July 6, 2016

Review: Hatsu Haru [Chapters 5-7]

[Free talk: Some of the names might be wrong since I’m just guessing them based on the kanji.]
Chapter 5: Ever since before, Riko is like that. Her friend forgot to bring her writing materials and she’s scared of the teacher reprimanding her. So, young Riko gave her own writing materials. Kai called her stupid for their next class is also writing. She told him not to mind her.

That day, Riko quietly accepted her punishment for not bringing her writing materials at school. So, compared to herself, she’ll prioritize others. Even if she currently has feelings for Suwa on one side, she’ll twist herself over this unfruitful longing. But as this keeps up, Kai feels very perplexed. End flashback.

Holding Riko’s wrist, Kai tells Riko to close her eyes. She asks why. He tenderly touches her face and says, slow-witted girl. He leans to kiss her but she immediately puts her knuckles on the side of his head. While pressing her knuckles on his head, she furiously tells him that in this starry sky, in this slightly romantic scenery, as long as it’s girl then it is okay, right, you super jerk lewd wolf!!!
Kai tries to explain but a blushing girl arrives and says, about that... Riko grabs Kai’s collar and shouts, see, that girl is calling him and has come to confess to him so regarding this kind of thing, it is better for him to do that to the girl he likes..

Riko quickly kicks him towards the girl. After Riko left in a huff, it turns out the girl came to tell Kai about some school stuff. Kai’s friends are watching from the bushes. They feel sorry for Kai regarding this kind of progress. Taka tells them that it is bad to peep.

After a bit of argument about that, they start to realize that the one Kai likes is Riko and is that okay. Taka informs them that when Riko was sick, Kai secretly visited her. Miki asks if that’s true. Taka just tells them that he only help brought the medicine but from the looks of it, Kai is pretty much serious about this so don’t do any unnecessary things..
Miki exclaims that Kai is too inexperienced for he got the sequence wrong. He suddenly started to kiss when it should be the confession first. Could it be that he’s too serious that he was anxious. Tarou says that it is because Kai is just theorizing and doesn’t have real experience so it is inevitable that he totally doesn’t know. Miki agrees.

Taka tries to tell them to do it secretly but the two guys had already decided to help their cute friend by doing their best to support Kai’s first love. Taka can only sigh.

At school, Kai is super gloomy over what happened and why did it become like that. He thinks that even if until now, it was like that wherein he is very happy no matter who the cute girl is but right now, his heart only has Riko. He looks at her but she looks away when their eyes met.
This made Kai wonder why it became like this..she is really angry.. Later on, Tarou calls out to Kiyo [紀世], then holds out some tickets. He asks if she is free next Sunday. Kiyo goes to Riko and friends to tell them about the tickets to an amusement park from Tarou.

Kagura [神樂] immediately protests and tells Kiyo not to go with that monk. Kiyo couldn’t because she already agreed. It is because she was so happy that she got invited and no one has treated her as a girl like that since she’s so tall. <- 172 cm. She was told to bring three other girls so Kagura says that it is like a goukon [group date]. To help Kagura out, Riko decides to go.

Wanting to protect her friends, Kagura also got one ticket. Kiyo tells them the four guys who are coming, Tarou, Miki, Taka[ya] and Kai. Since they lack one girl, a glasses girl suddenly grabs the last ticket. After taking the girls’ picture, she asks if they can give the ticket to her.
At the living room, Kai is moping that his sister tells him to go to sleep already. His niece asks if he is sick. Kai says yes, in some sense. Kai thinks that he is probably rejected and it is his first time so he really doesn’t know what to do. It is also the first time he had seriously fallen in love so how come it is that person, why did he want to do that kind of thing—

Then, he screams, ah-- His niece tells her mother that Kai said that he’s sick. Kai’s sister tells Kai that all the more he should quickly go to sleep. Kai’s cellphone beeps. Tarou invites the guys to the amusement park at 10am tomorrow. Everyone agrees.

Kai is a bit hesitant but in the end, he decided to go for a change and forget about his unrequited love for Riko. Kai arrives at the amusement park and his friends greet him. Kai tells Taka that it is a surprised that he came. Taka sighs and says that he told them to secretly—
Kai is surprised that Tarou would go here when there is no girls. Tarou says who said that it is all guys. And, the girls have arrived. Surprised Kai asks what’s going on. Tarou says that it is as he sees it. Miki says that it is enjoying high school life.

Obviously, the two friends want to help out their cute friend’s first love. Tarou is surprised that Kagura came and it turns out that she is in good relations with Riko. Kagura exclaims that she is their bodyguard and he won’t let a temple’s lewd Buddhist monk get away with his plot.

Taka asks what’s with that. Miki explains that it is son of a Buddhist monk vs daughter of a Shinto priest and it seems that Kagura one-sidedly hates Tarou. Miki says that there is one whom they don’t recognize.
Glasses girl introduces herself as Shimura Ayumi from 1-F, part of the newspaper club. She heard that the girls are going to have fun with the school’s handsome guys so her reporter’s soul tremble that she offered to go with them. Kagura says that she comes to eavesdrop.

Kiyo thanks Ayumi for the help or they’ll lack one person. Ayumi offers to be their photographer but Riko says that it is more fun to have fun together so she’ll also help in taking pictures. Ayumi and Kiyo are moved by that. Ayumi starts screaming that even if she wants to write a handsome guys’ report but she super likes cute girls especially Riko whom she is already getting information about.

Taka comments that the girls’ aura is strong. Miki agrees and he doesn’t want to lose to them. Tarou tells Kai to have fun and good luck. Kai thinks that even if he says that, he is currently snubbed by Riko. Kai is shocked when Riko snubbed him again. He wondered if he’ll have fun in this kind of situation. So, the amusement park date begins..
Chapter 6: Kai feels strange for if his memories are correct, it should be a happy thing when he goes to the amusement park with a girl and it shouldn’t be this kind of feeling. Kai is getting scared of snubbing Riko. He is now thoroughly hated after he carelessly did that kind of thing.

Since she is always snubbing him, he really wants to go home. He is startled when Riko glances at him. Riko says that everyone came here to have fun so she doesn’t want the mood to be so serious and she’ll just forget that thing by considering it as being nipped by a dog.

As Riko joins her friends, Kai doesn’t like being considered as a dog. Soon, everyone is riding all sorts of rides and Kai is getting angrier over that comment that he’ll let her know of his manliness..just wait..
Soon, Tarou thinks that things are off since the girls are hanging out together with Kagura protecting them when their goal is to help out Kai and Riko deepen their feelings. So, they decided to go to a haunted house with a male-female pairing.

Tarou grabs shocked Kagura and walks in the haunted house with her. On cue, Miki invites Kiyo. After a pause, Taka goes in with Ayumi who considers it an honor to be invited in by a handsome guy. Riko says then, she is paired up with hesitant Kai so let’s go. Inside, Kagura is quite scared while it was nothing to Tarou.

When asked if she is scared, Kagura denies it. Tarou says that just like before, she loves to act strong. He takes her hand but she quickly slaps it away for she’ll get pregnant. She refuses to be touched by him who couldn’t restrain himself because she’ll be dirtied.
Tarou tells her to relax for he absolutely don’t look at her that way. He grabs her hand again but she pulls her hand away again. She walks ahead and says that she doesn’t need his help. Then, she is startled by a head jumping up the box.

Then, it is Miki-Kiyo pair who are both scared. He thinks that even if it is convenient but he really feels nervous alone with a girl in the dark.. Kiyo wonders why Miki chose her. Miki wanted someone shorter than him. Kiyo wanted someone taller than her. Then, the head jumps out the box.

The two screams in fright and hugs each other. Miki tries to comfort Kiyo that it is a fake so come and hold his hand so that she won’t be that afraid. She says yes. Miki thinks that she is unexpectedly cute. Kiyo thinks that even if Miki is short, he is very manly.
Then, they hug each other in fright when there is another ghost came out at the corner. Then, it is Taka and Ayumi pair. Ayumi observes the haunted house then writes in her notes that Taka isn’t scared of ghosts. She asks him his other favorites that he asks what she is doing.

Ayumi says that it is an interview for it is rare to interview their school’s number one mysterious serious beauty so she won’t let go of this opportunity. She asks his answer to her questions. He says that there’s nothing special. She asks how long he knew Kai. Taka says since elementary.
Ayumi notes that they are totally the opposites yet have a great relationship though lately, something is off with Kai for there are many girls being rejected by him lately so could it be their school’s number one playboy has found his true love and it is one of the girls here. Taka says who knows.

Ayumi says that she’ll continue to secretly investigate it. She starts to contrast the fans of Kai [more obvious] and Taka [more covert] with the latter’s fans being more than Kai’s so the baffling thing is no matter how she trace back to the past, he also won’t say a word. No reaction.

Ayumi asks if he also has a true love who he doesn’t want others to know. Taka looks at Ayumi when they are surprised by a scream. Ayumi says that she didn’t think that there are still someone would get scared.
Taka tells her to put away her pen for she might drop it. She did as told and says that data gathering is over. He tells her to enjoy the haunted house. And, to the last pair, while Kai looks scared, Riko says that this is quite messed up. She turns around and asks how come he isn’t walking.

Acting fine, he tells her not to be nosy and don’t mind him. He suddenly shouts in shock when the head pops out of the box. After seeing Kai’s expression, Riko asks if he is scared. Trembling Kai tries to deny it as he wonders if Riko is really a girl for she has this ‘it’s nothing’ expression which isn’t cute at all.
Then, a ghost appears at the corner that Kai suddenly hugs scowling Riko. Kai becomes nervous for he’ll be killed but to his surprise, Riko puts a handkerchief on his eyes to blindfold him. He starts to wonder if this is some kind of new punishment.

Taking his hand, Riko says that if he cannot see then he won’t be afraid, right so come let’s go. It’s alright, she’ll properly bring him to the exit. Kai blushes over this for she is so manly. Later on, the two are resting at the bench. Riko says that it is unexpected that he’s so scared.

He tells her not to be annoying since he isn’t good at it ever since before. That is because when he was young, for some reason, his older sister would tell him scary stories. <- he was 4 years old. Riko laughs and says that his sister is amazing.
Kai angrily tells her that it isn’t funny from his side. Riko apologizes and says that having a bit of weakness is quite cute. While blushing, Kai says that guys don’t need to be cute. Riko says okay, and where did everyone go. He tells her to go and join the others for it’s very boring to stay here with him. This made Riko smile.

Riko stands up and says that for him to be able to say that, he has almost recovered. She offers to buy some drinks. While leaving, Riko is surprised when he thanks her. After Riko left, Kai takes off the blindfold and wonders what he is doing for don’t talk about making her see his manliness, he even made her see his humiliating side.

On contrary, he has fallen for her again upon seeing her cool side and being treated nicely by her. He covers his face and wonders why it became like this in front of that girl. How come she likes some other guy. Then, he sees Suwa passing by. He sits up and wonders if he hated Suwa so much that an illusion appeared. He rubs his eyes and thinks, yes, it is Suwa for real..and who’s that girl with him!?
Chapter 7: Reading his cellphone, Taka learns from Tarou that everyone went their separate ways for a while. Miki replied okay for they’re having fun on his side. Carrying a couple of drinks, Ayumi asks where everyone went. Taka tells her that it seems that they went on their own for a while and they’ll meet up again.

Taking the drink from Ayumi, Taka is worried about Kai being in the haunted house. Then, there is a flash. Ayumi apologizes for taking his picture and says that it is because he is so handsome. Meanwhile, Kai is freaking out that Suwa appeared and there is some other girl at his side. Suwa did tell him that he wasn’t popular so he ought to be siblings with that girl. Yeah right, as if siblings would have fun alone together at an amusement park.

Riko calls out to Kai and asks what he is doing. Kai nervously look at the side where Suwa was then at puzzled Riko who is giving him his drink. He suddenly pulls her away and says don’t ask, just go with him. Suwa suddenly turns around. His companion asks what it is, he says that it is nothing.
Behind a vending machine, Kai is glad that Suwa are leaving. Riko hits Kai’s head with the drink and says what he is doing and is he alright. Kai nervously says yes. He wonders if Riko knows that Suwa has a girlfriend.. He thinks that it is impossible because if it is, she ought to have a painful unrequited love until now.

Then, he freaks out upon seeing Suwa and companion passing by in front of him. He starts to whisper that they go walk around and have fun in order not to waste the ticket. Riko asks why he is whispering. As Kai pushes Riko away, he wonders what he is doing, hiding Suwa’s girlfriend as if his life depended on it and isn’t it better for him.

That way, Riko can give up on that guy and in that kind of progress, he-- It is like that, there’s no need to hide it, it is good for him if it is exposed, for he wants her to face reality and he’ll help her give up this nonsense unrequited love!!! But..doing that, this girl, she—
Riko suddenly turns towards Kai that he immediately pushes her to the wall. He looks back and thinks that’s dangerous, and what the, they’re [Suwa and companion] just strolling around. He snaps out of it and thinks that he doesn’t have to hide.. He notices that Riko is furious. She palms his chin and says that he is acting strange a while ago so did his head short-circuited..

Kai denies it. Riko angrily asks why he suddenly corners her to the wall and if he wants to do that, pick a cuter girl, idiot!!! Kai asks back what she is saying, is her self-awareness in excess. He says that as long as it’s a girl, it is okay. Riko angrily asks what. Kai wonders what kind of common sense says that one has to be cute, but rather, this is because of her so it’s her fault.

Riko shouts if he thinks that a girl likes being cornered to the wall and did he read too much shoujo manga. Kai shouts that he doesn’t read that because he’s a guy. Due to the shouting, Suwa’s companion calls out, Riko? Kai thinks that they were found out and they know each other.
Riko calls out, Akemi-sister. Akemi says that it is indeed Riko so are they dating. While thinking that they are ‘sisters’, Riko explains that she’s just strolling with friends. Suwa says that Kai is from their class. Akemi says but just now, Riko is cornered at the wall.

She glances at Kai and gives Riko a thumbs up for he’s handsome. Riko protests. Akemi tells Suwa that they are going and they shouldn’t disturb the youngsters. Riko tries to explain but they are already leaving. Then, Akemi mentions about an uncle catching fish and invites Riko to eat with them. After a pause, Riko says that she doesn’t know what time she can go back.

Akemi says that it’s dangerous if it’s very late. Riko says that it’s fine and she isn’t a child. Akemi pats her head and says that she’s still a child. Suwa bids the two goodbye. Riko smiles as Kai just looks at the side. Somewhere else, Kagura tries to stop Tarou from going somewhere else since she wants to get together with the others again. Tarou says that everyone is having fun.
Kagura angrily shouts that she isn’t having fun and her heart feels that it will burst out just thinking that her important friends might have already been preyed upon by hungry wolves. Grabbing her wrist, Tarou pulls her away and says that it is alright, they’ll just ride the Ferris Wheel.

Kagura starts screaming that it isn’t alright and that is a dangerous cell space. She calls out to her friends. In the Ferris Wheel, Riko quietly looks out while Kai looks at her. Kai thinks that the mood is so serious that he isn’t good with this. Kai says that he thought she is an only daughter yet that was her sister a while ago. Riko says no, that is Suwa’s girlfriend but for her, she is like a sister.

Kai looks surprised. Riko tells him that from the time they [she and Suwa] know each other, those two are already going steady. Because of her parent’s work, she is always watching over the house so from then on, she is always under their care. Just like a while ago, she is invited to come over and eat dinner.
When those two are dating, she is also brought along with them. There is a scene of young Riko holding both Suwa and Akemi’s hand. Riko happily says so for her, those two are like her real brother and sister. Kai looks flustered. He thinks that she is really an un-cute girl when obviously it isn’t a happy thing yet she is smiling.

Obviously, she only has to be a bit gloomy so that he can comfort her. He recalled her telling him that if there is a feeling that will ruin her precious thing, she’ll bury it in her heart. Kai thinks that it refers to those two, her feelings for Suwa would affect them so compared to her own feelings, those two are more important-- "This girl is so stupid, but I--”

Riko calls out to him and says that actually, she already noticed Suwa and Akemi are around yet Kai’s afraid that it will be a shock to her so he is always hiding it from her. No wonder his actions are so strange, so stupid when she obviously already knew about it. Kai is furious that she’ll call him stupid. Riko smiles and thanks him. Kai mutters, ya.
Kai thinks that he always felt that Riko who sacrifices her own feelings, prioritize her precious things is an incurable idiot but he is the same with her. It would be good if she can give Suwa up but thinking that Riko will get hurt, he couldn’t say it. “So-called falling in love with someone is, ‘compared to oneself, one would wish that one is able to protect the other person’, this kind of insuppressible feeling.”

Soon, the two meets up with the others. Kagura goes to Riko and asks if she is okay, and did Kai do something strange to her. Riko says none at all, and she’s a worrywart. Kagura asks how can she say that when they are worried that they don’t know what to do. Kagura turns to the other but Kiyo says that she had great fun. Miki agrees.

Ayumi says that she was able to stay close to Taka and get some data so it’s a meaningful day. Kiyo thanks Ayumi who says that it is alright for she got a lot of pictures. Ayumi plans to sell the guys’ pictures to the other girls so that the newspaper club can have funds.. Overhearing her murmuring, Taka asks Ayumi to let him see the pictures on her camera. He says that they are quite good.
While Ayumi is happy over that compliment, Taka says that he pushed the wrong button. Ayumi freaks out that everything is deleted from her camera. Taka apologizes but Ayumi knows that it is deliberate. So, Tarou says that they’ll go back home. While everyone is walking by the river, Kai looks at smiling Riko.

Taka asks Kai what’s up but Kai says that it is nothing. Taka asks if he did something silly in the haunted house. Kai denies it and even if it isn’t that, how should he say it.. He looks at Riko and becomes flustered again. Taka tells him to arrange his thoughts and he can say it to him anytime he wants. Kai says ya.

Taka says even if he wasn’t able to arrange his thoughts, he can still say it to him when he wants to. Kai thanks him. Kai thinks that it is because he always thought that love should be won over by effort and he obviously know what to do that he never question or become perplexed about the meaning of love but right now, it is the first time he has become perplexed that he doesn’t know what to do regarding the question on how is it to be in love with someone.
Comment: And, that is the amusement park arc. From here, it is obvious who is paired up with who. Based on the haunted house’s scene, we have different type of pairing on who’s afraid/not afraid of ghosts. =P Unrequited love is really hard. Riko has been particularly strong to have that kind of attitude.

Kai also knows what she is feeling for he is also in that kind of situation. As he mentioned, knowing more about her makes him fall deeper on love with her. In a way, being in that kind of situation, it somehow makes one more mature that one will start to think of the other instead of solely oneself. That is especially true for Kai. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Quote of the day:
Why hide your feelings to the one you love? Why love the one who loves another? Why give everything if only pain comes in return? Why wait if there's nothing to wait for? I guess the answer is love. ~ Anonymous


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