when his real gender will be revealed.

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