January 26, 2017

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapter 4]

Narration: “Like that, the ordinary and blissfull ‘Natsume Koiko’s Second Chapter’ has been strangled at its cradle.” Koiko glances at the side as her mother squeals like a fangirl as she dress up Tsurugi in a yukata. <- it is this guy’s fault. Yumeko asks if it is okay and is it tight.

Tsurugi says no, it isn’t. She asks him to turn around for her. He did as told. Yumeko squeals again as she says that he’s so cute. Tsurugi glances at Koiko who is startled since he had seen her looking at him. He smiles and asks if it looks good. This made Koiko scowl. She denies that it looks good and geez, is he really planning to work here. Tsurugi says yes. Yumeko says that’s right.

Koiko tells him to let her say this beforehand, that no one from school would know about this. “Even if you might resent that I’m being bothersome, but if it was known that I have some dealings with you, it will really cause a lot of trouble!” Yumeko asks why, is it because Tsurugi is so handsome? Koiko angrily shouts that IT∙IS∙LIKE∙THAT! Puzzled Tsurugi asks if his being handsome causes her trouble.
This surprises Koiko that she looks at him and mutters, so that’s how it is. “This is the reason why this guy took great pains to come over even if I told me on three accounts not to mind me... It turned out that it is because he is basically unaware of his own position that it had brought about this kind of crisis!?”

Yumeko laughs and says that it is very cute that Tsurugi isn’t aware of this little bit then, let her explain it to him. She claps her hand. Tsurugi sits down and pulls Koiko down so that she'll sit beside him. Looking like a teacher with a drawing of a triangle with three divisions on the board, Yumeko asks if they know hierarchy.

“That is a person’s social class in accordance to this pyramid with its status divisions. As far as status is concerned, it can be simply divided as people who attract attention, the people who are unknown [nobodies], and the people who are in between these two.” [<- This is divided in accordance to physical looks, grades, sports ability, character, etc]
Pointing to the people who attract attention [/top level], Yumeko says that Tsurugi’s position is here, the upper layer. Pointing at the people in between the two divisions[/middle level], Yumeko says that Koiko is here, the middle layer, THE Average. Tsurugi looks at smiling Koiko. Yumeko says that Koiko’s social class and status isn’t the same with Tsurugi so for the two’s relationship to be good, it will definitely cause Tsurugi’s fans to riot.

Koiko says okay, stop there. “Basically what you said is right but then, what I’m most worried about isn’t social class or status within the school. But rather, LOVE’s HIERARCHY- It is just that!” Tsurugi looks at her and asks, love’s hierarchy-... Koiko exclaims that’s right! Pointing to the pyramid, Koiko says that no matter if it is a proactive attack [/action] or being chased by someone, in short, there are a variety of love opportunities.

“Always in a passionate love belongs to the upper layer. As a popular guy like you who belongs to the upper layer. I don’t want to be involved with you people and be swept in the whirpool of love! *holds head* Ah ah, just thinking of it and I feel that it is troublesome to death and I won’t be a bit happy!!”
Tsurugi looks at her and she snaps out of it. Koiko thinks that she carelessly flipped out. She says that in passing, the status in school and love’s pyramid is basically equal. Her mother says so that is why she is in that smooth and steady love with Suzuki-kun [guesswork from 鈴木].

Koiko exclaims that it is Satou and they had already broke up, aside from the fact that it wasn’t smooth and steady. Yumeko exclaims that they already broke up and when did it happen. She looks at the two then smiles. Koiko scowls and thinks what’s up with that expression. Yumeko says, that means love between different social class is also possible.

Koiko says, like hell it does. Tsurugi looks serious at Koiko who says that just merely being misunderstood by this guy’s fans, it can cause things to become troublesome. “In this kind of thing, I can even imagine what will happen... going steady with this...this kind of guy-something. (This is totally not an ordinary thing..!) *stands up* I’m sorry but I cannot keep you company.”
Turning to leave, Koiko thinks that like this, he ought to understand that this is how the middle layer exists. To her irritation, Tsurugi says that kinda feel a bit sad. Yumeko agrees with Tsurugi and tells Koiko that she is too harsh for even if she doesn’t care for Tsurugi, she also cannot say it like that.

Koiko exclaims so she’s saying, she didn’t even say that she hated him. This made Tsurugi smile and says, “What, it turns out that you don’t hate me. That’s really quite good.” This miffed Koiko. Flustered, she points her waving finger at him and shouts, “Look, look, look at how you are right now!! Didn’t I say that for you to have that naïve smile can attract trouble! If you were to talk with me like that at school, it will get me into a really huge trouble, understand!”

Tsurugi laughs and replies, “When that happens, I’ll protect you.” This surprises Koiko as Tsurugi smiles at her. Yumeko blushes over this. Koiko mentally curses over this popular guy since he can casually say that kind of words.
She shouts, “You you you..can’t you understand what someone is saying? Don’t you understand what I’ve just said!? (I’m also an idiot! No wonder I’m in the middle layer! My immunity [against that] is really bad! What’s up with me that my heart would go dokidoki-whatever) That kind of lines...go and tell that to a girl you like.”

Tsurugi frowns as Koiko quickly walks away. Koiko thinks that a person who wants to fall in love with him can only be an extraordinary girl! Upon arriving in her room, Koiko notices that the tape on one corner of her ‘average’ calligraphy was undone from the wall. She quickly rubs the tape to make it stick on the wall again.

Koiko blushes and wonders why she was going dokidoki a while ago. She becomes aghast as she recalls Tsurugi smiling and telling her that he’ll protect her. She mentally exclaims that it is forbidden to go dokidoki!! She continues to rub and hit the tape on the calligraphy. Later on, Koiko peeks in the restaurant through the door curtain.
She tells herself that she is just investigating since she is just itsy bitsy worried whether or not he’ll do some rude thing to the frequent customers. A woman calls out to Tsurugi and asks for another bottle. Tsurugi says, okay. Scowling Koiko thinks that he can actually help out and it seems that he’s really amazing, too!?

A customer calls out to Yumeko as ‘mama’ and says that she basically likes this store but then, afterwards, there will be more reasons for her to come here. Yumeko laughs and tells them to come but they cannot fall for Tsurugi. A man asks why, is he her boyfriend. Yumeko laughs and says that she likes the older men-type. Another man says then, they can be at ease.

Tsurugi tells them that just now, Yumeko told him that she likes Kis-My-Ft2’s Tamamori Yuta. Yumeko exclaims for him not to expose her. The man says what, then could it be that he thoroughly has no chance. Tsurugi laughs with them. Koiko thinks that he’s really amazing for it seems that he had already blended in.
“How can I say it, he is really a person who has a pile of . It appears that before, there is someone who said, ‘where did you hide your shortcomings’ Compared to me, I’m like a and occasionally, I’m a  ○ probably. So, mother also feels that I’m very average.”

[The three symbols means for great/strongly recommended, ○ means correct/recommended, and means not good or bad/not really recommended but a possibility; it is usually used for business documentation.]

Koiko thinks that in the end, she and Tsurugi do not belong in the same world. With Tsurugi far away from her [horizontally], she thinks that it’s so far but wrong, it should be like this [vertically far away from him], so high. “That’s right. This is simply like, him who is from the upper layer would occasionally have a bit of relation with the average me...

...And, occasionally, come to my house and work there, that’s all. At school, I’ll just say, ‘it is merely a coincidence that he was the one who came in as a part-time worker’ and that should be okay. Regarding Tsurugi saying that ‘I’ll protect you’, *imagines herself saying ‘Ah ha, look, it is because I’m the owner’s daughter and it is merely for that reason’. Very good! I’ll use that! I’ll cling to death on my [being] ‘average’.”
Later on, Tsurugi knocks on her door. There is no answer.  He knocks again but still no answer. He opens the door. Holding a bowl of food, he says that the boss said she might be able to sell off the rest [/leftovers] so first eat some...

He finds Koiko sleeping on the bed with a magazine. He looks at the side to see the ‘average’ calligraphy. He mutters, ...average...?? He wonders isn’t that practice calligraphy. He is startled when Koiko groans out loud. Talking in her sleep, Koiko says, “Cannot be, Your Highness the Prince... I’m merely just a commoner... I’m simply ordinary...

...Cannot be ordinary anymore, that’s all... Tour... Hypness Pince Tsududi... [Your Highness Prince Tsurugi]...*drools*” After looking surprised, Tsurugi starts laughing and says, “She’s really a strange girl.” And, once again, the tape on the corner of the calligraphy paper has fallen off again.
Comment: Koiko is really stubborn with her want to become ‘average’. Thinking about it, it might be more on some unconscious level that she doesn’t want to become like her mother. Her mother is popular and charismatic so she definitely belongs to the upper layer. But, her love life was quite problematic.

Her mother is pretty passionate with love too so Koiko would rather go with a romance that isn't so hot like her mother yet not so cold like her sister. It is pretty much lukewarm which might not exactly help out in her previous relationship in terms of keeping it for a long time. Actually, it had helped her not to be too heartbroken since she is the ‘spare tire’ rather than the ‘girlfriend.

Alas, Koiko’s barrier and insistence is slightly breaking down with Tsurugi’s own stubbornness and charm. That line can easily make a girl swoon. Not only he's all talk, he had proven earlier that he can also do it based on how he stood up to Satou when he was badmouthing her. Tsurugi also showed that he is very capable at work, too. He definitely got Yumeko’s approval. Obviously he is quite attracted to Koiko. How long will Koiko be able to hold out and ignore the special attention? =P Scans by 正宮汉化组

Quote of the day:
Being stubborn can be a good thing. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it. ~ Willie Aames


  1. hahahahaha... the two of them are adorable kat. heheee... the way koiko denie the existence of tsurugi. heheehe... hmmmmm since its just started, i wont mangaka will not prolong the status "average" because tsurugi doesnt mind at all. its reall such a cute side if him. i like how koiko family interacta to sturugi too. hehhehee

    thankz kat... although this series is not feature in mangasite im happy to read it, i like it..

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