August 27, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 84]

In Hakuyou’s royal palace, Reishou tells someone that’s good, so if there are any difficulties, then directly say it. “..seriously study.” Flustered Ryukou says yes, brother the king. At the harem, Yuulin is surprised to learn that Reishou had seen An Ryukou today.

Reishou tells her that lately, Ryukou has been studying a lot of things so by tomorrow, they’ll let him start as an apprentice [/learn by observation]. With sparkles, excited Yuulin goes near to Reishou and asks if there is any close brotherly interaction!?

Puzzled Reishou says no, it is merely just a greeting. This made Yuulin scowl in disappointment. With a lot of ???, she goes, eh eh eh? Reishou sweatdrops and asks if it is very inconceivable. He tells her that she really likes this ‘younger brother’ kind of living creature. Yuulin keeps on asking if it is really just that, just a greeting, it is alright, there’s no need to lie [to her]. Reishou speechlessly sweatdrops.
Narration: “—I’m Tei Yuulin. The only princess consort of Hakuyou’s ‘cold-blooded Wolf King’. Everyday, I’m being played around by the husband who has this wolf-puppy dual personality. Right now, I’m striving hard to forge ahead and progress to the peak of becoming an outstanding princess consort.”

Patting her head while scowling, Yuulin thinks, hai, hai, hai, even if she had prepared herself but in the end, the brothers’ relationship is quite estranged. “An Ryukou is Reishou’s younger brother from a different mother who had always stayed outside [the palace] before...

...The two brothers’ interaction has just started in motion.. Even if I also always go with this side.. *Reishou goes lovey-dovey with her* It is possible that it has still not yet reached the appropriate distance for [that kind] of interaction.”
Reishou notices that pouting and scowling Yuulin is looking at him. Holding her fist up, Yuulin shouts that the next time they meet, please be sure to let her to go with him!! “Also, don’t sneakily hug me! It’s startles me!” Puppy Reishou asks who told her to wholeheartedly think of something else and ignore him.

With sparkles and clenched fists, Yuulin thinks, “With An Ryukou being reserved [/introvert] and His Majesty’s aloofness, there is no way to build up a conversation. Speaking of the ‘path of loving a younger brother’, in the end, I’m still the veteran for it!!...

...Right now, with all my strength, for the two to build up the bridge of love!! Just watch, Seishin!! ◊◊True Love•Younger Brother◊◊” There is a scene of Seishin sweatdropping. While Yuulin is making a sparkling ‘strive hard’ pose, Reishou just quietly sweatdrops. Then, he sighs and frowns.
Several days after, at the royal palace, Kokuu greets Yuulin and says that it’s great that she is looking quite well. Yuulin says that it has been a long time and why did he come. Kokuu asks if she hasn’t heard about it. “It is because His Majesty has no free time to go to the military division...

...In order for him to have enough exercise during this time, I had been called over. [<- he is Reishou’s sparring partner] This time, I heard about that thing regarding An Ryukou about being an apprentice.. *Yuulin says is that so.*...

...Look over that side, the conversation has already started.” Yuulin thinks that this is bad for she was late when she wanted to help the two from the start. “But then, it seems they are talking, what could it be..”
Reishou tells Ryukou if he is interested, does he want to practice with him. Nervous Ryukou says no, no, he really couldn’t for he is a novice, and he doesn’t have the nerve to do that.

Yuulin thinks that Ryukou is super nervous! “Even if they didn’t live together, he also passionately adores the ‘Wolf King’! So, he isn’t good at talking [with him], right! He really looks scared! Gambatte-!” Trembling Ryukou says, “About..ah.. *musters courage* Brother the king, about..”

Someone interrupts by saying, “Ai ya ya, this is really quite lively.” Reishou looks serious at the three old men who came. One of the old man [long beard] says, “It has been a long time since we send our respects to the King, His Majesty.” Reishou asks what’s up for the hermits to suddenly gather all together.
The long beard old man says, ah ah ah, for the first time, in a very long time, the current young officials had sought their advice so they came over. “It also just happens that we are just attracted by this brightly colored spring scenery. Ah, so that’s how we run into it.”

Yuulin is really furious because right now, Ryukou is striving really hard and is currently talking with Reishou but they’re killing the mood-!!! “What’s up with these old men!! They’re giving that meaningful glance!” The long beard old man bow with the other two to apologize for interrupting the two and it is really rude.

Yuulin angrily thinks, that’s right!! The long beard old man says, “—-in a flash, my country’s royal palace had unprecedentedly really changed a lot.. *glances at Yuulin* ..actually, it causes one to find it very fascinating.” Yuulin becomes alarmed as she looks tense. [<- probably felt the malice, too]
Reishou smiles and asks if they came to fondly remember the past. That immediately terrifies the three old men. Unsheathing his sword, Reishou says, “If you have something to tell me, ..depending on the situation, it won’t hurt for you to say it out. *crazed expression* am I not a king who can accept sincere advice?”

Aghast the long beard old man bows and says “My king’s generosity truly makes one feel utterly grateful. But, I’ll find some other fine day for it. Your Servants will first ask to be excused.” Later that night, Jun apologizes about the thing about the old men. He says that it was too sudden that he wasn’t able to respond in time.

Reishou comments, geez, it can be assumed that what they really want to see is this. Yuulin asks who those three are. She thinks that because of their interruption, Ryukou had become nervous to the point that he totally won’t talk. There is a scene of apprentice Ryukou watching while kept on trembling.
Jun explains that those three hermit elders are currently part of their country’s five influential family clans. Reishou says that they were seriously working people in place of his father. “Though right now, because their family positions are given to the offspring, they also cannot quite summarily give orders at this side...

...*looks serious which startles Yuulin* Right now, they suddenly came out. *smiles at Yuulin* Yuulin, there’s no need for you to mind it. Compared to that, it is good if next time, we can make a comeback in being able to talk with An Ryukou.” Yuulin timidly smiles and says yes.

Yuulin thinks that after they became a real married couple, she wasn’t allowed to go to the government hall again. “ is becoming more and more rare when I’ve seen the scary Wolf King appearance when he deals with the royal court politics. The Wolf king whose eyes are so cold [/heartless] that it makes one feel dread.”
The scene changes to a certain waiting area that has a courtyard. Ryukou calls out to his royal sis-in-law and asks if she is going to watch the swordsmanship practice again. Yuulin says yes, for she had asked His Majesty..but then, it seems that he would be a bit late today. “Let us idly chat while taking our time to wait for him, okay.”

Ryukou says okay. While sitting with Ryukou, Yuulin asks if studying is interesting. Ryukou says yes, after returning to the capital, Reishou had called for so many teachers for him. Yuulin thinks that he’s her comrade. [<- she also has to study a lot.]

Ryukou confides that for him to be in a situation like this, it is a rare opportunity to be able to follow Reishou and be at his side. “Even if I can see him, but because brother the king is so remarkably dazzling ..that even just to speak, I cannot even do it well...
...This kind of younger brother is actually quite shameful. ..thinking that he might possibly felt that way.. *depressed* makes me a bit.. uneasy.” Yuulin is teary-eyed and blushing. “It’s puppy-!!! Brothers-!!! *compares depressed Ryukou to puppy Reishou* In the end, they’re brothers-!!!”

Standing up with clenched fist, Yuulin exclaims, “Just relax! His Majesty probably also doesn’t know what to do. Definitely, very soon, he’ll find time to think of a way. Yup. As long as you are ready to grab the opportunity, then definitely, you’ll be able to talk normally! Gambatte! Don’t worry!!”

Ryukou smiles and says, yes. Yuulin smiles back at him. Suddenly, her shawl [/hagoromo] got flown away by the wind. Yuulin is aghast for it is currently hanging up on the decorative design near the ceiling. Ryukou stands up and tells Yuulin to please wait as he go and get it.
Surprised Yuulin says that there’s no need for she..or perhaps, call someone.. Ryukou tells her that it’s very near. After looking at the shawl, Ryukou climbs up the balustrade to reach the shawl but he lost his balance. Frantic Yuulin tries to go to him and says dan[ger]..

But Reishou swiftly comes to the rescue as he catches Ryukou. Yuulin calls for Reishou and exclaims how he appeared just in time! Aghast Ryukou calls out to Reishou. After Reishou puts him down, trembling Ryukou thanks him.

Reishou tells Ryukou that it is better for him to first practice the basics of military skills so they’ll put the discussion about swordsmanship later on. This caused Ryukou to become frightened and aghast. Trembling Ryukou says yes, he’s really sorry. Yuulin is also trembling and aghast over what happened.
Reishou assures Ryukou that he isn’t angry. “Anyone has things that they are good at and things that they aren’t good at. I know that your innate skill is in learning ..but training the body well to keep oneself healthy is also a necessity...

...As someone who has to be protected, you must more or less learn a bit of self-defense methods to make the bodyguards’ job much easier. *smiles* your older brother, this is also what I’m looking forward to.” Ryukou looks at Reishou then shouts, “Yes..! Brother the king..!!”

Yuulin blushes and swoons with flowers over what Reishou said. “...brotherly love! *moved to tears* It’s so beautiful..!!” Later on, Reishou returns to his office sighing. Jun asks him what the matter is. Totally confused, Reishou sits down and says that it is nothing but it’s just that doing something unfamiliar can make him feel a bit tired.
“I totally have no experience regarding a normal conversation with father or older brother so I don’t know if what I did is right or wrong.. ..I always felt that Yuulin’s degree of expectation for it is a bit quite high. What is a so-called ‘brotherly affection’?”

Jun says, that’s it. “Hm- anyway, the Lady princess consort is very happy so isn’t it good that you had roughly pass, right?” Reishou comments  that he’s just saying that.. Narration: “-let’s first not talk about His Majesty’s distress.”

Somewhere else, sparkling Ryukou tells Yuulin that in the end, his brother is so cool and outstanding. Yuulin nods and agrees, a perfect older brother! With clenched fists, Ryukou exclaims that he’ll do his best in studies and military skills! With clenched fists, Yuulin exclaims, that’s the spirit! Narration: “I and An Ryukou had become good partners in talking about His Majesty.”
Comment: Well, that somehow secures Ryukou on their side. Hehe, even if it is basically due to Yuulin’s ‘younger brother’ fetish. =P Well, technically, Reishou is also a ‘younger brother’. ^^; Even if Reishou wasn’t sure if what he did was right or wrong, that’s enough to give Yuulin her ‘high’ ^^

The interesting part of this chapter is the introduction of the three old men. I would assume that there is some bad experience Reishou had with those three. Since they were the officials during Reishou’s time, I wonder if they had a hand in banishing him and his mother from the palace. But then, it should be considered good since his mother wanted out so perhaps, their relatives gave his mother a hard time?

If they are still at the palace during his brother’s time, perhaps, they contributed to the downfall? For now, since their focus is Yuulin, I guess they aren’t very happy that they cannot put in their ‘women/girls’ in the harem to influence Reishou. These men seem to be well-versed with politics that they can say things that they don’t mean.

Of course, Reishou also knows how to deal with them too. I guess Reishou is protecting Yuulin from gossips and things like that so he doesn’t want her to observe him at the government hall again. I would think Yuulin doesn’t want to be always pampered and protected yet for now, there is nothing she can do since she is still ‘weak’. I somewhat hope that she’ll also take Reishou’s advice to Ryukou and learn some self-defense, too. ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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    Thank you for your hardwork!

    1. I'm curious about what Ranyou thinks of this, too.

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    1. You're welcome, Lovely.A ^-^

      Yes, a drama cd.

      According to the Chinese forum, the cast are: Reishou = Hikaru Midorikawa, Yuulin = Yui Horie, and Jun = Daisuke Ono.

  3. this manga is really great,reishou is a good guy and loves yurin so much.I really appreciate it.THE BEST shoujomanga I have read.And of course ilove you too,you are
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  7. You're wonderful for providing us with such awesome summaries, and I also adore your lovely insights. I never thought that those 3 bearded men could (probably) be contributors to the downfall for his brother, I just kinda thought that Reishou detected Thier malice towards Yuulin, and anyone emmiting malice towards his beloved wife is his sworn enemy (hence the anger/negative feelings). And as for Yuulin learning self defence ( though I really really wanna see it), I don't think Reishou is gonna let her do it (until absolutely necessary), cuz didn't he tell her before?- that he wants to protect her with his own 2 hands (。>﹏<。)*squeal* *squeal*

    1. Thanks for reading, Arpana ^-^

      I don't think they contributed to it. I would think they were beneficiaries to his reign as well as the father's. The one they disapprove of is Reishou since their power had been reduced greatly, it not totally diminished.


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