September 27, 2016

Last Game [Side Story: 2 months after the confession]

This is a story of Kujou and Yanagi as lovers, two months after the airport confession. Yanagi is aghast when Kujou apologizes that she cannot eat out with him. There is a vacancy at the preparatory school’s special course that she wants to attend.

Yanagi says that she told him before that the mock exam is coming soon so they can rarely eat out. Kujou says yes, she basically ought to think about him since she had an appointment with him first but then, they can see each other anytime whereas that course is only one time. Sorry, don’t cry.

Yanagi shouts who would cry and what does she think of him. He confidently says who doesn’t have a schedule when he has a lot of friends unlike her and actually, someone invited him out for a drink on that day. Kujou says okay then she can be at ease, see ya.

Aghast Yanagi thinks that it was pointless to act strong. Souma pats Yanagi’s shoulder and says, ‘serves you right’. Then, he snickers at Yanagi before repeating that it serves him right. That irked Yanagi.
Narration: That is right. Despite it being good when they started going steady but normal Kujou would everyday rush directly for a make-up class. All the more her grades during December mock exam aren’t good. Thinking that she wanted to redeem how it was before, she would always lock herself up and basically won’t go out on a date. End Narration.

Chibi Kujou says that it is because she was a mess because of him that she neglected all sorts of things. Besides, they also had too much fun like trips and Christmas. Yanagi thinks, aside from that, because he got carried away with being overly intimate with her, it would cause Kujou to become very furious that afterwards, due to fear, all the more he’ll act blindly without thinking..

There is a scene of furious Kujou telling him that she obviously told him not to be like that outside yet he is unexpectedly taking the opportunity of acting lovey-dovey when there is no one in school. Why would he insist on doing something that makes one feel unpleasant? End flashback. Gloomy Yanagi pinches puzzled Souma’s cheek.
Some other day, Yanagi exclaims about wanting to have more lovey-dovey. He is drinking with his friends from junior high. Ogiwara [guesswork from 荻原] asks if things aren’t going smoothly between him and Kujou. Yanagi exclaims how is that possible?

Someone asks if he got a girlfriend. Ogiwara says that it is a schoolmate during elementary. One of the guys says that is amazing and did she confess. Since that is the most magnificent memory of his life, Yanagi perks up and proudly narrates about Kujou running to the airport upon knowing that he’ll be studying in the United States.

He didn’t realize that she’ll do that and he cannot do anything about her [but to say yes] and honestly speaking he’s okay and he isn’t exaggerating for when she said she likes him, how can he be deaf.. He starts screaming upon seeing that Kujou is calling him. He answers the phone and says, it isn’t so, he is just polishing [/exaggerating] things a bit. Kujou asks what he is talking about. Yanagi says that it is nothing and if the course is over.
A friend asks Ogiwara if Yanagi’s girlfriend is very vicious. Ogiwara says no, she isn’t. Kujou says yes and it wasn’t in vain that she cancelled the date. Yanagi tells her not to take a detour on her way home. Kujou is forced by Yanagi to regularly contact him from the school to her way home. Kujou says so troublesome.

Yanagi says that he said that he’ll fetch her especially since it is spring so there are more perverts around, better take care. His friends think that it is like father-daughter, words of an overly protective father to his daughter. Yanagi shouts that she already caught one, how come he didn’t hear about this, why didn’t she call him, no but he is saying..! His friends wonder what Kujou did, and is she some Amazon warrior.

Yanagi says yes, after all, she practice Akido unlike him who will just be a hindrance, okay, yes, yes, you take care. After hanging up, he sparklingly tells his friends that he cannot do anything about her and who told her to be so shy that he has to take care of her.
His friends tell him to quit pretending and just cry as much as he wants. Yanagi starts crying and moping at the side. His friends say that isn’t two months of going steady the happiest so what are they doing. Yanagi says that they went to the ranch, eat out, eat with her and her mother at her house, eat at his house..

His friends think that they already saw each other’s parents and isn’t the sequence wrong, also how come it is always eating. A friend asks if he hasn’t asked her into his apartment. Embarrassed Yanagi calls him, don’t say anything about bringing her to the house. His friend asks him what’s up with acting like some shy junior high girl.

Yanagi makes up some reason that it is forbidden but the others say that they are already going steady. In the end, Yanagi admits that he is scared of being rejected and they haven’t seen Kujou’s absolute zero response. <- still traumatized until today. His friends think he is a loser.
Yanagi explains that since meeting her during elementary, there are times he have this ‘fatherly feeling’ towards her and he doesn’t know when it happened and besides, Kujou would at times seem like a new born chick regarding dealing with others. In fighting whatever malicious intent, there is not a bit of guilt. And they basically don’t meet outside of college.

His friends start to become disappointed with him. They start to tease him about what he said during junior high about [Kujou?] cooking delicious food for him that people don’t even know about, when the son of the Yanagi family is actually played around in circles by Kujou, that it is so hilarious. Yanagi is very embarrassed by that.

At school, Yanagi blames Kujou for putting him in a difficult situation. Kujou asks what he is saying. Yanagi says that lately, he had completely forgotten about it. He actually should be situated in a position where people would praise him like ‘you’re so cool’ and ‘wow’ but she made his position...does she understand that! To Yanagi’s shock, Kujou says that first of all, she doesn’t think he’s cool.
Kujou says that next Saturday, there is a change with her tutoring time so they can eat out together. As an apology, it will be her treat and she’ll inform him where later on. Yanagi exclaims that by doing that, she plans to fool him to become good and listen to her, right. Puzzled Kujou says that she wasn’t thinking of that. Yanagi tells her not to treat him for a fool and he won’t be played around in circles by her anymore.

After he left, Fujimoto tells puzzled Kujou that at one side, watching Yanagi is very enjoyable but she absolutely won’t go steady with him for he’s annoying to death. Yanagi thinks that daddy isn’t going, he is always being called to come and leave by Kujou as she pleases, but that is already in the past, it is Kujou’s turn this time so come and taste that feeling!

Kujou messages him that they meet at 7pm at the door, and they can take their time since her mother has the night shift. And, pouting Yanagi is at the door earlier than 7pm which surprises Kujou. Yanagi insists that this is inevitable that Kujou says ya, ya.
Yanagi realizes that the restaurant is, where he brought her before. Kujou says that it is because it is delicious there. After the food is served, Kujou says that it has been a long time since she ate out with him. Yanagi grumbles that it is because they don’t know when the busy bee is free and when to accommodate the busy bee.

Kujou says so the food is more appetizing than usual and the wine is also rich. Flustered Yanagi says don’t think that he’ll be captured by her by saying those a bit more.. After eating, Yanagi says that this is very delicious, and he asks her to try it. When he is asking for her plate, Kujou eats from his chopsticks. She says that it is very delicious.

Flustered Yanagi asks what’s with that expression <- he’s enduring his happy expression. He mentally curses over how happy he is for Kujou as his girlfriend ate his food. He thought that he won’t be happier after the airport confession but he doesn’t know when he’ll throw this at the back of his mind. He muses that humans are really creatures of insatiable greed. While he is zoning out from happiness, Kujou kept on ordering different wines.
Just when Yanagi thinks that it is rare for him to pay back at her, he finds Kujou drunk asleep. <- even if she can drink but after a certain amount, she’s the type who’ll fall asleep. Wondering when she drank so many, Yanagi tries to wake her up but she vicious hit his hand away. He couldn’t wake her up so he plans to carry her home but wait, her mother is on night shift so this is the rare legendary bring her to his home to pass the night.

He thinks that even if she stayed over before but they weren’t going steady yet and of course, nothing happened but right now, they are going steady... In the end, he thinks that it is no big deal so he brought Kujou to his house and laid her down on his bed. He is tired from carrying an unconscious person.

He decides to drink some water before sleeping when Kujou grabs his wrist. She sits up and asks where he is going. He says that she’s awake. She repeats where he is going. He says that he is just going to get some water. Kujou says no, don’t go, stay here. Yanagi asks if she is still drunk.
Kujou denies it but it made Yanagi think that she is most likely really drunk. He pats her head and tells her to go to sleep, who told her to drink so much. Lying down, Kujou says that it has been a long time since she went out with him so she got a bit excited.

Yanagi thinks that this kind of acting spoiled isn’t beating around the bush and it is that kind of drunkenness. Thinking that he must quickly make her go to sleep, Yanagi says okay, he’ll stay here until she sleeps, is that okay. Kujou smiles and looks satisfied. Yanagi laments over Kujou not knowing his feelings.

Yanagi starts reciting a sultra, ‘matter is void’, he’s going to space out..the other party is a drunk. He lost his concentration when Kujou asks him to stroke her head for that is what her mother does when she is going to sleep. Trembling Yanagi wonders if this is some sort of rejuvenation [/going back to childhood?], an above average taunt towards him, this drunkenness is too vile. Kujou tells him to hurry up.
Scratching his head, Yanagi says he knows already, he’ll just listen to everything she says. Yanagi strokes her head while saying that she’s a good kid. Kujou giggles. She holds his hand and says that it feels comfortable. This made him blush. He asks her to let go of his hand.

Thinking that he is already losing grip of his rationality, he says that he more or less wants to sleep already. Kujou tells him that they sleep together then. Yanagi asks if what she said is true. Kujou asks, huh? Yanagi thinks that she is drunk so she isn’t thinking. It is merely a drunkard’s ridiculous talk. He clearly knows that yet even if he clearly knows..

He goes on top of Kujou and holds her hand. He says, that for her to talk without thinking of that kind of words, causing him to be played around in circles. Hasn’t she considered his feelings? Does she think that he’ll listen to whatever she says? Drinking herself drunk then saying those words at someone else’s room, does she know what she is doing? As long as he has a heart, no matter how rough things are, he can do them.
To his surprise, Kujou asks like what, the rough things, what specific kind of rough way. Yanagi is caught off guard for he didn’t expect her to ask him back. He turns around and thinks no. <- sound of heart-broken. Intertwining her fingers into his, Kujou says that it is okay, if it is him, it doesn’t matter. She smiles and says that no matter how unforgiving his mouth is, but he won’t do any rough actions towards her.

Just when blushing Yanagi is saying what is this--.., she has fallen asleep. He shouts, he knew it-!!! He also couldn’t free his hand from her grip. He shouts for her to just wait and see (who is boss/right)-!! The next day, Kujou wakes up to find Yanagi sleeping beside her while they are holding hands.

Kujou is puzzled. Yanagi wakes up and is surprised to see her beside him. He screams and ends up falling down on the bed. While he is going eh!? ah!?, groggy Kujou says that is her line. Yanagi suddenly remembers that last night, she kept on holding on to his hand.
At the start, he tried his best to sit down and sleep beside her but he couldn’t bear the night’s coldness. He kept on apologizing and asked sleeping Kujou to let him sleep at the corner so move a bit.. Prostrating down in apology, Yanagi says that this little man swears that there is absolutely no groping behavior whatsoever.

Kujou says that even if she doesn’t know clearly what the situation is but isn’t this his room, and shouldn’t they be at the restaurant. Yanagi says if he might be bold to ask but about her recollection about last night... Kujou says that there is totally none. Yanagi thinks that he knew it but then, he doesn’t know whether that’s good or that’s bad...

Kujou says but then, she felt that she had a nice dream. Yanagi looks flustered. He starts to sob and ask her to please stop playing around with’s his bad.. Kujou asks, what? Narration: “Yanagi-kun’s days of being played around with and being under complete control of Kujou still continues.”
Comment: And, that’s the last side story. I cannot really say it is romantic since I cannot erase the feeling that Kujou was channeling her father through Yanagi with the ‘don’t leave, pat my head, sleep beside me, etc’. ^^; Still, that is the closest thing for Kujou to be any romantic with Yanagi in a span of two months after the confession. ^^;; Normal Kujou won’t do those things.

In a way, it is keeping with the theme of the whole series. It does seem like a ‘taming of Yanagi’ with his ego being battered all most of the time. It is really hard to have a huge ego/pride yet be so in love that one has to be submissive to that person to keep the relationship intact.

Still, there are times when Kujou shows her softer feminine side that Yanagi cannot help but fall in love with her all over again. Well, Yanagi survived a very long unrequited love, and obviously, he had survived this to reach the end of the last game and that is to be happily married with her. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. I really enjoyed this extra. I would have probably preferred a glimpse of their lives post-wedding, since more aspects of their romance could have been shown, but this was a sweet and lighthearted special nonetheless. I like that Shinobu never strayed too far from what made this manga great in the first place. It never became too dramatic and it ended beautifully. That's more than I can say for most of the shoujo I've read.

    Thanks for the summary, Kat :)

    1. Ya, I would have preferred that, too, Redford.


      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Tension filled drama.. Lol Yanagi is such a loser.. aims to go for more but couldn't even kiss her amid the intense atmosphere...

    Thanks Kat, for the prompt and as usual wonderful summary! =) =)

  3. Um can we give requests for giving summaries of a short manga I just saw on this site's list?

    1. Kitsune no Yomeiri by chiyori I really wanna know what happens please

    2. No, Fatima. I'm no longer taking requests.

      The ending is kind of open-ended. Depends on what you want to happen next. It was like a Midsummer Night's Dream.


      The two called each other's name for the last time. When she woke up, she totally forgot everything. Then, while walking by the shrine, she felt someone passed by her and called her name. At the end, there is a fox. That's it.

    3. Oh.....thanks for telling how it ends though.