August 19, 2016

Review: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 35 -38]

Chapter 35: Tsubasa asks Yuuma to let her go but he won’t. He asks her to tell him why she is crying but she refuses to do so. She manages to push him away from her. He asks if she is going to ride the train with that kind of face. He goes to the swing and asks isn’t this nostalgic
Soon, the two are sitting on the swings. Yuuma starts telling her about not realizing as a kid how dangerous it was to stand on the swing while it is swinging then jumping of it. He also used to play with insects but right now, he doesn’t want to touch them. Tsubasa wonders if he isn’t going to ask about why she cried anymore. She wonders if she is being spoiled by Yuuma.
Then, he says that it is 55 minutes so she better ride the train or else, it will be troublesome. He offers to go with her to the station but she says it is alright. He insists because he cannot be at ease even if she says that it is alright.

While riding on the train, Tsubasa thinks that obviously things aren’t resolved and her feelings are still heavy but she felt more at ease than before since that time at the swings made her totally comfortable. So, in the end, she is being spoiled by Yuuma. Aki arrives home. The cat wants the candy which he offered to Tsubasa. He sadly smiles and drops the candy for the cat.

At school, it is time to decide on the committee member for the sports festival. Since no one volunteered, they are going to draw lots. The two [boy and girl] who were chosen are quite troubled for they have a competition coming up so they cannot skip club activities.
The girl’s friend suggests to the girl to ask Tsubasa to substitute for her. Tsubasa declines for she also has club activity. The girl says that she’s just a manager. Yuuma tells the girl that even if she is a manager, it isn’t like she is idle and not doing anything. This made Tsubasa apologizes to the girl that she cannot help her.

At the gym, Yoshinari tells Tsubasa that there is no more tea in the thermos. Tsubasa goes to get him some. He informs her about Yonehara having a twin sister. Tsubasa is startled when Hina asks Aki if he is alright. Hina calls out to Tsubasa and asks if there is ice in the chest. Immediately looking away from them, Tsubasa says that she doesn’t know but there should be some there.
As Hina treats the injury, Tsubasa quickly leaves. She wonders if it is unnatural, would it make them uncomfortable or perhaps, no one noticed it. She thinks that Aki didn’t do anything wrong, her feelings are just in chaos.

At the hallway, Tsubasa overhears the girl who was chosen for committee member was reprimanded by the supervisor since she doesn’t want to do it. Her friends tell her that they’ll try to look for a substitute tomorrow in class again. Tsubasa goes to her and says that she can substitute for her.

She assures the girl that it is alright for there are other managers so there’s nothing to worry even if one is missing. The girl is really thankful. Tsubasa thinks that even if this is running away, but it is better to have distance from those two and at least, this can appear somewhat normal.
Yuuma appears and says that since Tsubasa is going to be committee member then, he’ll also be one. He recalls the other guy wants to be substituted too so he’ll replace him. Aghast Tsubasa asks what he is saying for he has to join the basketball practice.

He says that she wanted to skip club by herself and yet, she’ll tell him to go practice. She says that doing committee work isn’t skipping the club. Yuuma says then, there’s no problem if he does it, too. He smiles and says that they hype up the sports festival together. Tsubasa is aghast.
Chapter 36: At the gym, Yuri tells the two that for them to join the committee member, that means, until the sports festival ends, they won’t participate in club activities. Tsubasa aghastly apologizes while Yuuma just smiles.

Yuri says that she can understand if Tsubasa would agree to it when asked but Yuuma, isn’t he the type who’ll be indifferent even when asked. Yuuma claims that isn’t so. Tsubasa couldn’t believe that things became like this. She becomes nervous when Yoshinari, together with Aki, came to cheer for them and aren’t they also part of the cheering squad.

Aki asks Tsubasa if she couldn’t come during morning practice. Yoshinari asks if it is the one they started, and it is still being continued. Aki says yes, along with Yuuma. Yuuma says that it is only Yoshinari who quit midway. Tsubasa thinks that it isn’t really impossible but she took the committee work to avoid Aki and Hina. She sadly recalls Aki mentioning that he is lonely without her during morning practice since Yuuma’s hand got injured.
Aki says that if she’s busy then it is okay. Tsubasa says that it ought to be okay if there is no schedule for the committee work in the morning. She confirms this with Yuuma who says, like hell, he knows and whatever she says, that is it. Aki smiles over this.

This made Tsubasa blush and walks away to say that the coach should have already arrived so they must quickly start the practice. Aki is surprised by that. Hina looks sad while watching that. While fixing some thermos, Hina comments that it isn’t Tsubasa’s style for she obviously knew that she cannot join the club activity if she agrees to do the committee work.

Hayabusa asks if she is talking to him. Hina asks him if Tsubasa is depressed at home or perhaps, troubled by something.. Hayabusa says that his sister is the same, talking with the parrot as usual. He asks Hina what she is worried about, just ask the person herself. Hina mutters that she doesn’t have the right to ask.. She apologizes and says that it’s nothing. She left puzzled Hayabusa.
After school, Ran asks Tsubasa and Yuuma if they are going to the club. Tsubasa informs her that they are going to do committee work. Ran giggles as she anticipates Yuuma’s cheering. Yuuma tells her that she is obviously not in any club but thanks for not doing the committee work.

Ran says that it is because she doesn’t want to become dark due to the sun. She cheers them on and warns Tsubasa about the third year cheering squad leader being very enthusiastic. During cheering practice, the squad leader calls out to Tsubasa for being slow. Shocked Tsubasa apologizes.

The squad leader tells her to be serious about this and that’s practice for today. Tsubasa asks the leader to lend the accompaniment music for her to practice before going home. The leader tells her to return it to the office afterwards. In the classroom by herself, Tsubasa is relieved that the guys and girls practice separately.
Just then, Yuuma comes in the room and asks if she is staying over for more practice. Tsubasa freezes midway her cheering. He asks if she wants him to help her out. She declines for she can concentrate on her own. He tells her that they should help each other for the squad leader says that this is very important during the sports festival.

She shouts that she’s fine so go home first. Yuuma tells her that there’s no need to say it that way just to refuse him. He knows already, he’s going. Tsubasa apologizes and says that there’s really no problem.. Yuuma says that it isn’t ‘she’s alright by herself’ but rather, ‘hate him’. She exclaims that it isn’t that. She tells him that she doesn’t want to always rely on him.

Yuuma is surprised. She tells him that since she liked Aki, she totally couldn’t imagine liking someone else but during difficult times, she would rely on his kindness..she hates it when she feels like she is taking advantage of him so.. Yuuma asks if she thinks that he’s a nice guy. How is that possible for if he were really nice then, he won’t let her fall into misery.
Even if he doesn’t know what happened but whatever she is perplexed with will anyway just take some time then it would be resolved so it isn’t such a big thing. Irked Tsubasa says that he’s so mean. Yuuma says he is like this, so it is okay for her to just take advantage.

If she wants to be spoiled, then he’ll go and spoil her. No matter what she wants to do, he’ll help her out. He whispers to her that it is okay to use him without any apprehensions. Blushing Tsubasa shouts that she’s going home. She says that even if it doesn’t matter if she takes advantage of him but in the end, it would just be awkward.

Yuuma asks if she is running away from a difficult place so she substituted for someone else, yet he finds it quite contradictory that she would still want to have morning practice together. Tsubasa looks embarrassed as she quickly runs away.

At the hallway, Aki sees Tsubasa coming out of the office. He asks if the committee work is over. She says yes, and this is because she was the last one to return the CD player. Aki says that it is the same with him, he’s the last. He shows her the gym door’s key.
Tsubasa reflects that what Yuuma said was right for she wants to maintain distance yet she would want to see Aki. Aki was about to mention about how she was lately but Tsubasa apologizes and says that she cannot go to the morning practice.

She explains that she couldn’t match the cheering dance practice and she is worried about dragging everyone behind so until the sports festival is over, she doesn’t have time.. Aki says that he understands for it isn’t easy. Tsubasa apologzies again and says that it isn’t good for this to keep up so how about asking Hina [for morning practice].

Surprised Aki asks why she would suddenly mention Hina. Tsubasa thinks but of course, it is because you guys are going steady.. Aki says that he’ll go practice by himself and good luck with her committee work. He goes in the office. Tsubasa is left crying.
Chapter 37: In the morning, Hayabusa tells his sister that she is practicing cheering again. Tsubasa happily asks if she had improved. He tells she had but then, she also practices after school so why must she wake up so early to practice.

Tsubasa claims that she has to practice more or else, she cannot match the others. He asks if she was asked to substitute for someone but then, this is quite her style. Puzzled Tsubasa asks why he would suddenly say that. He tells her that what Hina said a few days ago made him curious—

At school, Tsubasa accompanies her friend to eat in the canteen. She sees gloomy Hina who is looking at a book while eating. She recalls Hayabusa saying that lately, Hina doesn’t seem quite lively for whether in class or in the club, she’s quite listless as if she is troubled by something.
Hina is shocked when Tsubasa calls out to her. She notices some t-shirt drawings on Hina’s notebook that she asks if Hina is perplexed about the uniform for the sports festival. Hina says yes, it is for the club’s relay. She is going to give the design to Yuri but it feels that the design is suitable.

Yuri even said that the PE uniform is much cooler than this when she [Hina] proposed that they wear t-shirts. Tsubasa suggests that they use the usual PE jerseys but put sleeves on them for them to become t-shirts. Hina loves the idea and thanks her.

Tsubasa says that it is okay for she left all the preparations for Hina so she really anticipates the finished product. After Tsubasa left, Hina’s friend comments that club’s senpai is really nice. Looking somewhat flustered, Hina agrees with her.
While she hurries to her next class, Tsubasa slows down in front of Aki’s class. She overhears Yoshinari begging Aki to lend him his English notebook. Tsubasa thinks that since that time, she didn’t get to talk with Aki. She obviously had successfully kept away but her heavy feelings are in its extreme level.

On the day when they are all going to practice for the festival, Yuuma is on the roof with Tsubasa. He complains over how hot it is. Tsubasa says that she heard that he declined from joining the club’s relay. He says that there’s no big reason and isn’t that relay just to liven things up.

She tries to protest but he tells her that he’s very busy. After school, he has committee work and in the morning, he has morning practice. He smiles and says that she didn’t come today either. She looks flustered and looks away. She says didn’t he say not to start what she cannot finish.
Yuuma says that her useless honesty [/honor] still hasn’t changed. He asks if he can consider what she’s doing as ‘I plan to totally give up on Aki’. Just then, there is an announcement for the relay practice. Aki looks up from below and sees the two at the roof.

After someone calls out if everyone is here, one guy [basketball club member] is complaining about not wanting to join the relay and it is because Yuuma won’t join. He finds Yuuma joining the committee work suspicious and it is all his and Tsubasa’s fault.

Aki sternly tells him not to say that nonsense topic again. That shut up the guy. Hina shows them the t-shirts for the relay. Aki says that it is great and it is too bad if they’ll only use it during the relay. Yoshinari suggests that they use it during ordinary practice.
Looking sad, Hina admits that Tsubasa was the one who thought of the design when Tsubasa came over to her upon seeing her distressed. Teary-eyed, she says that in the end, she still couldn’t win against Tsubasa. Just when Tsubasa is thinking of giving up on Aki, Aki calls out to her and shows the t-shirt.

Then, he gives her a thumbs up. Tsubasa blushes and gives him two thumbs up. Aki happily smiles at her. Teary-eyed Tsubasa thinks those heavy feelings she had for a number of days are blown away in an instant. Tsubasa waves back at Yoshinari who waved the t-shirt. Aki muses that even if she is at the roof and they are at the sports field, they can unexpectedly talk as long as one wants to convey to the other. It can be done.
Aki felt that lately, they always weren’t able to properly talk and he really wants to talk a lot with her. The break is over so it is time for Tsubasa and others to go to the sports field.

Yuuma calls out to Tsubasa and asks her to go steady with him. Didn’t he say before that she can use him, or was it ‘take advantage’, maybe a ‘helper’-type of thing. He says that if it is by herself, she has no way of giving up Aki. It is fine even if she likes Aki right now, just go steady with him.
Chapter 38: Tsubasa is surprised by what Yuuma just told her. He tells her that he won’t accept ‘because I like Aki so I’m very sorry’ kind of answer. He cannot be convinced by it if it were to come from someone who is currently maintaining some distance from Aki. If she wants to reject then give him a clear-cut reason why she doesn’t want to go steady with him.

And, if she wasn’t able to say it, then he’ll regard it as establishment of negotiation.  Aghast Tsubasa says that is really forcing her to do something. Yuuma says that even if it is like that, he has to adopt a tough method. In the end, from the looks of it, there is really no time for him to hesitate anymore.
After looking down to Aki, Yuuma looks at Tsubasa and says that even if it is possible that he wasn’t able to express it clearly.. “But I really like you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you still like Aki, I will be very happy if you choose me. I will put importance to you above anything else. I will absolutely not make you regret it.”

Tsubasa looks flustered and tense. Yuuma tells her that it is okay for her not to immediately give him her answer and just take her time to think about it. Please let him know of her answer at the end of the sports festival. Soon, the 51th sports festival starts. Everyone is cheering for a three-legged race. Some girls are raving over how cool Yuuma looks in his cheering uniform.
Tsubasa’s friend tells her that the reaction to Yuuma is too enthusiastic even if he basically ignored it. Tsubasa wonders how can she keep on liking Aki at one side yet go steady with Yuuma. Her friend asks why she isn’t wearing her cheering outfit. This made Tsubasa recall that she has to join the competition soon.

Later on, while Tsubasa is sitting in front of a number 1 flag, her friend laughs over Tsubasa’s face for being so funny. Tsubasa says that she’s the same. They had put their faces on flour while racing. Tsubasa thinks even if they got first place which is worth celebrating but is she striving too hard. She doesn’t feel too well.
Then, the friend takes a picture of them together for a remembrance. Aki and Yoshinari arrive so the friend says that they take a picture together. Yonehara gives Tsubasa a wet towel to wipe her face. When they are taking a picture, someone says closer and pushes Tsubasa to Aki. Soon, they have a picture.

The others are surprised at the friend who doesn’t mind having a white face. Tsubasa blushes for she took a picture together with Aki. Aki points to Tsubasa right eyebrow and says that there is still some here. She couldn’t find it so he tells her to close her eyes. Then, he wipes it off for her. He says that it’s done. Blushing Tsubasa thanks him. Her heart is beating so fast that it hurts and it seems like something was being conveyed to her.
Aki advises her to drink a lot of water because today is very hot and she was really giving it her all in the competition. Tsubasa is very happy for he came to pay attention to her. Hina calls out to Tsubasa. She apologizes for interrupting their conversation but can she have some of her time after school dismissal.

There is something that she definitely has to tell her.. Tsubasa wonders what it is about, is it regarding Aki again. She tells herself to calm down for how she can be so confused over such a small thing. After sports festival ends today, it will be back to the usual club activity so it would be once again.. Aki asks Hina if what she has to say can wait until next time since Tsubasa doesn’t look too well. This surprises Tsubasa.
She assures him that it is alright though she isn’t feeling a bit well. He asks her if she is really okay. Tsubasa looks flustered. She thinks that she understands now, it is only when she is in front of Aki when her heartbeat would become intense.

Soon, the cheering competition is about to start. Tsubasa runs to Yuuma then catches her breath. He asks why she was running. She says that she didn’t think that changing clothes takes a lot of time. She tells him that isn’t important.

“I’m sorry. In the end, I cannot go steady with you, Toba-kun. It is because I like Aki and there is no other reason than that!” Soon, their friends are watching the cheering. Yoshinari comments if Tsubasa is alright for she looks very intense. Aki just looks on.
While cheering, Tsubasa thinks that she likes Aki, likes him the most. Even if the one he likes is someone else, her feelings also won’t change. Even if it is hard but it is also alright that she won’t force herself to change.

After the cheering, Tsubasa sees Aki smiling at her while he was clapping with the others. She thinks that at the very least, it is enough for her to properly cherish these feelings.

Soon, the squad leader praises everyone including Tsubasa and thanks her for investing her time and energy for the competition since she didn’t imagine Tsubasa would progress a lot since the practice on the first day.
Then, she shouts that Tsubasa looks awful. Dizzy and pale Tsubasa apologizes and asks if she can go rest. The leader asks if she is alright alone. She says yes. While walking at the outdoor corridor, Tsubas feels nauseous when she paid attention to drinking a lot of water.

She bends down and feels really terrible. Someone behind her says that in the end, it turns out that it isn’t alright. Tsubasa wonders who is it, she couldn’t see clearly but for some reason, she feels very at ease. Aki is already carrying Tsubasa who had passed out.
Comment: I have mixed feelings over this. I’m sad that Yuuma x Tsubasa scenes are over. He is rejected and Aki is finally making his move in terms of paying more attention to Tsubasa.

I’m happy that she rejected Yuuma’s offer which really reeks of desperation. Even if it hurts, it is for the good for both. I almost feared that it will end up like some other shoujo wherein that happened. Wherein, in the very end, the girl decided to call it quits with the other guy because the lead guy actually likes her. ^^;

As a female lead, this is good for Tsubasa for she won’t be viewed as wishy-washy which usually happens in love triangle series. So, from here on, the two will most likely get together. I’m also assuming that Hina will confess her lie. Scans by all★wink汉化组

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  1. finally chap 38!!, oh well at least Tsubasa has make up her mind but Aki really needs to man up himself. I have the feeling that Yuma will not give up so easily, i think he will stay by her side until Tsubasa and Aki go steady. still i like yuma anyway =P

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      Sorry, no.

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    I guess he's starting to man up.

    I really feel bad about Yuuma. He' s so desperate that he's willing to be with a girl who likes someone else. But it also proves how much he likes Tsubasa. This is really sad. * sigh.... second guy syndrome kicking in again *

    1. Well, megaworthit, he have to.

      Actually, that was Aki's assumption, he thinks they are probably going steady. Hina believed it and later found out that it wasn't true. But then, good point on that. Perhaps, it can still be considered 'not that intimate'/ 'friends only' treatment?

      Most likely.


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      The summary will depend on the Chinese scanlation's release.

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    1. The summary will depend on the Chinese scanlation's release.

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      Yup. We'll know in the next chapter as to whether it is Tsubasa again or Aki who'll do it..if it happens.

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