January 16, 2017

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 13]

Ayumi exclaims to Taka that in the end, it is like that, Kai definitely likes Riko. Taka claims that he doesn’t know. Ayumi shouts that even if he pretends not to know, it is useless because just now, he took Riko’s picture and he sent it to Kai!!

Taka recalls sending the picture along with a message to Kai that he accidentally met Riko and Hatano, and it seems that things are difficult for Riko. Taka asks what she is saying. Ayumi exclaims that he knows Kai’s feelings so he is always supporting him. Taka says what she is saying.

Ayumi sighs and says that it seems that he plans to keep on pretending not to know so forget it. “When Kai got Riko, his expression already explained everything so for me that is enough.” Taka confronts Ayumi and asks what she plans to do.
Winking at him, Ayumi exclaims that just like him, she is going to support them. She claims that she likes Riko so she wishes that she can become happy. Taka asks why she thinks that Kai is okay but Hatano isn’t even if for him, they are both consider being the same kind.

Ayumi asks if he means that the two are classified ‘frivolous guy’-types? Taka says that everyone would consider it to be so. Ayumi says that is true but she is basing it on her reporter’s intuition. Taka says that he remembers that caused her to release that erroneous report.

Ayumi shouts for him to forget that and she already reflected on it. She tells him that what she knew is merely from her data collection regarding Kai. And from how his expression looks just now, she can profoundly realize that his feelings for Riko is quite sincere so she thought, ‘he is okay!’...
...Furthermore, the best answer is, Taka, you are Kai’s backup force and compared to anyone else, you understands Kai the most so naturally, one would also know that he [Kai] is a guy who is capable of making someone happy!” This made Taka look sideways and turns around. Then, he glances back at her again.

He asks if she is hungry. He tells her that he was refused by Kai so how about accompanying him for lunch. Ayumi happily exclaims that she’s very hungry so is he going to treat her. This made Taka walk fast so she shouts for him to wait for her. Back at the riverside, Kai thinks that he just told Riko that obviously there is a guy who sincerely likes her at her side.

He wonders what’s up with him that he would confess conveniently!!! But then, since she put aside her feelings [for Suwa] due to an advice and went to force herself to go steady with Hatano, then, he can hope that Riko would choose him because he likes her from within his heart—
Riko smiles. This surprises Kai. As Riko touches his hand what was hold her shoulder, she thanks him. Kai thinks, ah, he finally conveyed it-- Then, Riko says that even if she knows that kind of person doesn’t exit but her heart has been healed by him. Kai’s expression freezes. He goes, huh?

Wiping her tears, Riko says that she always felt that Kai is basically the kind-type. “I’m already alright. A bit of more time and I can properly sort out this feeling. I cannot let others be involved with my feelings’ whirlpool. I have to apologize to Hatano-kun...

...By the way, Ichinose, you already have a girl you like, right? Saying those words just now can make the other person misunderstand, okay? Even if I’m fine, no, so I’m saying, since it’s you, even if I misunderstood, it is also okay.” Kai shouts anyway, this is basically not something to be misunderstood!
Unable to understand what he means, Riko asks what? Turning to leave, Riko says in short, thanks for today and she’ll go home first to cool her head so see you in school! Aghast Kai tries to call out to her but in the end, he goes, ha-!!?

At the roof, Kiyo exclaims in dismay over Hatano is no good. Riko sheepishly says that even if Hatano isn’t bad but in the end, she isn’t the type who is suitable for romance. Kiyo exclaims that there’s no such thing. Kagura says that Hatano guy is the same with that chicken comb guy [Tarou], they are frivolous. Ayumi agrees with that.

Holding Riko’s shoulder, Ayumi tells her that there is a guy who truly likes her at her side. This made Riko laugh and say that Kai told him the same thing. This made Ayumi perk up and ask if Kai had CONFESSED to her. Riko innocently says ah, it is because she looked a bit dejected so he said those words to comfort her.
Ayumi tries to tell her that it isn’t at all to comfort her-- They were interrupted by a phone beep so Riko checks her phone. It is from Hatano who apologized about yesterday and asks if they can meet today after school for a while. Riko replies okay, then she looks somewhat glum.

In the classroom, Kai’s friend notices that Kai is so dispirited that his gloomy soul is already floating out of his body. In their chat group ‘supporting Kai’s love life’, Miki asks what happened with Kai when nothing has started between Riko and that other guy.

Tarou writes that obviously there is hope so why is he looking so negative. Miki asks Taka if he knows. Just then, Taka’s phone beeps. It is from Ayumi. She wrote that Riko is really so incurably slow-witted!! “From the bottom of my heart, I sympathize with Kai...
This cannot work through ordinary ways! I have established a new aspiration and that is to support those two with my all-out effort!!!” This made Taka glance at gloomy Kai. Kai wonders why. “I ought to have [did it] already!!! That is obviously expressed clearly!!!

...I even used my feelings from deep within to gaze at her while saying that! But WHY!!! *recalls Riko telling that someone might misunderstand those words even if she’s fine* THAT GIRL~~~ What is ‘even if I’m fine’, it is because the other party is you that is why I said that!! In the end, how do you even see me!!!

...*realizes something* Speaking of that... it turns out to be like that... For Takanashi, I’m basically an existence that cannot possibly be her romantic partner. I basically had not thought that I might be treating her as a girl.”
Riko meets up with Hatano at his school. At the park, Riko bows down and apologizes to him. Hatano tells him that there’s no need to apologize like that when they weren’t really going steady. She says that he’s too honest but from his side, he is planning on doing that with her and she also knew that kind of situation so she has gone to see him...

She admits to him that she has an unrequited love and because she wanted to give up her feelings for that person so she’s with him... He asks if she thought of taking advantage of him. Flustered Riko slightly nods and apologizes again. Hatano tells her not to be that bothered because it is also possible to harbor that kind of thoughts at the start of a romance but it is just that he won’t do, that’s all, right.

Riko didn’t reply. Hatano says that for her to apologize like that makes him feel ashamed for whether it is her or some other girl, he only has this ‘playing around’ attitude with them and it feels like he ought to apologize, right. He tells her that in short, they are even.
Riko thanks him. Hatano says that he has one last question, is the one whom she has an unrequited love, Kai. This surprises Riko. Hatano says that isn’t this very good. “It’s no wonder that he have that flustered look and hurriedly came over to take you away. It’s mutual feelings, congratulations to the two of you--”

Riko sheepishly laughs and says it isn’t no, it isn’t him. She explains that Kai knows the one whom she had an unrequited love with, and that guy is just being very considerate so he is always worried about her. Hatano says that because Kai is very popular, he cannot help but view him as a rival and this is the first time he sympathizes with Kai...

Riko asks, huh? Hatano says no, it’s nothing. Hatano then waves goodbye. After waving back, Riko looks at her hand and recalls when it was being held by Kai. She also remembers how he looked when he said that obviously, there is a guy who sincerely likes her at her side.
Riko thinks that using that kind of look while saying those words, it actually almost made her believe a bit that it is his real feelings. She shakes her head and looks up the sky. Narration: “No matter how I’ve longed for, if I’m not considered as a romantic partner, then, it is forever just an unrequited love.” Kai sadly look across the river.

The next day, while eating breakfast with his family and watching a weather report on TV, Kai had decided that afterwards, he won’t pay attention to that small, super slow-witted girl. He tells himself that he isn’t that kind of guy who’ll waste time over a futile romance. “Youth is very short so one must pass it with meaning.”

Looking out the window, Kai’s mother mentions that there is a huge cloud overhead. She tells Kai to bring an umbrella when he goes out for it might rain. Kai refuses for why would a guy bring an umbrella and didn’t the weather forecast mention that it will be a clear day.
Sango tells Kai that if he get wet in the rain and had a fever afterwards, she won’t be taking care of him again. This made the kids ask if Kai is going to get sick again and it seems that he is always sick so, will he die. They start to cry over Kai dying.

This made Kai hug the kids and assure him that he won’t die. He shouts, okay, he’ll bring an umbrella. The father and brother-in-law find that so cute that the latter even took a video of it. Kai’s mother laughs over such a nice scene in the morning. Sango just frowns over this.

At school, Kai is still unhappy about having to bring an umbrella. He sees Riko at the shoe lockers area. She greets him a good morning. This made his heart go tha-thump that he got angry at his heart for doing that. He just says, ya. She tells him that she and Hatano properly talked it out and it is already okay. He says is that so, that’s really good. She says yes.
Kai thinks that it isn’t necessary to report to him about that kind of thing, and even if there is already a dividing line between Hatano, but then, she also doesn’t wish to progress like that with him [Kai]. Riko apologizes to him for always making him worried, and also thanks.

She smiles at him. This made Kai hit his head on the shoe rack. He mentally curses for her not to show that kind of expression since he had already given up on her, that kind of slow-witted girl. “I have already decided to properly enjoy the coming summer. I said to give up, then, I’ll give up. I already decided to give up already. For real!!!”
After school, it is raining. Kai is amazed that it really rained and he shouldn’t belittle the elders. After walking downstairs, he notices Riko holding out her hand to the rain by the building’s gate. He takes out his umbrella, pouts then walks away.

Then, he stops. Thud. Riko is surprised by the sound that she turns around and sees an umbrella on the floor. She picks it up and looks around. Then, she holds the umbrella tightly. There is a scene of Kai looking slightly flustered.

At the affair’s office, Riko calls out to the teacher. Holding the umbrella, she tells him that someone lost this. So, in the end, Kai and Riko are walking and getting wet in the rain.
Comment: That last scene pretty much summarizes the two’s predicament. Kai had pretty much given her a huge hint but then, Riko just couldn’t get it so in the end, they ‘suffer’. Normally, from that ‘confession’, one would have understood what the other meant especially with that kind of look.

But as Kai concluded, it just never occurred to Riko that is what he meant. In a way, it is his fault for he indeed hasn’t treated her like a girl before so how can she notice it. He even had a bad habit of calling her names but then, they were ‘enemies’ before.

I do wonder if he said it directly, would she think he’s joking? After all, it did cross her mind that he was serious but then, decided that it is just some misunderstanding. Perhaps, this isn’t the time since Riko is still into Suwa.

Anyway, with this case, it does seem that they need some intervention if something is ever to progress between them.. Ayumi is inclined to help them and might act as the cupid. In a way, it is her way of atonement I guess for the earlier trouble she caused. I guess because of that, Taka had changed his view of her as someone who is just into it for her newspaper report.

Hehe, that is aside from the fact that Ayumi approves of Kai compared to Hatano and also, mentioning that Taka is Kai’s best friend. Because of that, she got to eat together with Taka for lunch. Nevertheless, at least, there is no rival in the meantime for the main couple and that went well with Hatano. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Quote of the day:
Unrequited love is a ridiculous state, and it makes those in it behave ridiculously. ~ Cassandra Clare


  1. but seriously riko is sodense. huhuhuhu i felt sorry for kai though. atleasr taka and ayumi are the best.. hmmmmm i waiting for kagura and that monk guy???...heheheheeh

  2. I totally feel the unrequited love feels of this manga ....poor kai >_< * sigh * that quote by cassandra care sums up my unrequited love story, I still feel at times that it was mutual and both of us didn't know how and what to do !!* sigh * then again I have some and perhaps no proofs , cause you never really understand anything without making it look like a fable ..... from my own experience I won't exactly blame Riko either cause I never understood at the spur of the moment.

    1. Interesting, Anjali ^^ Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. couldn't fine chapter 6 in mangafox but thanks God I found this blog! even though this is just preview but still I'm thankful for it. looking forward for new chapters :) btw how many chapters does this manga have?

    1. Thanks for reading, wdylkt ^-^

      Ah, currently, based on the Chinese scanlations, it is up to chapter 37 already.

  4. Thanks kat, as always
    I dont know if I like this manga or not, because I hate womanizer guy mc. Moreover he's still 15 & he already went out with lots of girls & maybe even got laid. Playboy is fine,but when it went further to sex I hate it lol. I dont know why shoujo mangaka always so obsessed with a playboy guy type who's good at making out with girls. I just think its kinda unfair for the good girl to fall in love with a playboy. But somehow I kept reading your summary, because that's the way I am. Always finish what I started, even though I read it with an irritating thoughts inside my head lol
    Thx so much, I'll always looking forward to your summaries!

    1. Thanks for reading, rolendaperry ^-^

      I understand that and I'm not that into that kind of couples but this one is an exemption for me because of the comedy and the guy is pretty high on empathy. ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^


  5. In Spanish they are already going on the 26, how strange that in English they are more backward.

    1. Perhaps, it isn't that popular among English readers, Unknown.